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3DS Update 9.5.0-23 is live, Improves Stability

Majora's Mask New 3DS XL

Nintendo as just released a brand new firmware update for the 3DS. Update 9.5.0-23 does the typical:

“Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience.”

Source: Nintendo

Mario Vs. DK: Tipping Stars – Crumbling Cavern 4-3 Gameplay (Wii U – 1080p60fps)


“Check out Piranha Plants and Toads in action in Mario vs Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars on the Wii U, featuring level 4-3 from Crumbling Cavern!”

Source: GameXplain

S@X – Blur (captain Falcon) Vs. VGBC | GimR (G&W) SSB4 Losers Bracket – Smash 4

Super Smash Bros for Wii U game and watch

Check out this match between GimR vs Blur. This is one of the better matches from the past week’s S@X. GimR roles with a deadly Game & Watch!

Source: VGBootCamp

Marth amiibo will be Restocked in late April, says Nintendo

Super Smash Bros Marth

Nintendo has announced that the rare Marth amiibo will be restocked in late April. The firm put out a Twitter post revealing the good news.


Smash Bros. 4 – S@X (3/2/15)

Smash Bros for Wii U Marth

Get a tons of matches from the latest S@X in Smash 4.

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Playeressence CC

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G@L Episode 54: State of Gaming

Gamers @ Large

The Gamers @ Large crew discuss the state of the gaming industry, as well as various other gaming topics.

Cinematic (The Jimquisition)

Jimquisition Logo

Jim Sterling discusses the use of ‘Cinematic’ in gaming.

Match Commentary #16 – ZeRo (Jigglypuff) vs Etulf (Sheik)


ZeRo shows you the ropes with Jigglypuff in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS. 

IronFall: Invasion – Game & Watch (Video Preview)


We play through the fourth mission in IronFall: Invasion in our latest Game & Watch on the 3DS! – GameXplain

Japanese 3DS eShop Charts (3/2/15)


Get the top-selling eShop titles for Japan below. 

Bomberman II (NES) with JonTron – James & Mike Mondays


JonTron guest stars this week as we play Bomberman II on NES! 

Super Smash Bros. Wii U – shofu vs FOW


Shofu faces off against one of the top Smash 4 players around in FOW.

Nintendo DS Hidden Gems – WiR 3/1/15 (NintendoEnthusiast)


The Nintendo DS was filled with tons of games, literally too many to count. Naturally, some of these games have slipped through the cracks. For this episode of Week in Review, I decided to make it a special, and look at some of the hidden gems on the DS! Enjoy!

Smash Sundays #1 – Super Smash Bros Wii U VS Shofu


“It’s time for a new weekly series! If you enjoyed it don’t forget to leave a “LIKE”! Can we reach 3000 likes? :)” 

Famitsu’s Most Wanted (3/1/15) – FF XV, Xenoblade, Zelda Wii U, Persona 5 lead

FF and Xenoblade MS

The latest Famitsu’s Most Wanted charts are in, and there are a ton of great games listed. The Fire Emblem 3DS, Persona 5, Final Fantasy 15, Xenoblade Chronicles X, The Legend of Zelda Wii U all lead. Get the full charts below. 

Mario vs Donkey Kong Tipping Stars – New Gameplay Clips


Check out a host of new gameplay clips from Mario. vs. Donkey Kong Tipping Stars on the Wii U/3DS.

Mario vs. Donkey Kong Tipping Stars file size


Mario vs. Donkey Kong Tipping Stars will launch next week on 3DS and Wii U. The cross-buy title will take up 930MB of space on Wii U, while the 3DS version weighs in at 2,100 blocks. 3D is not supported on the Nintendo 3DS as a reminder. Via: Nintendo Everything, Source: Nintendo JP

High-Quality Photos of the Ness amiibo


Check out some high-quality photos the unreleased Ness amiibo.

Source: Taobao

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate – First Round of DLC out on March 6th for free (Link Items)

maxresdefault (1)

Capcom has revealed the first wave of DLC coming to Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate for free. Get all the details below including the fact it comes with The Legend of Zelda items!

Azure Striker Gunvolt – Update 1.2 will Utilize the New Nintendo 3DS


Good news for Azure Striker Gunvolt fans that have a New Nintendo 3DS. Update 1.2 will be able to change weapons on the fly with the ZL/ZR buttons. You can also expect faster loading times with the boosted processing speed of the New Nintendo 3DS. Three new songs will be added as well. Update 1.2 should drop on March 11th in Japan, North America could get it then too. Via: Nintendo Everything, Source: Inside Games JP

Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 Announced for the 3DS eShop

Azure Stiker

The official Azure Striker Gunvolt Twitter page has revealed that Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 is in development for the 3DS. It will be released on the eShop!