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Is RARE back? RARE’s Chris Davies Thinks so with RARE Replay & Sea of Thieves | E3 2015 Interview

Rare Replay IE3 MS

I had the fortunate opportunity to speak with RARE’s Chris Davies about RARE Replay and Sea of Thieves for Xbox One. Is RARE having a rebirth this year on Xbox One? Find out straight from the source at E3 2015 in this interview. Subscribe to PlayerEssence for more awesome E3 2015 coverage

I’ve got an E3 2015 Interview with RARE Going Live Today at 12 PM PT/ 3PM ET


Just wanted to let you guys know I have a great E3 2015 interview with RARE going live at 12 PM PT/ 3 PM ET on my YouTube channel today. I might be asleep when it does go live, so I’m letting you guys know now if it doesn’t get posted to the site right away.

RARE’s Chris Davies and I discuss RARE Replay, RARE’s history and Sea of Thieves for the Xbox One! If you are a fan of RARE, you won’t want to miss this interview. Subscribe to PlayerEssence on YouTube to get that interview right when it goes live.

Microsoft’s Targeting Xbox 360 Owners with Xbox One Backwards Compatibility


Microsoft is targeting Xbox 360 owners with the announcement of Xbox One getting backward compatibility. Microsoft Corporate VP and CMO Mike Nichols discussed the matter below.

Maximilian Dood X PlayerEssence - BattleToads Turbo Tunnel | E3 2015

Max CC

I had the honor of meeting with Maximilian Dood at E3 2015! He is a super cool guy and admits that PlayerEssence is a “top-tier” website! We also played some Rare Replay with BattleToad’s Turbo Tunnel! Check out the action here. Subscribe to PlayerEssence for more awesome E3 2015 coverage.

I’m back from E3 2015 - A lot of Great Content is Coming!

Francis DI Nairo Dabuz

Just wanted to let you guys know I’m back from E3 2015 and I have a bunch of great interviews, gameplay footage and impressions for the big show! Check out a couple of teaser photos below.

Gears of War Ultimate Edition and Killer Instinct are Coming to PC


Microsoft has announced that two of its biggest Xbox One exclusives are coming to Window 10 PC. Gears of War Ultimate Edition and Killer Instinct will both be available for Windows 10 PC later this year. Gears of War Ultimate Edition will support 4K resolution.  Via: Gematsu

Halo 5 Guardians - E3 2015 Gameplay Reveal

Halo Xbox One

Check out the E3 Gameplay footage of Halo 5 Guardians running on Xbox One.

Source: GhostRobo

Gears of War 4 Announced for Xbox One, Coming in 2016

Gears of War

Microsoft has announced Gears of War 4 for the Xbox One. This game features new characters, weapons, story and combat from the first three games.

MineCraft is Coming to HoloLens, Looks Freaking Crazy


OK, this is really cool! Microsoft has announced a special version of MineCraft will be built for HoloLens. This let’s gamers build, create and manipulate MineCraft anywhere you want, with your hands or a controller. HoloLens is a VR device that you wear over your eyes. This version of Minecraft will be playable with PC and Xbox One users. 

RARE Announces Sea of Thieves for Xbox One


RARE has revealed their new game! It’s called Sea of Thieves for Xbox One. This is an open world pirate-fairing game that will have live ship battles out on the open sea.

Microsoft Announces The RARE Replay Collection - 30 Games for $30


Microsoft has announced the RARE Replay. This is a collection of 30 games for $30. It will launch on Xbox One on August 4th. Yes….I’m getting this….and yes there are 10,000 GamerPoints to collect…. lord help me, I’m going to faint. 

Microsoft Announces Xbox Game Preview for Xbox One


Microsoft has announced their own version of Steam Early Access, called Xbox Game Preview. You’ll be able to download titles still in development, then give developers feedback. 

Forza MotoSport 6 Launches on September 15th


Microsoft has announced that Forza MotoSport 6 will launch on Xbox One on September 15th. Check out the E3 2015 trailer below.

Source: Xbox

The Division will get an Exclusive beta on Xbox One this Holiday


Ubisoft has announced that Xbox One players will get an exclusive beta for Tom Clancy’s The Division this holiday. 

ReCore Announcement Trailer (Keiji Inafune, Comcept & Armature)

293991-recore xbox one

Checkout the CG announcement trailer for ReCore on Xbox One. Remember, this game is made by Armature Studios, Comcept and Keiji Inafune. Its launching in Spring 2016, exclusive to Xbox One.

Source: Xbox

Fallout 4 mods on PC will be Playable on Xbox One Version


Fallout 4 will be getting an exclusive feature on Xbox One. Players will be able to download, play and share mods on Fallout 4 on Xbox One. This extends the replay value 10-fold. 

Keiji Inafune & Former Metroid Prime Developers are Working on ReCore for Xbox One


Former Metroid Prime developers (Armature) and Keiji Inafune are working on a new IP called ReCore for the Xbox One. This game will be a first party franchise for Microsoft, and will launch in Spring 2016. 

Halo 5 Guardians Launches on October 27th


Microsoft has announced that Halo 5 Guardians will launch on October 27th, 2015. It will feature 24-player matches, new online modes like WarZone and AI controlled enemies for co-op. 

Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference will be 90 Minutes long


Xbox boss Phil Spencer has revealed that their E3 press conference will be 90 minutes long. This pretty much falls in line with previous years. Although, Microsoft has stated that they will be focusing on exclusive games this year instead of multiplats. Via: VGChartz

PE Network Vidcast #5 - LiveStream Starts at 3 PM EDT/ 12 PM PDT

PE Network Vidcast #5 CC

The PE Network Vidcast #5 will be aired live on Sunday July 13th, 2014 on my PE Nintendo Channel and right here on Playeressence. Catch the show below, make sure to submit your questions, and if we have time, we’ll get to them.

The Playeressence Network Vidcast #5 is Going down this Sunday - 3 PM EDT


Just wanted to let you know that The Playeressence Network Vidcast #5 will be live-streamed this Sunday at 3 PM EST. There is going to be fantastic list of topics from new Original Content, Nintendo’s E3 showings, the gaming industry, and more. Catch the show on my PE Nintendo YouTube Channel here. We’ll also be running a Q&A, so you can ask your questions on Google Plus, or right here in the comments section. Oh…and we have two new members will be joining the team.

Gamers Don’t want Competition…. - ActiveGamerLife


ActiveGamerLife discusses how gamers are complaining about Nintendo winning the IGN poll for best of E3. It seems like some gamers do not want there to be competition. Warning, Strong Language