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The Super Smash Bros. Show Ep. 4 – Why Sakurai Trolls us

Super Smash Bros Show 4 CC Thumb

On this episode of The SSBS we discuss Little Mac’s moveset, details on why Chrom is not playable and Lucina/Robin are, and why Sakurai trolls us. PLUS, the SEXY matchup of the week! Subscribe to PE Nintendo for more awesome content.

TEEny BiTeS: Tee EXPOSED and Fake Musou Fans?!?


So Nintendo fans only like Musou cause of Hyrule Warriors FOOS? Subscribe to Mizzah Tee for more awesome content.

PE X Nintendo Ep. 61 – Wii U & Nintendo Doomed? Nope!

PE X Nintendo 61 pic CC

Wii U blazes a comeback trail, 3DS is kicking, Yokai Watch 2 goes Ham, NPD numbers, and How the Wii U is NOT dead….plus…..Nintendo is NOT doomed. Subscribe to PE Nintendo for more awesome content.

Is it Wrong I’m Enjoying Mario & Luigi Dream Team more than Destiny?

Mario and Luigi Dream team

I downloaded the Destiny Beta yesterday and played through a couple of hours of the campaign. I also started up Mario & Luigi Dream Team on the Nintendo 3DS. And while the Destiny beta is great for what its worth…..I found Mario & Luigi’s Dream Team far more addicting, despite having inferior graphics, gameplay modes, and features.

The Super Smash Bros. Show Ep. 3 – Will Bayonetta get in?

Smash Bros Show CC Ep 3 Bayo

It was a busy week in gaming so some of you guys might have missed The Super Smash Bros. Show I did on Tuesday. Get the full episode below. The main topic discusses Bayonetta’s possibility of being in Smash Bros, as well as Robin, Lucina, and Falcon’s reveal in the game.  Subscribe to PE Nintendo for more awesome content.

The Industry is Doing fine! Like, Totally fine. I Swear – PE Network


Oh, and I have a broken finger and it’s been broken for weeks. Now it’s splinted up and I type like a little old lady. Subscribe to Butterworthy for more amazing videos!

One Piece Unlimited World Red (Wii U) – Let’s Play

One Piece question CCmark

I know some of you already watched this, but I accidentally had the video set on private for hours due to a scheduling mishap. I did a let’s play on One Piece Unlimited World Red, should you buy this game? Find out below. Subscribe to PE Nintendo for more gameplay videos and Let’s Plays.

Club Nintendo’s Platinum & Gold 2014 Rewards Failure! – PE Network


If there were ever a reason to come to the conclusion that the Club Nintendo needed better management – this is it. 2014′s P&G Club Nintendo rewards are extremely lackluster and entirely inconsiderate (Read: Worthless) to those who already own these games. Subscribe to the Zen Gamer for more great content.

One Piece Unlimited World Red – Should you buy this game? – PE Review

One Piece question CCmark

Francis checks out One Piece: Unlimited World Red on Wii U. Should you buy this pirate fairing adventure, or is it better left to walk the plank? Subscribe to PE Nintendo for more awesome videos!

What’s in the Cards for the king of Handheld Gaming? – PE Network


The successor to the 3DS is on the horizon, and information is slowly starting to trickle out. Subscribe to Butterworthy for more awesome videos.

Got some time? Check out Episodes 1-3 of the Super Smash Bros. Show!

Super Smash Bros for Wii U

I honestly feel I have one of the best Smash Bros shows on the web. I decided to do this show when I was looking for other Smash Bros shows and was throughly disappointed. The lack of creativity, editing, or effort by “big” mainstream websites with their dedicated Smash shows was laughable……so I said…. I can do my OWN SHOW! Check out episodes one through three below if you missed it.

The Super Smash Bros. Ep 3 – Lucina, Captain Falcon, and Robin Confirmed! Is Bayonetta next?

Smash Bros Show CC Ep 3 Bayo

Masahiro Sakurai brought the big guns out this week. PE Nintendo breaks down the newcomers Robin and Lucina. And could Bayonetta be a playable character in Smash? Subscribe to PE Nintendo for more awesome Smash Bros. Show episodes.

The Juice is Loose Ep #5: A Splatoon Discussion – PE Network


This is the new name of my weekly series where we discuss my MK 8 tournament as well as other video game related topics. Tune on every Monday at 8:00pm EST to hear some very level-headed video game discussions! : )

Do You Have A Console Preference… or Predjudice?


Mizzah Tee wonders if some of you FOOS are just plain prejudiced against Nintendo!

ZG Comedy: Zen & The Internet React To The Character Reveals


“With Zelda and Sheik in, I was already a very happy man. But Sakurai decided to do me one better and put in another of my highly wished for characters, Lucina! Whom by the way I thought wouldn’t make it due to Marth’s return to the battle.” Subscribe to The Zen Gamer for more awesome videos.

PE Network Vidcast #5 – LiveStream Starts at 3 PM EDT/ 12 PM PDT

PE Network Vidcast #5 CC

The PE Network Vidcast #5 will be aired live on Sunday July 13th, 2014 on my PE Nintendo Channel and right here on Playeressence. Catch the show below, make sure to submit your questions, and if we have time, we’ll get to them.

PE X Nintendo Ep. 60 – Bandai Namco Fails, New Character Reveal set for Smash Bros!

PE X Nintendo 60 CC

Got another stacked episode of PE X Nintendo for my awesome users! Bandai Namco fails and delays the Wii U version of Project Cars, Hyrule Warriors Skyward Sword Info Blowout, and a brand new Super Smash Bros. character is set for Monday! Subscribe to PE Nintendo for more awesome content!

Bandai Namco Excitingly Annoucnes Project Cars is Delayed on Wii U – My Take

Goku a la Yao Ming (Me la suda)

Bandai Namco…..Bamco….Bammi, we need to talk. If you haven’t heard the news, Project Cars on Wii U is delayed. This is despite the massive hype surrounding the Wii U version, and no competition from games in the same genre. Meanwhile the Xbox One, PC, and PS4 versions will be released this November against: The Crew, Forza Horizon 2, and DriveClub. It’s pretty obviously the Wii U version of the game will suffer bad sales now and why is Bamco so excited the Wii U version is delayed?

The Playeressence Network Vidcast #5 is Going down this Sunday – 3 PM EDT


Just wanted to let you know that The Playeressence Network Vidcast #5 will be live-streamed this Sunday at 3 PM EST. There is going to be fantastic list of topics from new Original Content, Nintendo’s E3 showings, the gaming industry, and more. Catch the show on my PE Nintendo YouTube Channel here. We’ll also be running a Q&A, so you can ask your questions on Google Plus, or right here in the comments section. Oh…and we have two new members will be joining the team.

Xenobladed Chronicles X – Gameplay Analysis – Part 1 & 2


Just incase some of you forgot, I uploaded my Xenoblade Chronicles X gameplay analysis’ today on PE Nintendo.  Watch both episodes below if you missed it.

Be Legendary! Like PlayerEssence on Facebook!

Super Smash Bros Wii U

PlayerEssence is a growing community! I’ve seen a host of new members signing up with Intense Debate to comment and submit articles. But did you know PE has a Facebook page?! Get all of your gaming news sent straight to your iPhone, tablet, or Android device! So be Legendary! Like PlayerEssence on Facebook!

The Super Smash Bros. Show – Over 5,000 Views with Two Episodes!


Just wanted to give a big thank you to everyone who has been tuning into my Super Smash Bros. Show on YouTube. The show is going so well, I’m in talks with a company for a sponsorship. So thank you guys so much watching. More awesome episodes are on the way. And if you are into witches…..you might want to watch Monday’s episode. Subscribe to my PE Nintendo Channel for more awesome content!