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Xenoblade made me Realize Something I HATE About Bloodborne and Modern RPGs

Xenoblade VS Bloodborne MS

I’ve been playing a lot of Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, I wish more games were like it…..

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Nintendo Worth 24 Billion, Sakurai Disses Devs, 200CC too fast?, eShop Gets Spooky – WiR 4/25/15


“It’s time for the best weekly webshow for Nintendo fans: Week in Review! Join Shawn as he breaks down Mario Kart 8 DLC thoughts, Sakurai dissing other devs, and much more in a jam-packed episode!”

PE X Nintendo #79 – Nintendo’s 2015 Lineup Without ZELDA!

PE X Nintendo 79 MS

On this week’s episode of PE X Nintendo, Nintendo discusses the amiibo shortage, Xenoblade Chronicles 3D eShop sales, more Smash Bros. DLC, and I break down how Nintendo’s 2015 looks without Zelda. Subscribe to PlayerEssence here!

Competitive Smash Bros. Player Leffen Dicusses the Scene and the “Villain” Role he Plays

Super Smash Bros Melee

Simply put, Leffen is a bit of a jerk and makes competitive players look bad with the antics he pulled over the years. However, he has plenty of skill to back it up. In this video, Pro Gaming team TSM introduces one of their newest signees, Leffen.

Source: SolomidDOTNet

Publishers Fighting to Keep Dead Games Dead – #CUPodcast


“The Electronic Frontier Foundation is fighting to let people make servers for abandoned games like Battlefield 1942 and Mario Kart on Wii.”

Bravely Second: End Layer – The First 140 Minutes (Japanese)

Bravely Second Japanese Box Art-1

Bravely Second: End Layer is officially out in Japan. Tilmen from Nintendomination has uploaded the first 140 minutes of footage from the title. Warning, Bravely Default story spoilers in video!

Source: Nintendomination

Super Smash Bros Creator Masahiro Sakurai says DLC done These days is a Scam

Super Smash Bros Sakurai

While some DLC is well worth your money like Mario Kart 8 and The Witcher 3. There are a lot of publishers who try to take advantage of their consumers with DLC like Warner Bros with Mortal Kombat X (easy fatality DLC). Super Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai was asked about DLC and he feels many developers are scamming consumers with incomplete games, then charging for DLC.  

Cube Creator 3D – Launch Trailer


Check out the launch trailer for Cube Creator 3D.

Square Enix will hold a Press Conference for E3 2015


Square Enix will be hosting their own press conference for E3 2015 on Tuesday June 16th, at 9AM PDT/ 5PM BST/ 1AM JST. The event will be livestreamed as well, so you can look forward to coverage on PlayerEssence about all the new games they show off.

“Evil Boo!” – Super Smash Bros. Wii U: For Glory – Kirby #2 – PHDPlayZ


Whats going on guys? It’s your boy PHD bringing you a new For Glory series on the channel. We are going to use Kirby again because, well, he’s a beast. Make sure to show your support by smashing that “Like” button right in the face to show that you want to see more! Hope yall enjoyed and catch you next time :)

Nintendo Downloads (NA) – Mario Kart 8 DLC, Cube Creator 3D and more


This week’s North American Downloads are in. Get the full list below.

Nintendo UK says amiibo “Smashed” Expectations, Working on Getting more Stock

Smash Bros Amiibo

Nintendo’s amiibo has been a Smash hit for the company. Strong demand has been stripped by supply, as many of the figures have been hard to find in stores. Nintendo UK’s James Honeywell, discussed amiibo and assured fans they are working on getting a better supply.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3D Charts #2 on eShop Sales


Xenoblade Chronicles 3D has placed 2nd on the 3DS eShop charts for the past week. Considering the game is a New 3DS exclusive, and takes up a good amount of space on your memory card, it’s a bit surprising to see it so high. I know I purchased a retail copy, but it seems like other people felt digital is a better option for this type of game! Either way, good to see. Get the full list of games below. 

Mewtwo DLC Winner #3, Channel Update & E3 2015!

Playeressence CC

I announce the Mewtwo DLC code winner #3, give updates on new giveaways, channel direction and my E3 2015 plans!

Sakurai says he will Create more Smash Bros. DLC for the fans


In Masahiro Sakurai’s latest column for Famitsu, the legendary producer revealed he plans on supporting Smash Bros. with more DLC in the future.

Maximilian Dood says Smash 4 is a “Hardcore Fighting game,” Gives Thoughts on the Ryu Rumors and Update

Smash Bros for Wii U Marth

Maximilian Dood discusses the rumors Roy and Ryu could be coming to Super Smash Bros. for Wii U AND dispels the stupidity that Super Smash Bros. is somehow not a fighting game despite it being showcased at the worlds largest fighting game tournament, EVO:

“It’s not that I don’t consider Smash a hardcore fighting game. If you watch Smash, you guys know that it’s a hardcore fighting game and requires the mechanics and execution of like the gods to pull some of this stuff off. It is ridiculous and I barely understand how people can do it.”

Remember, Maximilian Dood is one of the most respected members in the fighting game community. He plays Guilty Gear, Killer Instinct, Street Fighter, and a variety of other fighting games. The man knows his stuff when it comes to fighting games.

Source: Maximilian Dood

Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition Overview Trailer


Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros. Edition has a brand new overview trailer. See it past the link.

Lord of Magna Maiden Heaven – New Trailer, Pre-order Bonus and Release Date


XSEED has revealed a lot of new information on Lord of Magna for the Nintendo 3DS. The Japanese RPG will launch in North America on June 2nd for $39.99 in stores and on the eShop. Europe/ Australia will get the game on June 4th, DIGITAL ONLY, for 24.99£ / 29.99€ / 49.95AU$. North American users can pre-order the game and get a free 28-track soundtrack. Check out the new trailer for the game below.

Media Create Sales (4/13/15 – 4/19/15) – 3DS and Girls Mode 3 Lead

Dying Light

This week’s Media Create charts are in. Nintendo’s Girls Mode 3, known in the west as Style Savvy, topped the charts with 55,179 units sold. The Nintendo 3DS was the top piece of hardware, with over 21,000 units sold. Get the full charts below.

Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition – Gameplay Footage


IGN sat down with Nintendo’s Treehouse team to check out 30 minutes of Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition.

Nintendo Copyright Fiasco, Misinformed Smash Bros. 4 Casuals – PE RantZ

PE Rantz MS

I rant about a few things that are grinding my gears… Subscribe for more rants, gameplay videos, reviews and more.

Nintendo’s Market Cap Soars past $24 Billion, Doubled Since January


Nintendo’s upcoming foray into the mobile game market later this year, has shot their value quite high. According to the most recent Yahoo fiance data, Nintendo’s market cap is currently valued at ¥2.95 trillion, which surpasses $24 billion. This is almost double what they were valued at in January of this year, and the highest point its been at in four years. Via: Nintendo Enthusiast, Source: Gamenesia