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Destiny on PS4 will be a 40GB Download


Sony Entertainment Network has listed Destiny on the PS4 . The listing says the game will be a hefty 40GB download on Sony’s machine. More details can be found right here. Are any of you guys getting Destiny on the PS4, Xbox One, PS3, or Xbox 360? I’ll be picking up the PS3 version so add me at: BulldoggPride32 on PSN. Via: Gameranx

A Group Called “The Guardians” are Trying to Petition to get Destiny on Wii U

Destiny Wii U

There is an American group called ‘The Guardians,’ that are actively trying to build support to get Destiny on Wii U. A new petition on change.org has went up saying ‘their body is ready’ for Destiny on Wii U. While Activision and Bungie haven’t ruled the Wii U out for Destiny, the game is so close to launch the chances of it appearing on Wii U are slim. You can check out the petition here if you want. I won’t tell you to sign it though. 

Destiny - PS3 & PS4 Collector’s Editions & DLC Detailed Video - PlayStation Access

PlayStation Access released a new video detailing the various Collector’s Editions for the PS3 and PS4 version of Destiny. Additional photos of the collectible items were also released recently on PlayStation Europe’s blog.

Destiny Beta Begins next week, Special Editions Detailed


Bungie and Activision will be launching the highly anticipated Destiny Beta next week on the PS4 and PS3. Get the times and details below, as well as new information on Destiny’s special editions.

Destiny - Multiplayer Gameplay - Control on First Light & Rusted Lands

PlayStation Access released two 13 minute long videos featuring multiplayer gameplay footage from Destiny’s Alpha on the PS4.

Destiny Beta on Xbox One & Xbox 360 to Begin in Late July

Videogamer has noticed the beta period for Xbox One and Xbox 360 versions of Destiny will “begin in late July 2014”, the information was included in one of the title’s trailer, although Videogamer didn’t mention which.

Bungie COO says Destiny Didn’t cost $500 Million to Develop


Bungie COO Pete Parsons has clarified that Destiny did not cost $500 million to develop, but more so the franchise in total over a 10 year span is where people are getting that number.

Destiny will be releasing exclusively on PS3 & PS4 consoles in Japan

Sony has officially announced they will be publishing and distributing Activision and Bungie’s upcoming FPS title Destiny exclusively for PS3 and PS4 consoles in Japan. The title will be releasing in the region on September 11, 2014 in both physical and digital formats.

Official PlayStation exclusive content details for Destiny

PlayStation US Blog and Bungie has officially released details for their PlayStation exclusive content for Destiny. PS3 and PS4 owners will gain access to an exclusive Strike, a multiplayer map, gear, weapons, and ships. Check below for full details.

Destiny - PS4 Single and Multiplayer Frame-Rate Tests


Digital Foundry has captured the frame-rates from the Alpha build of Destiny for single and multiplayer. The game seems to run pretty sold at 30fps.

Destiny - 17 minutes offscreen PvP gameplay footage **Updated**

Dengeki Online released two videos featuring gameplay footage of a 6 vs. 6 PvP battle in the Rusted Lands and First Light maps from Activision and Bungie’s Destiny.

Updated: Missed a second PvP video they released, and accidentally indicated Famitsu instead of Dengeki Online.

Destiny - New Beginnings E3 Trailer

An official E3 trailer for Destiny was released by Activision and Bungie.

Destiny - Official E3 Gameplay Experience Trailer

Activision and Bungie released a new 7 minute long gameplay trailer for Destiny.

Destiny will run at 1080p 30FPS on Xbox One


Bungie has confirmed that Destiny will run at 1080p 30FPS on Xbox One. Bungie says that they have removed Kinect support which freed up power to raise the resolution.

Destiny Beta Drops on July 17th, PS4 Owners can play the Alpha Build on Thursday


Sony has announced that Destiny will get a full beta on July 17th for the PS3, and PS3. PS4 owners will be able to play an alpha build of the game this Thursday. 

Sony Kicks off Their E3 2014 Press Event with a Brand new Destiny Trailer


Sony started the show big with a brand new trailer for Destiny on PS4. More updates on the announcements from E3 2014 as the show goes on. 

Destiny beta codes included with pre-orders

A recent blog entry from Bungie has revealed pre-ordering Destiny from select retailers will include a beta code for the game. The beta will officially launch in July 2014, and additional details concerning the beta program has been provided in a Destiny Beta FAQs page.

Bungie released a 1.0.10 patch for PC version of Halo

A new patch for the 2003 PC version of Halo: Combat Evolved was released today by Bungie with the help of several community members. The patch has been created to resolve the upcoming Gamespy server shutdown, along with several bugfixes for the 11 year old PC title. Check below for full details.

Destiny sizzle videos for Titan, Warlock, & Hunter classes

Bungie has launched a new page featuring the three Guardian classes for Destiny. Each page contains a description of the unique strengths of the class and a sizzle video.

Destiny - PS4 Dev Diary: Armor, Weapons, Loot Video

Destiny the game
PlayStation US Blog released a new video detailing the equipment and how the game’s loot system works in Bungie’s Destiny.

Destiny - Batch of new screenshots, beta news at E3, and no flying narwhals

Bungie released a huge batch of new screenshots for Destiny in this week’s news update, and furthermore the Q&A has mentioned more beta and vehicular combat news will be released during this year’s E3, the 3 character limit hasn’t been finalized, and unfortunately requests for the addition of flying narwhals to the game had failed due to lack of community interest.

Destiny - Hostile Cave & Disintegration Screenshots

A couple of new Destiny screenshots were released today by Bungie, featuring a couple of Guardians venturing into a hostile cave, and another couple eradicating an enemy.