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PE X Nintendo Special - Hyrule Warriors: Extended Thoughts


Hyrule Warriors has its issues, but I can’t stop playing it! In this episode, I discuss why Hyrule Warriors is amazing, and how Nintendo should streamline development in the future. Subscribe to PE Nintendo for more awesome content. This story will be stuck to the front page for a little bit, updates will be posted underneath.

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  • AaronB

    Man, I really want this game, but it's coming right at a time when I'm broke. Could I get the digital version on layaway?

  • BillNM.

    Had high hopes for this game, and it far exceeds expectations… Really great adventure game.
    The press hates on these action type of games, but its generally a snobby bias against brawlers which I see in a lot for every review that isn't a Batman Arkham game….

    The Zelda gameplay elements really give it a lot of energy and a charm I haven't experienced in Samurai Warriors 3.. Definitely see a lot of replay value with all the characters and higher difficultly levels…

  • Wegotexclusives
    • UncannyOmninaut

      Hyrule Warriors seems to have a bit of a rub off effect since of this typing I see Ocarina of Time 3D in the top ten.

    • JTurner82

      Look at that! On the top ten! I even heard it sold out everywhere too. That's GREAT news for Koei and Nintendo. Hopefully this translates to more support from Koei.

  • Hardin25

    My problem with Hyrule Warriors is that it's too addictive.

    • UncannyOmninaut

      Best problem to have! XD

      Why can't I stop playing you Hyrule Warriors!? Why!?

  • Revolution_5268

    I just can't stop playing this game. This game is addicting.

    Oh and for the people who say this game is not challenging or button smashing with no skills please play Hero mode that is tougher than hard mode (spoiler there you get stronger weapons). Also there is a shop where you can improve the combos of the character I have not seen people do that.

    • Hardin25

      There's a Hero Mode? Oh yes!!!!

  • YxSeivDrei

    Personally I still feel people dont quite understand Warriors games. They're Lite RTS games meets battlefield action game.

    But lots of people are being surprised by Hyrule Warriors.

    People call Warriors games "repetitive" because they're focused on the dynamics of the combat (aka they button mash and get no where instead of learning to watch the enemy and take advantage of its weak points. Its similar to Monster Hunter in that aspect because the enemies will appear to be damage sponges and take forever to deal with.

    • http://thenintendovault.wordpress.com/ Your Usual Sparkie

      Warriors games in my eyes are supposed to be treated more like Strategy. You're supposed to make the game harder and harder and focus on unlocking everybody in the game and trying them out. Action plays a part of it, sure, but not the biggest part.

      People give the Warriors games low scores because apparently the enemies are "too easy" or "too stupid", which, in my opinion, is retarded. They should probably try beating the game on hard difficulty, or, if they TRULY wanted to - install an AI mod. See how they can deal with beating levels at that difficulty.

      Reviewers are so oblivious most of the time, and they don't even try to understand the game out of pure bias.

      • Revolution_5268

        The west don't like these type of games. That is why they get low scores even though it does not reflect that.

        This game accomplish what it was suppose to do, bring attention to this genre. You can see that in Dynasty Warrior videos.

      • UncannyOmninaut

        Indeed. That is what I discovered myself. There is an underlying element of management and strategy to the game that goes beyond just simple combat. Capture your enemies bases as efficiently as possible without losing to many of your own. Also cut out the enemy spawning by taking over outposts their outposts.