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Nintendo Fans Are The WORST? - Mizzah Tee


Mizzah Tee goes off on internet drama queens and how it relates to video games.

Source: Mizzah Tee

  • Blake Wigert

    What is the difference in being a fan and a fanboy? I am a fan of Nintendo’s products, and have been since my first console the Nintendo 64. I’ve got every Nintendo console up to the currrent WiiU and enjoyed the unique games and experiences on each one. My only deviation from Nintendo products was a PS2, worst possible decision, either that or I just happened to get 2 bum consoles and a handful of crappy quality games, the discs don’t work. My current Ps2 which is due to be replaced, no longer reads game discs but reads DVD’s just fine. My experience with Sony has been bad. I try not to bad mouth other companies or their fans but when the Sony/Microsoft fanbase were moaning about not getting Bayonetta 2, I ranted at them: They get denied literally nothing, and they have the nerve to whine about one game, never mind constantly wanting Nintendo to go 3rd party, their greatest wet dream. You know how many games Nintendo gets denied? Yeah, 100’s of em’, all because 3rd parties don’t want to compete with Nintendo’s quality http://playeressence.com/nintendo-is-3rd-party-publishers-worst-nightmare-diego-arias/

  • alex9234

    Tee, there’s one thing I’d like to say about Nintendo fans getting attacked the most in the gaming community, and it all dates back to when Sega launched the Genesis.
    As great as a console the Genesis may be, it sadly is where a lot of the terrible industry practices that now rule the industry and bad trends in the gaming community originated. The who “console wars” BS emerged from the 4th generation because of Sega’s marketing and it’s been one of the most destructive forces in gaming ever since, and it also marked the beginning of when gamers would get so high tempered and insult one another over each other’s preferred gaming platform of choice. Since the SNES was marketed more towards younger audiences, Sega marketed the Genesis toward an older audience, mostly teens and adults. And don’t even get me started on Mortal Kombat.
    The SNES may have been the most influential console when it came to game design and what have you, but it’s because of Sega and the Genesis that we have the industry and gaming community that we do today.

    • Robert Andrew

      Trash talking exists in Sports, political parties (democrat vs. republican) and probably in other areas. Humans are tribal, People trash talk to show similarity with the in crowd to become closer while distancing the outsiders. I think it’s just part of being human. It could be worse in video games because there are so many 10 - 14 year olds who have yet to grow up and they have access to the internet.

  • Nin12gage

    i thinks the worst right now is the Sony fan base. Every time some good or bad news about nintendo or MS come’s out there a sony fan trying to be little it on youtube every game site or forums

    • Jon Turner

      Yeah, a lot of such people really want to jump on Nintendo these days and really bury them for no reason.

      Hey, I’ll never forget when Bayonetta 2 was announced and instead of cries of “Holy S***! I GOTTA GET THIS SYSTEM!” there were shouts of “Screw you, Platinum! Boycott this game and push for it to fail!” Seriously! Can’t these fans allow Nintendo to have a break?

      • Nin12gage

        Not only that i remember people where calling hyrule warriors a dynasty warriors clone but then turn around and be hype for dragon quest heroes. But the most crazy thing i read was a guy hype the hell out of the vita because it was steaming a game from ps4 saying this is next “Gen”! Yeah Wii U wasnt doing that apparently

        • Jon Turner

          Is there no way to call those morons’ ***es out?

  • Revolution5268

    I feel like these fanboys exist just to justified their purchase. I mean you see all the time with the PlayStation & Xbox fanboys.

    • Guidosaur

      I see you forgot Nintendo and PC lol every group does it.

  • Jon Turner

    There’s always bad apples in fandoms. Including ones who insist on trashing another.

  • NGX159 (KhAnime G)

    Great video Tee! There’s so much self-entitlement and narcissistic “gamers” in today’s current game industry it’s ridiculous. I saw a facebook group post where someone sold their Wii U because he couldn’t check messages like he could on Xbox One, NO joke….. smh. The kicker? He only had it for 2 weeks with MK8.

    • Guidosaur

      I really wish there was a better messaging system on there tbh haha, its nearly impossible to plan smash bros games through the system. Overall I dig my Wii u tho.

  • The Best Bully

    PC fans are the worst and annoying.

    • Guidosaur


  • Guest

    Not sure if implied to Tre or Quack or both..