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Mario Tennis Ultra Smash (Wii U) | E3 2015 Hands-on Preview

Mario Tennis US MS

Francis gives you the rundown on Mario Tennis Ultra Smash for the Wii U from E3 2015. Subscribe to PlayerEssence for more awesome content!

  • CapableTie

    I was hoping for a Mario Strikers game, I love that franchise.

  • Prütsa

    I’ll pick it up.

  • http://www.thedigitaleon.com Deax2er

    This game was absolutely fun to play on the GameCube, I still love to play that game, so naturally I’m excited to get this game and I’m gonna enjoy every minute of it. I only wish they included the RPG elements from the game boy advance, but otherwise this’ll be a blast!

  • GeneralBrown178

    I feel like i’m the only person exited for this game, been wait since the Wii U launch for a Mario sports game lol.
    Good video though.

    • Espeonic

      I’m looking forward to this. I quite like Mario Tennis, not as much as Mario Kart, and it doesn’t even compare to my love of Mario Golf or Mario Strikers, but I haven’t played any Mario Tennis game since Mario Power Tennis on the GameCube, so it’s been a decade for me, and it feels like a great time to get back into it. The game looks so goregous, too. 😀

    • http://playeressence.com/ PlayerEssence

      I feel like i’m the only person exited for this game

      yes….yes you are. lol. j/k it cool dude. I just think the Wii needs a Tennis game right now.

    • Mythosa

      Nah. My wife and I are quite excited for this as well. We have loved all the Mario Tennis and Golf games. They tend to be easy enough to pick up and play for almost anyone, but fairly hard to master but they suck you in with fun.
      It was one of my highlights of E3.