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Rumor – PS4 and PS Vita May be Getting a Price Drop soon


A rumor has cropped up that Sony might be planning to cut the price of the PS4 and PS Vita. On the official PlayStation retail loyalty site, where North American retail employees can sign up and win prizes or learn about new Sony products, there is currently a competition where employees can win PS4 and PS Vita consoles.

WholesomeGamer took a screenshot of the terms and conditions. And to their surprise, the retail values of the PS4 and PS Vita are changed. The PS4 retail value is at $349.00, while the PS Vita is only at $89.00. This could hint at price drops announced at E3 for both devices. However, this is a rumor, so we need to wait till E3 to find out for sure. Via: VGChartz, Source: WholesomeGamer

Anti-GG Apologizes? Dreamcast Games In 2016? Nintendo World Championships, Clueless Konami + More! – EventStatus


EventStatus is back with another hard-hitting episode of The Main Event.

Media Create Sales (5/11/15 – 5/17/15) – 3DS & Final Fantasy X/ X-2 HD Lead

Final Fantasy X HD

This week’s Media Create charts are in. It was a bit of a slow week for Japanese software and console sales. The 3DS lead hardware with 16,355 units sold. Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster topped software with 15,913 units sold. Get the full charts below.

Gamers Hating Sports & Sports Games Stereotype – #CUPodcast


“Where does the stereotype of gamers hating sports and sports games come from?”

Bandai Namco has a 30-Minute E3 Presentation on an “Unannounced AAA” Title


It looks like Bandai Namco is gearing up for a huge E3 2015! According to an email I just received from the firm’s PR team. They have a 30-minute E3 presentation on an “unannounced AAA” game that “you will not want to miss!” Get the full lineup of confirmed games past the link.

Castlevania Symphony of the Night (Part 1) – Game Grumps


The Game Grumps check out one of my favorite games from the PS1 era, Castlevania Symphony of the Night.

When Publishers Kick, Developers Start (The Jimquisition)

Yooka-Laylee 2

Jim Sterling discusses how Kickstarter projects are picking up the slack major AAA companies are leaving behind.

Pre-E3 2015 Show Teases a ‘World Premiere’ by Nintendo and Special Guest Shigeru Miyamoto


It “LOOKS” like Shigeru Miyamoto and Nintendo are ready to show off Star Fox for the Wii U! This pre-E3 show teaser has popped up on Vimeo teasing big studio names such as Infinity Ward, Naughty Dog, Nintendo and more. Guests like Olivia Munn and Shigeru Miyamoto are outed in the video as well. You can watch the short video here. Thanks GameNChick for the tip!

Famitsu’s Most Wanted (5/17/15)

Final-Fantasy-XV_2015_02-22-15_006.jpg_600 (1)

This week’s Famitsu Most Wanted games are in. Check out the full list below.

E3 2015 – All Press Conferences Times & Dates

Wii U PS4 Xbox One

Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo press conference/digital events times and dates have been confirmed. This is in addition to all the third-party company’s press conferences.

Sunday, June 14

  • Bethesda – 6:30PM PDT

Monday, June 15

  • Microsoft – 9:30AM PDT
  • Electronic Arts – 1PM PDT
  • Ubisoft – 3PM PDT
  • Sony – 6PM PDT

Tuesday, June 16

  • Square Enix – 10AM PDT
  • Nintendo – 9AM PDT
  • PC Gaming Show – 5PM PDT

Square Enix Changes E3 Press Conference time to Avoid the Nintendo Digital Event


Looks like Square Enix wised up and changed the time of their E3 press conference to an hour later to avoid running at the same time of Nintendo’s Digital Event. Square Enix will now have their presser on June 16th at 10 AM PT instead of 9 AM PT like Nintendo’s Digital Event. For a little bit of comedic relief you can hit the link for a video from Doctre81.

Current Gaming Trends – #CUPodcast


Jesus Ian discusses the current trends in retro/modern gaming at his store.

NPD April 2015 – Mortal Kombat X Leads top 10


The NPD group has released the top-10 best selling games for North America in April. Mortal Kombat X lead the way. Super Smash Bros. for Wii U & 3DS placed 9th.

Konami says Their ‘Main Platform will be Mobile’ its the “Future”


Well, it looks like Konami has shifted their focus from console games to mobile games. Konami’s CEO Hayakawa told Nikkei this in a new statement.

EA Dice Accused of Milking, FGC Robberies, Ugly Konami Tactics, Yooka Laylee Kickstarter + More! – EventStatus


EventStatus is back with another hard-hitting episode of the Main Event. Get the full video below.

Media Create Sales (5/4/15 – 5/10/15) – 3DS & Wii U Paint the Charts

Mewtwo Smash

This week’s Media Create sales are in, and Nintendo titles took 19 out of 20 spots for software. The 3DS was the top device sold, with Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros Edition selling the most. Get the full charts below. 

Media Create Sales (4/27/15 – 5/3/15) – Xenoblade Chronicles X Debut



Some users are reporting that bundled sales were included in these numbers. But from my understanding, online retailers selling the bundles like Amazon Japan isn’t included. But I’m aware that some of the bundled sales of the game are included.

Original Story

This week’s Media Create sales are in. Xenoblade Chronicles X’s debut sales are in. The massive RPG sold 85,586 units for the week, which doesn’t count digital sales (where it was #1 on the Japanese eShop) or bundled Wii U sales of the game. Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition was the top game sold with 179,926 units for the week. While Dragon Quest X Legend of the Ancient Dragon Online sold 98,923 units. The big Wii U games pushed hardware sales to 22,898 units. But the 3DS still lead overall hardware sales with 25,948 units between all models. Get the full hardware and software charts below.

GGinDC Bomb Threat, MKX Jason DLC, Mobile Esports? Silent Hills Petition + More! – EventStatus


Event Status is back with another hard-hitting episode of the Main Event! See all the topics below.

Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy – CPA Orientation


From the makers of Demon Gaze comes Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy, a dark dungeon crawling RPG that ventures into the beautiful depths of a near-future Tokyo.

Earthworm Jim (Sega Genesis Game) James & Mike Mondays – Video Game Let’s Play


James Rolfe and Mike Matei play one of the hardest games from the 16-bit era, Earthworm Jim! As a side note, when I was a kid, this franchise was huge. There was even a somewhat popular TV show for kids!

Hironobu Sakaguchi’s Terra Battle will get a Console Release


Terra Battle, is a mobile RPG developed by Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi’s own development team, Mistwalker. Now that the game has reached 2 million downloads accorss the Android and iOS, it is planned for a console release. What’s unknown at the moment is when it will be ported and to what consoles it will come on. I’ve played Terra Battle on my Galaxy S5 and while it is quite good, I would personally like to have buttons and D-pad to play it. This type of game would be perfect on the Vita, 3DS, Wii U ect.

PlayStation Plus Games for May 2015 Announced – Guacamelee & The Unfinished Swan lead


Sony has announced the free PlayStation Plus games for May. In total, there are six games included across the PS4, PS3 and PS Vita. Get the full list below.