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‘Stuttering’ Craig Skistimas on Wii U “I think it’s trash”

Hey Playeressence fans this is your editor-in-chief Furious Francis and I have a fantastic interview for you guys from the GT Film Festival with Stuttering Craig from ScrewAttack. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out my first interview with Shane Satterfield from Gametrailers.com. Enjoy the video and please comment below.

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Sony says its to early to talk PS4
Wii U will be fully featured at launch
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Playeressence gets Exclusive Interviews with Shane Satterfield and Stuttering Craig at GT Film Festival

Whats up everybody this is your Owner and editor in chief Furious Francis and I want to let you guys know that Playeressence will be at the GT Film Festival in Los Angeles interviewing two of the biggest voices in gaming. Editor-in-chief of Gametrialers Shane Satterfield and owner of Screwattack Stuttering Craig will be my guests. Check this out guys you wont want to miss it.

More From Playeressence
Original Shows at Playeressence
Sony says its to early to talk PS4
Wii U will be fully featured at launch
Check Out the Forums 
PS4 Titles in development at EA 
3 reasons Wii U will win next generation 
Wii U can “fend off PS4″ 

Metro Redux Facing a host of Issues on the Xbox One and PC


Metro Redux just launched across the Xbox One, PS4, and PC, but it seems like PC and Xbox One users are faces a lot of bugs problem with the title. On the official forums, gamers are complaining about fps stuttering, crashes, and more. Get the full rundown below.

Watch Dogs PC modding community discovers deactivated E3 settings included with the game

Watch_Dogs_MOTORCYCLE_STEAMPIPE_618x348 (1)
There was a lot of controversy surrounding the visual downgrades for Watch Dogs when compared to the original E3 reveal in 2012. A recent discovery made by The Worse at Guru3D probably won’t help settle down the problem, especially for PC owners of the title, since some “E3” settings still included in the PC game revealed Ubisoft has deactivated these settings, which allows the similar visuals as seen in the 2012 E3 reveal. When reactivated, some users have claimed the game looks drastically nicer, and actually enhances the performance on Ultra settings for the PC.

Mario Kart 8 – Digital Foundry Framerate Tests and Final Verdict


Digital Foundry has hooked up their machines and tested Mario Kart 8’s framerate and resolution. The game apparently doesn’t run at 60FPS the whole time in single-player races with AI racers. The framerate tests show the game alters in a systematic fashion between 59, and 60 FPS. Check out the videos of single player and split screen multiplayer below, as well as some of Digital Foundry’s written analysis on the game.

Battlefield 4 PC Update is Live


Battlefield 4 has received a brand new title update for the PC. The patch fixes multiple issues with the game’s multiplayer. Get all the details below.

Killer Instinct Might be Better than Expected

Killer Instict

Stuttering Craig, who I respect a lot, seems to be very excited about the new Killer Instinct. Screwattack also gives their impression on 13 Xbox One games, without even saying one word.

Craig from ScrewAttack Reviews DuckTales Remastered


Check out this review from ScrewAttack’s boss Stuttering Craig on DuckTales Remastered 

Sonic the Hedgehog live-Action fan Film is pretty cool

Sonic the hedgehog live action

Eddie Lebron, the man behind the mega man live action film, is at it again but this time with the Sonic the Hedgehog. Check out all the action below. 

DmC Devil May Cry ‘Gameplay Reigns Supreme’ – Playeressence Impressions + Real Time Video

By Furious Francis editor-in-chief  of playeressence.com

DmC Devil May Cry is one of the most controversial games to be released this generation. Thousands of enraged DmC fans, internet raged Capcom and Ninja Theory when the game was first shown. A lot has changed since then in the game, and the look of Dante. Capcom has released the DmC Demo on the Xbox 360 and PS3 for everyone to try out and it’s safe to say, the game plays brilliantly. It’s not perfect by any means, but it’s a blast to play. Keep reading for Playeressence’s hands on preview of DmC Devil May Cry, complete with my own captured footage of DmC’s strengths and weaknesses.

DmC Devil May Cry Demo – Nephilim Savage Combo Gameplay

I finally got a chance to play DmC Devil May Cry when the Xbox 360 Demo went live today. Check it out as I rip through some enemies on Nephilim Mode. Hit the title link for more content at the bottom of the page.

Hulu Plus now Available on Wii U

Hulu an online TV streaming service has announced that the Wii U version Hulu Plus app is no live on the Wii U. 

Metro Last Light probably not coming to the “horrible, slow” Wii U

The Wii U’s CPU speed has not impressed the team over at 4A Games, who are currently developing Metro Last Light for the PS3, 360, and PC.

Aliens Colonial Marines Trailer – Survivor Multiplayer

Aliens Colonial Marines will be getting its own version of Hoard Mode in the game’s multiplayer. Gearbox has uploaded a new Survivor Mode gameplay trailer. Check it out below. 

Your Daily Essence – Tuesday November 20th, 2012

Furious Francis breaks down the days hottest gaming news in 3 minutes of less, this is Your Daily Essence. 

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DmC Devil May Cry Demo

PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale Review Round up

The Last Story XSEEDs most successful game

Beyond Good and Evil 2 is a ‘Good Fit’ for Wii U says Ubisoft’s Ancel

Beyond Good and Evil 2 and Rayman Legends creator says that the Wii U would be  a good fit for the much anticipated Beyond Good and Evil 2. He also chimed in about the next Zelda game. Check out what the Legendary creator has to say. 

Tiger Woods 14 features 1960’s Arnold Palmer

Tiger Woods 14 will feature the 1960 version of the Golden Bear. There will also be a host of other gameplay options and enhancements. hit the link to see the box art and details. 

GTA 5 on Wii U and PC “up for consideration’ says Houser

GTA 5 has been revealed in the form of two trailers and plenty of concept art, with a Spring 2013 release date on the PS3 and 360. There has been no word on a PC or Wii U versions though, till now. Rockstar’s vice president Dan Houser is not ruling out the Wii U and PC yet. 

Uncharted Fight For Fortune: PS Vita card game, gets a trailer

You like Uncharted? You like cards? If you answered yes to both of those your in luck because Sony has just announced Uncharted: Fight for Fortune a PS Vita, turn-based card game. Check out the details and trailer below.

Wii U Week: Launch Day Impressions, Videos, Reviews, and More.

VG247 has compiled all the Wii U banter from this weekend into post. Check out what multiple outlets have to say on the Wii U and its games.

Wii U Week: New Super Mario Bros U Challenge Mode Videos

Check out Furious Francis rip through the New Super Mario Bros U Time Attack Challenge Mode. Were going to be going through the whole thing so stay tuned for more videos. 

Check out our coverage all week of Wii U Week with content all based around Nintendo’s newest console.

Wii U Week: Home Menu Browsing

Furious Francis walks you through the Home Menu on the Wii U.

Make sure to catch all the content we will be doing for ‘Wii U Week’. Wii U themed Throwdowns, the Vidcast, and gameplay videos all on Nintendo’s newest console.


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Sony says its to early to talk PS4
Wii U will be fully featured at launch
Check Out the Forums 
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Wii U can “fend off PS4″ 

Wii U Week Promo @ Playeressence.com

Wii U week is in full swing. Check in for Throwdowns on ZombiU, New Super Mario Bros U, and NintendoLand. Don’t know what the throwdown is? Check out one of our episodes after the link.

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 sales top $500 million in revenue in the first 24 hours

Make no mistake about it…… Video games are king. Call of Duty Black Ops 2 has destroyed sales records of other games and movies becoming the biggest entertainment launch in the history of the world  Universe.  Keep reading to here what Montana Max, CEO of Activision Bobby Kotick had to say. 

The Playeressence VidCast Episode 11 “Knuckles Punch”

Furious Francis and Hero the Impaler discuss the weeks hottest gaming news. In this episode we discuss Borderlands 2 DLC, Devil May Cry, and a good discussion on Call of Duty Black Ops 2 pros and cons.

Your Daily Essence Friday November 16th, 2012

Furious Francis Breaks down all the days hottest gaming news in 3 minutes or less. This is Your Daily Essence. Read More to watch all of the weeks previous episodes. 

Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor’s Edge Momoji article 
Borderlands 2 Mr. Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage Video 
Nintendo TVii app to launch in December 

DmC Devil May Cry Video shows off Kat and Vergil and fighting with power

Despite what some old school DmC fans say, DmC Devil May Cry looks AMAZING! Check out this new developer diary on the game discussing Vergil and Kat, and what their characters do in the game. 

Borderlands 2 gameplay video shows Mr. Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage

Borderlands 2 new DLC pack Mr. Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage has a new video via IGN. Check out the video below.

Torchlight 2 releases patch that fixes bugs, balancing, – gets new pets

Torchlight 2 has received a patch that fixes multiple bugs, balancing, and crashes. Players can now alos choose a badger or owl as a pet. Check out the full patch notes below.

Skyrim 1.8 update takes an arrow to the knee on Xbox 360

Skyrim 1.8 patch is now available to download on your Xbox 360. Hit the link to see the full list of fixes to get your thu’um on. 

Xbox 360 Black Friday Deals Posted By Major Nelson of Microsoft

The Xbox 360 is set to have a massive Black Friday in sales this year, Microsoft’s Major Nelson has outlined the deals for you below.

Borderlands 2 Torgue DLC gets dated and price

Borderlands 2 second major DLC pack “Mr. Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage” has now been dated and slapped with an official price. Check out the screens and details below.

Rayman Legends Demo out on Wii U Launch, New HD screenshots

Rayman Legends may have been delayed but that doesn’t stop us from playing the game on the day the Wii U launches. Ubisoft has announced that Rayman Legends will have a demo on November 18th, the Wii U’s launch day in the US. 

Fuse pre-orders get you bonus character and weapon skins, plus team perk

Insomniac has announced that players who pre-order Fuse will receive some nice bonus content for your efforts. Hit the link for more details. 

PlayStation 3 sales reach 70 million units worldwide

Sony Computer Entertainment of America has announced that the PlayStation 3 has sold more than 70 Million Units to date. The PlayStation Move is not doing bad either, more info through the break.

New Super Mario Bros U – Iwata Asks, dlc, and new footage

New Super Mario Bros U is getting it’s grand HD launch this Sunday in the US. Check out this new footage of the game plus a confirmation of DLC

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Developer is ready to “kill people with facts” over balancing complaints

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 designer director David Vonderhaar is ready silence the complaints that will eventually happen with gun balance and perk usage. Hit the link to see how he will ‘kill you with facts’

Your Daily Essence – Thursday, November 15th 2012

Furious Francis breaks down all the hottest gaming news in 3 minutes or less.

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MineCraft Xbox 360 Edition Halloween Skin Pack proceeds will go to charity

The Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Halloween Skin Pack is will release on November 26th and will only release on that day. So make sure you pick it up if your a Minecraft fan. 

ZombiU Launch Trailer shows you the rules for survival

ZombiU one of the most anticipated 3rd party launch trailer and it is awesome. ZombiU is the most anticipated launch titles in Nintendo’s history. Check out the trailer below.