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The Super Smash Bros. Show – Shulk FTW, Starting Roster, and more!

Shulk Reveal Trailer
Got a stacked episode of the Super Smash Bros. Show for you guys today! Shulk has been confirmed, an amazing deal if you buy the 3DS and Wii U version of Smash, and the potential starting roster for Smash on 3DS! PLUS the matchup of the week returns with a match that ends….supremely! Subscribe to PE Nintendo for more awesome content!

Now We’re Playing With Power FOOS! – PE Network


Mizzah Tee discusses all the recent Nintendo news from Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS and the New Nintendo 3DS.

Playeressence X Nintendo Special – Hyrule Warriors Hands-on, New Nintendo 3DS, Pokken Tournament, and more! Live at 3:30 PM EDT


The title says it all. I got a lot to talk about in the world of Nintendo. Get my hands-on impressions of Hyrule Warriors, Azure Striker Gunvolt, Mario Kart 8 DLC, and more. Plus I discuss Pokken Tournament, New Nintendo 3DS, and all sorts of other topics. I’ll have time to answer 3 questions! So I’ll pick the best ones!

New Nintendo 3DS & Nintendo’s core Gaming Shift – PE Network Discussion


Nintendo dropped a bombshell today announcing the New Nintendo 3DS. The Zen Gamer, Terminator Juice, Jamie Butterworth, and myself discuss all the recent revelations in the world of Nintendo. Subscribe to PE Nintendo for more awesome content. 

New Nintendo 3DS – Official Q&A Translated


Get the official translated text of the New Nintendo 3DS Q&A below.

New Nintendo 3DS – Full & Official Tech Specs from Nintendo

Get the full and official tech specs on the New Nintendo 3DS below. 

Mario Kart 8: Mercedes-Benz DLC Gameplay – Part 2 – PE Plays

MK8 MB DLC Lets Play 2 MS

Check out some Mario Kart 8 gameplay with the new Mercedes-Benz DLC. There is also commentary! Subscribe to PE Nintendo for more awesome content.

Bayonetta Giveaway Update #2 – PE Network


Terminator Juice goes over the Bayonetta 2 sweepstakes.

#OperationPlatinum Nintendo Fans…UNITE UP!

bayonetta-2-9 (1)

#OperationPlatinum is in full effect! Mizzah Tee adds his own unique flair to the movement! Nintendo fans, Unite Up! Subscribe to Mizzah Tee for more awesome content.

Street Fighter 5 & Tekken 7 Aren’t Coming to Wii U….. not my Problem – Let’s Talk

Capcom and Bandai Namco have no plans to put Street Fighter 5 or Tekken 7 on Wii U…. and while it sucks the Wii U isn’t getting these games….. the system has better fighting game exclusives in my opinion. Subscribe to PE Nintendo for more awesome content.

Mario Kart 8: Mercedes-Benz DLC Gameplay – Part 1 – PE Plays


Check out some Mario Kart 8 gameplay with the new Mercedes-Benz DLC. There is also commentary! Subscribe to PE Nintendo for more awesome content.

Polygon eats lv.100 Honchcrow – Mario Kart 8 Sales Analysis Failure – Let’s Talk

Pokemon 1

Mario Kart 8 will sell 1.99 million units by March 2015…. How about 2.82 Million by the end of June Polygon. Polygon how do you like your Honchcrow? Subscribe to PE Nintendo for more awesome stuff….

The Juice is Loose! Ep #11: Smash leak Discussion (Terminator Juice Calls me out)

Super Smash Bros

This week’s Juice is Loose podcast talks about the latest Mario Kart 8 tournament. Terminator Juice also calls me out for not adding the spoiler to the Smash Bros leak.

Pokken Tournament will come to the Wii U – Opinion Piece


Pokken Tournament was announced today for Japanese Arcades in 2015. And while we didn’t get a release date for North America, or a confirmation of a Wii U version. I personally think that Pokken Tournament will definitely come to Wii U, hear why I think so below.

Tee’s UnXBOXing FOOS! – PE Network

Xbox One

Mizzah Tee unboxes a brand new Xbox One console.

SteamWorld Dig – PlayerEssence Review


SteamWorld Dig is bigger, badder, and better on Wii U. Get our full review of SteamWorld Dig past the break.

By: Jonathan Balofsky

The Super Smash Bros. Show Ep. 9 – All Characters Leaked? Snake as DLC?

SSBS 9 CC jp

The biggest Smash Bros. rumor to date leaks all the characters plus DLC characters. I break down the whole rumor, and give my take on it . Could Snake really be in Super Smash Bros for Wii U? Subscribe to my PE Nintendo channel for more awesome content.

PE X Nintendo Ep. 65 – #OperationPlatinum, Hyrule Warriors & Smash Bros Hype!


Got a stacked show for your guys today. Not all of it is good news with a few games skipping out on the Wii U. However, Wii U sales and software are on the uptick, and a brand new operation has risen to get people to buy Bayonetta 2! Subscribe to PE Nintendo for more awesome content!

#BoycottUbisoft #OperationPlatinum – Butterworthy – PE Network


Are we, as gamers of all platforms, going to continue allowing companies like Ubisoft to just walk all over us? Stick around to the end for a giveaway. Subscribe to Butterworthy for more awesome content.

ZG Unboxing: 101 Wonderful & Legendary Reasons To Get X-Boned!

Zen Gamer Zone

The Zen Gamer has a fantastic unboxing of all sorts of Wii U and Xbox Goodness? Subscribe to The Zen Gamer for more awesome content.

UbiSHAFTED?!? Don’t Care, LOL. – Mizzah Tee – PE Network


I want to care but I just don’t and here’s why Ubisoft…

How dare Wii U fans not buy bad Quality, Overpriced Xbox 360 Ports – Let’s Talk


You know what? Nintendo fans are ungrateful. We complain, whine, and moan for better third-party support… then don’t buy the inferior ports given to us. Subscribe to PE Nintendo for more awesome content!

LogiKast: Entire Super Smash Wii U/3DS Roster Leaked?


The guys from the LogiKast discuss the rumored entire Smash Bros for Wii U/3DS roster leak.

Bayonetta 2 Giveaway!!! – Terminator Juice


In honor of Yves Guillemot’s idiotic statements yesterday, I have decided to take that $60 that I was going to spend on Watchdogs, and put it towards an extra copy of Bayonetta 2 and do a giveaway!!! Watch this video for all the details!!!

Ubisoft is full sh*t, ZombiU Sells 2X more than Just Dance on Wii U

Ubisoft Yves Guillimot CC

Ubisoft has some nerve to say Wii U owners are only interested in Just Dance, when ZombiU has sold more copies than all three versions of Just Dance on the Wii U…… COMBINED! Subscribe to PE Nintendo here!

Quinnspiracy Theory The Five Guys Saga – Butterworthy


This video is being mirrored from InternetAristocrat per his permission, in order to raise awareness for this. I know I’m always railing on the gaming media, but this is absolutely appalling. Here is the link to the original video.

The Juice is Loose! Ep #10: Multi-Console Owners

Wii U PS4 Xbox One

For this weeks main topic, we’ll be discussing what it means to be a gamer who owns multiple consoles(and PC) at the same time. 

My Take on Gaming Remasters – Let’s Talk

The Last of Us Remasted

Got a brand new series for you guys, it’s called Let’s Talk, where I do just that. I’ll be covering a wide range of topics so look forward to new episodes every week. Subscribe to PE Nintendo for more awesome content.

Stop Asking for Zelda to have “Realistic” Graphics – PE Network


Jamie Butterworth discusses why Zelda fans shouldn’t be asking for ‘realistic’ graphics.

RRPG Two-Cents: The Sad State of Third-Parties…


RRPG takes a look at the situation surrounding 3rd-party support on the Wii U, Xbox One, PS4.