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Will Furious Francis Return this Friday……?


Du-Du- Duhhhhhhh…… In short…..no, but I do want to announce that I will be tackling ‘more controversial’ topics on my PE Nintendo Channel. HOWEVER, I will not be returning to what I did on my Furious Francis channel in the past. These videos will be scripted, but I’ll speak as if it is not. There is editing, but a lot of it will be still shots. Kind of like the Jimquisition shows, but nowhere near as good, (LOL). Soooo…..look forward to the first episode in the series tomorrow morning on my PE Nintendo Channel. I’ll be talking about why the third-party MULTIplat franchises I liked the most in the past have failed me recently.

Skylanders Trap Team – Buy Wii Version get a Free Code for the Wii U Version


The Official Skylanders website had announced that if you buy Skylanders Trap Team on the Wii, you’ll get a free download code for Skylanders Trap Team on the Wii U.

Devil’s Third – Itagaki Details how the game is not a “Simple Shooter” will have a Distinct Japanese Style

Devil's Third

Tomonobu Itakagi has given new details on the development of Devil’s Third on the Wii U. He talks about Nintendo encouraging him to give the game more of a ‘distinct Japanese style,’ while explaining how the game will not be a “simple shooter”. 

Hyrule Warriors – Link Hyrule Field Combat Footage

hyrule-19-1 (1)

Check out some Hyrule field combat footage with Link in Hyrule Warriors. The footage gives us a good look at the standard combat in the beginning of the game, as well as one of the main villains. 

Hyrule Warriors – English Characters Trailer in HQ

Hyrule Warriors

Nintendo just unleashed a flood of new gameplay and information on Hyrule Warriors for Wii U. Check out this latest features trailer that details all the characters you’ll be battling with in this epic action game.

Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric and Shattered Crystal Release Dates Announced -


Sega has given the official release dates for Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric on Wii U and Sonic Boom Shattered Crystal on 3DS. The Wii U game will be available on November 18th in North America. The 3DS game will be out on November 11th in North America. No word on a European release date at the moment. Check out both boxarts below.

Super Smash Bros for Wii U – Almost 100 new Screenshots Show off Stunning Detail


Nintendo has released a little under 100 new screenshots for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, and I have to say, the attention to detail in this game is stunning. These shots mainly show off Lucina, Robin, and Captain Falcon.

Hyrule Warriors – Princess Ruto, Skyward Sword Stage Gameplay


The recent NicoNico live-stream showed off a bunch of new gameplay from Hyrule Warriors. Check out some footage of Princess Ruto tearing things up in the Skyward Sword Stage.

Hyrule Warriors Trailer: Ruto, Darunia, & Sheik Gameplay


Check out the latest Hyrule Warriors trailer that shows off a variety of characters from Darunia to Sheik to Princess Ruto!

Bayonetta 2 Online Multiplayer will have Friend Invites, CPU mode, Multiple Difficulties, and more

Bayonetta 2 halo wagter

We have new details on Bayonetta 2′s online multiplayer from Famitsu. Players can team up in tag-climax multiplayer with a CPU, Friend, or random player online. There will be friend invites so connecting with friends and playing should be simple. More details past the link.

Bayonetta 2 – New Details and Screenshots from Famitsu

Bayonetta 2

Famtisu has uploaded some new screenshots and art of Bayonetta 2. Plus we have new details on some of the locations and characters in the game. 

Nintendo has made 71 Brand new Franchises Since 2001


While many clueless gamers claim that Nintendo does not make new franchises or IPs, this article from Mii-Gamer just destroys that mindset completely. Mii-Gamer has rounded up all the new IPs Nintendo has made since 2001. And it reveals that Nintendo made over 70 new IPs in the time span. 

3DS Unboxing + Used Copies of Watch Dogs on PS4 Galore!

Dream Team GS CC
PE Nintendo takes a casual approach to unboxings and goes over some of the stuff people say, and do at GameStop. Subscribe to PE Nintendo for more awesome content.

Hyrule Warriors – More Screenshots Showing off Princess Ruto, Darunia, and Sheik in Combat

darunia_ss02 (1)

Koei Tecmo has released even more screenshots showing off Hyrule Warriors on the Wii U. These shots show off Darunia, Sheik, Impa, and Princess Ruto in combat, in addition to Ocarina of Time Link. 

Hyrule Warriors – Amazing new Screenshots show off Sheik, Impa, Ocarina of Time Link, and more!

Hyrule Warriors

The official Hyrule Warriors site has uploaded the motherload of new screenshots of the game. See all the new characters in action below, Sheik and Impa look absolutely stunning in HD

PC Gaming Pricing VS Console Pricing


ProtoMario discusses PC gaming vs. Console pricing.

Bombing Bastards Will Make You Drop F-Bombs – Indie Corner Feature


Jason Lepine plays Bombing Bastards on the Wii U….and it’s not very good.

Hyrule Warriors – Combat Details and Locations Details


Nintendo Everything has shared more details on Hyrule Warriors for Wii U. There are new details on Sheik, Lana,  and Princess Ruto’s combat, as well as various story and location details. 

Hyrule Warriors – Exciting New Details on Skulltulas, Weapon Bags, and more


Nintendo Everything has unearthed tons of new details on Hyrule Warriors. Get all the new information below.

Nintendo Minute – Capcom Visit


The Nintendo Minute team heads over to the Capcom headquarters to talk Capcom’s games on Nintendo system.

Hyrule Warriors – News Scans Show off Lana, Princess Ruto, Darunia, Sheik, new Weapons, and more!

Hyrule Warriors

Nintendo and Koei Tecmo are really ramping up the marketing for Hyrule Warriors. Check out a host of new scans showing off Shiek, Princess Ruto, Darunia, Lana, Impa, and more below! (Source: Lite Agent)

Oddworld New ‘n’ Tasty Gameplay


Eurogamer checks out the first hour of Oddworld New ‘n’ Tasty on PS4. Check it out below.