Ricard Julianti’s Nintendo E3 Direct Review

This morning, Nintendo had its big E3 Direct presentation. From a pure games standpoint, this one absolutely blew me away. It may not have been an hour-long as speculated, but it was jam-packed with announcements.

Super Mario 3D World is essentially Super Mario Bros 2 rebooted on the Wii U. 4 Player co-op and from what I could tell from the trailer you will be able to pick between Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad for single player as well. The graphics are stunning and I really can’t wait to see them in action at Best Buy later this week. They have an almost CG quality to them, something along the lines of the Jimmy Neutron show, phenomenal. There’s a new power-up…and it is one of the most adorable things I’ve ever seen. Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad in cat suits? I mean, come on. It’s coming a little later than I hoped, but it’ll still be out for Christmas which is excellent.

Mario Kart 8 blew me away. The size of the courses and their environments, the return of gliders and underwater sections, motorcycles, and the new addition of “anti-gravity” tracks where you drive upside down and along the sides of courses. The courses seem to have taken a slightly more mature tone as well, as opposed to Mario Kart Wii. It still oozes Nintendo charm, and it looks excellent, yet another game I can’t wait to see in action this week. Nintendo confirmed that Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze is being developed by Retro. Considering the hires made over the past couple years, I am convinced that Retro has split into two teams and there is another game in the works, to be revealed at a later date. DKCTF looks like a great game of course and the new camera shows off the stunning environments. I have never played Donkey Kong Country or Returns, so it’s a little harder for me to get hyped about this game. I don’t have the nostalgia factor.

Platinum delivered big at the Direct with new Wonderful 101 and Bayonetta 2 gameplay. The Wonderful 101 looks as awesome as ever, but I’m sad it isn’t one of the 4 games that will be at Best Buy this week. There’s only a few months until launch so I don’t have to wait too long. New Unite abilities were shown off and it turns out…the game has five person multiplayer! I don’t think it is online, but that doesn’t even matter to me. Bayonetta 2 got her haircut, and that’s why we had never seen her face until today. It’s a weird thing to get hyped about, but it was awesome. Gameplay was shown both in the trailer and in a new trailer released on youtube after the direct. Just like everything else Nintendo showed off, it looks incredible.

Back in January when Nintendo revealed that the Wind Waker was getting an HD remake, people were worried about the art style shown. Those worries have been laid to rest. It looks great, has new features like Miiverse messages in a bottle, and more that will be detailed later. We still don’t know if they have removed the fetch quest towards the end of the game, but there’s plenty of time to reveal that. In the trailer shown, the music hadn’t been re-orchestrated and was using the original soundtrack. While excellent, I would absolutely love it if Nintendo ditched the MIDI sounds for the remake. October can’t come soon enough, I need this game.

Nintendo had a sizzle reel for both third-party games and eShop games coming out this year. “This year” being the key words. If you missed that, it could seem a little disappointing, but Nintendo needed to show off what is coming soon and considering the frequency of Nintendo Directs, more info will be released as it becomes available. It’s a pretty safe bet that GTAV is not coming to the Wii U this fall, but that’s okay as it was a bit of a pipe dream to begin with. One title that was noticeably absent however, was Call of Duty: Ghosts. Despite rumors and listings from retailers, there still hasn’t been a confirmation on whether or not the game is coming to the system. A bit strange, but honestly it doesn’t even make a dent in Nintendo’s E3 for me.

There were two absolute megatons that still cause me to get chills when I think about them. Monolith’s “X” was given a new trailer, and Super Smash Bros. was revealed. I can barely process thoughts about these two games, they stole the entire show. X looks even better than it did in January. Massive open world, giant mechs, multiplayer mechs, amazing music…it is going to be incredible. I’m looking forward to X more than I am FFXV to be perfectly honest, Square Enix has burned me too many times.. It still doesn’t have a title, but it is still only June and the game comes out next year.

Super Smash Bros.

I’m giving Smash Bros it’s own section, because it is Smash Bros. Nintendo promised a trailer, and man did it deliver. The 3DS version takes on a more stylized approach to the characters, giving off an almost “painted” vibe. The stages looked smaller to compensate for the camera zoom that happens in SSB, but there were definitely 4 players. The Wii U version looks amazing, just like everything else shown. I was particularly blown away by some of the lighting used and Bowser. You get a pretty good look at him during the “New Challenger” segment. In Brawl he was distinctly reptilian with scales, but here he looks more…like a turtle I guess. His skin is much better than in Brawl in my opinion…and he looked great in that game.

Speaking of New Challengers, Nintendo definitely delivered with 2 excellent additions. First up is a Villager from Animal Crossing. When he (she?) shows up and nabs Mario in a bug net, I laugh every time. The simplicity of the character makes for a hilarious Smash character. Maybe you’ll be able to take your Animal Crossing villager over to the 3DS version, possibly the Wii U. Sakurai was hinting at a more personal Smash Bros experience on the 3DS so what better than to allow you to customize a Villager? The final new challenger, was bombshell…of the blue variety. Yes, Megaman has joined the fray. Not the creepy adult version that was in Street Fighter x Tekken, but the original Blue Bomber. I don’t know how it works, but they made a point to show off 8 different attacks he uses. There wasn’t a lot of gameplay shown but I fully expect people to dissect the trailer and point out what looks awesome (pro tip: All of it looks awesome)

Overall impressions/Wrap Up

Wow. Just wow. Nintendo needed to bring the thunder, and they definitely didn’t disappoint. If you managed to watch this Direct and were disappointed with what was shown, you are wrong. Sorry, but that’s the way it is. Retro’s new game wasn’t what we expected, but if anything it confirms that Retro has two teams that are working on different projects. Nintendo has Directs every couple of months or so, so there is plenty of time to announce other projects in the works and other third-party support. This was the presentation of E3, and Nintendo still has more to show with interviews, gameplay trailers, and an hour and a half Pokemon showcase later tonight. An interesting thing to note is that the gaming forum NeoGAF has been down since the Direct hit, I get a gateway time-out error every time. Nintendo delivered.

Grade: A. Nintendo wins E3…especially since I can get my hands on the games tomorrow. Absolutely incredible.

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85 Responses to Ricard Julianti’s Nintendo E3 Direct Review

  1. ei8bit says:

    My 1st reaction on Nintendo Direct is great but a little tiny bit disappointed. Just A little nano bit disappointed for my 2 beloved great developers, Retro and TSDG. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is great, maybe I was expecting Retro making a new Metroid Game or a new IP but suddenly I remembered they have two or more separated groups in Retro. Maybe just maybe [little bit skeptical] A last E3 Nintendo Direct will announced what's beyond 2014 lineup for Nintendo. Maybe a glimpse for the new IP, Metroid Game, Star Fox and Zelda Wii U? Hahahaha… Anyway back on track Super Mario 3D World is really really good. Super fun and bring smile to my face when I saw that game. I'm a bit disappointed coz I was expecting more content for Mario just like they did in Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 but when Nintendo Direct released Developer Interview I forgot that the TSDG has many groups also. TSDG no.2 who made Super Mario 3d World also the team behind Galaxy 2. So Galaxy 1 was made by TSDG no. 1, will I wonder what game TSDG no. 1 working on?

    So my Final verdict on E3 for Nintendo is beyond Awesome. By the way Great Recap article Ricard.

    • ei8bit says:

      …and also my main concern of this kind of event is internet traffic. I have experienced a 5secs delay [480p] / 3secs delay [360p] watching the Nintendo Direct in their main site NINTENDO.com [US]. Not until some dude commented and sharing a link. Nintendo Direct UK to be precise, so no lag issues there and enjoyed the show eventually. I hope Nintendo will addressed this issue and prepared for this so that there will be no issue watching the direct and everybody's happy. Some will tell just re-watched it in youtube. But who don't like watching LIVE, right?

    • RicardJulianti says:

      EAD2 made Galaxy 2 and 3DWorld….TSDG1 is the Zelda studio. I think that EAD1 made Mario Kart, but I'm not positive on that one.

      It is being rumored that there are 2 more Directs this weekend, but we'll see how likely that is….seems to be the word around E3 though. Miyamoto said that they probably could have shown the new Zelda at E3, but it was better to wait. The simple fact that it is far along enough that Nintendo considered showing it is crazy, so it could release next fall along with Smash Bros. Miyamoto is also working on a new IP so we could see that sometime as well.

  2. jesgrad07 says:

    The only thing I was disappointed to not see was Destiny on the Wii U. If I can't have Halo then Destiny really is the next best thing. Bungie did try to put Halo on the DS at one point so here is hoping.

    Other than that I was happy with what we got to see. And I plan on going to my local best buy today and the 15th to play these games. Only have to travel 10-15 minutes.

    Nintendo your awesome! Seriously, how did they not win E3? Not only did the announce plenty of known quality exclusives, but are allowing people (in the US and canada) to try them out. PS4 has two game that got people excited, but they aren't exclusives and now Sony is being shown as some hero for not having DRM and being cheaper than the Xbox One? I knew people wouldn't give Nintendo credit for not having that stuff in the first place. They don't even give Nintendo credit for the indie developers they are going out of their way to get. UGH! I really hate IGN for not reporting this stuff. Do you know they freaking posted a poll for the people to vote on "Who won E3?" before Nintendo even had its direct? Just showed how many Sony fans there really are on that site. Can't have a intelligent conversation with any of them because of that.

  3. Gsnap says:

    Everything coming out of Nintendo this year and beyond looks so good. Once Pikmin 3 comes out it's gonna be one hit game after another. If Nintendo can take that momentum and keep it up, we're looking at the next Super Nintendo.

  4. Legobbles126 says:

    The conference didn't surprise me as much as I hoped, but it was still great. Although it's hard to lose to this: http://ca.ign.com/articles/2013/06/12/gamers-with

    • RicardJulianti says:

      Yeah…just saw that myself. They are basically saying, "If you don't have an internet connection, we don't want your money. GTFO"

      Hubris to the max…It makes sense that Mattrick used to work at EA and that now MS is doing all of this BS. I would say they have been corrupted, but MS has always been kind of a shitty company.

    • koopzilla says:

      Wow! I can't believe Microsoft. They are really going ahead with this crap, and don't see why anyone would have a problem with it. Not only that but they basically mock and ridicule people who do have a problem with it. If I don't have an internet connection, which obviously means I live on a nuclear submarine I can play 360? No thanks assholes, I won't be giving you a dime ever. I do have an internet connection, and I won't be repaying you for it (or Sony, but at least I can keep that offline). And I won't be supporting your anti consumer practices. Sure the stuff they are doing will be beneficial and people will appreciate it, like Bill Gates' bank account, not consumers. They are not doing any of this to make gaming better, they are doing it to better control what you do, and make sure the stuff you buy still belongs to them.

      • Legobbles126 says:

        Yeah, they don't even have the sense to be professional about it and provide a good justification. Instead, he mentioned a guy who chose to join the Navy and defend Mattrick's freedoms with his life (the only possible reason for the nuclear sub to pop up as an example), and essentially told him to pound salt and that he wasn't good enough for the next-gen because he didn't have a connection.

        As a serving military member, video games are crucial. When you're working 20-hour days on deployment for months at a time, the best way to de-stress and keep sane is to play video games. There's always a console around, we play a ton of games.

        I can say this: not only will I not be purchasing an X1, but I can personally guarantee that no one in the military will either. It's kind of hard to get wi-fi in the middle of the Pacific.

        • RicardJulianti says:

          You should tell anyone you know to get a Wii U. 5 player local multi as opposed to 4 :-P

          I wonder what it took for that person in the military to be in their little hype video from the reveal. I sincerely doubt the "market testing" MS did was anywhere near what it should have been if the always connected console was received well enough to go ahead. Most likely they pulled typical market research stuff and danced around the negatives, gave PR spin about how the cloud would improve gaming, and talked of 5 billion transistors. "Oooh 5 billion AND the cloud?? This thing MUST be powerful and amazing! I'll take seven!"

          • Legobbles126 says:

            Yeah, as much as people may not publicly admit to liking it, my Wii was probably the most popular console around. Between Brawl, Melee, and Mario Kart, it has seen more use than anything else. I much prefer local multiplayer, and the military is great for that because there's always people around willing to play. It's normally hard as an adult to find guys willing to play splitscreen.

            On that note, I will be either picking a Wii U up when Pikmin 3 drops, or in September.

      • RicardJulianti says:

        Turns out Adam Orth was kind of a prophet/was fired for spilling MS's actual thoughts early. Don't have a good internet connection? Well, we've got this shiny new 360 for you. Deal with it.

        While Sony's paywall sucks…it is still much better than MS's ever was. Basically they are just keeping the premium features behind it aside from multiplayer anyway….cloud, sharing games, streaming games, video clips etc. They aren't holding your paid services like Netflix hostage though, which is just greedy bullshit from Microsoft.

        Also, the games they offer with Plus are much better than what MS is doing. ACII and Halo 3?….omg Microsoft, you are SO generous. Please, PLEASE…take all of my money! I must have these old ass games! *rolls eyes*

        Most likely I won't be paying for online stuff until I know someone that wants to play a game online. Multiplayer is literally the only service offered behind the paywall that I care about. the other stuff is neat, but not pay for it neat.

  5. koopzilla says:

    I agree, Nintendo put Sony and Microsoft to shame today.

    Super Mario 3D World is my most wanted game right now. People are complaining hard on GoNintendo basically that it wasn't Mario 64 2, which I wouldn't mind seeing, but 3D World looks absolutely fantastic. I think this is going to basically be another series, NSMB, 3D Land/World, and 3D adventure type games. It may already be in development, but would take much longer to develop for obvious reasons. I love the inspiration took from Super Mario Bros. 2, my wife is even excited about this one (not usual for her, she's not too into games, but occasionally wants to play something). I'm hoping that Bowser will be teaming up with Wart to take down Mario.

    Mario Kart 8 looks amazing. The magnet tracks or whatever looks awesome. I'm glad the rumor of it being Mario Kart 7 HD was wrong. Bonus: Free online multiplayer. MK is one of the only games I like playing online.

    X looked fantastic. It will blow FF15 out of the water. It's extremely hard for me to be excited for Final Fantasy anymore. It used to be one of my all time favorite franchises, but I haven't loved one since 9, 10 was passable, but not great, after that it's been beautiful looking garbage.

    I also think Retro has split into two teams. DKC looks great, the last one was excellent, so I'm not worried at all about this being great. I just don't think this could take all their time for the last two years, there must be something else.

    Wind Waker looks great of course. Though to be honest it looks the same to me, I wasn't even sure at first if they were showing the new one, or the old one for comparisons sake. It looked great to begin with imo. I'm sure when I see it in person, and not on a YouTube video the difference will be much more noticeable. The message in a bottle idea sounds kind of cool.

    …and Smash Bros. I can't wait for this game. One of my two most wanted third party characters is in (the other being Simon Belmont). I also want Little Mac in there, it surprises me they haven't put him in yet, he seems perfect for it to me. I love the sort of cel shaded look of the 3DS version. I'll be picking both versions up for sure.

    Bayonetta, and Wonderful 101 both looked fantastic. And of course I'm still as excited for Pikmin 3 as ever.

    I have heard a lot of complaining about there being no Metroid. Personally, I think it's due to peoples incessant crying about Other M. They will keep the new Metroid quiet until it's nearly done would be my guess.

    Nintendo did state that there would be a few Nintendo Directs throughout E3 a while back. I expect at least one 3DS heavy Direct with stuff like Yoshi's Island, Link To The Past 2, and Mario & Luigi Dream Team. I think we might get a couple more surprises in there we don't know about. Possibly a hint at what else Retro is working on.

    Another thing, the one PS4 game I was really excited about when I seen was Oddworld, which showed up in the Nintendo Direct during the Indie stuff, which was very surprising to me, I assumed it was PS4 exclusive. So I won't be getting a PS4 anytime soon, I will probably wait for a price drop on it. Still wouldn't have an X-Bone if they were free.

    I actually feel extremely sorry for RARE. There's a new Donkey Kong Country that looks fantastic, a new Killer Instinct (which doesn't look very good imo) that they weren't even allowed to make. And they are stuck with Kinect Sports once again. It must be embarrassing to even work there, Microsoft took them from one of the absolute best developer to a laughing stock, really sad…

    One surprise to me is all the support I've seen for X-Bone. I have to assume 99% of these games were being developed by people who knew virtually nothing about X-Bone, and it would be a huge waste of money not to release them at this point. I hope that thing bombs so hard.

    I'm heading to Best Buy tomorrow to check the games out (and hopefully get some "Luigi Loot"). I was on the fence about it since it's an hour away, and gas is 4.25 a gallon right now, but I must Play Mario 3D World.

    Oh, by the way, not that I care at all, but Call of Duty: Ghost was announced for Wii U.

    • Bismarck says:

      I love reading people's impressions on new games so this long post was fantastic in my opinion. I think with Wind Waker you will really see a difference in clarity if you run the original on your Wii on an HDTV and compare the two. I am glad that they didn't do anything too drastic to the visuals, as WW was, and still is, a fantastic looking game, and there is little that they need to do besides making it look clean on an HDTV. Did anyone else notice that they have permanently mapped the Wind Waker to the D-Pad? No more having to equip/unequip it to change the wind direction and such.

      My best in show personally was Mario Kart 8. I'm not normally super hyped up for Mario Kart, though I do play them to death once I have them in my hands. With this release it really struck me that Nintendo is pulling out all the stops to make an absolutely fantastic game. The graphics were very impressive, they brought back cool features from recent versions - my favorite is the hang-glider - and they are putting effort into the online functionality. Don't even get my started on the course design, which seems to be inspired by F-Zero. I have never been very excited for a Mario Kart game and this Direct totally changed that.

      • koopzilla says:

        Thanks, glad you enjoyed it.

        Yeah I admittedly haven't played Wind Waker since the Wii came out, so it's been a while. I can't wait to check it out at Best Buy tomorrow.

        I agree Mario Kart 8 looks fantastic. The tracks look like a lot of fun, I am especially excited for the magnet/anti gravity stuff. I'm also hoping they bring back some old courses to go along with all the new ones, like they have on recent games.

        • Bismarck says:

          Be sure to bring back your impressions from Best Buy tomorrow! I am really looking forward to hearing people's reactions to being able to play the game in person. Having demos at for the people sounds like a genius idea on paper, but will it work out logistically is the question. Hopefully you can get in and play without any difficulties.

          • koopzilla says:

            I will. I am wondering how exactly this is going to work myself. I'm guessing it will be something like the Wii kiosks they used to have in the malls. I'm also hoping to get some of those elusive pink puzzle pieces on my 3DS.

    • RicardJulianti says:

      I obviously agree with pretty much everything you said, haha. I do have to disagree on Little Mac though….I just don't know what they would DO with him. He's a boxer…what kind of special moves would he have that weren't just more punches? I wouldn't be upset if he was in there of course, I just have no idea how it would work.

      I probably won't be going to Best Buy until Saturday actually…even though I said tomorrow in the article. I do plan on getting Last of Us and I'll be a touch busy tomorrow evening so getting out to the Best Buy is a little out of the way. It isn't far by any means…but it's just the opposite way from where I need to be tomorrow. Still might…but I doubt it. Hopefully they have 4 kiosks set up…one for each game. 2 would be fine as well, but 1 might turn into a disaster if they have to limit the time too much. Then again the demos kind of do that themselves. Couple laps for MK8, One level for 3DW/DKCTR…dunno for Wind Waker though.

      As for PS4, I'll be waiting for better games to be honest. With it crushing the Xbone at launch, unless the Wii U seriously starts stomping faces after the holidays (entirely possible) they won't see the need to probably until 2015 when they can get parts for much cheaper. Even then they might still be focused on MS which is how their games got to where they are now….lame. If they don't see Nintendo as competition, they could be in for a rude awakening.

      A note about Killer Instinct. It is free to play…….but Jago is the ONLY free character. EVERYONE else costs money. Probably $5 or something stupid like that too. Absolutely disgusting. It makes perfect sense that EA and MS have partnered up and in fact, Mattrick used to be WWStudios President for EA so…

      All the 3D World detractors are fools honestly. They have seen a shaving off of the tip of the iceberg and decide to make a snap judgement that it sucks because it isn't exactly what they wanted. They need to grow up and realize that Nintendo rarely bends to anyone's will and basically does whatever they want to do. They might listen to fans on the WHAT, but not the HOW….and they are better for it imo.

      I laughed that Oddworld was coming to the eShop when Sony clearly tried to make it sound exclusive. Speaking of which, I meant to mention it in my article…but I LOVED that Nintendo didn't refer to Indies as Indies. They treated them as eShop equals, which is fantastic.

      I REALLY hope there are more Directs. Nintendo Sushi said that the word around E3 is that there will be 2 more…one Saturday and one Sunday. Nothing official of course, but the E3 Direct was the most warning we've ever had for a Nintendo Direct. And yes, Nintendo did say that about there being "several directs around E3" or something like that. 3DS one almost seems like a lock, also mentioning the Summer Update perhaps…considering it's almost summer….and they said there would be an update, haha.

      It's good that CoD was confirmed…but I probably won't play it. But hey, good for those that will. Wii remote is perfect for shooters.

      • Bismarck says:

        I totally agree on 3D World. People were similarly down on Sunshine when it first was revealed and I think people were rioting in the streets over Wind Waker's artistic direction. Sometimes you just need to sit down, play the game, and let it speak for itself. Preconceived notions are just a recipe for punishment when it comes to Nintendo.

        Just about everything in the Sony conference was made out to be a Sony exclusive. They think that they are the center of the world, and given Microsoft's recent actions they have some room to boast, but they are insane if they think that their conference impressed me. The last half hour at least was padded with multiplats and patting themselves on the back for not being as tremendously foolish as Microsoft. I will take great joy in being able to play Oddworld on the Wii U, a title that has always intrigued me but without presenting an ideal circumstance to play the game.

        It must feel great to be a small developer and have your title shown off without marking you as some sort of second-class citizen in the game development scene.

      • koopzilla says:

        I had forgotten about the Summer update. I don't know exactly what they would do with Little Mac, but I know I want him. All I know is his shield should be a pink jumpsuit, lol. A lot of it would be powerful punches and stuff, he could have a sort of sliding punch for a longer range attack, and maybe a spin type punch kind of like Mario has, and of course his star punch. Maybe they could give him some moves of the people you fight in the games like Great Tigers teleporting punch, Bald Bulls Charge punch, and Mike Tysons… ear bite. I don't know, but if they can make Wii Fit lady work, Little Mac should be easy.

        I don't know about free to play for a fighting game. If they bring back all characters that's about 75 bucks, not to mention any new characters. I think what would suck is there are going to be characters you just don't like (like for instance I can't use Zangief in Street Fighter, I am terrible at him), but you won't know that until you buy the character and try them. If you want to have a friend over to play (assuming the all seeing Kinect will allow that) you are both stuck with Jago. Plus, it gives an unfair advantage to players online who have all the characters (of course I feel that way about DLC characters in fighting games as well).

        Yeah, Nintendo does what they want and I also feel their games are better for it. The time they did exactly what everyone wanted with Zelda (Twilight Princess) it got just as much complaining as any other. And look at Wind Waker, they made it how they wanted, and everyone was throwing an absolute fit about it (mainly the art style), but now it is generally considered an excellent game and one of the best in the series. Mario 3D World was not what I was expecting, but it looks fantastic anyway. Nintendo hasn't made a bad Mario game yet, and I don't think they will start now. And I can tell you Mario 3D Land is awesome, and this one looks improved in just about every way.

        Also Wii U is getting not only Oddworld: New and Tasty, but also Oddworld: Strangers Wrath. http://expansivedlc.com/oddworld-strangers-wrath-

        I'll let you know what to expect at this Best Buy thing when I get back tomorrow night.

      • koopzilla says:

        I can tell you one thing be prepared to wait for hours. I’ve been here for half an hour and moved halfway down one aisle, the line goes through 3 whole aisles. There is only one tvto play on, so I guess we get to play one game unless we want to wait a couple more hours through line again.

        • RicardJulianti says:

          Guhross. I'll bring at least one of my little brothers along so I can get hands on with one and close eyes on with another. Sucks that there is only 1 station, but I guess it'd be easier to manage than 2-4. I'll also try to get there early-ish just in case…we'll see though.

          Good thing the games will be worth it. How densely populated is the area with the Best Buy….that could be a major factor as well. For some reason, I don't see the one near me being that packed…but idk.

          • koopzilla says:

            Well, its in indianapolis, its a pretty heavily populated area, and the only one in the state. I’m guessing about a 2 and a half hour wait. The luigi loot is a luigi hat and a checkered flag with luigi on a mario kart on it. I’ve gotten lots of street passes which I can never get so that’s pretty cool. I was actually expecting 4 stations one for each game.

          • RicardJulianti says:

            Yikes….that's about twice as big as the KC area (going by population counts). There's also another one in KS aside from Overland Park (the one I'm going to) so that should help out a bit.

            Loot is cool and all, but I'd never do anything with it so if I don't get some…that's just fine haha. Yeah…I was kind of expect there to be 4…or at least 2 to smooth out the process….whatever though

          • koopzilla says:

            Well, that just wasn't well thought out I don't think. They obviously didn't anticipate the amount of people who would be interested in such an event. It is good that so many people were interested though. I didn't even make it through the line after waiting 3 hours, they had to cut it off because the store was closing. I did see all the games and they all look fantastic, the internet videos really don't do them justice. Running on a real WiiU unit on a nice big TV they all looked beautiful. I did get a Luigi Mario Kart checkered flag and some wristbands to skip to the front of the line Saturday, I don't know if I'm going to drive another hour away again or not (i'll most likely end up going though).

          • koopzilla says:

            I would definitely suggest getting there at around 11 or 11:30 before it even starts.

  6. bigchad says:

    oooohhhh aaaaahhhh!

  7. NS3210 (NGX159) says:

    There's something interesting about E3 today/tomorrow for those out west. Apparently there's 2 Nintendo games that we don't know about. There's a "Nintendo Game" at 12pm PST, one at 3PM PST, and another at 4PM PST.

  8. timg57867 says:

    Great article Ricard. Agree with everything you said. Nintendo definitely won it in my books. And to think more is likely on the way. Aside from games which haven't gotten new trailers or coverage like Zelda U, Monolith's 3DS game, or Yarn Yoshi, has anyone noticed how silent HAL lab has been? :)

  9. Aiddon says:

    The Direct was the only thing interesting the entire show. MS through Ubisoft had outright average to terrible conferences and Sony's was only notable due to them taking cheapshots at MS. Sure, we KNEW about a lot of the games being shown but this was also the first time we actually got to SEE a lot of them, like SSB, Mario 3D World, and Mario Kart 8. They had by far the most interesting stuff and the most actual GAMES. They didn't screw around and got straight to the point.

  10. VeinZ says:

    I think Nintendo did a pretty good job. I will certainly get most of those games, if not all of them. Dk though… wow, I was really looking forward to a new Metroid, I'm not a huge DK guy.

    I think Nintendo probably showed some of the best games, but Sony really did a great job I think. My biggest thing is Nintendo didn't have many surprises.

    X wins game of show for me, and Smash… Mega Man was beyond words awesome, and the Villager. Kart looks unreal, and so does Mario. At first I was very disappointed with all of it, but it was the lag…. after I got back from work and was able to watch it in it's entirety, with no stuttering, I was very happy.

    Oh… and Pikmin… love it! Also, Wonderful 101 is a game that I was curious about before E3. Now I'm buying it. Looks great.

    Now that I wrote all this, I'm even more excited, some of the games are just so far away…

  11. AndrewKV says:

    There you go! Right there is the Ricard I knew I could trust. I was starting to think I was the only one completely flabberghasted by Ninty's amazing line-up.
    I used to say I wouldn't buy the Wii U 'cause last generation didn't last long enough for me, but now I'm seriously thinking about it. Those 'X' and Smash Bros trailers were the most beautiful thing I've seen in years from a game (the Bayonetta 2 one was the hottest).

  12. lonelyplayer says:

    I don't see how releasing and rebooting the same games over and over is a good thing. I know this is a nintendo fan based site so go ahead and click that right button.

    • chrisjac123 says:

      Sony and Microsoft do the same things over and over again with different names.

      • lonelyplayer says:

        no they don't. the only overmilked franchises are god of war and halo and they are not even close to what nintendo does.

        But I will just shut up, I know where I am.

        • Bismarck says:

          The idea that Nintendo just rehashes their games over and over is a misconception that is shared almost solely by those that do not play on Nintendo consoles. While it may seem that Nintendo fans are just blind fanboys, I can assure you that they are not and that, in actuality, Nintendo puts out some of the best games every generation, guaranteed. The fact that you have found your way here and are not blatantly trolling leads me to believe that you are at least slightly interested in the games that Nintendo makes. I invite you to try out some of their games for yourself before jumping on board the misinformation bandwagon.

          If I am mistaken in assuming that you have not played many Nintendo games in earnest, let me know.

    • RicardJulianti says:

      There's a difference between what Nintendo does and what Sony/MS do. Sony and MS update the visuals and make new IP's that are the same thing as the old IP's.

      When Nintendo makes a new game, it is actually a new game. Same goes for new IP's. 3D Mario World will not play exactly like any other Mario game, for instance. Pikmin 3 is vastly different from the other two. The general art styles/character models may be similar and the names may follow suit, but the games are not the same and they sell well for a lot longer.

      Killzone will always be Killzone. Drive Club = GT6 = GT5 = GT4. Halo = Halo = Halo. Forza 5 = Forza 4 and so on. Don't get me wrong, I think they are gorgeous and I plan on owning a PS4 at some point for other games, but saying Nintendo only "releases and reboots the same games" is incorrect.

      Also, this image for lols: http://img202.imageshack.us/img202/4797/rehash2.j

  13. TsUaS says:

    "There's a new power-up…and it is one of the most adorable things I've ever seen."

    Some might find Peach in a catsuit to be incredibly erotic.

    Uhh… Not me though. Just saying…


  14. NS3210 (NGX159) says:

    Excellent article as always, I wonder if the rumors about 2 more directs this weekend are true or not. But I'm assuming true because it's obvious they held out on purpose considering that the Direct this morning was only 37 minutes long. There's still plenty to talk about such as 3rd party titles for 2014, the summer update, more on possible GameCube VC, SMT x FE, Yarn Yoshi, and what could be the other Retro project and their engine.

  15. bigchad says:

    rich from ign tweets from pokemon dev interview worldwide release of X & Y October 12th.

    • Titan64 says:

      That is interesting. Although the comment section made me facepalm and people wanting a Galaxy 3, even though I found Galaxy 2 to be kinda redundant and I don't even want to mention the final boss. And besides, Peach finally being a playable character in a Mario game since SMB2 (Super Princess Peach never happened), that is awesome.

      • rickmodus says:

        agree on that. i kinda hoped the new mario had that retro kinda theme since i loved super mario 2 and played it alot, this one will be most welcome indeed.

        • timg57867 says:

          I was expecting the 3D Mario to be like Mario 64. I was disappointed for…2 minutes. Then I watched the trailer again and got ULTRA hyped! XD

          And I agree, Galaxy 3 would have been dumb. Not only would their be not enough ideas, but it also have the "sequel syndrome" hurting its sales. I mean look what happened to the original Donkey Kong Country series…

    • RicardJulianti says:

      They have said in the past that it would be really hard to make Galaxy 3 as well. Nintendo makes sequels when they have enough ideas left over from the first game that didn't get used to make a full game that is different enough, like with Galaxy 2.

      There are so very few straight sequels from Nintendo….I love it.

  16. rickmodus says:

    loved the overal direct. i just didnt get why they started of with pokemon since they have a whole show dedicated to that. but realy loved bayonetta, and i dont care if it is a strange thing to get hyped about but….ow my god…her hair…awesome. not forgetting X. this one blew mi freakin mind. a almost considered to buy another wiiu just for this game, in the case one would fail me so i can switch to the other. but i am eager to see what nintendo has left this e3, since i heard they have 2 more directs coming up.

    • RicardJulianti says:

      I'm thinking they started with Pokemon because they wanted to announce the release date before the Pokespecial this evening and that way it would just be Wii U announcement after Wii U announcement.

  17. bigchad says:

    nice article, im getting all the games. i cant help myself and btw COD ghosts has just been confirmed.

    • GeneralBrown178 says:

      Even if im not a big Cod player, but this is good news.

    • RicardJulianti says:

      Yeah I pretty much guessed that it was still going to come considering how much it has been talked about and had all the retailer listings.

      My guess is that they don't want to confirm it until they can give a date, which they won't know until they know the date of the PS4/Xbone launches. Just kind of like "Guess what bitches? It's on Wii U too!" too bad no one in the industry can keep a secret like Nintendo.

      I don't plan on buying it still, but it's good to know.

      • Furious Francis says:

        I didn't even bother posting it cause I already knew it was coming

        • Rpx says:

          Not Surprised about the reveal.

          COD should sell about >50k copies on WiiU, if lucky. Last COD sold under 50,000 units apparently on WiiU. Not sure about BLOPS2 LTD right now for the WiiU version.

          Besides, Activision needs Nintendo around, if they want to make more money from Skylanders, it sells well on Nintendo platforms. So COD support is a likely given in the near future. Or not damage their relationship with Nintendo.

          • revolution5268 says:

            nope, im sorry to say this but the way they treat us in black ops 2, i think they will mistreat us either way. And I can tell they will not put DLC for the wii u ver but ps4 and xbox one.

          • RicardJulianti says:

            Eh…I wouldn't be so positive on that one. Leave the possibility open, but don't resign yourself to such a pessimistic view. Life's no fun that way :-P

            The Wii U has a MUCH higher install base than it did when BO2 released, and it will be even higher still by the time the game releases on any console. PS4 will start out well enough, but will most likely be supply constrained and sold out for the most part while the Xbone will be flopping around like a fish out of water. If they support those 2, it wouldn't be smart business-wise to support the Wii U version.

          • revolution5268 says:

            not smart but they still do it.

          • RicardJulianti says:

            It'll probably do much better than 50k to be perfectly honest. The install base was low and early adopters of the Wii U are mainly big Nintendo fans, so BO2 probably didn't appeal to them much.

            The Wii U has over 3.5m sold by now easily, probably much more and by the time Ghosts releases on any console, it will be even higher still. As more people pick up the console, they will see the new CoD is out and if they don't have it for PS3/360 (if it releases late), they'll get the Wii U version….which is probably a downport of the PS4/PC/Xbone version so it will run better than the PS3/360 version.

            Definitely more than 50k though.

  18. GeneralBrown178 says:

    Good read man. I agree.

  19. brandon says:

    Damn! nice reasonable article good read.

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