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LEGEND OF KORRA – Hands On Breakdown & Impressions by Maximilian


Maximilian Dood breaks down his playtime with The Legend of Korra game at the San Diego Comic-Con. Does this game live up to Platinum Games’ awesome pedigree, watch the video below to find out.

August Games with Gold for Xbox One and Xbox 360 Revealed


Microsoft has revealed August’s ‘Games with Gold’ offers and it includes some pretty good games, especially on the Xbox 360 front. Uses on the Xbox One can pick up Crimson Dragon and Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut. While Xbox 360 owners can pick up Motocross Madness and Dishonored. Via: Gematsu

Official Skylanders Trap Team: Soda Springs Level Playthrough


Activision walks your through a level of Skylanders Trap Team. The new mechanic lets you capture villans, and use them on your own team.

Subscribe to the Gamers@Large Network!


Jamie Butterworth has a big announcement! The Gamers@Large have a brand new network. Subscribe and check out the video below for details.

Assassin’s Creed Unity – 8 Minutes of Gameplay Footage

Assassins Creed Unity

Ubisoft has shown off some brand new gameplay footage from Assassin’s Creed Unity from the San Diego Comic-Con. Check out all the action below.

ProtoMario has been Hacked, Don’t Unsubscribe


Just wanted to let you guys know ProtoMario has been hacked on YouTube. A lot of idiots are uploading stuff straight to his account. He’s already lost 1,000 subscribers already and counting. Just ignore the stupid videos for now. 

Titanfall (PC) is $25.49 on Amazon


Titanfall is on sale at Amazon. You can download the game on PC for $25.49. You will need a EA Origin account to play the game. Get the deal at the hyperlinks above.

Mass Effect – Next game not Called Mass Effect 4, Co-op, Possible Returning Characters


Bioware has given some new details on the Next Mass Effect game. It will not be called Mass Effect 4. Co-op will be returning, but it should be a lot bigger, and there could be old characters returning. This information was revealed the San Diego Comic-Con.

Police Attempt to Arrest Deadpool Cosplayer on his Way to a Charity Event


Poor Deadpool…..All I know is, this shit literally seems like a mini story arc from an actual Deadpool comic with how silly the whole thing is. Warning, Strong Language

Sunset Overdrive Video Shows off Customization and Gameplay Details


Insomniac goes over all the crazy customization options players will find in Sunset Overdrive.

The Quality of 3rd Party Multi-platform Games has Dropped Terribly

Failed 3rd CC

I discuss how the quality of third-party, ‘Multi-platform” games has drastically dropped since 2010 in MY OPINION. Subscribe to PE Nintendo for more awesome content.

The Destiny beta is open to all on PSN and Xbox Live!


Want to try Destiny on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, or Xbox One without a beta code? Well you can do that now. Bungie has stated that anyone can download the beta on PSN and Xbox Live right now. While I didn’t like the beta that much, but you can try it out yourself. Source: VG247

Google has Acquired Twitch TV for $1Billion – Report


Google has just purchased Twitch TV for $1 billion according to VentureBeat and PCplayr. Sources close to the matter said its pretty much a done deal. Twitch and Google have declined to comment at the moment though. More details can be found at the hyperlinks provided.

Microsoft Attempts to Sell the Xbox One in Japan with new Video


Microsoft has released a brand new video showing off the Kinect recognizing Japanese language. Then the video shows off  various apps and games, starting with the perfect game for the Japanese audience, Titanfall.

THE FUTURE OF TEKKEN – Tekken 7 Hopes & Details


Maximilian Dood discusses Tekken 7 for the PS4 and Xbox One.

Lords of the Fallen – Sins Gameplay Trailer


CI Games has released a brand new gameplay trailer for Lords of the Fallen. See all the bald guy action past the link.

Will Furious Francis Return this Friday……?


Du-Du- Duhhhhhhh…… In short…..no, but I do want to announce that I will be tackling ‘more controversial’ topics on my PE Nintendo Channel. HOWEVER, I will not be returning to what I did on my Furious Francis channel in the past. These videos will be scripted, but I’ll speak as if it is not. There is editing, but a lot of it will be still shots. Kind of like the Jimquisition shows, but nowhere near as good, (LOL). Soooo…..look forward to the first episode in the series tomorrow morning on my PE Nintendo Channel. I’ll be talking about why the third-party MULTIplat franchises I liked the most in the past have failed me recently.

Destiny Beta Gameplay – Characters and Classes (Xbox One)


The Xbox Upload team shows off the character and classes from the Destiny beta on Xbox One. Check out the gameplay below.

PC Gaming Pricing VS Console Pricing


ProtoMario discusses PC gaming vs. Console pricing.

Destiny Beta Gameplay – The Destiny World (Xbox One)

The Xbox Upload team checks out the Destiny beta on the Xbox One.

Playeressence has a YouTube Channel! You Should Subscribe!


Hello everyone! I just want to remind all the new readers that Playeressence does have an awesome YouTube Channel that is getting more and more popular by the day! We’ve got all sorts of original content from let’s play videos, speciality shows, and vidcasts. Check out some of our latest work below.

Mortal Kombat X: Raiden Breakdown & More (July 2014)


The un-official Fighting Hype Man Maximilian Dood breaks down Raiden from Mortal Kombat X. Check out all the action below.