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TEE’d OFF: Voice SPLAT! - Mizzah Tee


Mizzah Tee is a bit frustrated with all the bickering between fans about Splatoon’s voice chat situation.

Source: Mizzah Tee

  • 7thlevel JR

    BTW batman arkham knight is being developed by a different developer and halo 5 is being developed by a different team that are working for 343

    • Mizzah Tee

      Get out of here FOOS! Warner Bros produces the Batman series and Microsoft produces Halo. 343 developed the MCC anyway FOOS! It’s on the box in the my video, lmao. No one would say HAL Laboratories produces Kirby, they just say Nintendo. Just stop.

      • 7thlevel JR

        O’Connor said that many of the issues users encountered on day one were not discovered in testing, and caught the developers by surprise.

        “Halo 5 is being made by a completely different team. It’s a singular product. It was built from the ground up for this new technology, rather than being sort of dragged kicking and screaming from 2001 and forced and shoehorned into a 2014 console. So the problem spaces are still very challenging but they’re radically different. I think the beta is already a decent first step, in a retail environment, showing that we don’t have the same problems.”

        • http://playeressence.com/ PlayerEssence

          LOL, you’ll believe anything won’t you?

  • Blake Wigert

    Voice chat is mainly used for cursing, spreading racial slurs, etc, etc. It is rarely ever used constructively. Like Mizzah Tee I was gaming before video chat existed, when I was a kid we didn’t have cellphones or smartphones. Not having voice chat is not a detriment, and people who boycott games like Splatoon that don’t have it are only denying themselves a great game. I find it funny in this video he says we should support 3rd party’s half assed attempts at support for Nintendo. No parity no purchase, simple as that. They don’t want to support us properly or fairly, we won’t support them.

  • Mr. Catherwood

    No one wants “gimmicks” but they want voice chat… yeah, hypocrites

    • 7thlevel JR

      voice chat a “gimmick” lmao GTFO

      • Mr. Catherwood

        It IS a gimmick, u mad bro?

        • 7thlevel JR

          no its a feature a gimmick is that wack ass gamepad

          • Mr. Catherwood

            What are you 12? Voice chat = gimmick 😉

          • http://playeressence.com/ PlayerEssence

            The PS Vita’s wack ass back touchpad is a far bigger gimmick than the Wii U Gamepad. Yet you defend the hell out of that system that has been abandoned by Sony.

  • Marsega

    Dang… Awesome vid.