2014 PS Vita Games to Watch - Gravity Rush 2 Leads the way

gravity rush 2

The PS Vita has some pretty big titles coming to it in 2014, including Gravity Rush 2. TSA has highlighted what games PS Vita owners should be on the lookout for in 2014.

Gravity Rush 2

Final Fantasy X/X-2

Freedom Wars

Soul Sacrifice Delta

Murasaki Baby

Are you guys going to be picking up any of these titles? Is 2014 going to be the year you get a Vita? Let us know in the comments section below.

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68 Responses to 2014 PS Vita Games to Watch - Gravity Rush 2 Leads the way

  1. ryuken13 says:

    Freedom Wars, Soul Sacrifice Delta, God Eater 2, and toukiden.. nothing else real firm on launch dates..

  2. TheToasterNinja says:

    I really hope the Vita becomes successful. It's a great Handheld. No where near as good as the 3ds but it's still a really good second handheld to own. Hopefully the Vita will get a boost next year. The 3DS does need good competition. We don't want Nintendo to slack in the Handheld market.

    • Furious Francis says:

      That might be the problem - "2nd handheld to own" many people don't have that type of income to have two portables.

      But you're right, Nintendo needs good competition. But I think it doesn't need to come from Sony. Just trying to convince people to buy a 3DS for their children over a tablet is what will keep Nintendo pumping out great games.

      • TheToasterNinja says:

        But still Mobile Gaming And handheld gaming are different beasts. Regardless of whether they dominate the handheld market (Which Nintendo does) Another competitors handheld should still compete to keep them on their toes and motivate them even more to stat in in top shape. The competition between the DS and PSP was a god send for gaming. The main Problem lies with Sony itself. It's their Job to release high quality exclusives to drive up the install base. And for two years they have done a lousy job. We have a handful of great First party games and that's it. They didn't market them well either. 2014 seems like they are slowly getting their act together with this thing.

        • Maestro says:

          Agree, we have a little glimpse of what's coming in 2014 on handheld console, but this is only the tip, Sony could become interesting, but right now, it's on hold, but also they need to market the good type of game which really fit the Vita, and stop the PS3 port non-sense, it doesn't add any value to the vita except the portability

        • DePapier says:

          There was no competition sales-wise between the PSP and the DS: the situation between the 3DS and the Vita is the same, simply more pronounced.

          The reason why nobody wants to enter the handheld market is because nobody but Nintendo knows how to make it work: history has shown it.

          I'm really playing the doom guy in here like it's been done to death about the Wii U, but I don't understand how gamers can hope the best for the Vita has a handheld if Sony themselves do not. Sony made the PSVitaTV. Sony made the image of the Vita as a PS4 GamePad. Sony simply doesn't bring as many games to their handheld as Nintendo, their supposed competitor, does: both in terms of quality and quantity. Sony themselves have destroyed the purpose of the PSVita as a handheld; unless you own the platform I really don't see a reason to wish them the best.

          • tjb says:

            in this case its nintendo keeping sony on their toes.(not the other way around) the wii u doom articles were a fluke. you will see mass amounts of western media that will praise nintendo and the wii u after they said they were doomed. watch 2014 will be nintendo's year. 2014-2015 will be interesting because i feel they will bring more eastern type games to the show and let people see why they are nintendo. 2014 we are just seeing what is coming our way and it looks to be a wonderful year. in this day and age, you are either leading the way or fighting for the scraps on the table. Its pretty clear that without nintendo the other 2 company's wouldn't try to do anything new, because it's not a proven formula. I appreciate nintendo and am thankful for all the memories it has created for me and my family. Remember your roots, and I'm sure there is a nintendo product planted firmly in the ground.

          • venomjamaica says:

            I totally agree with you Depapier

          • ryuken13 says:

            You could wish Sony the best because the competition keeps Nintendo on their toes and pushing for excellence..

            Your statement " destroyed the purpose of the PSVita as a handheld" is erronous and your bias are really starting to show. Love Nintendo, perhaps not as much as you, but your opinionated statements are strongly influences by your choice of Nintendo as a sole console provider.

            Sony did not destroy the purpose of Vita as a hand held. They added more functionality to it, adding more value..

            Sony's big mistake was shifting to a "companion accessory" marketing for Vita, the high price for console and exclusive memory cards, and poor game support.

            I own both systems and like them both.. Both have games that justify system purchase.. Nintendo simply has more and if you have to have only one system it is the logical choice..

            Fanboyism is irritating from both the educated intelligent group and the ignorant immature fools..

            The intelligent group simply makes a easier to read statement and supports their bias a bit better.
            The close minded mentality that cannot see that people may prefer things other than you that still have validity and worth is the same.

          • titangamecube says:

            I would like to wish Sony the best for it but they are not even trying. These games look and show promise and HOPEFULLY they recognize the problem they have but as of right now, its not good. And Frankly, the added functionality is giving the Vita an identity crisis. 2 years and the console I believe hasn't broken 10 million in comparison to the 3DS, which I have to make the comparison to, has surpassed the life times sales of the PS3 in Japan. And what does Sony do? Make it an expensive controller instead of giving it the love that PSP actually did receive but was squandered thanks to piracy. The Vita needs its own identity instead of getting hand me downs from its big brother. It really needs a "Pokemon" in order to say "Yep, thats the Vita". I get the fanboyism is annoying but you know what, I just simply ignore it at this point.

            Oh and about competition. Yes competition is good but if people aren't going to compete and in some cases,cheat, whats the point? You mind as well run a marathon twice to see if you beat your record if the other runners won't try.

          • TheToasterNinja says:

            I can't believe some of the fucking comments I have read here. Depapier or what ever the fuck your name is you are not a fucking gamer. "There was no competition sales-wise between the PSP and the DS: the situation between the 3DS and the Vita is the same, simply more pronounced. " Yes there fucking was. They were both competing with each other. And through that competition we got great games on both systems. I'm sorry that you don't welcome competition into market that would benefit us. The GAMERS. Unfucking real. This website is great but the community needs a swift kick in the ass. My god.

          • titangamecube says:

            Toaster, there is no need for the language to get your argument across. Part of what made the PSP successful was the piracy problem which was a HUGE problem for the system. But there is some merit to your argument that it did lead to some good games from both parties. But now, Sony is not even trying and I wish they would but they are not but these games are showing some promise but we still need that one game that defines the Vita and its only going to come from Sony. And please, don't lump the community together because they have a "different" opinion of the Vita.

          • ryuken13 says:

            Yup.. I agree with Titan.. Not everyone is a fanboy here..

            Titan I would not say that Sony is not trying.. More accurately I would say they are making a half hearted effort and not doing anythjing effective. Perhaps they are looking at financial forecasts and not investing too much in a product on the decline phase.

            I understand Toaster's frustration.. the title of the discussion topic is "2014 PS Vita games to watch…"

            It really gets old when fanboys take a positive article aimed at enthusiasts of a product and spew negativity and compare it to their favorite products.. Once would be ok but the same people do it over and over again.

            Respectfully DePapier I get it.. From your comments you like Nintendo for some logical good reasons.. I also know how you feel about other consoles from numerous posts. You do not like or appreciate it when people post articles similar to yours on this article that are downing Nintendo on a Nintendo related article. You have made your views clear and I hope you choose to stay on topic or say positive things in alignment with the topic for discussion in the future.

            That being said I do respect you DePapier for your knowledge and other contributions here.

          • titangamecube says:

            Exactly Ryuken. They really need to get a game, as I said, defines the Vita, or at least get a good stream of games coming from them, Not just third parties.

          • ryuken13 says:

            Yeah they get great games like Toukiden but there are better games on the 3ds console that are too similar..

            They keep trying though and may have a hit eventually..

            A broken clock is right twice daily lol.

          • DePapier says:

            I don't appreciate backhanded praise from people that simply do not read what I write and just read what hurts them as fan of such and such system.

          • Anti says:

            I would agree on the part that Sony's actually trying a half hearted approach on the PS Vita, but at the same time their efforts are leading to a lot of consumer confusion.

            1. Selling a handheld as a portable console:
            This was Sony's first mistake, and it was a major one that'll probably stick with the PS Vita's entire lifetime. Their E3 presentation of selling the PS Vita as a portable console pretty much set the expectation bar really high for consumers, since they now expect console quality games and graphics for the handheld, which undoubtedly scared off a large number of potential developers/publishers. Developers/Publishers absolutely don't want to spend a console game development budget on a handheld game that generally sells for almost 50% to 75% of a console game, and if they do release it and don't deliver Sony's promise, then they get a lot of bad PR as a result, making them look like they cheated their consumers.

            2. Hiding the costs of proprietary memory costs:
            Sony was on a roll after the E3 announcement, they were already basking in the praise of the upcoming release of their $250 handheld considered as a potential "Nintendo 3DS killer". Up until they announced the hidden extra cost for their proprietary memory cards. This pretty much sent the praise downwards in a spiral of bad PR, especially when Sony thought it was a good idea to hold off the announcements of a $20 to $100 proprietary memory card that doesn't even exceed 32GBs of storage, and at the time regular SD/SDHC memory cards the 3DS uses were priced at $40 for 32GB SDHC Class 10s. This decision generated nothing but bad PR for the PS Vita, and their claims of "better security" the proprietary memory cards offer for the PS Vita was not enough to justify the price for majority of the consumers.

            3. Cross Buy and Sony porting their own games over to the PS Vita:
            Another marketing blunder by Sony, this may be beneficial to their consumers, but an absolute disaster for any 3rd party developer. Most 3rd party developers don't want to participate in this Cross Buy program, because this is an absolute loss for them, there are occasions where PS3 games are cheaper than the PS Vita games, or the other way around, the consumers would just buy the cheaper version and get both versions instantly. Who would lose out on this? The developers! The only publishers/developers actually participating in this program as far I know about is some indie developers and Sony themselves. 3rd party developers are trying to pay back their budgets for developing the game, and earn a profit, Cross Buy doesn't help them at all. Instead the 3rd party developers has treated Cross Buy as an excuse to treat the PS Vita as nothing but a port system now, since Sony encouraged them to do this. The side effect of this blunder it's now generated nothing but bad press for 3rd parties which develop a multiplatform for PS3, PS4, and PS Vita, every single time an announcement was provided from a 3rd party developer to included the PS Vita and a PlayStation console is in production, people suddenly questions if this will offer Cross Buy, which obviously stresses out the developers/publishers since they'll get chewed out if they don't offer it, instead they now have to deliberate if they should either skip out on developing only for the PS Vita alone or the PS3/PS4 only. This Cross Buy side effect has also seeped over to Nintendo now, since a lot of people are complaining whenever Nintendo or 3rd party publishers are building games for the 3DS and Wii U together, and they don't offer Sony's Cross Buy.

            4. Sony porting their PS Vita exclusive game (Escape Plan) over to PS4 to pad the line-up:
            I don't even want to understand what went through the minds of Sony when they decided this was even considered as a good idea. This decision has pretty much created another misguided expectations for consumers, instead of actually buying the PS Vita to buy exclusive games made for the handheld, Sony has pretty much told people, "If you wait a little longer, we're porting the PS Vita exclusives over to the consoles, so you won't have to buy the PS Vita anymore!" There are actually people waiting for Gravity Rush to be ported to consoles now because of this move, Sony shouldn't have done this, it created another reason why people shouldn't buy the handheld now.

          • Anti says:

            5. Reintroducing the Remote Play:
            Once again, Sony's not treating the PS Vita as a handheld, instead they decided to treat it as their last minute answer to the Wii U's GamePad controller, by slapping this handheld as a controller for the PS3 and PS4. The concept may be nice, especially for those who own a PS Vita already and one of the consoles that supports this feature, but this was pretty much a panic decision by their marketing team after the Wii U was announced. Obviously Sony didn't think about the fact most consumers are unwilling to spend another $200, just for the same features they could get right out of the box with the Wii U by spending up to $100 more. Only dedicated Sony consumers are willing to spend an extra sum of money just to support this feature, while most would just scrutinize the cost and whether or not the extra features would actually be worth the extra costs.

            6. PS Vita TV:
            Another poorly thought out product that cannibalized the sales numbers for the PS Vita, the fact that it still needed those expensive memory cards further damaged the potential sales for this product. The fact Sony marketed this product in Japan first was even a bigger disaster when the sales numbers plummeted a week after it's release, especially in a market that cares more about handheld and mobiles rather than consoles. The news of this plummet was seen worldwide, and it clearly showed this product was not properly marketed for the right consumers, if anything they should've targeted Western markets for this product instead of the Japanese market. The Western market would've accepted this product more than the PS Vita, and furthermore even if it's a sales disaster nobody would even know since Japan's the only country that releases accurate weekly sales numbers.

            7. This is the most important final point, Sony never marketed the PS Vita as a handheld:
            I've stated this time and time again, Sony should market the PS Vita properly as a handheld, NOT a console, NOT a controller, and certainly but not least, develop games specifically for this handheld NOT a port. As Nintendo said before, games sell consoles, and obviously the same applies to handhelds such as the PS Vita. The fact that Sony keeps marketing this handheld incorrectly, led to a lot of consumer confusion, and scared away a lot of potential developers for this product. Sony did the same mistake before with the PSP, and apparently they didn't learn form the very same mistakes they performed. They need to develop good games exclusively for it as well, Uncharted was a good start, but it fell flat when Sony didn't let Naughty Dog handle the development, God of War is another good IP to go with, but releasing a port of an existing 3rd PS3 Collection to the handheld is not a good idea when most already have this product on the PS3. If Sony really wants to save the PS Vita, then they need to be a lot more dedicated into treating this product as a proper handheld, similar to Nintendo treating the 3DS as a separate handheld product.

            Well that's my wall of text about the whole PS Vita situation. You may agree or disagree, but it's my honest opinion, and it's a long one. :P

          • ryuken13 says:

            What exactly is "a gamer"? Who is in charge of defining it? Certainly not me or you..

            DePapier is a gaming enthusiast.. Very biased but passionate about what he likes..

            When you marginalize people and judge them you reduce yourself by judging others not in alignment with your views..

            Best to be unbiased or keep it to yourself unless that is the discussion topic.

          • DePapier says:

            Again, no appreciation for backhanded praise.

          • ryuken13 says:

            The praise was not backhanded if you are referring to me.. It is genuine and I really like some of the positive things you post.. I did read your post. It is off topic from the title and casts Sony in a negative light with comparisons to your preferred console.

            Francis asks if we are going to get these games or get a Vita in 2014?

            Your original post does not really align with that and if the article was Nintendo related you would be on the defense..

          • DePapier says:

            My comment was in response to somebody else's comment and to this effect was on topic. I was telling TheToasterNinja to not expect the best from a company that itself doesn't. But thanks for telling me that, since I just realized he was the one who took it the worst.

            And yes your praise was backhanded. Choose better words if you don't want it to feel like that.

          • DePapier says:

            You guys need to understand something about competition. When you sell 10 TIMES MORE than your competition, it means they AREN'T competition. Now quit the fucking butthurtness and see it for what it is, just like there was no FUCKING competition between the Gamecube and the PS2, and as a diehard Nintendo fan I am the first to admit it.

            DAMN!!! Every time I touch Sony's subject with the same force as all those Wii U haters out there, this is what happens.

          • ryuken13 says:

            Please read the original article by Francis again.. It says nothing about competition and makes no comparisons to another platform..

            You are getting pissed because I am giving you feedback that you are not only off topic but biased..

            I have said off topic subjects and pissed people off here before.. It was not intentional ( with the exception of troll slapping) and to those I offended, including you I sincerely apologize to..

            For example let me talk about politics.. Instant downvotes lol..

          • DePapier says:

            You're actually getting funny. I told you you're decided to make look bad.

            I'm gonna help you, here is what I answered to:

            "I can't believe some of the fucking comments I have read here. Depapier or what ever the fuck your name is you are not a fucking gamer. "There was no competition sales-wise between the PSP and the DS: the situation between the 3DS and the Vita is the same, simply more pronounced. " Yes there fucking was. They were both competing with each other. And through that competition we got great games on both systems. I'm sorry that you don't welcome competition into market that would benefit us. The GAMERS. Unfucking real. This website is great but the community needs a swift kick in the ass. My god."

            This is talking about competition. This is considering competition as a god send to the videogame business, which I sincerely do not believe as my answer shows and as titan actually outlined in my opinion with the following quote: "You mind as well run a marathon twice to see if you beat your record if the other runners won't try."

            Btw I downvoted you: and it's not for politics.

          • TheToasterNinja says:

            This isn't an issue about Sony. This is about corporate cocksuckers like you who can't accept that companies need to compete in order to better themselves so that we the gamers get better games. You're a fucking moron. The phrase "It isn't even a competition" for is a figure of speech for COMPETING PRODUCTS . It's meant to be a figure speech in that one product is selling so much better then it's competitors that it's as if there is no competition at all. But the competitor is still there. Competing. No matter how big the gap. Work on you're fucking comprehension skills. You're a walking stereotype for how fucking bad the community on this site is.

          • DePapier says:

            You know what? At first I apologized but now I just feel sorry for how dumb you are.

          • DePapier says:

            I don't believe the so-called benefits of competition. Sony didn't win the PS2 vs Gamecube generation THAT MUCH because they were competiting with the Gamecube (and the Xbox), not at all. The time where Sony has been the most successful is during the era of the PS2, and they were so because they were doing their own thing. They didn't give a rats ass about what Nintendo and Microsoft did to copy them in the spirit of "competition," unlike how they're doing today.

            Let me try to make you see something from a different perspective: the "competition" you're talking about is the one that is destroying this industry. It is the one that leads others to copy one another and to lose in creativity just to become relevant. The "competition" you're talking about and defending is the one that brought us the HD twins, the same concept in two different consoles: how productive is that.

            The 3DS's competition overall is every gaming device that is portable: that's the Vita, that's the PSP, that's the even the DS since it's still being sold, that's smartphones, that's tablets, that's everything that plays videogames on the go, even the freaking Android GamePad copycat. In your restrictive perspective, you only see the PS Vita as the only competitor to the 3DS since it's the only other "current-generation" dedicated gaming portable device. Therefore, it is in your vision of competition that I assert you that there is no competition between a 40.5M unit device and a 5.8M unit device, both figuratively and effectively.

            Since you're so revolted by what I tell you, tell me: if you're Nintendo and you have a device that is blowing the charts, is it REALLY an underperforming platform that is your competition? Is it REALLY an underperforming platform that drives you to be better? REALLY? You REALLY believe because Nintendo is scared of the Vita, that's what is driving them be better and to make better games? REALLY???

            For real, look, when the PSVita Lite came out, all Nintendo did was releasing a blacker and a whiter model of the 3DS: if that's what competition drives them to do, boy that concept sure encourages laziness. (Btw, competition from Pokémon drove Sony to release the PSVita Lite at the same time, I'm sure you'll tell me the charts are now saying that was a smart decision.)

            They teach you at school with theories and stuff that competition drives the industry, competition drives business, competition, competition, competition… But there are A LOT of ways to be explored in order to be competitive without falling into the aforementioned downfalls of competition. One of these ways is called the "blue ocean strategy:" look it up.

            I could go on and on, that's on you, but here is what I want to let you on before you start judging me a freak again for saying the Vita is no competition to its competitor. The most successful companies aren't successful because of competition, they are because they ensure that they don't have competition in purpose. They look to provide solutions where none has previously been established, and where none has been established so efficiently. That's how Google started. That's how Microsoft started and made Bill Gates the richest man on Earth for a long time. That's how freaking Sony became reknown worldwide with the Walkman and CDs. These companies didn't have competition. What drove them to be themselves and to be better was the simple will to solve issues that weren't being solved before, or simply to solved them dramatically better than they had been. It wasn't what other companies were doing to bring them down that drove them to produce products which purpose greatly helped their consumers: they did what they wanted to do, and became successful.

            And since I really want to piss you off, that's what Nintendo did with the 3DS, and Sony did the opposite with the Vita. Go rage on Anti's analysis of the Sony's mismanagements of the Vita — some of which being actually driven by "competition."

          • TheToasterNinja says:

            Once again you are trying (And falling flat on your ass while doing it) to argue a figure of speech with sprinkled in with opinions against FACTS. It is a FACT that the vita and 3ds are competing with eacth other. No matter how much you sprinkle in opinions and say "well what I believe is" into your cancerous tl;dr novels Is Irellevent. The Vita is competing with the 3DS whether you arrogantly chose to "believe it or not. It's a FACT. Get the fuck off this website you corporate cocksucker.

          • DePapier says:

            Sorry I couldn't answer you before: I was busy burying me mother. (I'm 21 btw.)

            So. Dude. Compassion time is definitely over. I'm gonna go all ad hominem just like you. And just like the last time I took this as an opportunity to establish what really is competition, I'm gonna take this opportunity as a way to turn a page on this chapter of my life from a videogame standpoint while reveal how much of a SPOILED, NASTY-ASS CONSUMERISM PRODUCT you really are.

            This will probably take me over an hour: you have just about that time to prevent me from urging you to commit videogame suicide.

          • DePapier says:

            "You're not a gamer." That bullshit still reasonates within me. "You're not a gamer." While your ass is enjoying them Christmas gifts, I'm here mourning my mother while playing videogames 24/7 to keep a smile on my face. But yeah, "I'm not a gamer." While you're here playing videogames just because you can, I'm literally playing them for emotional survival. "You're not a gamer."

            Let me tell you something: the simple fact that you can own and defend the Vita with such BUTTHURTEDNESS is proof that you didn't spent your hard-earned money on it. ryuken13 did and is bashing it while defending Sony all accross the board. You got a $250 toy requiring $80 32GB memory stick without feeling the pain of blowing money on what is essentially useless as an equipment. While you're here being spoiled, here is how I spend my Christmas: NOBODY from my family gave me any gift. (And I remind you, MY MOTHER JUST DIED!!!) There was no Christmas tree, none of your Santas, actually nobody even visited me that day while they were storming beforehand celebrating in that African way the death of my mother, my OWN DAD being the first to do so, not giving the slightest amount of shit towards what such a departure meant for me and brothers.
            Nobody gifted me anything… but a random dude on Miiverse, gifting me a Pokérus-maxed-out Hydreigon he specifically hatched and trained for me.

            The point I want to illustrate here is this. Some people live lovey-dovey lives just like you, and others do not. And people like you play videogames because it's the cool thing in the world, others do so because it allows them to have a smile on their face during the biggest ordeals of their life.

            You're a spoiled brat who can ask anything he wants to his entourage and eventually gets it. As a matter of fact, you're the representation of what the videogame audience has slowly turned into with the rise of prices and decrease of value in videogames. You're the reason why I hate most launch day multiplat owners who can't even see things from the perspective of the WIDE majority of people who have MULTIPLE reasons to not afford "secondary consoles," lest they even have reasons to afford any console at all in this economy.

            I'm just gonna stop there: just like you proved to me with this answer, you're just not reading. And as a matter of fact I just don't have the disrespect required to use words like "cocksucker" like you even when they definitely are within context: because that's definitely what you have to be to defend a product its own company doesn't give a shit about. Leave me a fuck alone and be happy with your spoiled life: you definitely don't have the mentality required to understand what life can be for different people (no offense, but you must be American) and there is no way that I can help you out. It's just sad that most people on the Internet in videogames are actually just like you.

            Do me favor. Just get the fuck out here, you're irrelevant.

          • DePapier says:

            Actually, I just realized it was my answer to your post that started this whole situation so, I'm sorry that I offended you.

          • ryuken13 says:

            You are a good man DePapier.. You have not offended me in the slightest.. I think highly of your posts usually and your passion for gaming comes through in your writing..

            We may have slightly different views but I do respect yours and see where you are coming from..

          • DePapier says:

            This was towards TheToasterNinja, not you. You really need an InstantDebate account to track things easier.

          • ryuken13 says:

            I apologize DePapier.. I use the anonymous posting but Ryuken has been a handle for me for at least 15 years so I do post with care and consideration for my reputation..

          • DePapier says:

            Well thanks. Then I hope you can understand me defending my reputation right now.

          • ryuken13 says:

            You have an excellent reputation on this site and a respected one as well.. Certainly by me..

            With that in mind, occasionally I can disagree with you.

            That disagreement, or me supporting my views is not an attack on you or your reputation..

            Like a debate, I simply support my views..

            If I ever make it to France it would be an honor to take you to a meal..

            I live in Texas if you ever visit here be a pleasure to meet you as well.

          • DePapier says:

            "Your statement " destroyed the purpose of the PSVita as a handheld" is erronous and your bias are really starting to show."

            You actually didn't take my fully statement. Here is what it was:
            "Sony themselves have destroyed the purpose of the PSVita as a handheld"

            And here was my argument:
            "Sony made the PSVitaTV. Sony made the image of the Vita as a PS4 GamePad. Sony simply doesn't bring as many games to their handheld as Nintendo, their supposed competitor, does: both in terms of quality and quantity."

            Now before you start going on a tirade on how much I am biaised like I could say you really tend to do — which I have actually made clear with the following statement: "I'm really playing the doom guy in here like it's been done to death about the Wii U" -, read what the hell I actually wrote.

          • ryuken13 says:

            I tend to be neutral DePapier with the exception of Microsoft.. I would love to buy their products when they start listening to customers again and quit egotistically treating them like douches..

            I have owned systems by all of the big 3 and will do so again in the future if the software aligns with my interests.. Nintendo gets bonus points from me for their ethics as a company and Sony make some stuff I like .. Those 2 , plus PC fit most of my needs..

  3. lonelyplayer says:

    Freedom wars looks interesting

  4. Travis says:

    My most anticipated Vita games:

    Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc
    FFX/X-2 HD
    Freedom Wars
    Corpse Party: Blood Drive (Assuming it gets localized, which I think it will)
    Binding of Isaac (Not a system seller or anything, but I've literally played this 252 hours on Steam, being able to play it on-the-go is absolutely amazing for me)

    • Travis says:

      Unfortunately for the Vita, some of its more interesting games will probably never be localized. Tales of Hearts/Innocence R, Natural Doctrine, PSO 2, Phantasy Star Nova, The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki, etc. All games I would love to play, all games I probably won't ever play unless I learn Japanese.

      • ryuken13 says:

        You are probably right.. And you have to localize the Vita and play only Western or Eastern games or have 2 separate consoles, one for the West and one for the East..

        Hoping the good stuff makes it to the West!!

        • Travis says:

          Actually, the Vita is partially region free. You can play physical games from any region on any Vita, but you can only play digital games from your region's store, so if you wanted a game from the Japanese PSN store, you'd need to make a Japanese PSN account. Multiple memory cards would also be recommended since you can only have one region on a memory card at a time. There's also a region lock on DLC.

          Honestly, it's not worth the hassle to play Japanese digital games on the Vita, but physical is no problem. If there's one thing that really bugs me about the 3DS, it's the region locking for everything. I really wish I could just play Bravely Default right now.

          • ryuken13 says:

            Thanks did not know EXACT details but knew it was a hassle playing multi region games on vita..

            And yes love to play some bravely default now as well..

          • DePapier says:

            OK, I'm just asking:

            Would you rather play Bravely Default in Japanese or just wait for the confirmed American release? The game is out in Europe though so you could always get a European 3DS and play it in English. To be honest, 3DS gamers I know who really care that much import a Japanese 3DS to play these games in advance.

          • ryuken13 says:

            If this isnt to me I am sorry DePapier it looks like it so i will reply..

            I like waiting for localized versions..

            My reasoning is that the code is more refined and stabilized by the developers since it is a later release kind of like a GOTY edition. Like a GOTY edition usually there are extra features in the western versions as well. Also there is the price issue.. Usually foreign versions are more expensive and can be a pain to run on western systems generally.

          • Travis says:

            I was referring to playing the European version. I don't speak Japanese so buying the Japanese version of anything would do me no good.

            What's the purpose of region locking, anyways? I'm sure there are tons of Europeans out there that would love to import some games from the US but are unable to due to region locking. I know Atlus had some stupid reason for region locking Persona 4 Arena for the PS3 (Literally the only region locked game on the PS3), but I don't recall what it was.

          • Anti says:

            The reason for the Persona 4 Arena region lock was due to the simultaneous worldwide launch for the game. Costs of importing the game into Japan is a lot cheaper than buying it locally for the region, so Atlus would've lost a lot of money on that game if they didn't activate the region lock. In case you're wondering why don't they sell the game cheaper in the region, it's due to the local currency levels. The government there would actually chew the business out if they attempted to sell games at a lower rate than the acceptable standard. When Blockbuster opened their doors in Japan, they were renting and selling videos at the rate most North Americans would enjoy, but the government stepped in and ordered them to increase the costs. This is part of the reason why Nintendo had to add the region locks on the 3DS and Wii U, probably due to government intervention once again, although I think it would be better for Nintendo to use the same method as MS and Sony by letting the publishers/developers decide to add the lock themselves.

          • Travis says:

            Makes sense about P4A, but I still don't really understand why Nintendo insists on region locking. If it's because of government intervention, why aren't they also intervening on Sony?

          • Anti says:

            I'm not sure what's the reason for Sony's exemption to be honest, but I do know Sony was the one who introduced region locking for CDs and DVD media, so they might have some influence over the regulations pertaining to region locking, after all Sony was the same company that created SecuROM DRMs for PCs.

          • Travis says:

            Eh, I don't know, maybe. Kinda just seems like different business philosophies to me.

          • Anti says:

            It could possibly be a decision for Nintendo to protect themselves from potential issues with 3rd party Japanese developers, by including the region locks to attract them to the console. Nintendo would take the blame for this decision, and the Japanese developers will look like the good guys building games for the consoles. After all you're a perfectly good example of someone who was pissed off at Atlus' decision to include a region lock on Persona 4 Arena, if this was on a Nintendo console, you would've pinned the entire blame on Nintendo even though Atlus was the one who wanted the region lock.

          • DePapier says:

            The way I see it, region-locking provides Nintendo with a bigger sense of control over there franchises, over their releases, and also over their image globally. There are some obscure Japanese-oriented Nintendo IPs that never made it outside of Japan that could probably damage the cute and "kiddy" image Nintendo has crafted in the West over the years. (As a matter of fact they're so obscure that I don't even know exactly their names nor remember their concepts, Anti mentioned a few of them in a previous discussion.)

            Region-locking also allows Nintendo to have a clear understanding of how their different markets perform and of what kind of franchise is more successful in such or such market, a data that could be used, for example, by first releasing a game where it is sure to be successful before releasing it in the other markets, taking advantage of the momentum. I'm thinking about Pikmin 3, which is actually the very game that launched the Wii U where it is at right now. WWHD releasing first digitally in America could be another example, and the game globally is currently a success.

            Overall there are various uses to be had for a company with region-locking, though not necessarily for the consumer. Yet on the consumer standpoint, the reality is that as much as people can rage about JRPGs being region-locked, most if not all the ragers can't even fully read and understand Japanese, and those who actually do and care enough either go to Japan regularly and get their games there or import a Japanese console on the Nintendo side of things. (I used to regularly go to a 3DS meetup with people just like that.)

            I still don't fully understand region-locking's purpose, but I can see a few of its many advantages for Nintendo.

    • markwang125 says:

      I really want to play Danganronpa as well. Really found it interesting while watching the gameplay, looks quite fun! Oh, and Freedom Wars looks pretty entertaining as well. XD

  5. DePapier says:

    For real this is seriously starting to piss me off. Everytime I go hard — and apparently REALLY hard — on Sony's business decisions, which we actually admit are currently horrendous for the Vita, I get decred. I get assaulted like I'm spilling bullshit while my actually comments aren't even freaking considered.

    Mind you, I don't mince my words. I say what it is for what I believe it is. I am a diehard Nintendo fan, and I do hate Sony's videogame business practices. Unlike most people, when I don't approve, I do not buy. I don't buy a PS3 giving Sony my money while going on to say Sony is fucked up at the same time, I do it as an observer who doesn't finance and thus neither support the same thing he is criticizing. That doesn't prevent me from saying that the Gamecube was no competition to the PS2 and guess what: Nintendo got aware of that, and that gave us the Wii, the best-selling console of the last generation. I call that business genius. That doesn't prevent me from saying that Nintendo's decision to market the Wii U as hardcore and to rely on third-parties was bad, and guess what: that's why Nintendo is now marketing to everyday people and focusing on a stream of first-party releases, and we're seeing the results everyday on this website, AND NOWHERE ELSE. Again, business genius.

    Now I want you people raging on me to tell me the same thing about the Sony you feel so hurt about when I talk about them. Until them, READ what I write before you answer me.

    • ryuken13 says:

      DePapier.. Cool off!!

      Everything you have said can be seen as true from the right perspective.

      3 Questions

      Is it on topic with the article?

      Is it postively or negatively contributing to the discussion?

      Is posting on the same level as a Wii U hater against other consoles acceptable to you and do you like the posts made by these people?

      Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.
      Friedrich Nietzsche
      German philosopher (1844 - 1900)

      • DePapier says:

        I'm being made to look bad by the same person that is telling to cool off. Dude. Seriously. Very seriously. I've pretty much lived what you're doing to me for just about 20 freaking years. I won't go into details, that would be far off topic, but what you need to know is: don't even try. And I'm sorry if, just like the same person from the personal situation I have slightly outline, you're not aware of it.

      • DePapier says:

        Btw, you got Anti to deal with.

        • ryuken13 says:

          I do not want you or anyone else to look bad..

          Anti posts some really great stuff and usually I agree with him and if if I don't he supports his arguments well so I certainly see his point of view..

          I sincerely think well of you both and apologize if I have offended you or Anti in any way..

          You both have a far more positive and respected standing in this community and I acknowledge that..

          If we were Japanese you both wold be my Senpai lol..

          • DePapier says:

            OK. I'm just bringing what Anti wrote because it's basically what I just said… just with A LOT MORE data. :P

            If only I knew as much as he does we wouldn't even be having this discussion, just like nobody in his right mind will ever dare to argue with his lenghty and down-to-earth comment.

          • Anti says:

            No worries, you didn't offend me in any way, I kind of understood your point but at the same time I understood DePapier's point as well. Sony did make an effort to market the PS Vita, but at the same time those efforts had unfortunate consequences because they weren't planned thoroughly. So I decided to be the mediator for this situation to calm everyone down. You two play nicely now. :)

          • ryuken13 says:

            Cool like you both Anti..

            I guess my pet peeve is when people go off topic from Francis's posts and uses the forum to support their bias.

            Nothing wrong bashing a system or company if that is the original forum topic..

            I will not speak for Francis but I believe he intended this article to be a positive one (or at least not a negative one) for Sony..

            Kind of wish we kind of went in that direction with it..

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