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The Juice is Loose! Ep #18: Bayonetta 2 Review Scores = “salty”!


This week’s show will be focused on Bayonetta and #OperationPlatinum   Tune in to hear our thoughts on the Bayonetta 2 demo and other gaming related news! Subscribe to Terminator Juice here! 


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  • Sinumous

    Great podcast guys, I really enjoyed listening to it and for so many people being involved it was handled really well. The point about the 'real fans' abandoning Bayonetta just because it changed systems really hit me.

    I'm a huge Sonic fan. I didn't really pay attention to Nintendo franchises until I got a GCN and the only reason I saved up for that was because I heard they were porting the Sonic Adventure games to GCN after the Dreamcast went away.

    I'm a huge Nintendo fan now but my point is that I followed the games I loved and was a fan of even if they were going to be on another system and at the time I didn't know where Sonic was going to go without his own home console. Kinda similar to Bayonetta's initial situation.

    Now Bayonetta has a sequel and the franchise you love is alive and well! What's your excuse for not supporting and enjoying it?

    Shamefur Dispray from these 'real fans' of Bayonetta.

    • TerminatorJuice

      Thanks for this excellent comment, and I'm glad that you enjoyed the show! : D