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The Wonderful 101 – Hard Mode 1080p Gameplay (Part 4)

The Wonderful 101 Close

The Wonderful week continues with 1080p gameplay of The Wonderful 101 on Wii U. More direct feed footage straight from PE’s Wii U below.

PE Network Vidcast 4 – Content, Fatal Frame, and more!

PE Network Vidcast 4 CC

Just going to be going over the content coming to Playeressence, and the PE Network Channels. I also address the recent drama surrounding the site. 

This Nonsense Needs to Stop – Butterworthy


Jamie Butterworth has had enough…..“stop judging others. Take a look in a mirror sometime.”

PE Network Vidcast 4 – Tonight at 8:30 PM EST – Big Announcement + Content Focus


Hey PE community! Just wanted to let you know that I will be hosted a PE Network Vidcast tonight with Mizzah Tee, The Zen Gamer, and Brayden Cole from ACHP. It will only take around 45 mins to complete. I have a big announcement for the site and updates to the type of content you should expect on going forward. Make sure you subscribe or follow PE Nintendo here, as this is where the live-stream will be taking place. The Vidcast starts at 8:30 PM EST on my PE Nintendo YouTube Channel. If you can’t make it to the Vidcast, I’ll have a recorded version up on YouTube and shortly after. Thanks again!

The Wonderful 101 – Hard Mode 1080p Gameplay (Part 3)

The Wonderful 101 M

Get over hump day with some nice gameplay of The Wonderful 101 in 1080p. Make sure to Subscribe to my PE Nintendo Channel to get all PE’s Nintendo related videos first! 

The Wonderful 101 – Hard Mode 1080p Gameplay (Part 2)

The Wonderful 101 Ttitle

PE Nintendo continues its Wonderful 101 Week with more direct feed 1080p Gameplay from The Wonderful 101. Catch all the unite morphing action below! Subscribe to my PE Nintendo channel for more awesome videos!

Fatal Frame Announced for Wii U! But will it come to the West? – PE Nintendo


Tecmo Koei and Nintendo are working on a new Fatal Frame game. But the big question is will it come to the West? Hear my thoughts on the matter below. Subscribe to my PE Nintendo Channel for the latest original content.

Your questions answered #4 – Butterworthy


Jamie Butterworth answers all of your users submitted questions!

The Playeressence Vidcast Ep. 29 – #7MillionSold (PS4)


Francis from PE Gaming and breaks down all the latest news in the gaming industry for the past week, including how the PS4 has broke 7 million units sold.

The Wonderful 101 – Hard Mode 1080p Gameplay (Part 1)

W101 Week promo cc

PE Nintendo kicks off The Wonderful 101 week in style. We’ve got 1080p direct feed gameplay of The Wonderful 101 all week long. PE Nintendo is busting it up on HARD Mode, make sure to subscribe to get all of our latest videos as soon as they drop!

Blast ‘Em Bunnies – Mizzah Tee at PAX East 2014

Mizzah Tee Show ms

Time to blast some cute bunnies FOOS!

Playeressence X Nintendo Ep. 54 – Smash Bros & Wii U Sales Theories

PE X Nintendo 54 CC
Happy Easter to all! Sorry for the late episode, I was busy with Easter festivities. But I am back, and we have a great episode of PE X Nintendo! Super Smash Bros screenshots, a new Kickstarter game, and Game Theory’s Wii U episode are all discussed!

Orbitor – Mizzah Tee at PAX East 2014

orbitor image

Orbitor is one of the new indie games coming to the Wii U this year. Check out the showcase trailer for the game below.

The Wonderful 101 Week Promo – 1080p Gameplay Starts Monday April 21st!

W101 Week promo cc

PE Nintendo is busting out a The Wonderful 101 Gameplay in 1080p ALL WEEK BABY! Get new gameplay videos of me playing through Hard Mode! Trust me, you’re not going to want to miss this one!

COSPLAY – Mizzah Tee at PAX East 2014

Mizzah Tee Show ms

It’s time for some Cosplay FOOS at PAX East 2014

Cubemen 2 for Wii U – Mizzah Tee at PAX East 2014


Mizzah Tee interviewed  the developer behind Cubemen 2 at PAX East 2014. That video is not quite ready, but we do have a trailer to get you caught up on what Cubemen 2 is all about.

Playeressence Q&A (4/19/2014) – E3 2014, Big Wii U Games, & more!


Francis from PE Nintendo and Playeressence answers all your questions! What can Nintendo do to appeal to the Western market? What is PE’s most anticipated game? What is PE going to do at E3 2014? Get all the answers below!

PE Nintendo – Live Q&A This Saturday at 11 AM PST/ 2 PM EST – I want your Questions!


I’ll be hosting a live Q&A on my PE Nintendo channel, on Saturday April 19th, at 2PM EST. I’ll have the question app on the Google plus stream so you can ask me a question there, or you can put a question below if you can’t make it to the live stream. I’ll still be doing a PE X Nintendo, it just might come a little later than usual. Make sure to Subscribe to my PE Nintendo channel to get the notification of when the stream starts.

The Wonderful 101 – $29.99 Quick Look Live Stream

The Wonderful 101

Watch me play The Wonderful 101 on Wii U. It’s $29.99 on the eShop….go buy it!

Watch live video from Playeressence on

ZG Comedy: Even Hitler Hates YouTube Drama!

Zen Gamer Zone

“This video is for comedic purposes only and contains hidden camera footage of a Nazi strategy meeting gone sour. Look and see what happens when The Fürer himself gets YT drama trolled. While this may be for a laugh or two, that doesn’t make the over-arching message any less true…”

Zen’s Tomodachi Life Direct Overview

Tomodachi Life

“What in the world did I just watch!?! Those were the exact words that escaped me shortly after watching that presentation. Here, I discuss and give my thoughts on the awesome spectacle that was the Tomodachi Life Nintendo Direct.”

What’s all the fuss About Zero Suit Samus? – PE Nintendo

Samus Who Cares CC

Seriously, people have too much time on their hands. There is nothing wrong with Zero Suit Samus in Super Smash Bros for Wii U & 3DS. I discuss why this is a non-issue. Watch Gaijin Goomba’s video here on the topic.

Introducing PE Nintendo & PlayerEssence Gaming YouTube Channels


Got some name changes and content focuses for you guys! Weather you’re a fan of Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony, or love all three, Playeressence has you covered. Subscribe to my PlayerEssence Gaming Channel here. Subscribe to my PE Nintendo Channel here. Watch the video below for all the details!

Zen’s Super Smash Bros. Direct Overview

Super Smash Bros for Wii U

Here it is: Zen Gamer’s extremely late (but extremely worth it) overview of the Super Smash Bros. Direct. From stages to characters and beyond I cover everything the direct had to offer and give my thoughts on it all.

How On-Screen Notifications Could look on Wii U (Mock-up) – Butterworthy


PE Network Vidcast 4 Delayed till Later this week


Just wanted to give you guys a heads up that the PE Network Vidcast scheduled for tonight has been delayed till later this week. Mizzah Tee is currently busy and wouldn’t have been able to make it so we all decided to postpone it till he was available. Hit the link to get a rundown of what we will be talking about on the Vidcast. 

Cool, Crazy Countdowns: Top 10 Best & Worst SSBB Final Smashes

Super Smash SOnic

The Zen Gamer counts down the top 10 best and worst final smashes from Super Smash Bros Brawl on the Wii. Check out the video below, some are sure to surprise you.

Mizzah Tee Invades PAX East 2014!

Mizzah Tee Show ms

Mizzah Tee has officially invaded PAX East 2014, get a snippet of the great content to come this week!

ACTiON Tee-PLAY: Biker Bar Terminator 2 Judgement Day, Super Nintendo

Mizzah Tee
Mizzah Tee is back with some classic Terminator 2 Judgement Day action on the Super Nintendo FOOS!

Z’s Analysis Episode 18: The Struggle of The Two Oceans – Zen Gamer

Zen Gamer Zone

The Zen Gamer is back with another Z’s Analysis on Nintendo. This time he takes a look at Nintendo and their ‘Blue Ocean’ strategy.

The Playeressence Vidcast Ep. 28 “I’m Going to E3 2014!”

E3 2013

Super excited to announce I’ll be going to E3 2014! Give me your interview suggestions and games you would like me to check out on PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PS4! Subscribe to my Playeressence channel on YouTube to get all your multiplatform video news.

PE Network Vidcast set for Tuesday, April 15th at 9 PM EST


Attention all PE Network members, I’ll be hosting a PE Network Vidcast on Tuesday, April 15th at 6 PM PST, that is 9 PM EST. It will be through Google +, so check out inbox messages as I have already sent all of the members a message. We will be discussing the recent drama that has been going on…..and how I want it dead. So please make some time to be there. For all the PE users, you guys will be able to watch the show live on my PE Reviews Channel here. Enough is enough…

500 subscriber THANK YOU! + a personal story and GIVEAWAY! – Butterworthy


Check out Jamie Butterworth’s 500 subscriber special show. This is some of his best work to date. Jamie is also giving away a free copy of Sonic Lost World on the Wii U. Watch the show below to find out how to win it.