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PE X Nintendo #83 - E3 2015 Wrap-up/ Q&A - LiveStream Starts at 8:30 AM PT/ 11:30 AM ET

PE X Nin 83 MS

I’ll be discussing the Nintendo’s E3 2015 show in total. All their announcements from Ryu in Smash Bros. to Treehouse Live titles. Plus I’ll be having a nice Q&A for you guys. (PE Network Members are welcome to join in)

  • ednice

    This was an enjoyable podcast, great questions too.

  • Revolution5268

    Man Francis this week was chaotic on your site. I think NIntendo’s “bad E3″ left an impact on the site.
    Just to be clear everyone I am not one of the people who was bashing Sony or PlayStation in general because I also have a PS4. Have you guys wondered why I stop port begging game to Wii U? Because I have another console that I have games that I am looking forward to like the two Final Fantasy, Sword Art Online Lost Song and Persona 5. See you guys Francis is not the only person looking forward to RPGs.
    Yeah Francis the other people that are saying that Xbox and PS fans are getting bash on in the site is kinda true. Even I got attack by a certain someone who you know Francis I wont called any names but it was disrespectful on the replied I got.
    If people have a problem on what game I play and like why do you even care?

    P.S. Francis have you see Red Knight (a.k.a. activegamer) that his latest video got soo many dislike all because he was extited about the latest metroid game?

    • CapableTie

      Yes I think some people took out their frustrations with Nintendo by downplaying Sony and MS, which makes me sad given how great I thought they did this e3. I disagreed with Red Knight on his Metroid video so I told him why I disagreed and that was it. No dislike, no being rude, just explaining why I disagree.

  • Prütsa

    I just went through this video and i didn’t like it, but i went through it and fuck third parties. The last thing you said no can do.

  • GeneralBrown178

    Great podcast, I thought my first question killed you or something lol.

    • http://playeressence.com/ PlayerEssence


  • Hardin Twentyfive

    Good podcast Francis. Really enjoyed it.
    I think the Sony bashing came from how everyone felt about Shemue 3 and it being Kictstarter. Personally, I think it is shady how they advertised it before the Kictstarter launched, but that’s personal. The game you mentioned, with the dinosaur robots, was my favorite game from Sony’s conference.
    This week was crazy, and us Nintendo fans were hugely divided. That’s great, because it makes us not a blind lot of folks, but some took it too far. But like you said, we should come together, whether I’m a Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo fan.
    On the topic of high expectations, yes, we hold Nintendo to high expectations, but I think some hold them to godlike status. I always heard about “we should keep our expectations low” but I’ll say to try a different approach. Go into every Nintendo Direct, keep your expectations however high or low you want, but expect news on what you really want. I wanted Star Fox and XCX’s release date, and I got that. Let’s try not to predict, but expect something from what we know. Will a surprise be exciting? Yes. If there’s no new announcements, will we be disappointed? Maybe, depends on the person. But if we expect reasonable stuff, I say we could leave every Direct content, knowing we got something to look for.
    But I swear, the next time I hear RPG come out of your mouth, Francis, on the power of the Monado, I will reach into my computer screen, and backhand you on both sides of your face.
    Stay fresh!!!!

    • http://playeressence.com/ PlayerEssence

      I pity the foo that doubts the RPG!

      • Hardin Twentyfive

        I pity that foo too, and the one that doubts my platformers.

  • CapableTie

    That part at the end is why I respect you Francis. I hope the bashing and negativity will die down so PE can continue being so positive and supportive of each other, because that’s why I’ve used and commented on this site from the beginning.

    • http://playeressence.com/ PlayerEssence

      Thanks, I’ll do my best. But I need guys like you to help spearhead change.