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Titanfall Dev Doesn’t know or care if it’s Making a Profit, Just Loves Developing Games


Titanfall producer Drew McCoy doesn’t know if his game is making profit, nor does he care if it is or not. He’s making games because he loves to do so.

Watch Dogs lead says the Frame rate is a Important Factor in Gameplay


Watch Dogs will have smooth frame rate according to Watch Dogs’ lead programmer Francis Bolvin (great name by the way :D). Bolvin feels that frame rate is “very important to the gameplay.” then goes over the technical side of things.

Murdered Soul Suspect – Japanese Trailer


Square Enix has released a brand new Japanese trailer for Murdered Soul Suspect. For some reason I want to play with these voice actors instead.

Trails Fusion Gameplay – Gold Medal for a Rainy Day


GameSpot has uploaded a short clip for Trails Fusion. You can watch them get a gold medal on Rainy Day course.

The Evil Within – Brand new Screenshots Bring the Horror


Check out some brand new screenshots for Shinji Mikami’s The Evil Within.

Halo composer fired, Twitch to sell games, and Snoop Dogg narrates CoD | Hard News 04/16/14


ScrewAttack goes over the Halo music director getting fired, Twitch selling games, and Snoop Dogg in COD.

The Elder Scrolls Online – The Arrival Cinematic Trailer


Xbox has uploaded a trailer for The Elder Scrolls Online titled “The Arrival.” Check it out below.

Hyper Light Drifter – More Footage from PAX East 2014

Kotaku takes a look at Hyper Light Drifter at PAX East 2014.

Trials Fusion Review Round up – Looking good


Trails Fusion is out today on the Xbox One, PS4, and Xbox 360. The PC version is dropping on April 24th. Get the full review round up from across the web below.

Cult County is back on Nintendo 3DS


Renegade Kid has announced on their Kickstarter that Cult County hit the Nintendo 3DS. The game started out as a Nintendo 3DS exclusive before being shifted over to consoles and the PS Vita. However, the fans of the 3DS spoke up to Renegade Kid and a 3DS version is back in the works. With 16 days left to go, Cult County has $38,120 of their $580,000 goal. Support Cult County on Kickstarter here. Via: Nintendo Everything

BlazBlue Developer is Working on a new BloodRayne game


Arc System Works, the developers behind BlazBlue and Guilty Gear have begun teasing a new entry in the BloodRayne franchise.

Call of Duty Ghosts – Snoop Dogg Trailer

Snoop Dog

Snoop Dog is coming to Call of Duty Ghosts. Snoop Dog or Lion….or whatever will be lending his vocal talents to let players know when they do cool stuff.

PE Network Vidcast 4 Delayed till Later this week


Just wanted to give you guys a heads up that the PE Network Vidcast scheduled for tonight has been delayed till later this week. Mizzah Tee is currently busy and wouldn’t have been able to make it so we all decided to postpone it till he was available. Hit the link to get a rundown of what we will be talking about on the Vidcast. 

Dragon Ball Z Part 2 – Did You Know Voice Action?


Christopher Niosi has uploaded part 2 of his Did You Know Voice Acting on the Dragon Ball Z franchise. Check it out below, there are a ton of great facts on the DBZ franchise in there.

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare – Zomboss Down Trailer


Xbox has uploaded a brand new trailer for Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare ‘Zomboss Down’ DLC. This is free DLC that adds new characters, maps, modes. Check out the trailer below.

Rayman Legends – Twitch highlights with Michel Ancel and the Dev Team

Rayman Legends

Ubisoft has uploaded a brand new video of Michael Ancel playing Rayman Legends with the development team. Check out the video below, its pretty cool to hear Ancel talk about the game.

New Skylanders game will be Revealed next week


Activision will be holding a media event next week on April 23rd to unveil the brand new game in the Skylanders franchise. On the invite, it says “the latest innovation from the franchise that created the toys-to-life category.”

Ubisoft Picks “Quality” over Rushing a Product to Market with Watch Dogs


Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs got a painful delay last year in order to polish the game up in many areas. The delay set a message to all their studios that quality is more important than rushing a product to market. The Division’s managing director David Polfeldt discussed the topic in a new interview.

The Unholy Trinity Of Blind Greedy Bastards – Jimquisition


“Only three videogames in the world exist, according to those who now get to make all the videogame decisions. The blind lead the blind, and ignorance reigns supreme.”

Mizzah Tee Invades PAX East 2014!

Mizzah Tee Show ms

Mizzah Tee has officially invaded PAX East 2014, get a snippet of the great content to come this week!

Prodigy – Basic Gameplay Trailer

Prodigy the game Elae

Hanakai Studios shows off the basic concepts behind how Prodigy the Game will work on PC. The studio plans to bring the game to the Wii U, PS4, and Xbox One at some point.

Xbox One – April Update Rolling out, Improvements to Wireless, Audio, Kinect, and more


The Xbox One is getting a full update rolling out tonight. Major Nelson has detailed all the improvements and enhancements on his blog. Get the rundown below.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 – Take a look at the new Jade

Beyond Good & Evil 2

Michel Ancel and his team at Ubisoft has shown off the first drawing of Jade in Beyond Good & Evil 2 in a recent live steam. Check out the full picture below.

The Playeressence Vidcast Ep. 28 “I’m Going to E3 2014!”

E3 2013

Super excited to announce I’ll be going to E3 2014! Give me your interview suggestions and games you would like me to check out on PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PS4! Subscribe to my Playeressence channel on YouTube to get all your multiplatform video news.

Trials Fusion Needs a Day-one Patch to Raise the Resolution to 900p on Xbox One


Trails Fusion runs at 1080p on the PS4 and PC, but the Xbox One version will need a patch just to raise it to 900p on day one. If you don’t download the patch on Xbox One, the resolution will be at 800p. Ubisoft relayed this information to Eurogamer today in a new write-up. All versions of the game will be running in 60FPS though. Trails Fusion launches on April 16th for the PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox 360, while the PC version launches on April 24th. Via: Polygon, Source: Eurogamer, Thanks Anti for the tip!

Watch Dogs – “Telling a Story” Trailer


Ubisoft has released a new trailer on Watch Dogs detailing how the team thought of the story behind the open world epic.

Child of Light – Lemuria Trailer

child_of_light-1-1 (1)

Ubisoft has uploaded a brand new trailer for Child of Light showing off the world of Lemuria in all its beauty.

Evolve – New Monster Ability Changes Detailed by Turtle Rock


Turtle Rock Studios producer Denby Grace has detailed some new monster ability changes for Evolve in a new interview with GameSpot.

Ubisoft Confirms E3 Media Briefing for June 9th


Ubisoft has confirmed that they will be holding their E3 press conference on Monday June 9th. 

Watch Dogs will not Feature Cheat Codes

Watch_Dogs_MOTORCYCLE_STEAMPIPE_618x348 (1)

Watch Dogs creative director Jonathan Morin has confirmed that Watch Dogs will not be using cheat codes.

Titanfall: Expedition DLC Princed & Dated


Titanfall’s first DLC expansion Expedition has been officially priced at $9.99 as a standalone product, or $24.99 as part of the season pass. More details on the contents of the DLC below.

Battlefield 4 “Death Shield” Bug Discovered Online


Jackfrags on YouTube has discovered a nasty bug online with Battlefield 4 that lets players use a teammate as an invisible shield to block incoming bullets and projectiles. Check out the video below on the matter.

Capcom will Invest $80 Million into new Facilities


Capcom has begun construction of two new research and development buildings. The firm says they will total up $80 million each, 2,500 internal developers will be stationed to work there by March 2022.