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Hulk Hogan cut from WWE 2K16 After Racist Remarks & Firing


The legendary wrestler Hulk Hogan will not be included in WWE 2K16 over racist remarks he made in a private “sex tape” video eight years ago. These remarks also lead to him getting fired by the WWE. 2K Sports issued a statement on the matter.

 “We are highly respectful of the way that our partners choose to run their business and manage our partnerships accordingly,” said the spokesperson in a statement.

According to a transcript of the comments by Hogan, he dropped multiple N-bombs and said he was “racist, to a point”. He also used the N-word regarding who his daughter was dating at the time.

Via: VG247, Source: Polygon

Author: Francis@PE (19287 Posts)

  • Mythosa

    Oh Terry… You piece of crap.

  • Rawbiz

    Yeah if only all he said was the N-word, its also the negative feeling to a race of people that bothers me

  • Hidden Flare

    Sooo do people think Hogan didn’t do that much wrong, I mean I see a lot of you tubers using the N-word and nobody really cares, this wrestler is in trouble only because he says the n-word…. Its not like I like hearing the word or anything but there are many people who are to sensitive to few things, I read worst on the Boonducks, A SHOW THATS DROPS MUCH MORE WROST STUFF THEN THIS! Hulk Hogan may be a bit wrong for using the word but he seems like he regrets it and he doesn’t seem he’ll be saying it again.

    • Mythosa

      Of course he regrets it, he lost his job over it. Does it change that he said it or his disposition towards other races? Only he can answer that. Either way, he is in a position where he can be held liable for his actions and words. He doesn’t have the anonymity of the internet to hide behind. As far as the show goes, there is a reason it’s not on a cable network. It’s on adult swim which allows a bunch of garbage to be broadcast, and for whatever fucked up reason, many black people seem to think it’s okay to use the words that they get so worked up about when another race uses it. Basically it’s hypocrisy and is just as disrespectful towards each other, it doesn’t really make it okay. If I had it my way, which obviously I don’t, I would hold everyone accountable for all this bunk.

  • Travis Touchdown

    This is basically a last ditch effort from Gawker media to try and defend themselves from bankruptcy: If Hogan wins, Gawker goes down, taking Kotaku with it.

    I cannot begin to stress how important it is for us, the gamers, for Hogan to win the lawsuit. Sure, Hogan may have said somethings he regrets, but it’s a far cry from the outright malicious way in which Gawker regularly exploits their audience.

  • diendong .

  • Hardin Twentyfive

    As a black guy… Really? We drop that word everyday (not saying it is right), so as far as I’m concerned, this is going to disappoint fans.
    Coming from the company whose last non-white champion was The Rock, and that was… A year or two ago, and he’s not even a full time wrestler. And there’s isn’t a Cena-level non-white wrestler either.

  • Mr. Catherwood

    What are you gonna do when racism runs wild on you

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  • donzaloog

    WWE is completely full of it on this one. Every black person on their roster gets out in some stereotypical black role. Oh, and there’s never been a black WWE champion in the over 50 year history of the company.