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The Juice is Loose! #45: Predicting Nintendo’s E3 Plans - Terminator Juice

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This week show will be discussing whether or not Nintendo will do a Digital Event or a Press Conference at this year’s E3, as well as talk about what games we believe will be there.

Source: Terminator Juice

  • Emufred

    Nintendo digital event (for now lets say 45 min)

    1) Devil’s Third- 3mins minimum
    2) SMT X Fire emblem- 3-5 mins
    3) STARFOX! - 3-5 mins
    4) Indies with Bill Trinen- 5 min
    5) Project Treasure ( Yeah I forgot the game too) - 2-3 min
    6) Smash DLC- 2 min
    7) Yoshi and XCX recall- 2-3 mins
    8) Mario maker- 2-3 mins
    9) Fire Emblem if - 2-3 mins

    So basically nintendo has 24-29 min reserved for what’s above.

    Unless Nintendo increases duration, we’ll probably get 11-21 minutes of new stuff for 3ds and Wii-U.