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Yo! Noid: Playing Angry – PART 1 – Game Grumps


Oh man, this is bringing back bad memories of my childhood. Warning, Strong Language. Via: GameGrumps

S@X – LoF | Nakat (Falcon, Ness, Fox) Vs. LoF | False (Luigi) SSB4 Grand Finals – Smash 4 wii U

False seems to have switched off Sheik for the time being, and went to more of a Year of Luigi approach. Check out the grand finals at Xanadu below.

Fire Emblem amiibo in Codename STEAM – Gameplay (w/ Direct Sound – New Nintendo 3DS) – GameXplain


“We play Codename STEAM using Marth & Ike from Fire Emblem after scanning in their amiibo in this hands-on gameplay video!”

Xenoblade Chronicles 3D Launches this April for the New Nintendo 3DS


Nintendo has confirmed that Xenoblade Chronicles 3D will launch exclusively for the New Nintendo 3DS in April 2015. Its being ported by Monster Games, the same team who ported DKC Returns from the Wii to the 3DS.

Smash Wii U Tournament – LoF Keitaro (Falco) vs XFIRE Rapture (Mario) – Collision XI


I had to get this match in! I interviewed Dakota, or Rapture in this video who’s using Mario. Check out his match at Collision X against Keitaro.

Dreamcast – Did You Know Gaming? Feat. Brutalmoose


Did You Know Gaming goes tests your knowledge on the Sega’s last console ever, the Dreamcast.

Smash Wii U Tournament Losers Finals – PL XFIRE Dabuz (Rosalina) vs LoF False (Sheik) – Collision XI

Super Smash Bros Rosalina

Check out the losers finals at Collision XI. This match is between False and Dabuz!

Azure Striker Gunvolt has Surpassed 90,000 Downloads Worldwide


The Official Gunvolt Twitter account has revealed that Azure Striker Gunvolt has sold over 90,000 units worldwide. For a small budget download that is really good! The means the game has grossed over $1.3 million in just a few months on the market.

ZeRo Plays For Glory – Ep #9 FALCON PUNCH!


Smash Bros. E3 Champ ZeRo is back with more Super Smash Bros. for Wii U online gameplay. This time, the champ takes a look at Captain Falcon.

Smash Wii U Tournament – LoF NAKAT (Ness) vs SLG Orion (Sheik) – Collision X


Ness has been buffed in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U! Watch LoF NAKAT go to work with him against SLG Orion’s Sheik from Collision X!

Mega Man Zero (GBA VC) – First Look – NintenDaan

Super Smash Bros for Wii U Zero

NintenDaan has uploaded 8 minutes of footage from Mega Man Zero on the GBA VC, see all the action past the link.

HyperScan – Angry Video Game Nerd – Episode 131


There was a fourth console in the 7th generation…. have you heard of it, it’s called the HyperScan! Warning, Strong Language.

Source: Cinemassacre

Update: SMASH-MAS EVE is Cancelled – PlayerEssence

PE Banner 5 Black CC

Tonight’s SMASH-MAS EVE – PE Game Night is cancelled do to a personal/family issue. I’m really sorry to all of the users looking forward to the event. There might be a small chance I could still put something on tonight, I’ll update PlayerEssence if anything changes, but for now the event is cancelled. Once again, sorry to everybody looking forward to the event. I’ll make sure to hold something special for you guys in the near future.

Porky’s – Angry Video Game Nerd – Episode 130


The 12 Days of Shitsmas continues.. Today the Nerd reviews Porky’s for Atari 2600! Warning, Suggestive Language

Amputee Makes History with APL’s Modular Prosthetic Limb


While this doesn’t directly relate to video games, it shows just how far science has come. A guy can now control bionic arms with his mind. This is like Deus Ex Human Revolution or something. What does the PE Community think of this?

Source: Yahoo

Lethal Weapon – Angry Video Game Nerd – Episode 129


How many movie based NES games (not made by LJN) can you name? Batman. Gremlins 2. Well, how about Lethal Weapon! Warning, Strong Language.

Source: Cinemassacre

Mary-Kate and Ashley “Get a Clue” – Angry Video Game Nerd – Episode 127


You remember them from Full House. Now see Mary-Kate and Ashley in their own video game for Game Boy Color! Warning, Suggestive Language

Source: Cinemassacre

Yokai Watch 2 Shinuchi Sells over 1.2 Million Units in Japan


Famitsu has revealed that Yokai Watch 2 sold 1,211,918 units in two days for its debut in Japan. This does not include digital copies downloaded on the eShop. Via: Nintendo Everything, Source: Famitsu

Rocky and Bullwinkle – Angry Video Game Nerd – Episode 126


The 12 Days of Shitsmas continues! Today the Nerd reviews The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends on NES! Warning, Suggestive Language.

Source: Cinemassacre

Ren & Stimpy: Fire Dogs – Angry Video Game Nerd – Episode 125


It’s day 4 of the Nerd’s 12 Days of Shitsmas! This time it’s Ren & Stimpy: Fire Dogs for the Super Nintendo! Warning, Strong Language

Source: Cinemassacre

CrazyBus – Angry Video Game Nerd – Episode 124


It’s day 3 of the Nerd’s 12 Days of Shitsmas! You thought Big Rigs and Desert Bus were bad? Well check out Crazy Bus!! Warning, Strong Language.

Source: Cinemassacre

PE Nintendo: Viewers Choice Game of Year Voting


Hey PE faithful! The voting for PE Nintendo’s Viewers Choice Game of the Year awards starts today, and will run through December 19th, 2014. I’ll be adding in new awards and nominees throughout the end of this week, so make sure you check everyday to cast your votes. Check out the initial batch of polls below.