Super Smash Bros for Wii U - King Dedede Confirmed + New Screens


To celebrate the launch of Kirby Triple Deluxe in Japan, Masahiro Sakurai has confirmed King Dedede for Smash Bros for Wii U. There are new screenshots as well. 

Thanks Ricard for the tip!

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21 Responses to Super Smash Bros for Wii U - King Dedede Confirmed + New Screens

  1. danierusanv2 says:

    Glad to see Dedede back in smash! One of my fave Kirby characters! X3

  2. Golden_Owl says:

    Everyone, say it with me! SUPER BIG GAY DANCE!!! *Cue Waddle Dee army*

    Loving this! Dedede was one of my favourite characters to play, even though I wasn't very good at him. And now he's back, and more hilariously expressive than ever!

  3. timg57867 says:

    I am pretty sure everyone already knows this but Sakurai actually made the Kirby series! Glad to see Dedede in HD. They'll probably bring Meta Knight back too, but here's hoping they don't make him as broken this time. Seriously, back when I played Brawl with my brother , I could only beat when he used Meta Knight…..with Meta Knight. >_>

  4. King_Sparkticle says:

    Hey, he does look great on the Wii U! Bet ya the 'big gay dance' will now look much better too!

  5. Shadowkirby12 says:

    Happy to see he's back!

  6. jtz says:

    Good to see he’s back. I played will with him and was one of my favorites.

  7. MortyF1 says:

    Cool. He looks great on the pictures :D

  8. Amigaengine says:

    Looks like King Dedede alright….*shrug*

  9. PlayersChoiceNetwork says:

    I'm gonna guess pretty much 90% of the brawl cast will return with the exception of maybe a few throw away characters (Ike) to be replaced by new(er) ones

  10. RegularRanger says:

    Finally! "The Big Gay Dance" in HD!!! XD

    I'm a new member to the site by the way! I've been reading articles here for a while now and finally decided to become a member. Keep up the great work Francis :)

    As my first comment I thing I'm gonna share my prediction/dream roster for Super Smash Wii U/3DS

    Super Mario:
    Princess Peach
    Rosalina and Luma (New)
    Bowser Jr. (New)

    The Legend of Zelda:
    Princess Zelda
    Ghirahim (New)
    Toon Link

    Samus (Varia Suit)
    Samus (Zero-Suit)

    Donkey Kong:
    Donkey Kong
    Diddy Kong

    Meta Knight
    King DeDeDe

    Star Fox:
    Fox McCloud
    Slippy Toad (New)
    Falco Lombardi

    Yoshi’s Island:

    Zoroark (New)


    Ice Climbers:
    Popo & Nana

    Fire Emblem:
    Chrom (New)

    Olimar and Pikmin

    Game & Watch:
    Mr. Game & Watch

    Kid Icarus:
    Magnus (New)
    Palutena (New)

    Captain Falcon
    Samurai Goroh (New)


    Wii Fit:
    Wii Fit Trainer (New)

    Mr. Stevenson (New)

    3rd party - SEGA:
    Sonic the Hedgehog

    3rd party - Capcom:
    Mega Man (New)

    3rd party - Konami:
    Snake from Metal Gear Solid

    3rd party - Namco:
    Lloyd Irving from Tales of Symphonia (New)

    Animal Crossing:
    Villager (New)

    Xenoblade Chronicles:
    Shulk (New)

    Mike Jones (New)

    So, what do you guys thing of this roster?

  11. RicardJulianti says:

    Bit of a comparison between Brawl Dedede and Smash Bros Dedede:

    This is going to be awesome.

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