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NHL 15 gameplay series – “True Hockey Physics”


EA has uploaded a new trailer for their yearly sports franchise NHL 15. Checkout the “true hockey physics” trailer below.

Madden NFL 15 “War in the Trenches 2.0″ Trailer


EA Sports has released a brand new trailer for Madden NFL 15. It goes over enhancements to defensive line play.

Richard Sherman is About to Shoot an Energy Beam in the Madden 15 Cover


It looks like Richard Sherman is posing for the cover of Dragon Ball Xenoverse, not Madden 15 for this box art. EA Sports has unveiled the box art for Madden 15 and Sherman appears to be trying out for a new DBZ game.

Madden 15 - First Screenshot Shows off Colin Kaepernick


EA Sports has released the first screenshot for Madden 15. It features 49ers star quarterback Colin Kaepernick. 

EA Sports UFC demo out next week

EA Sports UFC

EA Sports has revealed that EA Sports UFC will be getting a demo next week on June 3rd.

Madden 15 ‘Transformation’ Trailer


EA has released a brand new trailer for Madden 15 featuring Carolina Panthers All-Pro linebacker Luke Kuechly.

EA Sports UFC - Bruce Lee Reveal Trailer

EA Sports UFC

EA Sports has uploaded a brand new trailer showing off some gameplay of EA Sports UFC. At the end of the trailer, it shows off Bruce Lee and pre-order bonus.

EA Sports UFC - First Images of Bruce Lee and Details


EA Sports UFC will feature Bruce Lee as a playable character. Get the first images of Lee and new details on the game below.

EA Sports Seems to be Working on a new NBA JAM game


Boom Shakalaka! EA Sports is asking fans to re-tweet if they are interested in a new NBA JAM game. See the tweet below. 

NBA Live 14 Patch Incoming, will Address Multiple Issues with the Title


NBA Live will be getting a brand new patch soon. EA has confirmed that the title update will improve the game’s graphics, fine-tune the gameplay, and enhance the overall user experience. More details can be found at the EA Sports Blog. Via: VG247.

FIFA 14 gets Patched on Xbox One


EA Sports has released a brand new patch for FIFA 14 on the Xbox One. It fixes a host of issues. Get the full patch notes below. 

NBA Live 14 Director Basically Admits the game is Trash

EA games

This is just great. NBA Live 14 director Sean O’Brien has stated its been a “rough week,” and NBA Live 14 ‘ isn’t exactly the NBA LIVE comeback story they were hoping for.’ He also promised the team will work hard to fix the multiple issues the crappy games has. Read his pathetic statement letter here.  See the horrible review scores here. Thanks Maestro for the tip!

NBA Live 14 Review Round up - You’re Better off Playing Barbie’s Dreamhouse Party


EA Sports “next-gen” basketball game NBA Live 14 reviews have begun to drop. See all the scores below. 

NBA 2K14 has Lebron James, NBA Live 14 has a guy who Stole Lebron’s Jersey


I think EA’s programmers were drinking something when they rendered Lebron James’ face. Because in the thumbnail below, that person on the left is not Lebron James.

Madden 25: Official Gameplay Trailer - Xbox One & PS4


EA Sports has uploaded a brand new Madden 25 trailer, showing off all of the next gen features of the new EA Sports Ignite Engine.

NBA Live 14 gets First Official Gameplay Trailer on PS4 and Xbox One


NBA Live 14 will launch on the Xbox One and PS4 next month, EA has released a brand new gameplay trailer showing off the nice graphics and mediocre gameplay. Check it out past the link.

Madden 25 Sales Take a nose dive Year-on-Year


As the PS4 and Xbox One release this fall, EA has suffered one of the steepest decline in Madden sales to date.

EA Sports is Rehashing FIFA 14 for the PS Vita

EA games

Once again EA shows just how lazy they are when it comes to platforms outside of the PS3 and Xbox 360. FIFA 14 on the PS Vita will be a rehash with a “new kit” of the same game that hit the Vita almost two years ago. 

EA’s NCAA Football days Might be over: SEC and Big Ten won’t Licence to EA


NCAA 14 might be the last major football game in the collegiate ranks for EA. The NCAA’s biggest conference, the SEC, will not licence to EA. To add insult to injury, the Big Ten won’t licence to EA either. 

NCAA will not Renew EA Sports Contract

EA games

The NCAA has stated they will not renew their licence with EA Sports to make NCAA football games past this year. Full details past the link. 

EA Makes the Only NCAA Football game & it’s Still not good - Review

EA games

Some of the first reviews for NCAA Football 2014 have been released and the results are not good. The game has the same issues that have plagued the series for years now. Without proper competition to push EA harder, the developers of this game have found themselves in lull, recycling the same game over and over again. 

NCAA 14 Launch Trailer Looks Just like NCAA 13..and 12…and 11

EA games

NCAA 13 14 has a brand new launch trailer for the PS3 and Xbox 360. Although if you have last year’s game…