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The Super Smash Bros. Ep 3 - Lucina, Captain Falcon, and Robin Confirmed! Is Bayonetta next?

Smash Bros Show CC Ep 3 Bayo

Masahiro Sakurai brought the big guns out this week. PE Nintendo breaks down the newcomers Robin and Lucina. And could Bayonetta be a playable character in Smash? Subscribe to PE Nintendo for more awesome Smash Bros. Show episodes.

Watch Episode 1 here

Watch Episode 2 here 


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  • Hardin25

    We all know the time is ticking for Reyn Time (and Shulk)

  • Bay2OnWiiU4Life

    I hope that Bayonetta will be next on the list… or have Sakurai-san save the best (Umbra Witch) for last. I'm not gonna hype myself too hight… but rather HOPE instead.

    • http://thenintendovault.wordpress.com/ Your Usual Sparkie

      There is a reason she was the one I drew recently. I is hyped to see some Bayonetta in action. Francis is SUPER lucky he got to play the game at E3…

      If the internet doesn't feel my hype, then I don't know what will. Maybe 1984 isn't upon us after all….(I honestly hope nobody gets my nerdy book memes).

      • Hardin25

        Big Brother knows all