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Attack on Titan game Coming to Playstation Platform by Omega Force this Winter

Attack on Titan

A new Attack on Titan game will be coming this winter to an unspecified Playstation platform this winter. The title will be developed by Omega Force with an official reveal set for tomorrow.  Via: Gematsu

  • hawkssuns08

    I don’t watch much anime, but Attack on Titan is amazing.

  • diendong .

    Omega Force is like the TT Games of Japan.

  • GreysonSeijuro

    I’ve heard great things about this anime, and I would love an anime art style for a game! By the way do any of you guys have some good anime suggestions that are on crunchyroll and have you seen Kuroko’s Basketball? That’s the first one I’ve seen and it was fantastic my profile picture is from it if any of you are curious :)

    • Ryuken13

      Don’t know if it is on Crunchyroll but Hajime No Ippo is one of my favorites.

      Mangareader.net for scanalations or DVDs through Amazon, etc.

    • Travis Touchdown

      AoT is on Cruncyroll, isn’t it?

      You have to deal with the fact that it’s in subs, though.

      • GreysonSeijuro

        I can deal with that, I’ll try out the series tomorrow to get a break from playing Splatoon 😉

      • alex9234

        The dub is bad, from what I hear.

        • Travis Touchdown

          Don’t believe that crap. Sub fanboys will attack anything that isn’t 100% Japanese. The dub is perfectly fine.

    • Andyjoe522

      JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. If you haven’t seen it already, trust me, there’s a good reason the manga’s been going on for 28 years now. The anime started in 2012, so no, I’m not recommending something that already has hundreds of episodes or anything. There’s 74 episodes so far, covering up to the first three major parts of the series. There’s not much filler, and what little is there is just small scenes that genuinely do add to the story. Basically the ideal adaptation.