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Amazon UK: Wii U Sales Rank Jumps 875% Following Microsoft’s Xbox One Reveal ***Update***

The Xbox One’s disappointing reveal has shot up sales of the Wii U on The system was at #390 before the conference, but now has shot up to #40 due to Microsoft’s glorified TV box.

This momentum should carry Nintendo right into the summer as they have big plans for the Wii U at E3 and this fall. The console race has just begun but it’s good to see gamers are picking up a system that’s dedicated to gaming first, and multimedia second.

Check out the massive leap here 

These numbers where based on when this article went up, not currently. Nobody is claiming the Wii U is selling more than everybody or anything like that. The point of the article is interest spiked after the Xbox One was revealed. And for the people who are saying it was because of the price drop and not the Xbox One reveal, that’s not necessarily the case. There have been multiple price drops in the UK and sales never spiked on Amazon like this. So it can’t be just because of the price drop. If anything, it’s a nice combination of both.

Thanks timg57867 for the tip

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  • lmfao I'm a hard core xbox lover but with what microsoft pulled with this shitty TV box, I was actually thinking of transferring to be a complete PC gamer. But this article.

  • xx598ghxx

    in your face haters

  • rubix8702

    I know numbers are all relative to what they are being compared to, but a momentum push is a momentum push. The naysayers may think that this is just blarney and insignificant news, however, the reality is the Wii U is already out. IF Nintendo pushes a big add campaign the way they say they are, and IF they blow E3 away with their Directs, I don't see how they won't sell systems. The games are going to be quality, we already know that as a public. The defacto trigger now is getting the console in the people's hands.

    If people used a little more of their emotional quotients in relation to goods, they wouldn't be hoodwinked so easily. The Wii U is an awesome buy for the value: there is no subscription to Nintendo TVii, there is no fee for wifi or the internet, there is a fully integrated use of Miiverse,Wii U chat is free, the controller has NFC (think about that, do you know how many devices use NFC?), there are pro-controller options, off screen play, access readily available to Facebook and Twitter (via the web), games can be paused in game to answer incoming chats- I mean, do I even need to go on?

    The backlash the Wii U received was unwarranted and prejudicial anyway. So, now that the blinders are off, people can finally see the system for what it really is. Will RG3 make the system better (even though he is awesome)? Will speaking with the NFL commissioner improve game play mechanics? Will having international soccer players talk about the dedication of their craft make the OS of a console better? The answer to all those questions is no, and that's why Nintendo doesn't go that route. They don't need Usher to sell their systems. They have Mario to do that.

    I just think the American gaming media placated such a bias towards the Big N, that the fanboys were looking at the company with blinders on their faces. Now that the blinders are off, and all the consoles can be seen for what they really are, I'm not surprised Nintendo got a boost. I expect this boost to get greater as time goes on, and who knows, maybe the noxious entity known as the American gaming media will give the Big N their due credence. As it stands, I'm not at all surprised that the Big N is getting a boost.

    • Pappets

      My answer is to your 3rd paragraph and all i have to say is: the american propaganda in it's best.

  • demfacts

    erm … the best selling item in amazon uk gaming is a one year XBL subscription. Not sure what they 'story' is about? Even the XBOX is outselling the WiiU on amazon.

    • Furious Francis

      At the time it was written, the Wii U had jumped in sales rank. Nobody said anything about the Wii U outselling the Xbox.

    • timg57867

      Excuse me, but did this article even mention the Xbox 360, which has been on the market for 8 years with an enormous back catalog I might add? Thought so…

  • timg57867

    Just passed 27,000 FREAKING VIEWS with NO STOP in sight. Shooot…. O_o Needless to say, I sure turned up traffic! XD

  • The real sales jump for the Wii U will come when 3D Mario, Wonderful 101, Pikmin 3, Mario Kart, Bayonetta 2 has been released later this year. On top of that the third party games like Assassins Creed 4, Watch Dogs, Splinter Cell Blacklist, Batman Arkham Origins, Rayman Legends, Deus Ex Directors Cut, etc.

    • Aravas

      You left out WW HD 😛

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  • Ogya

    I can't even write properly with all the excitement.

    I wanted to say "This is still the console that supposedly has no games to play on"

  • Ogya

    I think most people on this site had no doubt that the Wii U will sell, the timing of this increase is what makes the news splendid.

    This is still the console the still supposedly has no games to play on. Lol

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  • Etermal7

    This is great news for nintendo 🙂
    I love my WiiU and Ps4 is another console im going for…
    Microsoft, you can keep your generic controller and VHS console…
    Nintendo and Sony are top dog now

  • koopzilla

    EA better get ready to start kissing some ass.

  • Matthew Wesley

    Let's list the way's microsoft has messed up; 1: No used games in the conventional sense 2: ''Always'' on drm, so yes, you need internet 3: They're keeping their draconian indie dev policy. 4:No backwards compatability… with xbox live DOWNLOADABLE games (wtf!) 5:They had the audacity to put on that bs conference, with artificial applause, manual screen transition, and ''new engine'' graphics. 6:Microsoft has an ''unprecedented'' relationship with EA. I do believe that Microsoft has just handed the next generation console war to Nintendo and Sony. If anyones going to be the next Sega, it's Microsoft. If the X-one doesnt sell well, and becomes a money pit, I can very well see Microsoft going 3rd party.

  • bigchad

    now Earthbound is #3 on movers and shakers uk at 190 from 3345 rank. with a 1660% increase in sales. Francis just helped move Earthbound units too. good job guys.

    • bigchad

      it’s weird earthbound hasn’t even been announced for retail release and it’s #4 top selling Wii u games on Amazon UK now.

  • timg57867

    DANG! I DIDN'T KNOW OTHER SITES WOULD GET IN ON THIS! This story's already being posted on sites Nintendolife, MyNintendoNews, WiiUdaily, and more while N4G has this in the front! Man, this is going to get overblown by journalists and haters for sure! XD *sigh*

    • RicardJulianti

      Once it gets on GoNintendo, those other sites pick it up and then it spreads. That's why I tried to get my articles on there….with no luck, haha.

      This is bananas! 13k views and counting. When you've got all the buzzwords in the headline….it is bound to get noticed. "Wii U" "Sales" "Microsoft" "Xbox One Reveal"…..winning.

      I love how the community is this like….hive mind almost. We all go out and hunt down every bit of news about everything and post it for all to see. Respectful disagreements, unless someone else is disrespectful first, and a general consensus on just about everything.

      Best community ever. Hands down.

      • Titan64

        13k views, JESUS….And its not even E3 yet. I am still trying to figure out the sales figures in the UK but until then, Nintendo and Sony just got the biggest boosts in their life, mostly Nintendo. And Iwata set the dates for the next direct and a pokemon direct as well. This is gon be good.

      • revolution5268

        i hope late in this site it does not end up like those site with hundreds of trolls.

        • RicardJulianti

          Francis bans trolls….no worries, he won't let it get like that. He might provide warnings….but he will definitely ban them.

          If people would just state their opinion without getting ridiculous about it, there wouldn't be a problem. Nothing wrong with having a different opinion just as long as it's put forward in a reasonable manner (as others have pointed out, the increase is sales rank, not necessarily sales…..but it's the increase in interest that really matters) Sadly, there aren't very many level headed people on the internet.

      • Furious Francis

        And that's how it will stay. This will be a respectful community. I will ban trolls and keep things clean…..And that's the bottom line, cause Furious Francis said so!!!!!!


    so thats how this website works? Someone points out how your article is flawed and you delete the comment?

    • timg57867

      That doesn't make sense. Some guy made a comment with 20 dislikes and yet it's still visible.

    • Furious Francis

      If your comment gets deleted, it''s because you got reported. I think your name says it all though

  • javier

    i strongly believes that nintendo will be "the empire strikes back" for the Microsoft and sony rebellion against nintendo wii in the last years that the latter has weakened his forcé. And that will happen very soon.

  • jesgrad07

    Looky what I found.

  • timg57867

    Good to see I could point attention to an interesting occurrence. Right now, I just hope journalists don't run away with this and kick the console wars into overdrive! People will probably spin this in a way that makes us look like brainless fanboys. Oh well, let them. More press for Nintendo. 🙂

    • Ray01

      Oh yeah, that mental retard RXL is already damage controlling, saying that its "only from 1 site in the UK…Irrelevent".

      So much Denial, the truth hurts. XD

    • RicardJulianti

      While this has absolutely no bearing on pretty much anything Wii U related… does have to do with the Xbox…

      CDPR isn't confirming an Xbox version of Witcher 3 yet. o.O I don't see why they wouldn't….the only downside is being associated with the shit-storm but others haven't had any issue…

      Definitely strange. Apparently CDPR thinks DRM is the "Worst thing in the gaming industry"…..soooo?????

      Edit: CDPR created…and this was a tweet of theirs yesterday:

      Wii U just to screw with MS????? (I kid….90% sure that isn't going to happen) PS4 exclusive??

  • Ronnande

    When the price of the PS4 (£450+) get revealed I imagine Wii U sales will also get a solid boost by that. The WiiU need to get the big systemselling games out there first and foremost tho.

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  • Shortiloe

    dont forget NSMBU, MH3 and LC:U are pushed too, and they got no price cut, maybe 5£, but not more. Only ZombiU.

  • ThankyouMicrofail

    Top lel. Nintendomination forever

  • TraBuch

    Are you people slow in the head? There was a £70 price drop, no shit it sold a bit more. The same thing happened when the Vita had some sales going. The fact that people actually think the Microsoft reveal had anything to do with this just boggles the mind.

    • Furious Francis

      Are you slow in the head? People are saying they went out and purchased or planning to purchase a Wii U because the Xbox One reveal was disappointing.

    • Ray01

      U Mad?

    • Aiddon

      huh, guess Pachter wasn't the only one having a stroke.

    • RicardJulianti

      875% increase is a little more than "a bit" and previous price cuts didn't move nearly this much product. Also, the price on Amazon is the same as what the US pays after you convert it.

    • timg57867

      What are you DENSE!?! The Wii U didn't get a price cut! Amazon UK has had it priced like that for weeks. Don't even try to tell me that this increase in Amazon orders happening around the time of Xbox 1 reveal is a coincidence!

    • rubix8702

      U mad bro? Lol.

  • Geese

    Guess Microsoft gave Nintendo the best third party support they could get.

  • SoIidSiIver

    You know whats even crazier about this backlash? No matter what Microsoft says/does at E3, the damage is done. Not only that, but I'm sure Nintendo and Sony have taken note on this and know exactly what they aren't going to do this generation. Microsoft has basically handed their competitors a free guide to overtake their product, and discourage others from buying it. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if the console is DOA, or massively delayed in order to fix all of these problems.

    • Kittykat

      I agree with you SolidSilver, but if microsoft had done it the other way around, presented the gaming first and made gaming their main "presentation" they could have added all this TV entertainment features as a "and, it is not just gaming, but also this!" and it would have seen like the best "add on features" ever…but yeah, microsoft really blew the console with this.

  • Ray01

    NEVER count Nintendo out. They're like Rocky, U can knock'em down, but they'll keep getting back up!

    This gif is perfect for this situation:

    • RicardJulianti

      I love that gif so much. It's way better with the faces plastered on it….especially Ballmer, hahah

      I have it bookmarked, haha.

      Some dude on IGN was getting all pissy that I posted this gif 2 or 3 times (to different people…..I think in different threads):… so I told him to #dealwithit

      • Ray01

        lol, those bullet bills definetly make a difference.

        I can only imagine what Iwata & Reggie must be doing right now to celebrate their rising sales & Dominance over Microsoft. 😉

        I'd like to imagine that they're doing something along these lines lol:

        • RicardJulianti

          It might go a little something like this:

          Or this one…which is one of my favorites:

          The internet is full of gold.

          • Ray01

            haha, Iwata's a Boss in the first one, the 2nd gif is a classic. 🙂

            I found this on youtube. Instant Favorite. It's one of the best Summarizations of yesterday's events i've seen.

          • Teratus

            Oh man thanks soo much for all these gifs im literally crying with laughter xD

  • John

    This is great, hope PS4 don't follow the same way that Xbox One!

    • Teratus

      I doubt it will

      Sony's focus is going to be games games games they've said that much already

      Microsoft still have a chance to turn people back as long as they don't screw up E3
      gamer's want to see games man that's all they care about lol

  • I guess people finally got tired of Microsoft's bullsh-t. 875%, That's huge!

    • If my math is correct, that might move total sales to 42,900,000 units.

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  • Gryphonofmight

    This is the best marketing push the Wii U has ever gotten. And its all free ( at Microsoft's expense)

  • Aiddon

    somewhere Michael Pachter is having a stroke

    • koopzilla

      Hahaha. I was just wondering what kind of stupid ass crap Pachter is going to say about all this.

    • RicardJulianti

      Maybe he's having a Pach-Attack of the heart variety.

      I wonder if he can Skype the authorities in time. "Killer-app" indeed.

    • Matthew Wesley

      I guess that Pizza hut app just wasn't cutting it. I never saw the allure of that app anyway. I wanted to say to my xbox friends who got this app ''You have a phone or computer right, well then get off your fat ass and order the pizza, cheezus!'' My goodness, xbox just made a generation of gamers even lazier!

  • TsUaS

    That's actually quite interesting considering all the stories you keep hearing about the Wii U in the UK. Are there any actual numbers? Does anybody know? It' be nice to put a number to that percentage to better put it into perspective.

    • Furious Francis

      It not about the actually numbers, it's about the interest. And how it shot up after the reveal.

      • TsUaS

        I'm not trying to be down on this news as it's positive, but having an actual number helps in the context of putting things into their proper perspective. That's only where I'm coming from. A sale is a sale in my book, but 875% of 4 is 35 while 875% of 100 is 875 units. That right there is a really big difference between an increase and a huge one.

        Thing is though, that without putting that percentage into proper context, trolls are just likely going to come around here and be all out douches if we find out later that the actual number of units sold is low. Just trying to help out by making sure things that being reported on are warranted. It only fans the flames of trolls if those numbers turn out to be nothing to get excited about, especially when it's something positive going Nintendo's way.

  • Piee90

    So fanboys is Nintendo stilled DOOMED.

  • Ninjahound

    ZombiU also increased by 250%
    NSMBU increased by 111%
    MH3 Ultimate increased by 92%

    • Teratus

      Awesome 😀 more people to kill big monsters with ^^

  • So is that why the Wii U has been selling so poorly? The larger gaming community were just playing the field, waiting to see all their options before deciding one way or the other? I didn't realise we were so cautious.

    • EuroMIX

      That would make a lot of sense though. Gamers weighing up all of their options and now many may have realised that Wii U may be the best choice next to PS4. I am surprised to see people acting before all of the information is given at E3 though. Perhaps the Xbox One system looks so bad that many aren’t even considering it at this point, even if it DOES have some good games at E3.

    • Teratus

      Considering the estimated price point of the next generation consoles this was to be expected

      The Wii U was the obvious call when deciding the least powerful of the 3 and that launched with a £299 price point (for the better model at least)

      many gamer's quickly jumped on the idea that Xbox one would probably be around £300 to £400 and Ps4 being just plain unaffordable lol

      so many were just waiting for all 3 to be announced and then deciding on which one to get or which one to get first

      although I have to admit the Boost the Wii U has gotten far exceeded my expectations
      if it was 200% I would have gone Wow lol
      but almost 900%… my mind is blown lol

  • timg57867

    Thanks for posting Francis. Oh, it dropped a bit, but it's still pretty high.

    • Furious Francis

      Holy crap Tim, thank you for helping me get this story. My site has over 5000K view on this story alone!

      • timg57867

        Pleasure to help build up the site! :3

        • Furious Francis

          I didn't think it would go like this. I forgot how anti Nintendo the internet was. Nobody wanted to post on this because it was good news about Nintendo.

          • timg57867

            I bet Craptaku WISHES they posted this!

  • brianc6234

    So instead of selling one Wii U Amazon sold 875? These numbers are really meaningless. If you don't sell many of something and suddenly sell a thousand it will look like a huge jump. Gamers are more likely to buy a PS4 than a Wii U.

    • Furious Francis

      We'll see about that. We don't even know about the price of the PS4 or it's full launch lineup. We do know that the Wii U has killer apps like a brand new 3D Mario, Zelda, Pikmin, The Wonderful 101 and more coming this year. Plus a cheaper price point

      • RicardJulianti

        Also, the Wii U is available NOW and has some great games already.

        People will be able to afford it and save up enough money for whatever the PS4 costs at launch, there's still plenty of time left.

    • timg57867

      Looks like someone doesn't know how to interpret numbers. Plus this is significant. When it comes to casuals, Microsoft is Nintendo's TOP competitor and they've practically screwed their system before it hits the market. Sony will probably get a bigger chunk of the hardcore, but what about the casuals hmm? Haven't you noticed that games like Lego, Disney, Skylanders, and other family-oriented games do better on Wii and Xbox 360 than PS3? Let's see how the masses respond to Mario Kart U.

      PS: This isn't determining who will win the console wars. It just shows how pissed people are about the Xbox 1.

      • Teratus

        Im very interested to see the actual sales numbers for this jump

        was it thousands, hundreds of thousands heck it could have been a million or two

        we just don't know yet
        but I really want to know lol

    • WiiULover69

      You are a fucking idiot… instead of 1 it would be 8.75 dumbass

      • RicardJulianti

        Now now… need for such language. Let's try to keep it at least semi-civil, yeah?

        Yes his math was wrong, but there's no need for names.

    • Guest

      You just went full retard

  • SoIidSiIver

    Lmao poor Pachter, I guess Pizza Hut, and TV Tuners weren't as "popular" as he thought they were.

  • ZainreFang

    Lol, thank you Microsoft.

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  • animegamingnerd

    M$ did a better job at selling PS4'S and Wii U'S then sony and nintendo could ever do

  • Matthew Wesley

    You know what, I hope EA gives Microsoft the clap!

    • routerbad

      Interesting to see people I recognize from NE here as well. They do make pretty good bedfellows, if you ask me.

  • Shokio

    This is insane lol.

    • Furious Francis

      Is this the Shokio? From YouTube? What up man, are you really interested in the Halo TV series? Did you hear what Doctre said about it?

      • Shokio

        Yes it's me lol. And yes, I WAS interested in it until I found out that you're gonna have to PAY a fee to watch it, so at this point, F it.

        • animegamingnerd

          i am so pirating the hell out of that show

        • routerbad

          I was hyped when I saw the Halo TV series, but thinking back on the rest of the reveal, and what was said afterward. It would amount to me spending 100s of my hard earned bucks on watching a television show.

          • RicardJulianti

            I'll pirate it sometime down the line…..maybe.

        • Furious Francis

          I linked your vid about COD Ghosts, damn lying Infinity Ward

        • Teratus

          I was going to send this to you lol

          ahh well you've seen it already
          my mind is blown lol I was not expecting this at all

          still this is epic news for Wii U owners like us 🙂
          I've sent this to AlphaOmegaSin too so hopefully he will have a good laugh about this

    • James Cribbin

      Make a video and rub it in Bond's face lol

      • Furious Francis

        I emailed this story to Bond and told him to make a video but he declined! LOL

        • James Cribbin

          I sent your article to ReviewTechUSA and he's already made a video on it so Bond will hear about it one way or the other lol

          • Furious Francis

            NIce, thanks man

  • rickmodus

    lovin it lovin it, all of a sudden according to new wiiu buyers it doesn't realy matters if the console doesn't have a shitload of technical thingies inside after the xbone reveal.

  • Frank Urbanski

    What does this represent? I don't really get it. Is this sales expectations? Consumer interest? Actual sales (surely not…)?

    • RicardJulianti

      I think it actually is based on sales…..

      I don't know what the sales rank for the Wii U on Amazon Canada were before the reveal, but I saw it as high as #25 after…..

    • Ninjahound

      this is actual sales

    • Furious Francis

      Amazon Movers & Shakers
      Our bigger gainers in sales rank overs the past 24 hours. Updated hourly.

      Sales and pre-orders

      • Frank Urbanski

        That's crazy.

      • routerbad

        Sourced you. 🙂

    • derpface

      I think its exactly what people were talking about before, if either of the two (PS4, Xbox One) other consoles don't impress them, then they'll figure out their two system combo, or have all three, or just one. I think some of those people figured out their first console, and the PS4 will be the second console they get (i say that because PS4's coming out later.. Don't get the words twisted) Or they possibly just figured out their one console for the time being. Either way, no one is really liking the Xbox One right now.

    • routerbad

      Amazon sales rankings are just that, they show the most popularly purchased items on the site.

    • chrisjac123

      Man now the wii u is at number 3

    • Jack

      The sales "RANK" jumped by 875%. Meaning instead of being ranked #390 on amazon its now ranked #40 for whats selling best on their website (amazon). As far as actual sales goes who knows, Only way you can find that out is by waiting for Nintendo to report how much has sold or listen to the reports which are never 100% accurate. I don't mean to be mean but it really was not that hard to figure out simply by reading through the article and putting that brain to work.

      • Frank Urbanski

        Haha. I'm not angry with you, but for future reference, if you don't mean to be mean then just don't bother saying it. : )