Please Understand…I live in North America on the West Coast


I just wanted to let you guys know that I do live in North America, on the West Coast. That means that I am in a different time zone that most of you guys. There are points in time when I am asleep….and I can’t post information, no matter how important it is, due to me sleeping. So please, don’t spam article comments sections with information (whether positive or negative) use the Contact Section, and I’ll get to it ASAP. 

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15 Responses to Please Understand…I live in North America on the West Coast

  1. Matisfaction says:

    Are you open to submitted UK News, price drops etc…?

  2. Jamie_Bworth says:

    How dare you sleep! You have a responsibility to post ALL news, IMMEDIATELY as it happens, BEFORE anyone else! How inconsiderate of you to not bow to my sense of entitlement!

  3. unlimitedpower1 says:

    I’m sorry but I had to laugh when I saw “please understand “

    You do a great job with this site Francis, and most days you put continuous news throughout the day. I live on the east coast, and check this site on my phone several times a day, and there is almost always something new. So I don’t know how people complain. Plus you do a good job of just posting the more newsworthy things, and not all that other BS that some of these other sites do. Keep up the good work my friend

  4. AntiActivity says:

    In this article from 4 hours ago:

    "I did post it in the contact section, had to been 6 hours since then.

    Funny, how you tell me this isn't the place for this kind of news, but I've seen a lot of other posters do the same for positive news (myself included) and you never told me otherwise…"

  5. Furious Francis says:

    Don't let the virtual door hit you on the way out. Nobody put any words in your mouth.

  6. titangamecube says:

    Bye, cya later. And hopefully you figure sales should not hurt your damn pride.

  7. timg57867 says:

    You sir are pathetic. You are not a normal Nintendo fan. You man, are a Pretendo. You heard me, PRETENDO. A normal Nintendo fan doesn't even waste their time in Internet forums. They just buy what games they like and like Nintendo for who they are without giving a peppercorn about sales or what anyone else thing that has nothing to do with enjoyinga video game itself. The fact that you are letting sales keep you from seeing that really shows how far you have fallen. I wondered where you had been all this time. Wasn't expecting your first posts (and hopefully last ones) in a while to be this gloomy drivel.

    Also, XD! Man did you just get EXPOSED! Bad enough you're being a hating hypocrite! Now you're LYING! You try to act like a victim but the truth is, you were disrespectable and inconsiderate towards Francis, and had Anti not posted this comment below, I would have done the same and exposed you for the fraud you are. You have become a deplorable asshole who really needs get off this site and fast.

    THIS ^^^ folks is what you REALLY don't want to become. U__U

  8. timg57867 says:

    Dude. Give it a rest. You've been caught lying. Your credibility is shot. We don't want to see you here anymore. In fact, what happened to leaving this site? Yeah right….

  9. AntiActivity says:

    Wow.. I provided direct evidence Francis didn't put words in your mouth, and now you've resorted to extremely childish attacks against him. You can go ahead and call everyone in the community fanboy as much as you like, but you've proven yourself to be much more worse than any fanboy you're attacking.

    Next time pick your fights wisely and you wouldn't get as much negative response as you're receiving right now, because all you've done is cite negativity about everything Nintendo, despite the fact it's still early in the Wii U console's life. In case you don't remember, PS3 took over 2 years to jump start, even X360 had issues after the RRoD issue turned up, and furthermore the console's still doing extremely poorly in the large Japanese market. All three consoles have just started, they're still developing a market, there's always positive or negative strategies, so don't instantly dismiss any of the three instantly until a few years have actually passed.

  10. titangamecube says:

    You just went double retard.

  11. timg57867 says:

    Look who's calling who a moron. You're still commenting even though you got caught lying. Your somehow making yourself look MORE pathetic than you already have.

  12. titangamecube says:

    Funny that me and Timg come from NintendoLife. So I guess I am a NLife reject. Thats funny.

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