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What’s in the Cards for the king of Handheld Gaming? - PE Network


The successor to the 3DS is on the horizon, and information is slowly starting to trickle out. Subscribe to Butterworthy for more awesome videos.


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  • https://miiverse.nintendo.net/users/PaPierre PaPierre

    I agree with some of the things Butterworthy thinks: graphics which resemble Wii HD quality and possibly partially customizable controls.

    Though I disagree with him saying Nintendo is gonna cave and show a successor to the 3DS so early (E3 2016) because we're tech obsessed. E3 2017 for an '18 release is my opinion. The 3DS is doing too good right now to kick it in the groin.

    I also disagree that autostereoscopy isn't very liked. Sure it was a fad, and what happens to fads? But Nintendo's autostereoscopic display is genius!! Throw an improved glasses-free configuration onto an HD glare resistant screen and now it's even better!

    • Dazzla84

      I agree, the 3DS is doing too well right now to drop it but it doesn't stop us from speculating, I think in this new handheld, the 3D will probably be dropped in favour of more processing grunt, the dual screen format I think will remain and so will backwards compatiability.

      The Nintendo DS HD, it sounds good

  • TLH14

    I don't see their next handheld happening just yet; I think it's more likely we'll be seeing the next Color/SP/DSi type iteration for the 3DS, something with a bit more power (probably devoted to the OS) that plays the same games. I don't think they'll drop DS compatibility though, because there's really no reason; from my understanding, the 3DS is derivative of DS hardware and therefore very easy to make BC, and it's not a case like with the Wii U where GC compatibility was dropped because it would cost extra to add controller ports to the system; everything the DS did is standard for the 3DS and I don't see that changing with a newer version.

    Also, I wouldn't be surprised if this theoretical 3DSPi Color was announced completely independent of anything like E3, so it could totally release next year.

  • kaizokuman

    What's in the cards? Something grand no doubt.

  • KingSlime1

    Excellent video.
    Nice cat.

    • kaizokuman

      Man, what have you been saying, your score shot down quite a bit.