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Metroid Prime Federation Force - Why I’m Excited! - ActiveGamerLife


The Red Knight discusses why he is excited to play Metroid Prime Federation Force.

Source: ActiveGamerLife

  • https://www.youtube.com/user/Gkerbz4 Kerbizzle

    Did Halo: Spartan Assault get this kind of negative reaction Federation Force is receiving?

    • Guidosaur

      I don’t know what kind of archived info to check, but I feel like people were upset. No where near this amount though.

  • Max Patterson

    I’m actually growing more and more interested in this game the more info that comes out. And the fact that Next Level Games is helping out pushes my suspicions even further that this will be a good game. The biggest hurtle here are the Metroid Prime fanboys who think anything different or anything that changes is the biggest sin. If your disappointed then fine but before you go out and start calling for Nintendo’s heads I recommend you step back a peg and wait for more info before doing something you really regret.

    • Guymelef

      by the way, is this multiplayer coop required? or can you play it as 1 player with the other 3 being AI-controlled? i’m referring to the main game though, and not the blast ball part (which can still work with AI enemies and other team members).

  • CapableTie

    I really feel they shouldn’t have put Metroid in the title, this entire nonsense uproar could have been avoided. And by nonsense uproar, I’m referring to the petition to cancel the game, fans of the franchise have every right to complain about this.
    This could have easily been a new ip, and if it had been the reception would have been night and day to what it is now.
    Personally I’m not a big fan of the chibi look the characters have, and I don’t like a game being centered around multiplayer on 3ds.

    • Max Patterson

      Here’s the thing though, fans should have kept their cool and waited for information. As it states in the title this isn’t based around Samus but instead the Federation, and before someone says “but it doesn’t look like Metroid Prime.” well neither did Wind Waker look like the last two Zelda games. My point is fans should have given their opinions in a more calm and respected way while also waiting for new info rather than going head hunting for Nintendo’s developers.

      • CapableTie

        Yes, I’m not supporting their bad behavior either.
        And I haven’t even played Metorid, my first console was the GameCube when I was very young. I loved Windwaker HD though, and StarFox Adventures as well (which this situation reminds me of).

  • Emufred

    I’ll give it a chance and not jump to conclusion about how this game will turn out.

    I think this game has two paths ahead of it:

    The Windwaker Path: What used to be hated became loved by a large majority.

    The Nuts and Bolts Path: While still a good game, it’s seen as the disappointment of the series

    Hopefully it’s the former.

    • Max Patterson

      Or it could be split down the middle like Skyward Sword, which is what I think it’ll do.

      • Travis Touchdown

        Skyward Sword is hated entirely by shitposters and those who have never actually played it.

  • Travis Touchdown

    This is actually the video that convinced me that Metroid ‘fans’ today are more interested in looking cool than they are with actually playing games.

    Not only does this title indeed fit into Metroid’s universe (It’s not even as bad as Hunters or Pinball!) It’s built upon established ideas that the Prime series brought forth.

    So what if it’s different?

    • Max Patterson

      It’s different therefor it’s terrible.

    • Guymelef

      I’d like to give this game a chance myself. I’m not a fan of the Chibi-ish features, but again something different. It’s no different from Halo having Halo Wars.