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Metroid Prime Federation Force - Single-player, Metroids, Samus and more


While Metroid Prime Federation Force is actively getting destroyed on Nintendo’s YouTube channel, tons of new details have been revealed on the game. Get the info roundup below, which includes a single-player campaign, missions with Metroids and more.

  • Use the second stick on the New 3DS to look around
  • Game also runs on the regular 3DS
  • Blast Ball could serve as a replacement for a traditional tutorial
  • Concept for the game has been floating around for 10 years now
  • Single player mode
  • No four against four player matches
  • Co-op four player mode where you fight as a team against space pirates
  • Three major planets
  • Roughly 10 different missions on each planet
  • Areas for you to look around and explore
  • No visor scanning
  • A mission involves Metroids
  • Samus will make an appearance
  • Move around in mechs that are outfitted before each mission
  • Choose to be more of a “healer” by equipping repair capsules
  • Arm yourself with super missiles
  • Game is overseen by Nintendo’s Yoshihito Ikebata and Ryuichi Nakada
  • 4-player co-op first-person shooter set in the Metroid Prime universe
  • Local and online muliplayer
  • Requires 4-player squads to complete different kinds of missions
  • Missions have different objectives (for example; trying to capture certain kinds of creatures)
  • Missions start with briefings
  • Select different kinds of items and weapons to take into combat with you
  • This includes Repair Capsules to Shield Generators to Missiles to Slow Beams
  • Music done in-house at NLG, along with Kenji Yamamoto.

Metroid Prime: Federation Force Blast Ball

  • Includes Blast Ball, which is a 3-on-3 sci-fi sport mode
  • Shoot a ball into the opponent’s goal to score
  • Gain a competitive edge by collecting and using a variety of individual power-ups, such as barriers
  • Match ends when a team scores three goals
  • Send the Blast Ball game for free to other Nintendo 3DS owners via Nintendo 3DS Download Play
  • Being hit with the ball will damage your suit
  • Take too much damage and you’ll have to wait to respawn
  • Movement is mapped to the Circle Pad, ‘B’ jumps and ‘A’ fires your cannon, either in rapid bursts or a charged shot
  • Holding down ‘R’ allows you to strafe with the Circle Pad or fine-tune your aim with the gyroscope
  • Holding ‘L’ locks onto the ball
  • While locked on to the ball, your mech’s lateral movement is much slower
  • C-stick on the New 3DS demo units wasn’t used in the E3.

Source: NeoGAF

  • Method

    The problem I have with this game is the stupid kiddy design. The concept is great but the execution leaves much to be desired.

  • JaxonH

    This game does look really fun, even if it’s not the proper Metroid we were all hoping for.

    The one thing that concerns me though, and this is not something I really heard anyone address, is that the C stick on new3DS is not exactly ideal for pinpoint precision aiming. I learned from IronFall that games like this are better played with the old XL and a CPP.

    Which is a shame because I really love the 3-D effect and the general all-around improvements of the new handheld. Good thing I kept my old XL around. Might come in handy for a few select games like this one.

  • Phantom_6thMan

    Did you guys notice the Dodongo looking boss in the trailer?

  • Siu Leung

    This game looks really fun. I also think they are using this to gage interest of Metroid or at lease using the profits to help fund a proper Metroid game. You have to remember that Metroid series isn’t a top seller in regions outside the USA (and even in the US it’s sales numbers aren’t as impressive as their other franchises), so if you want your proper Metroid game they need to justify it or at least find creative ways to fund it. Remember the bottom line is to make money for any company. I think this game is getting way more hate than it deserves. At least they are expanding the Metroid Universe, and introducing it to many new gamers that haven’t played the older games. Expand the fan base then spend the money to make sure the proper Metroid game isn’t a money pit.

  • Hardin Twentyfive

    What? Metroid and Samus make an appearance? OMG… This is a miracle!!! The Metroid series is saved!!!!

  • Kevin Brewer

    Regardless of all the unnecessary hate against Metroid Prime Federation Force, I was planning on buying it anyway because the Metroid Prime Trilogy were the first Metroid games I ever played (later on Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion which were awesome games as well) and they got me into Metroid. (If I knew about Super Metroid in the past when I was a lot younger, I would have been a fan of the series much sooner) And its really ironic because of the rushed conclusions over what, a 30 second - 1 minute long trailer? Now they revealed more details about it and Samus does make an appearance, (check) Metroids are involved in one of the missions, (check) and it contains a lot of the elements that the Prime trilogy had along with new elements?!? (check) So sounds like a worthy spin-off to me, much like Metroid Prime Hunters. Another funny thing is that Nintendo probably did it this way all along to gauge reactions from the fan base whether positive or negative to see whether a future Metroid game would be worth it!

  • metroidkong

    I would be more hyped for this game (yes, even as it is) if it were coming to Wii U instead. I’ll probably pick it up anyway. I bet it’ll be a lot of fun.

    • Mythosa

      I agree. If it were coming to the Wii U I would be far more stolked. I don’t play my 3DS a whole lot any more and actually at this point… I’m not entirely sure of where I left it. It’s in this place somewhere… I just prefer to game on a big screen in the comfort of my living room. If not, then I still tend to play on my gamepad.

  • Matthew Wesley

    I’m buying this game- I love Metroid Prime.

  • https://www.youtube.com/user/Gkerbz4 Kerbizzle

    I mean, I’m not exactly too keen on this game either, but these details are pretty interesting in themselves. Who knows. The more info we get, I might actually end up liking it.

  • Max Patterson

    I should really make a video on how immature fans are being about this game.