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Pretendo Direct: Nintendo Fans Get Rekt (Humor)


Nintendo’s E3 2015 Digital Event has left fans with a bad taste. Watch as Mizzah Tee tries to piece back together the broken pieces of his life… FOOS …

Source: Mizzah Tee

  • JaxonH

    My verdict: As far as new 3DS announcements go, E3 couldn’t have gone better. The 3DS is swimming in awesomeness right now. And yes, even Federation Force looks fun. No, it’s not what I was hoping for, but I judge each game on its individual merits and Next Level Games seem to have a fun little game on their hands.

    As for new Wii U announcements, E3 was a joke. Mario Tennis and an Amiibo board game? Are you serious? THAT’S IT? Star a Fox looks absolutely amazing- exactly how I always imagined it to be and then some. I don’t understand the complaints about the graphics- I think the game looks fine, and was actually rather impressed with the textures in the background detail. So yeah, that was totally awesome, but that was it. I thought FOR SURE we’d get a real Animal Crossing, a Paper Mario, even a proper Metroid! Boy was that disappointing. Big time.

    With that said, I do think one of the reasons they announced so little for Wii U was that we have so many titles coming up that were announced way before they should’ve been. In fact I think the next 6 to 9 months is one of the best lineups we’ve seen on Wii U to date. Absolutely stunning lineup. Which is ironic considering the outlash at their presentation. All things considered we have a lot to look forward to.

    Nonetheless, everyone always expects at least one major surprise announcement for each platform. And neither Wii U nor 3DS got that. At least 3DS was cushioned with a plethora of medium grade titles, most of which I’m sure will be extremely fun to play. Wii U wasn’t so fortunate. But I wipe my tears with the dozen plus games dropping on the system this year.

  • Prütsa

    If that’s your opinion Tee so be it.

  • BigDog Elite

    The direct to me was a little odd. Star Fox started off fine, but went downhill from there. I don’t like that partnership they did with Activision with Skylanders and I don’t understand why Activision would go to Nintendo about that, but not with their other games (Screw you Activision for once I would of love an excuse why they could not put a game on the Wii U). We probably did not need a 22 minute Mario celebration toward the end, that could of easily have been a little side promotion video on youtube or something. I’m already excited for Mario Maker, especially when they shown it off during the NWC. Now Nintendo did say they wanted to focus on games that were coming within the next couple of months. That includes the Wii U and 3ds and last time I check a lot of people were whining about the 3ds line up was a bit lack luster. They shown us games coming out for it. So does this mean there are no more games coming after this year and early next year. Nintendo said Zelda U was still coming to Wii U. I don’t remember Nintendo saying they were giving up on the Wii U after this year ( I hope they don’t). As for the NX I don’t know why people are trying to push that thing out so early. We don’t even know if it’s a handheld or a home console. I have a question for everyone who wants to push that thing out so early, what games do they have for it at launch and for the upcoming months after the machine is release. Don’t give me that crap ooohhh third party will return. NO THEY WILL NOT! Oh and I don’t feel betrayed or Con just because of a digital direct was not to my liking. I think people are taking that too far. But they will gladly listen and get hype for the lies the other companies will announce.

    • Jon Turner

      You can’t say for certainty whether third party support will return or not for Nintendo’s next console until they talk about it. Of course there’s a chance for them to return. If you think there isn’t, well, all the more power to you. I just don’t agree and never have believed that.

    • JaxonH

      I agree, third parties will never return to Nintendo platforms. Too many consistent failures and flops. Power was never the issue, but rather a lack of interest and sales.

      But I’m ok with that. I have a PS4 and X1 bursting at the seams with third-party games. I think I have like 37 games pre-ordered between the two consoles. I don’t need those games on Nintendo’s platform. Nintendo is my cherished platform of all my favorite exclusives. I mean I’ll buy a third-party game if it comes but I really couldn’t care less either way.

  • metroidkong

    The modern video game industry continues to baffle me. Perhaps i’m an aging dinosaur at 36, but what I look for in a game is completely at odds with what the general consumer looks for. I’ve always valued fun gameplay above all else. I don’t understand this need to buy a machine that has the most processing power and delivers so many false promises about greatness awaiting you (now in 2017). I would just become strictly a retro gamer if it wasn’t for Nintendo’s 1st party games. And now, because of that fact, i’m supposedly the problem….

    • Titangamecube

      Yeah you’re the problem. I mean get with the times yo. Donate money to a kickstarter that a big publisher told you to do, even though they can publish themselves…my sarcasm sucks

      • metroidkong

        Your sarcasm is delicious.

  • uPadWatcher

    Heh heh heh… FOOS!

  • Travis Touchdown

    The Direct was fine. I honestly don’t know what people are complaining about.

    People are seriously overestimating just how important E3 is to Nintendo these days. Nintendo could have easily waited to announce Fatal Frame at E3 (They did it in April) but didn’t. They had a Direct a couple of weeks before E3.

    Like it or not, it was the 3DS that didn’t have an established line up for the rest of the year. The Wii U, as you said, has a great lineup, the vast majority of which was covered by the Treehouse stream (Which, funnily enough, most people are ignoring, because it doesn’t fit the narrative about how Nintendo had a ‘terrible’ E3) I’m honestly excited for SMTXFE now, just because Iv’e now seen people actually playing the game.

    Considering the most prominent complain about the Direct generally revolves around Metroid not being traditional (Which… is a bad thing, why?) and the Animal Crossing Board game (Which, I’m told, comes packaged with four Amiibo, which will have other uses)

    At the absolute WORST, Nintendo wasn’t all that clear about a lot of important details for the more controversial aspects of the Direct, which was almost immediately corrected by the Treehouse stream.

    In my mind, Nintendo easily won this E3, again. They showed far too much high quality content that’s launching this year to simply blow them off in this way. The main problem, in my mind, is that people are too used to getting excited over projects that never really seem to materialize. People should not have gotten excited over a Shenmue kickstarter, of all things.

    • Mythosa


      • person

        I think we’re getting a nice example of the difference between a ‘fan’ and a ‘fanboy’.

        • Titangamecube

          We got some examples of the difference between a “salty manchild” and a “fan”

          • person

            Nice use of insults! :) A large amount of ‘salty manchildren’ seem to disagree with your fanboyism. Francis and Mizzah Tee, included.

          • Titangamecube

            Oh at least you admitted to the salty manchildren comment. Gives me an idea who I’m dealing with. I mean at least I don’t resort to insults first unless they insult. Then its fair game at that point.

          • person

            Don’t recall insulting you first…

          • Titangamecube

            It was in reference to the other guy.

      • Titangamecube

        Oh look at that, a manchild whos salty, what are the odds?

        • Mythosa

          So you think there was nothing wrong with the E3 showing? Nothing could be improved upon? All the games were high caliber? Even Star Fox as it was shown looks more like a Wii game than anything that has been released on the Wii U by Nintendo so far. If you are completely fine with Animal Crossing Amiibo Party thing and Federation Force which looks more like an indie eshop game, that’s fine, but don’t expect me to share your enthusiasm for mediocrity when we have seen some amazing games, it seems like they have given up.
          Hey man. I’ll happily be a man-child over some delusional guy with anger issues and paranoia. But hey, each to their own.
          Don’t expect anymore replies from me while you are still being a douche. When you get over whatever funk you are going through then feel free to chat again.

          • Titangamecube

            Says the guy who insulted people and this guy because even though he gave his thoughts, you had to choose to insult…and now wants to explain his opinion. Look, how about you get over your goddamn saltiness and stop attacking people when they give ANALYSIS, not dank memes.But then again, I don’t expect much from a manchild who sides with EA of all companies. Tells me where your priorities are. OH and btw, you’re using baseless assumptions again. Good day asshole.

    • Mythosa

      Sorry dude. Delusional wasn’t a proper response to what you said.
      Unfortunately E3 still holds a lot of clout with the gaming industry whether Nintendo takes it seriously or not, so even if Nintendo doesn’t want to accept it, it is still quite important, the backlash from this E3 has actually shown that. This is still a big conference and it’s a huge part for reaching out to potential customers in an attempt to pull them in and get them excited for the games that Nintendo is putting out.

      You are right, the Wii U has a great line up for the rest of this year, but that’s not to say that people shouldn’t be reminded of that, even with a two minute clip of what has been announced and a reminder that it is coming especially for those that might still be on the fence about getting the machine. The Treehouse is great for the faithful to watch, but for the average consumer, they are less likely to go through a full day of watching people game, they might swing back for the highlights or what grabbed their interest in the initial Digital Event if it’s shown.

      Those are two points of contention for a lot of gamers, just as Project Giant Robot and Project Guard were last E3. Unfortunately it goes further than that though from the sounds of it on other forums and pages. A big part of the issue with these is that there weren’t any big new interesting games announced. There were a couple recaps of X, Yoshi, SMM, a bit more info on FE:F, but the problem there is that all of them have already been announced and have had directs about them that had just as much coverage or more in some cases. Star Fox was the big one that got the most attention, which is great, but even that still looks like it’s almost a beta or even an alpha. I think most people are happy about Mario & Luigi, but even there some are PO’d that it’s not a new game in the classic Paper Mario franchise lol. Even Mario Tennis has mixed reception. There was no sign of Fatal Frame or Devil’s Third in the Digital Event which seems like an oversight because there are the fans out there that have really been clamouring for some more ‘mature’ titles. That is something that Nintendo really needs in their line up because it has been so sorely lacking.

      Again, the Treehouse is all good and grand, but for the general audience the Digital Event needs to ‘Wow’ people and get them excited for what Nintendo has to offer. As much as E3 is a whole, the Treehouse and Digital Events are very separate and are designed for different audiences for the most part.

      Did you watch all the E3 presentations? I agree about the Shenmue thing, it’s bunk. But that’s not all that Sony fans got excited for at all. They finally showed a game that fans have been going nuts over for YEARS. The Last Guardian, it hasn’t hit all expectations for it, but they do finally have it. Horizon looks great. Unless this really isn’t your kind of game, anyone who says different has some serious issues of being biased. Another game that people have been going mental for is FFVII, of course at this point it’s unknown if it’s PS4 exclusive, but it’s still going to be there first. Like it or not, that is megaton big. More info given on No Man’s Sky (I actually lost interest in this game from seeing it this time) and some people are loosing their minds over that. Dreams seems mostly over looked even though it seems quite neat, more of an art piece in my opinion but whatever. And of course Uncharted 4. More of the same, but it looks really good. Not an amazing E3 showing, but certainly not bad either. Easily trumps Nintendo.

      MS actually kind of nailed it in a lot of ways. They decided to give fans exactly what they wanted. Bigger HD for the system? Check. Price cut? Check. More Forza? Check. New Gears of War (something fans have been asking for for a long time)? Check. More Halo? Check. Backwards Compatibility? Check. A whole bunch of really cool looking indie games? Check. A bunch of amazing games from Rare back in their prime? Oh yeah, check. The best new IP shown at E3, at least in my opinion. ReCore. Looks superb and has great people working on it, it’s very likely to be really good. They did a great job at building up hype this year and giving people exactly what they want. Is all of it super new and ultra interesting? No. But there also aren’t any bad points in their conference. For me they are the most memorable from E3.

      You are right, people are too used to seeing projects that might be a long time away, but that’s exactly what E3 is for. It is for showcasing the best of what there is and the best of what is to come. It’s not just a normal Nintendo Direct, and even as Directs go it didn’t hold up for the most part.

      Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying your opinion is wrong, if you genuinely think Nintendo had the best show then that’s cool. However there were some very apparent issues with Nintendo’s showing at E3 this year. They started off with a bang with the Muppets and Star Fox, but then they seemed to run out of steam and it was all down hill from there.

      My apologies for the other post, I have been dealing too much with Titan recently.