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Star Fox Wii U - Gamepad Screen will Display a Cockpit view, TV for Cinematics


In an interview with YouTuber iJustine, Shigeru Miyamoto talked about how the Gamepad will be used in Star Fox Wii U. The legendary Nintendo producer said that the Gamepad will have a cockpit view for gameplay, while the TV will have beautiful cinematics. Miyamoto states that players can switch between the two screens depending on the situation. Check out the full interview over on iJustine’s channel. You can listen to just the Star Fox part around the 6:00 minute mark.

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  • rodolfofornillos

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  • Santiago316

    Man this sounds pretty damn good so far. Hopefully we will see some gameplay within the next couple of months

  • ShadowHero43


  • paidenthusiast

    Another must have I can't wait to get my hands on