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The Super Smash Bros. Show Ep. 4 - Why Sakurai Trolls us

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On this episode of The SSBS we discuss Little Mac’s moveset, details on why Chrom is not playable and Lucina/Robin are, and why Sakurai trolls us. PLUS, the SEXY matchup of the week! Subscribe to PE Nintendo for more awesome content.


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  • Axismagnus

    The only one trolling the Smash fanbase…..is the Smash fanbase. Sakurai never promised them anything or is trying get a rise out of them, they did that on their own; drawing conclusions from tweets, retweets, rumors, speculation and clinging to whatever the hell Sakurai decides to post when they should know that nothing is set in stone until Sakurai or Nintendo announce it.

    I find it hilarious that some people *cough*TheNintendoProject*cough* actually believe that a game developer has nothing better to do than try to actively psychologically molest his own consumers rather than trying to finish his damn game in peace.

    The Smash community is starting rival the Zelda community in how annoying they can get. Just like how one side of the Zelda fanbase can't get over that there'll be games other than OoT, there's one side of the Smash fanbase that can't get over that there'll be games other than Melee while on the flipside, there's those who just want this game to be a MUGEN-style character dump.

    • colressx

      say hello to pokemon fanboys who cant get over the fact that theres more games than just red and blue and sonic fanboys are the same but with sonic 2

  • ImperiusNovus

    "When you think about three years, like that, that's the amount of time between entering middle or high school and graduating from it in Japan."

    Such work appears to be very strenuous for Sakurai. When one considers the topic, they shall realize that he has been working for several years on SSB. The school measurement is definitely useful. I recall the acquirement of SSBM during my first year of elementary school and SSBB during my last year of elementary school. SSB4 shall be acquired SIX YEARS after the release of SSBB.

    So much stress deteriorates the mind, yet Sakurai endures the curse of time and trolls to satisfy the loyal gamers.

  • http://fonichedge.deviantart.com TripleMMM

    I can go farther with Sakurai trolling… I would say he does it in a more classy way than Hideki Kamiya…
    Heck, Francis could've said the same thing how the Phil Fish/Fez fiasco could've been repeated, but I guess he left that out for obvious reasons.

    Even though I would want to disagree with Sakurai said about Marth, Chrom and Lucina having very similar sword style (considering he makes up moves for characters we've never seen in combat in their respective franchises), I can actually see his point when you consider that all 3 characters are from the same bloodline (direct descendants), having a far greater chance that they keep in line with what they uphold in swordsmanship in the royal family (in other words, not straying from their norm) and well, Lucina has actually height difference between Marth which Sakurai points out that even that small difference is a huge game changer… I also want to think he did not want to recreate the whole Fox, Falco and Wolf similarity in Brawl.

    Edit: Final point is that those 3 characters have almost the same character archetype in class such as royalty and weapon of choice. Lucina edges out more than Chrom just because she has a much more distinctive archetype when both of them are compared to Marth… I think it was more of systematic, maybe even design choice to have Lucina than Chrom…

    I would also say this can be considered a calculated risk regarding the fact that they are this far in development and this game is closer to release… unless we are going to have another delay in our hands, which I'm inclined to believe we shall not be happy about it. But this is Nintendo we are talking about, the ideoligy in brand for perfectionist, that I'm sure we have come to expect. XD

  • SoccerStar9001

    When I become a game developer, I will troll my fans as well.

    • ImperiusNovus

      When you become a game developer, I will be first to die of laughter from viewing excessive troll activity. Sakurai is definitely entertaining when he trolls, therefore I would assume that you shall not differ.