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Anima Gate of Memories E3 2015 Trailer Looks Good!


Check out the amazing E3 trailer for indie-RPG Anima Gate of Memories. But don’t let the size of the studio fool you, this looks like full RPG experience you would see from the big publishers. **The Wii U version will launch after the other versions of this game**

Source: AnimaProjectStudio

  • http://youtube.com/paidenthusiast paidenthusiast

    Damn this game is looking pretty impressive. I really hope there’s a retail version. I’ll be definitely picking it up when the Wii U version gets released

  • ChariotMan7

    Damn! That is all I gotta say.

  • darkgamer001

    Bordering on 3 years since the Wii U’s launch and 3rd parties are still not getting this fundamental concept of a platform audience NOT wanting to be treated like second class citizens.
    I’m sorry, if I’m paying the same costs as other audiences, I want the same treatment.

  • Jet Hammer

    “The Wii U version will launch after the other versions of this game.” I think it’s being made in Unreal Engine3(?) which might explain this.

    What I’d like to see is the basic, core gameplay. Most of what I’ve seen was running and a bit of combat, but I’d like to see fundamentals: What’s the goal, what’s the feel of combat, will there be puzzles, a weapon arsenal, replay value, ect…

    • Brandon

      it uses unity3D not that engine nobody uses anymore.