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Shane Satterfield and Marcus Beer Discuss Gaming – SIFTD GAMES

Oldschool Gaming

Shane Satterfield, former editor-in-chief over at GameTrailers has started up his own venture into the gaming press. SIFTD GAMES is Shane’s own channel, he Marcus Beer discuss a host of gaming related topics in this video podcast below.

Source: SIFTD Games

Famitsu’s Most Wanted Games (3/18/15)

Final Fantasy 15

The latest most wanted games from Famitsu readers is here. Final Fantasy 15 leads the way, followed by Bravely Second, Persona 5, Kingdom Hearts III, Fire Emblem 3DS, Metal Gear Solid 5, Xenoblade Chronicles X and more. Get the full top 30 below.

Media Create Sales (3/16 – 3/22) – Top 50


Check out the top 50 for the Media Create charts below. 

OlliOlli2 – Best Skateboarding Game Since Tony Hawk 2 | PlayerEssence


OlliOlli 2 is one of the best skateboarding games I’ve ever played. Find out why in my hands-on impressions video below! 

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Phantasy Star Onlne 2 – Tales of Zestiria Collaboration Trailer

Phantasy Star Online 2

SEGA has teamed up with Bandai Namco to introduce some Tales of Zestiria costumes to Phantasy Star Online 2 on PS Vita. Its’ a shame SEGA won’t bring this game over to the west, it’s actually really good.

Source: PhantasystarCH

Game Theory: Gamers, You’re Getting Played

Wii U PS4 Xbox One

Game Theory is back with another episode discussing whether gamers are getting played by publishers.

Source: The Game Theorists

Borderlands 2 has Surpassed 12 Million Units sold


GearBox CEO Randy Pitchford has revealed to IGN that Borderlands 2 has surpassed 12 million units sold. This includes the PS3, Xbox 360, PC and PS Vita versions of the game. More details and info can be found on IGN.

Broken Age Coming to PS Vita and PS4 next Month

Broken Age

Double Fine has announced that Broken Age will be coming to the PS4 and PS Vita on April 29th. The PS versions of the game will have cross buy and cross save functionality. Via: Gamerreview, Source: PlayStation Blog EU

Battlefield Hardline DRM, MKX Reveals, More Remasters, MLB 14 Online Support Ending + More! – EventStatus

Hideo Kojima

EventStatus is back with another hard-hitting episode of The Main Event. Warning, Strong Language and Opinions.

Resident Evil: Revelations 2 (PC) – ZyroXZ2 Review

Resident Evil Revelations 2(1)

ZyroXZ2 reviews Resident Evil Revelations 2 on the PC.

Media Create Sales (3/16/15 – 3/22/15) – PS4 and Final Fantasy Type-0 HD lead


This week’s Media Create charts are in . The PS4 was the top system sold with 46,395 units. Final Fantasy Type-0 HD sold the most software with 92,094 units sold. Get the full charts below.

#PAX East 2015: SteamWorld Heist & Zombie Vikings – Mizzah Tee


Mizzah Tee puts his journalist cap on at PAX East 2015!

Twitch CEO Calls for the end of Traditional Gaming Consoles


Twitch CEO Emmett Shear feels that the traditional console business’ days are numbered. Sheer has stated that the long life of consoles falls behind other consumer electronics like cell phones. Sheer feels that Sony and Microsoft need to make set-top boxes than can increase RAM or memory every couple of years. Get his full comments below.

Famitsu’s Most Wanted (3/22/15)

Final Fantasy 15 ff

Famitsu readers have polled their most anticipated games recently. Final Fantasy 15 took the top spot while Bravely Second came in fittingly, at second. Check out the full list of titles below. 

Konami is Already Working on a new Metal Gear game


Konami is moving on with the Metal Gear franchise whether Hideo Kojima is working on it or not. The publisher has removed the Kojima brand from all things Metal Gear for the most part, and CONFIRMED they are working on a new game in the classic franchise. Remember, this is a game OUTSIDE of Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain.

PS Vita Title Gravity Rush will be Coming to the PS4

gravity rush 2

It looks like Gravity Rush could be joining Tearway as the next PS Vita title to be released on PS4. A listing for the game has been spotted on the Korean Game Rating board. This strongly points to Gravity Rush releasing on PS4. The same thing happened with Tearway. I’ve never played Gravity Rush, so I think I’ll check it out on PS4. Via: Gamrreview, Source: NeoGAF

Warlocks – Shoot Magic at The Things (Jim Sterling)

Steam Greenlight

Jim Sterling takes a look at Warlocks on PC. However, this game is also coming to consoles and PS Vita.

Fanboys, Your Wars Are Pointless – Nintendo Reviewer

Wii U PS4 Xbox One

“A little rant about fanboys fighting over their favorite gaming system and why it’s such a dead-end pointless fight.”

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 – Gameplay Trailer

One Piece

“We have a brand new One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 trailer to share with you focusing on the many different story arcs in the game! One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 will release Summer 2015 on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and PC/Steam!”

Konami Responds to Hideo Kojima exit Rumors


Rumors have been swirling around that Hideo Kojima is leaving Konami soon. Konami has officially responded to those rumors below.

Media Create Sales (3/9/15 – 3/15/15) – Yakuza 0 & PS4 Lead


This week’s Media Create charts are in. The PS4 was the top console sold, followed closely by the Nintendo 3DS. Yakuza 0 lead software on PS3 with 145,823 units sold. Yakuza 0 on PS4 followed with 90,506 units sold. Mario Party 10 debuted at 50,212 units on Wii U. Get the full software and hardware charts below.

Dragonball GT: Final Bout – Grumpcade

dragonball gt

Dragonball GT: Final Bout on the original PlayStation… this game really sucked.

Source: GameGrumps