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Star Fox Zero: Corneria Graphics Head-to-Head Comparison (3DS vs. Wii U)


GameXplain pits Star Fox Zero against Star Fox 64 3D to see how much different the two games really look!

Source: GameXplain

Author: Francis@PE (18682 Posts)

  • Agt_Pendergast

    Whenever I play a game, whatever the graphics are like, after a few minutes, I usually get used to them. Are people really so obsessed with something that will ultimately have the least impact on the quality of the game?

    • Titangamecube

      Sadly yes.

  • Brandon

    no online and local play only just like starfox 64 3D….. miyamoto! at least give us a OPTION to have online! Miyamoto looks at wii u and says: what’s the internet? ;P I know ps4 & XB1 has more online tiles and people suggest if you want more games with online play buy a ps4 & xb1 and I’m like no thanks ESPECIALLY to the overrated ps4 selling off of hopes and dreams BEFORE E3 2015 begun! I’m sorry I had to say this!

    • NBR

      Shiggy said they’re focusing on single player and they may add multi player later.

      • Brandon

        I know (I even read that quote carefully myself). It’s just that people say “local play is better than online anyway” and even if it was true: haven’t people defending no online multiplayer (on that no online for starfox zero article anyway) honestly ever heard of OPTIONS!? sorry It’s been a rough E3 aside from earthbound beginnings (mother 1/earthbound zero) & the NWC 2015.

  • JaxonH

    Everybody’s saying the graphics will be improved but I don’t see anything wrong with them in the first place.

    Looking at this comparison just makes the game look even more beautiful imo.

  • Marc Duarte

    Anyone who claims that Star Fox Zero looks like an N64/Gamecube/PS2 game seriously need to see an optometrist. Also, didn’t we go through this same drama with Super Mario 3D World? I swear, the memory capacity of some people is worse than that of a goldfish. I know next to nothing about game design, but even I know that a game’s graphics are continually worked on during the production process, and just because you show off a trailer doesn’t mean the graphics are final. This is plain common sense. Does anyone have it anymore?

    • gameflow

      The reason for that is that maney gamers are used to cg trailers or tartget renders (sorry, I mean pre-alpha in-game footage 😉 ), instead of real gameplay or even “early” game builds. I think the game will get small improvements, but actually don’t think it will be that much. Release is very close and and you lose at least 1 month from gold master to retal. Also cosidering that they are targeting 60fps on both(!) viewports seems to be hard thing to do. But I dont know enough about the wii-u arhcitecture to judge the 2nd screen performance costs.

  • ChariotMan7

    I can see people going on and on with this. The game will improve. I hope Lol..

  • CapableTie

    It’s kinda sad that they are this close, but I remember the improvement we saw with 3D World, so hopefully the same thing happens here. It is Miyamoto after all.