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The Super Smash Bros Show – I need Suggestions for the Matchup of the week


Hey PE Faithful! I’ll be recording the next episode of The Super Smash Bros. Show soon. I need some suggestions for the matchup of the week. Please leave your suggestions below. If I use your suggestion, I’ll make sure to give you a shout-out in the episode! Catch episodes 1-5 here!

Hyrule Warriors – a few more Details on Online play & Save Files

Hyrule Warriors

Hyrule Warriors will have online play for the Wii U. Online play will be a special mode outside the main campaign it seems, this also seems to be separate from the local co-op that will be based on the campaign mode. According to Nintendo Everything, the wording on the Japanese site makes it seem as if there is a ‘special mode prepared for those who intend to play over the internet.’ Lite Agent on NeoGAF has also chimed in saying Hyrule Warriors is confirmed to have online play. Here is his translation straight from the Japanese site: “Play Special battle in adventure mode”. Lite Agent often translates Japanese correctly, so you can trust his translation. There will only be one save file per a user, and DLC is confirmed, of course.

Rayman Creator Michel Ancel Joins Indie team Wild Sheep Studio

Rayman Legends

Ubisoft developer and creator of Rayman Michel Ancel has announced that he has joined a new indie development team called Wild Sheep Studio. However, he is still working at Ubisoft. Wild Sheep Studio has a brand new IP in the works that will be announced soon. Via: MNN, Source: Gamekult

RIVE Gameplay and Features Details, Wii U Version a “Definite Possibility”


Two Tribes just announced RIVE for PC and Consoles. On the studios Twitter account, they answered all sorts of questions from users, get the first details below.

Protomario Gets Hacked…? Not Really – Explaination


ProtoMario has regained complete control of his channel. He explains how he was not really hacked, and how he made the mistake of revealing his mobile upload code.

Shovel Knight – Europe, Japan and Australia Localization


Yatch Club Games announced on their blog, update about Shovel Knight localization status in Europe, Australia and Japan.

Battleborn – First Screenshots and Details of Gearbox’s New IP


GameInformer has went live with their exclusive preview of Battleborn for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Get the first screenshots and details of the multiplayer game below.

Super Smash Bros. Melee EVO 2014 Footage

Super Smash Bros Melee

Check out some of the best Smash Bros. Melee players rip it up at EVO 2014. Melee is so freaking fast!

PATIENCE, EVIL RYU…PATIENCE – Ultra Street Fighter 4 Online

Fighting Hype Game Man Maximilian Dood shows us how to get it done with Evil Ryu in Ultra Street Fighter 4 Online.

One Piece Unlimted World Red Launch Trailer – NA

One Piece Ulimted World red

Check out the North American launch trailer for One Piece Unlimited World Red on the Wii U, PS3, PS Vita, and 3DS.

I’ve Got to Run – 12 Minutes of Gameplay Footage


Check out 12 minutes of gameplay footage from I’ve Got to Run on Wii U.

Welcome to all the new Users!


I’ve noticed a lot of new users signing up with Intense Debate and making comments. I just wanted to personally thank all of you for visiting the site, as everyone here does their best job to make this an enjoyable experience for all involved. Thanks and continue visiting PlayerEssence for all your gaming news! 

Nordic Games Talks About Future Plans for Darksiders & Red Faction

GenGAME released an interview they’ve conducted with Nordic Games’ product development director Reinhart Pollice during E3 2014, to talk about their future plans for Darksiders and Red Faction, both IPs were acquired from THQ’s bankruptcy. Pollice has confirmed the company are currently exploring various concepts for both IPs, although the planning stages for Darksiders III may be ahead of Red Faction.

The interview talks about the possible gameplay mechanics, communicating with the former Darksiders team, and Pollice even touched on his love for The Legend of Zelda games. Check out the entire interview from GenGAME below.

Airtight Games Confirms Studio Closure

Airtight Games has officially confirmed recent reports of the studio’s closure in a Twitter post yesterday. Although it appears the studio’s financial difficulties has been ongoing for several months before the news broke out.

The Super Smash Bros Show Ep. 1 ‘Shulk and Chrom are Pretty much Confirmed!?


Welcome to the first episode of PE Nintendo’s show dedicated solely to Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS. On today’s episode we dig into how Chrom and Shulk are pretty much a lock for Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS, Greninja’s play style, and the match-up of the week. Subscribe to my PE Nintendo Channel to get my videos as soon as they drop!

Mistwalker RPG ‘Terra Battle’ Could come to Consoles


DualShockers has revealed some new information on Hironobu Sakaguchi’s latest RPG Terra Battle for mobile platforms. And while it’s not confirmed to come to consoles, Sakaguchi has stated that he would like to port it to consoles at some point.

Marvelous AQL Officially Renamed as Marvelous

Marvelous AQL the publisher of various series such as Rune Factory, Senran Kagura, and Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons has officially renamed their company as Marvelous today.

Mistwalker’s Terra Battle is a Smartphone Game

This week’s Famitsu magazine has revealed Mistwalker’s upcoming title Terra Battle turns out to be an RPG for smartphones only. Hironobu Sakaguchi conducted a recent interview with the magazine to talk about the new title, the staff, and other topics.

NIS America to Announce New Games at Anime Expo 2014

NIS America’s forum administrator Houk mentioned a “couple of new titles” will be announced at Anime Expo 2014, the administrator even confirmed the announcements will be for games.

Aksys Games Teasing an Announcement for Anime Expo 2014

“Explosive announcements” will be revealed by Aksys Games at this year’s Anime Expo 2014 according to a recent Facebook post by the company. The company will be making their announcements during a panel on July 4, 2014 at the event. Check below for full details and their official event schedule.

New Yakuza Title is Currently in Development

This week’s Famitsu magazine has revealed Sega has started development on a new Yakuza title, in an interview with Yakuza series supervisor Toshihiro Nagoshi and producer Masayoshi Yokoyama.

The Super Smash Bros Show Ep. 1 – Debuts this week

Super Smash Bros Wii U

Hey PE Faithful! I got some exciting news, especially if you like Smash Bros. My brand new Smash Bros show that I teased on the latest episode of PE X Nintendo, will make its debut this week on my PE Nintendo YouTube Channel! I finished the intro and content for the show last night and now all I have to do is record it. Look forward to it on Tuesday or Wednesday this week. Trust me, this is going to be a great show with fan interaction as well! Make sure to subscribe to my PE Nintendo channel to get the show first!