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Batman Arkham Knight Review Roundup - Looking Really GOOD! (90.70%)


Batman Arkham Knight reviews have begun to drop! Get the early batch of review scores past the link. 

AusGamers - 10/10 

VideoGamer - 10/10

USgamer - 4/5

GameSpot - 7/10

Game Informer - 9.5/10

GamesRadar+ - 4/5

gamesTM -9/10

God is a Geek - 10/10

IGN - 9.2/10 

More reviews as they go live here.

Author: Francis@PE (18691 Posts)

  • Siu Leung

    does this game on Xbox one require a Live subscription to access everything in the game? Does not having one, lock anything out?

  • Mr. Catherwood

    Francis, so you are going to reply or what? The troll is now following my profile, please do something

  • Gabe Hoffman

    Can you guess what Gamespot’s primary complaint was?

    • awang0718

      Lemme guess…Batmobile?

      • Gabe Hoffman

        Yep too much Batmobile

  • CapableTie

    Just in time, I was getting tired of the Witcher 3 and Splatoon. I haven’t played this franchise but I loved the last Batman movie. I wonder what game this developer will make next, especially if it’s another superhero.

    • WSJ4L

      Hopefully they can take what was so great about Superman 64 and expand on it.

  • Kidking17

    Man I forgot this game comes out in a few days, need to get on it.

    • Kidking17

      Currently playing through The Witcher 3 and Bayonetta 1(WiiU)

  • eaglebob345

    I have the other three but couldn’t get into the QTE style fighting system… and being given only one way to defeat bosses… I started with Arkham City on Wii U, got Arkham Origins on Wii U, and rounded out the collection with Arkham Asylum on PS3. I like the story but I don’t think I’ll ever finish them. That said, I’ll probably end up getting this one for cheap on Amazon too whenever I get a PS4 and/or XB1.

    • Mega Prime

      QTE fighting system??? I think you mean chain combos, not QTE.

  • Shadao

    I hope to hear the story really soon if reviews are popping up like that.

  • Danfordun

    Sadly, I don’t enjoy these types of games. I usually can’t stand being told how to defeat the boss.

    • Mythosa

      So what do you like then? I’m having a hard time thinking of a game where there isn’t special tactics to beating a boss.

      • Danfordun

        I have no problem with bosses like that. In fact, that what makes boss-fighting fun. I’m talking about when the game displays a message telling you what to do. I remember getting mad when I was finishing Arkham City because during the final boss fight, the game basically told me to “Press X to throw batarangs”. Those types of messages appear all over these triple AAA games for the sake of broadening the audience.

        I myself prefer to find a way to defeat the boss myself. I’m find if there’s clues around to figure it out, but being told to use a specific weapon against the boss fight makes me feel insulted.

        • Mythosa

          Oh I see. I didn’t really notice that while I was playing.
          That’s not that different from Navi telling you what to do or how to do something in OOT though. Or the big flashy/red parts on enemies like in SF.
          I think I do get what you mean though. More blatant directly telling you what to do I guess…

          • Danfordun

            Yeah. But in regards to Navi, not too many people liked her for those reasons. Big flashy red parts are find, though, because those are just visual cues. However, they have to feel natural (like a bug with a big red butt instead of the bad guy glowing red when stunned or something).

          • Mythosa

            Yeah I get ya. I do agree.
            I thought your original statement was more definitive without compromise.

          • Mega Prime

            You must hate all Nintendo games then because all of their bosses are one dimensional. “Let’s run under Bowser and drop him in the lava or let’s stomp on heads. ” Batman’s best battle so far was the Mr Freeze fight. You can literally use all your gadgets and techniques to wear him down. Once you used a tactic, he’d block that move from being exploited again. I do wish more fights were like that, but that one fight alone is better than 90% of other AAA games.

          • Danfordun

            One-dimensional or not, I won’t mind as long as I can figure out how to defeat a boss on my own. For example, the way Metroid Prime changes color signifies what beam you’re supposed to use against it. This was something I was supposed to pick up on through the adventure, not to mention that it was obvious since the beams have their own color. But had the game developers added someone to tell me that it’s changing colors or I should switch beams, or if the game displayed a message showing you how to change beams, then I would have felt insulted. As a gamer, I don’t like to be told how to play the game. I’d rather discover it myself.

            I’ll give you this much, though: the Mr. Freeze fight was a pretty good boss fight.

          • Mega Prime

            I totally agree with you. I don’t like to have my hand held either. I like figuring stuff out myself and if I really need help, there is always the internet. Metroid Prime was so epic, I was pissed when Retro made Donkey Kong and not more Prime games. I also think Zelda has some of the more “difficult” in terms of boss complexity, yet most bosses are still too easy. I’m glad you liked the Mr Freeze fight.

  • Revolution5268

    Oh man this game is going to kill me.

  • Santiago3:16

    Nice, Im still going to wait for the GOTY edition with all the DLC included.

    • Mega Prime

      Same here.

  • Max Patterson

    Hopefully the Harley, Red Hood, and other DLC can be purchased separately.