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Nintendo Highlights Games with a Metacritic of 85% or Better vs. Other Current-gen Consoles


Nintendo has shared an infograph showing off their games accorss 3DS and Wii U that have a 85% score or higher, compared to all other current-gen consoles. According to the graph, Nintendo has 19 titles (8 Wii U, 11 3DS) that have reached this feat.

As a side note, this graph doesn’t include great games like The Wonderful 101, Shin Megami Tensei IV, Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, Lego City Undercover, Deus Ex Human Revolution Director’s cut, and various eShop titles such as Pushmo or Shovel Knight.  (due to being eShop or right under the metacritic required average)

The Interview Cancelled & North Korea Behind Sony Hack? – AlphaOmegaSin

AlphaOmegaSinAfter the hack at Sony and tons of personal information being leaked of everyone who had worked with them over the years. As well as the terrorist threats made on the lives of anyone who went to see The Interview Sony cancelled the movie. Warning, Strong Language

PlayStation’s Gara Questions Weather Black Friday is Good for the Overall Business


PlayStation’s UK boss Fergal Gara has discussed whether Black Friday is good for the overall business. He made some interesting quotes that make you think a bit.

V.I.P. with Pamela Anderson – Angry Video Game Nerd – Episode 128


You loved her on Baywatch and Home Improvement! Now see Pamela Anderson in her own crappy game! The Nerd reviews V.I.P. for the original Playstation!

Source: Cinemassacre

Media Create Sales (12/8/14 – 12/14/14) – Yokai Watch 2 & 3DS lead

Dragon Quest Heroes PS4

This week’s Media Create charts are in. As expected, Yokai Watch 2 Shinuchi was the top-selling piece of software with 1,244,171 units sold, not including digital. The Nintendo 3DS and its various models topped hardware with around 157,000 units sold. The special Dragon Quest Heroes Metal Slime Edition PS4 bundle helped boost PS4 sales to 68,041 for the week. Get the full software and hardware charts below. 

Bandai Namco has Changed Their name Again


Namco Bandai changed their name to Bandai Namco to earlier this year. And now, they have once again changed their name to Bandai Namco Entertainment.

GTA Removed From Stores, FGC’s Poor Behavior, Capcom’s Bad PR, DmC Definitive Edition + More! – EventStatus


Event Status discusses a whole host of topics from Street Fighter to GTA V. Warning, strong language and controversal topics! Seriously.

Sony says a “Truckload” of Games are Coming to the PS Vita


Sony’s senior business development manager of Europe Shahid Ahmad has stated that the PS Vita has a “truckload” of games coming “down the line”. Get his full quotes past the link.

South Park PewDiePie Episode – #CUPodcast


South Park recently did an episode on YouTube Let’s Play videos and PewDiePie.

Source: Pat the NES Punk

I Love My Haters – Definitive RemASStered Edition… – Mizzah Tee


Now Remastered in 1080p with Enhanced Visuals and Audio! Just in time for it’s One Week Anniversary… FOOS! Warning some suggestive themes and language.

Source: Mizzah Tee

I’ve had Enough of Square Enix’s BS… – PE Nintendo

Square Enix BS MS 2

Enough is enough….. Square Enix…. I’m DONE with you jokers. I’m really NOT feeling it SquareTroll.

Source: PE Nintendo

World Trigger game Announced for the PS Vita


Bandai Namco is coming a World Trigger game for the PS Vita. The Official name is called World Trigger: Borderless Mission. The game will feature “team cooperation and battle action”. Source: Gematsu

Nintendo’s Making a Mario Movie…with Sony?! Discussion


GameXplain discusses the recent rumor that Nintendo and Sony are working together on an animated Mario Bros. film.

Source: GameXplain

Soul Sacrifice Delta – New Trailer and Gameplay Overview (Japan)


Sony of Japan has uploaded two new videos on Soul Sacrifice Delta for the PS Vita. See both of them past the link.

Rumor – Sony Pictures & Nintendo Working on an Animated Mario Bros. film


According to a leaked document from Sony, it seems like the firm and Nintendo are in negotiations for an animated Super Mario Bros. film. Get the details below.

The Passing of Ralph Baer: Father of Video Games – #CUPodcast


Ralph Baer: the father of home video games, has passed away. Pat & Ian look back at his life & accomplishments.

Source: Pat the NES Punk

RTPodcast – Defending Your Console of Choice but Bashing Everything Else

Wii U PS4 Xbox One

In this Random Talk Podcast we talk about a rather touchy subject. We want to talk in length about why defend your console when the content you’re getting isn’t up to par. Warning, Strong Language

Source: Bearhugger29

If Disgaea 5 Doesn’t hit Sales Expectations, Nippon Ichi Software Could Shutter

Disgaea Dimension 2

Nippon Ichi Software mainly develops for PlayStation consoles but it seems the company has fallen on hard times. According to the Studios’ Shinkawa Sohei, they might not be in business next year if Disgaea 5 doesn’t hit its sales target. It was stated that Nippon Ichi is looking to sell 150,000 copies of Disgaea 5 on PS4. However, Bloodborne is launching on the same day next year. Get Mr. Sohei’s full quote below.

Media Create Sales (12/1/14 – 12/7/14) – Smash Bros. Wii U & 3DS Lead


Super Smash Bros. for Wii U topped this week’s Japanese sales moving 227,527 units in two days. The 3DS and Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire continue to do well, with the system selling over 145,000 units. Pokemon moved another 172,000 units too. Wii U sales doubled to 24,000 units. Get the full charts below. 

Video game Icon and Pioneer Ralph Baer Passes Away at Age 92


Legendary video game pioneer Ralph Baer has passed away at the age of 92. Mr. Baer is largely regarded as the “Father of Video Games”. In 1969, Baer developed “The Brown Box”, which later went on to be the first video game home console, The Magnavox Odyssey. Many say that Baer also recorded the first ever “Let’s Play” for video games. You can watch that below.

Source: Videogamesfoundation

Source: Smithsonian Channel

PlayStation TV Trailer


“Ready, Set, Play! PlayStation TV is a new, simple, and fun way to enjoy a universe of PlayStation games and entertainment with the entire family.”

Source: PlayStation

Ebay Buying Bots Being Used by Resellers – #CUPodcast


“Evidence of Ebay buying bots being used by large game sellers has come to light. Pat & Ian discuss the matter.”

Source: Pat the NES Punk