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Star Fox Zero - Miyamoto Comments on the Graphics


Shigeru Miyamoto has stated that a lot of games today look realistic, so they decided to go with the visuals they have in Star Fox Zero.

“A lot of games nowadays look so realistic that they all look the same.”

Miyamoto also said before that getting the game running in 60fps on the TV and Gamepad caused the visuals to suffer a bit.

Via: GoNintendo, Source: WSJ

  • ChariotMan7

    I believe, Star Fox Zero graphics will improve just like when Super Mario 3D World graphics imroved.

  • awang0718

    Yes, some games do look too realistic to the point where they look the same. That doesn’t excuse StarFox for looking so average. The game’s visuals clearly need to be worked on. I was expecting gorgeous Mario Kart 8-esque visuals and instead I got this…

  • http://twitter.com/timsdeece David Tims

    Ultimately I hope there’s lots of content and it’s a fun game

  • Hardin Twentyfive

    Well, if we can’t get realistic graphics, can we get our favorite Fox song?
    I have a horrible, yet awesome marketing idea, and it is destined to work. Splatoon proved horrible ads=tons of talk, and even a catchphrase. Just have “What Does the Fox Say” playing in the ads, with gameplay, and watch what happens.

  • 7thlevel JR

    miyamoto is starting to show is age

    • uPadWatcher

      In other words- WISDOM

      • 7thlevel JR

        no, in other word he went full retard, man. Never go full retard.

        • Wonder Dean

          Where did he go full retard? Those are pretty heavy words to levy against a man like Miyamoto.

          • 7thlevel JR

            ” lot of games nowadays look so realistic that they all look the same”. so i guess fallout and and the last of us look the same

  • The Indie Man

    I rather have great graphics and a stable 30fps and good gameplay. The game doesn’t look great at all in my eyes but it is Star Fox and that at least make me happy. Is all about preference, I don’t know what is wrong with liking a game with better graphics

  • Micah Ma-at Maragh

    I may sound like a fanboy but I for one love the artstyle that platinum games went with. It may not be the most technically impressive but to me the game looks awesome and I’m not one of these people who are like “I don’t care about the graphics its all about the gameplay”. I strongly believe there should be a good balance although I do favour artstyle over pseudo realistic grey and brown. But I do like my games to look just as nice as the play. I think Starfox Zero looks gorgeous like I said it may not be pushing as many polygons as say Mario Kart 8 but the artstyle fits the game perfectly. I don’t think ultra realistic CGI type graphics would really suit starfox, its based on japanese animation and should therefore reflect that in its artstyle.

  • Max Patterson

    I’d rather have a smooth framerate than perfect graphics any day.

  • CapableTie

    I’m glad they didn’t try to give it realistic visuals but I expect an improvement over the coming months. I don’t think Nintendo will ever give us a game with terrible graphics.

    • ChariotMan7


  • dacomentr

    I told you, 60fps is not going to get you good visuals on Wii U

    • CapableTie

      It has before though? MK8 was 60fps and that had amazing graphics

      • Andrew Mitchell


      • dacomentr

        MK8 graphics have room for improvement if you pay attention while racing. There is also heavy LOD management going on (good programming)

    • Maestro

      60 fps and dual rendering

    • Mythosa

      Why? It hasn’t done it for you with SM3DW, Bayonetta 2, Mario Kart 8, Smash bros, Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze? Yeah, they all look like crap…

      • dacomentr

        I meant that you’re not going to see the Wii you “PUSHED” at 60fps. Those games look good, but you notice weaknesses.

        • Mythosa

          As opposed to the lack of 60fps on the game on the other systems? I’m really not sure what you are trying to get at. There is no perfect console, the Wii U included, as well as the other two.
          Is the Wii U the weakest of the 3? Yeah. Who cares. It gives a lot for what it is and give different experiences than the other two. I know that loads of people don’t like the lego games, but the Wii U is the best way to play them for multiplayer par none. Along with a bunch of other multiplayer games. If you want a realistic, cinematic experience, then the Wii U probably isn’t the console for you.

          • dacomentr

            I think Francis mentioned he wish he would have seen the Wii U “pushed” more for Starfox in the Digital Event impressions and I’m saying there is only so much you’re going to get out of the Wii U @ 60fps. If they want to see some unexpected graphics out of the Wii U, the gamepad probably has to be turned off and the game will have to run at 30fps or less.

  • Morph ball87 (Lee87)

    Why are people talking so much about the graphics? Why not discuss the arwing transformations or the crazy ideas Platinum Games will put into the game?

    • Prütsa

      Becasue this isn’t the 90:s today it’s graphics and other stupid shit.

      • Mythosa

        why not have both?
        I am a huge advocate of fun over looks, but with that being said, I don’t think that’s an easy way out. Everything has its place and whether you like it or not, graphics and the way a game looks has its part to play. Are there double standards with this? Of course there are. I don’t expect an indie developer to release something that looks amazing and plays great as well, but it is being done. Unfortunately that holds large companies (like Nintendo, Naughty Dog, 2K, Activision, ect) and studios to higher standards, but that isn’t a bad thing either.
        Plus lets face it, the way a game looks helps it sell.

        • Prütsa

          “The way a game looks helps it sell” probably, but not for me.
          We are not talking about both in this scenario that’s why i said what i said.. so whatever floats your boat.

  • CilverKid520_Youtube_Twitch

    You can’t disagree with the video game God known as Shigeru Miyamoto!


    60fps on both screens. Online and local Multiplayer, and I am all and set.