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Super Mario 3D World will run in 720p 60fps - Nintendo Confirms


Nintendo has confirmed that Super Mario 3D World will run in 720p on Wii U. This isn’t surprising considering the amount of enemies and objects on-screen at one time. If you add in muliplayer, and the new cherry power up that splits your character into two or three, things can get pretty hectic.

The game does look fantastic though, check out our high res screenshots and ND trailer here.

Super Mario 3D World launches on November 22nd.


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  • http://minclendo.es.tl miclo

    pffff yo quiero aprovechar mi pantalla full hd, el wind waker se ve hermoso en 1080p nativos y me salen con esta mamada ni tiene graficos tan buenos.

  • Kaloi2

    I'm not sure why people care about the 1080p vs 720p resolutions in games, the difference is hardy noticable on the large majority of TV's people play on especially if they're like 50" or less.

    And so, being that it's hardly noticeable, it becomes a waste of resources both, developmentally and for the performance of the game engine, etc.

  • https://miiverse.nintendo.net/users/PaPierre PaPierre

    It's too bad there are people who think this is an issue. They say we're in year such-and-such and having "insert specifications here" is a must…all the while many others are simply kickin' back an' havin' a good time.

    Only on the internet are the importance concerning topics like these overstated.

  • ei.8.bit

    The creativeness of the game makes me don't care if it is 720p.

  • Nintendo Power

    This game looks so amazing. Holy smoke! And to think I ever doubted it! Shame on me! lol

  • Liquid-Sun

    I don't care what resolution it's in, just gimme my Mario! ^_^

  • AdmiralClassy

    maybe want to update this article?
    Apparently now it's unconfirmed whether it will be 1080 or 720p http://www.gonintendo.com/?mode=viewstory&id=

    • DePapier

      Wow… So it could actually be bullshit. I should have looked into the source deeper, thank you for opening my eyes.

  • revolution5268

    60fps is all I wanted them to do.

  • https://miiverse.nintendo.net/users/PaPierre PaPierre

    Well, I don't really care. Sure it COULD look better in 1080p, and that is if the developers fine tuned the programming and whatnot, but "even" at 720p it is just fine.

    Looks good to me.

  • AdmiralClassy

    Wow that's actually pretty surprising, game looks good and all but I would've expected the wii u to take 1080p 60fps in stride.

    Always thought pikmin 3 and w101 weren't 1080p native cause they started as wii games but maybe it actually is the hardware :( guess this kills my hopes of having X run in 1080p and 60fps, though tbh I don't notice a difference on console.

  • WSJ4L

    Awesome. As long as the frame rate is steady, I'm fine with it. Probably a reason why there isn't online multiplayer. Platforming + all those clones = a no-no. Not that I give a shit, still buying the game regardless.

  • hardin25

    Well, Wonderful 101 now has to wait. SM3DW after Lost World.

    • DePapier

      Well that's a bummer, because the game truly is wonderful.

    • https://miiverse.nintendo.net/users/PaPierre PaPierre

      DePapier speaks the truth my fellow PlayerEssence patron. The Wonderful 101 really is an overlooked game!!!

  • timg57867

    I used to take resolution seriously. Then 239 articles about resolution later, I just couldn't give a hoot anymore. Honestly, I am glad they went with 720p 60FPS. Yesterday I was playing Sonic Generations on my PC. I noticed it was running slowly and wasn't moving a fluidly on my brother's weaker laptop. I then checked the graphics and decided to tone them down to the lowest setting. It didn't really look an different, but the frame rate difference? WHOA.

    • Titan64

      239 articles? That would equate to…..if we carry the 4…….10 Ricard-like posts :3.

  • Gamer

    Pre-ordering when possible.

  • http://nintimdoblog.wordpress.com NinTimdo

    Trailer blew me away.

  • DePapier

    Compare NSMBU to Super Mario 3D World, and you would think the former is at 720p and the latter at 1080p while both are at 720 and have the same smooth framerate. The graphical difference is in how they advanced their processes, such as lighting, and I swear that 3D World lighting could make more than one PS4/XB1 1080p games — the few there are anyway — look dumb.

  • UncannyOmninaut

    Does it matter if it is 720p or 1080p if the game looks beutiful to begin with? Resolutions are kind more for posturing and people who masturbate to technology than necessarily about visuals. Art styles are usually more effective just look at the 7th gen and Mario Galaxy and Skyward Sword.

  • brintourfair

    Think it's a combination of this being their first hd game, it being 4 player and them also having up to 4(?) clones per player would be a lot to keep track of and they probably wanted a steady frame rate.. Resolution isn't a big issue here, the game looks great.

  • Amiga a1200

    Like it would look better anyway 720 with 1080 polished scale is more than enough lol pixel counting weirdos

    LOOK AT IT DOUBTERS ITS MAGICAL GRAPHICS are stunning gameplay is stunning and it’s 60 frames

  • ulyesses

    Also, it really is the teams first actual HD game. Which by the way looks absolutely fantastic. 720p is perfect enough for me

  • *NormalGamer*

    I play games for the ‘gameplay’, so regardless of the resolution, i’m ‘still’ looking forward to this game. ^_^

    • meep

      So it would be okay if it was 140p?

      • *NormalGamer*

        I told you, I play games for the ‘gameplay’; don’t turn this into a resolution argument.

  • janezk7

    SSWEET ! .. 60fps is good enough for me 😀 MUCH more important in platformers and fighters than the 720 or 1080p difference

  • Twinki

    This game exceded my expectations so much this morning, this doesn't bother me at all.

  • mohuz