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Humble Bundle and Nintendo team up!


Nintendo and the Humble Bundle crew have teamed up to offer Wii U and 3DS owners an amazing deal on indie games. Check out the first trailer below. However, do to the Wii U and 3DS being region-locked, this deal is only available in North America at the moment.

17 Year Old Big Time Swatter Finally Gets Caught – AlphaOmegaSin


AlphaOmegaSin reacts to a 17 Year old swatter getting caught. Swatting has gotten pretty out of control but this 17 year old from Canada has admitted to 23 cases of this kinda shit. From obtaining and releasing personal info of people, swatting, harassment, stalking, extortion, etc.

The list goes on and all of it was mainly due in part to chicks rejecting him on League of Legends. Literally ruining peoples lives over something so petty. Seriously read and share all this stuff so others can know about it.” Warning, Strong Language!

Why The Witcher 3 Is Letting Me Down So Far – Rule of 2 Review


Rob from Rule of 2 Review was excited for The Witcher 3, but the game has let him down so far. Hear his explanation for why past the link.

Beast VS Goliath | DEATH BATTLE! – ScrewAttack


ScrewAttack has a brand new episode of Death Battle between the X-Men’s Beast and Goliath from the Gargoyles. Get enlighten below.

Using Video Games to Cope with Tough Times – #CUPodcast


“Has a game helped you cope with a tough time in your life?”

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E3 2015 – All Press Conferences Times & Dates

Wii U PS4 Xbox One

Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo press conference/digital events times and dates have been confirmed. This is in addition to all the third-party company’s press conferences.

Sunday, June 14

  • Bethesda – 6:30PM PDT

Monday, June 15

  • Microsoft – 9:30AM PDT
  • Electronic Arts – 1PM PDT
  • Ubisoft – 3PM PDT
  • Sony – 6PM PDT

Tuesday, June 16

  • Square Enix – 10AM PDT
  • Nintendo – 9AM PDT
  • PC Gaming Show – 5PM PDT

A Reminder About the Code of Conduct here


This post is elaborate on the community rules we have here at PlayerEssence. We really need to watch how we treat each other here. There is nothing wrong with stating your opinion, but restlessly attacking other users, or disrespecting others users in comments will not be tolerated. Lets go over a few things:

1. User Names

– No troll user names. There have been people who slander the site and community here. Using these people’s names in an effort to troll the community is not allowed. Other than that, just as long as the name is not offensive, I don’t mind.

2. Site Bashing

– Listen, I understand the site and everything here is not perfect. But using the name of the site to generally bash the community or a user is NOT allowed. I’ve seen it happen a few times and it needs to stop. There are hundreds of people who comment on this site, and tens of thousands of people who read it daily. Negatively generalizing the site over a few users you might disagree with is not allowed. It’s not fair to ALL the people who read the site.

3. Keyboard Warriors

– Long time readers already know my stance on Keyboard Warriors. That will not be allowed here. Calling people names, making threats and “attempting” to act tough through your keyboard will get you banned. Anybody who is banned for being a keyboard warrior can be unbanned though. All you have to do is come to E3 and say everything you said to be banned to my face 😀  Simple enough right?

4. Drama Queens

– Calling out fans, overblowing a situation, constantly looking to start arguments in the comments section will constitute in your comments being deleted. There is nothing wrong with good discussion. But lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of comments that have a feeling of hostility tied to them. Try to understand someone elses viewpoint in addition to making your own.

The rest of the Code of Conduct can be found here. Like I said before, I know that everybody isn’t perfect. There will be slip ups here and there. Just take the time to try to respect everyone on the site. I have my hands full moderating my site, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ in addition to taking care of my family, house, work/real life stuff.

Darkwing Duck – Turbografx 16 – Angry Video Game Nerd – Episode 135


“The Angry Video Game Nerd reviews Darkwing Duck for the Turbografx 16. This is the first time the Nerd has done an ENTIRE EPISODE dedicated to a game for the TG16 (the original card-based console). However, he has briefly talked about the Turbo Grafx 16 CD game Fighting Street for the CD-based console, as part of the Street Fighter 2010 review.”

Splatoon “Ink It Up” TV Commercial


Nintendo has released another new commercial for Splatoon on Wii U, check it out below.

Splatoon demo (Testfire Impressions) – ZyroXZ2


“Luckily, I was around for the first global testfire. Was it inking good? Was there something oddly satisfying about splattering my ink on walls and other players? Oh, and was Splatoon’s demo fun?”

Source: ZyroXZ2

The Retro VGS – New Cartridge Video Game Console – RetroGamingTube 85


“With cloud and digital gaming on the rise, less and less physical games are being made. The Retro Video Game System (Retro VGS) is looking to change that, by bringing the cartridge back with a brand new retro-based platform.”

5 Games Ruined by Modern Reboots – Shawn Long’s New Channel!


Shawn Long has a brand new gaming channel! It deals with Retro games and COOL features. I’m already loving the content. Check out his first video below.

Source: RetroGamingTube 85

PlayerEssence Theme Testing this Weekend


Hey guys, I’ll be testing out a few new themes this weekend on the site. Don’t be alarmed if the whole layout is changed! Thanks again!

USPS Reports $1.5 Billion loss, Clearly Doomed


The United States Postal Service has reported a net loss of $1.5 billion during the first three months of this year. With this staggering loss, it is clear they are out of touch and doomed. More details and information can be found Yahoo.

Yoshi’s Woolly World Supports a Variety of Controllers

Yoshi's Woolly World Wii U

Yoshi’s Woolly World will have no shortage of controller options when the game launches this June in Europe. The 2D platformer is officially confirmed to support the Wii U Gamepad, Pro Controller, Wiimote, and Wii Classic Controller/Pro. This info comes from the back of the title’s box. It’s always good to see developers supporting as many control schemes as possible. Via: Nintendo Everything

Splatoon will get free Weapons, Game Modes, Stages & gear post Launch


Nintendo has revealed that Splatoon will receive free content and updates throughout the summer. Get a full list of free updates and new game modes past the link.

Psychos at the Flea Market – #CUPodcast


“Pat discusses flea market psychos.”

Sin and Punishment: Star Successor – Wii U VC Gameplay


Check out 5 minutes of gameplay from Sin and Punishment: Star Successor for the Wii U Virtual Console.

Seinfeld Calls YouTube a Garbage Can of Content – #CUPodcast


Jerry Seinfeld recently called YouTube a “garbage can of user-generated content.”

Splatoon Focused Nintendo Direct on May 7th


Nintendo will have a Splatoon Direct on May 7th at 7 A.M PT/ 10 A.M ET. I’ll be covering the event right here on PlayerEssence. Expect a live reaction video from me on the Splatoon Direct as well. Via: GoNintendo

Games with Gold for May 2015 Announced – CastleStorm & Mafia 2 lead


Microsoft has announced the Xbox Live Games with Gold for May 2015. There are two Xbox One games and two Xbox 360 games to choose from. Get the full list below.