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Rumor: Nintendo has Begun Development on a Next-Generation Machine


It “SEEMS” like Nintendo has already started working on some form of next generation machine. That is, if a NeoGAF poster is to be believed. Get his exact words past the link. 

From NeoGAF user wsippel:

“Almost certainly off-topic, but I don’t quite want to make a new thread, because it would go to shit quickly. Also, I’d need to post a source, and I don’t really want to get people in trouble.

Anyway, Nintendo apparently started working on a new platform in early 2013 and has already selected a vendor for the SoC after talking to several potential candidates. The SoC might be based on an existing design, but will be changed to fit Nintendo’s requirements. I assume it’s for their next handheld, though.”


Thanks Ricard Julianti for the tip!


PE’s Take: 

Guys, I want to let you know I have also heard information that Nintendo is indeed working on a next generation machine. But my info points to a handheld with console like power, not a new console. Those rumors about the next gen of Pokemon a couple weeks ago….yeah, those might be true…..just saying. And if you watched the PE Network Vidcast 2, I predicted we would start hearing the first rumblings of Nintendo’s next generation machine……

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  • timg57867

    HOLY CRAP!! This story has like 160,000 views! That's off the charts! Francis, you're site is becoming more mainstream by the day!

    • Furious Francis

      Seriously, this one kinda blew up

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  • Aussie Helioptile

    Lol, if only they gave the Wii U graphics similar to Xbox One or PS4's (but it's kinda close enough) AND said it was a different console in their commercials, it would sell better. ONLY recently they started mentioning it's a different console in the commercials. Obviously since many non-gamers would think it's an addon for the normal Wii.

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  • Anony

    Because Neogaf has always been a reliable source, huh?

    • RicardJulianti

      Yes. Extremely reliable actually.

      They take rumors VERY seriously. If you post a rumor, the mods will contact you and ask for sources to prove what you are saying isn't just there to cause a kerfuffle. From what I understand, if they aren't able to provide a source and/or the rumor turns out to be false….the user who posted it gets banned. Permanently.

      The sign up process is rigorous too, you have to have a paid email address and even then you have to wait quite a while to be vetted….sometimes it takes up to a few months.

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  • silicon

    You people are all wrong when expecting this new generation of consoles to last the same or more than the last,the way new technology is coming out this days is 50x faster than 10 years ago;Pc hardware in terms of power is right now already 20 times more powerfull than the most powerfull console the PS4!The 8 generation of home consoles is going back to the same cicle that exist 10 years ago,what this means is that we can expect for sure the 9th generation of home consoles to be out in 5 years maximum and not more because by then this new consoles(ps4 ,wii u,xboxone) will be even more obsolete than what the xbox 360 and the PS3 are to the xbox one ,Ps4 and especially the PC.Some people are forgetting that when the Xbox 360 and the PS3 were released they had more or the same hardware power than a Top end Pc of that time ,this nine years ago!Today this new 8th generation of home consoles is already 20 times underpower to the top PC hardware in the market theres no way ,Sony ,Microsoft and Nintendo will not release new hardware or a new home console in five years time if they want to stand against the technologic evolution of the hardware.This 8th generation can last nine years but four to five years from now we will see a new or the 9th generation of home consoles ,thats for sure!

    • Alex Wolfheart

      If you wan't to blow $5000 on a PC than go ahead.

      • jvalex

        UM 5000$ lol i spent 900 and my pc is stronger then a ps4 way to go fanboy

        • tjb

          some don't want a pc due to having an iPad or smart phone. but most will get a dedicated console for gaming. not everyone is hard up for pc gaming like most gamers. the majority of the demographic is likely just game enthusiast not gamers in the since we know the word.

        • Rydar

          He is referring to a PC that is 20 times more powerful than a PS4. Those things really do call $5000, not 900

  • Gintoki

    This was a reply at gameflow

  • Gintoki

    Some arguments could get a little mixed since they actually concern different topics:

    Focusing on a single platform would make it easier for Nintendo to provide a steady support, of course, but this would also mean that Nintendo had to reduce the output of some of their biggest franchises since they wouldn't be able to spread them on two platforms anymore: 2D Mario, 3D Mario, Mario Kart, Animal Crossing, Zelda, (Smash Bros) and so on.

    Nintendo has to find a right balance. Currently, their output is too small to carry two platforms on their own, but also too big to put everything on a single platform. Their games would cannibalise each other and the sales would force Nintendo to downsize. I think the right way is to carefully expand the company to be able to support two platforms with help of second parties. This is basically what Nintendo is doing at the moment.

    In addition, a hybrid console would probably be quite expensive so that Nintendo would lose their huge advantage of appealing to casual and younger gamers.

    Overall, I agree that handheld and console experiences have become more similar over the generations because the graphical differences got smaller and I think this is something Nintendo has to be careful to not make them too similar (look at the 3D Land/World complaints). However, we can see empirically that most major markets have a preference for either handheld or console. Most Japanese gamers prefer handhelds, while consoles are more popular in the west.

    And looking at the Japanese charts, we can see that the biggest sellers in Japan are games like Animal Crossing, Pokemon, Tomodachi Collection and Monster Hunter which have a strong focus on social aspects. They are far more popular than their console counterparts and on of the main reason is that you can take your game with you and play with others locally. I am not sure about Puzzle and Dragons Z, but it could be a similar case.

    On consoles, the most popular last generation games in the west are either local multiplayer focused games like Wii Sports and Mario Kart (splitscreen) or online multiplayer focused games like Call of Duty, Battlefield, FIFA and Madden. Some of these games had handheld versions, but they are not nearly as popular (with the exception of Mario Kart) since handhelds simply can't provide the same experience.

    I think that Nintendo provided 3D World with a same screen multiplayer to differentiate it from 3D Land, its handheld relative. This kind of multiplayer experience is exactly something a handheld can't provide.

    In addition, there are many games that can only sell on either handheld or consoles because of stylistic or graphical reasons. A recent example is A Link Between Worlds. I am fairly certain that it wouldn't sell on consoles because of it's retro-based gameplay and look. Imagine if Zelda U had this style: There would likely be the biggest shitstorm in Nintendo's history. But on handhelds, the standard is different, the look doesn't have to be "graphically modern". People have different expectations and demands on handhelds and consoles.

    In contrast, the next console Zelda will certainly not be possible on a handheld. In general, handheld and console Zeldas are very different in terms of style and gameplay.

    A merging would mean pushing the baseline. People would want the highest graphical level, which is a lot more expensive to achieve. Why accept ALBW graphics, if Zelda U is on the same system? The financial damage to Nintendo would be huge as development would get significantly more expensive.

    Maybe session length is not that different for hardcore gamers because they put a lot of time into gaming, but it certainly a main factor for more casual gamers. One of the main reasons why smartphone or tablet games became so popular is exactly because you can play them on the go, in short sessions and without even switching your device.

    I am convinced that many Animal Crossing fans (many of them casual females) prefer to play AC in short sessions and there are also many RPG fans who stated that they prefer handheld RPGs because they have the possibility of making progress little by little. Again, Japan is a perfect example why session length matters. Many Japanese gamers simply don't have much time to play because of school, work and so on and this a main reason why they prefer handhelds (and unfortunately mobiles).

    The dominant genres on handhelds and consoles are actually quite different. On handhelds Nintendo games like Animal Crossing, Pokemon, Super Mario and Mario Kart are the usual big sellers, whereas First Person Shooters, sports and action games dominate consoles. FPS, sports and action games are not popular on handhelds, because either they can't provide similar experiences or they can, but a little worse. Hardly any people want to play versions that are similar, but a little worse and this is exactly the problem of Vita. It is simply not worth it to go for power at a high price to be able play console like games, because people don't want these and stay on their consoles. There are games that sell on both handheld and console, but most of them are not graphics heavy anyway, so why go for high power?

  • Agent75

    It's obvious that Nintendo will release a new handheld in the next few years. In fact, I don't think Nintendo have supported the 3DS all that well. It's probably going to be the case with the Wii U, but worse. Nintendo's next handheld will probably be a tablet. At some point (maybe even with this new handheld), games will be download only. And I can't see it being compatible with DS and 3DS games. Nintendo will wipe the slate clean and release a totally new product (no 3DS family). As for Nintendo's next home console, it'll be released earlier than expected due to it following in the footsteps on the Nintendo 64 and GameCube. But Nintendo being Nintendo, it'll be the same concept as the Wii U, which was the case with the Wii to Wii U. Nintendo need to wipe the slate clean with its next home console. But no sooner will it be released, new consoles from Microsoft and Sony will come along. Consoles lasting over 5 years are a thing of the past. Nintendo's best bet is to release a console along side the Xbox Two and PS5, but the problem with Nintendo is that it's very poor when it comes to third party support and it's not tech minded. Nintendo only builds consoles that are good enough for their standards.

    • Furious Francis

      "I don't think Nintendo have supported the 3DS all that well."

      You're kidding right?

      You have no clue when it comes to Nintendo.

  • Gintoki

    wsippel is a German user I have known for many years from German gaming communities (where he usually has his typical Ferrari avatar) and he is a very reliable and knowledgeable Nintendo expert I highly respect. I am usually a sceptic when it comes to unofficial information, but he is someone we can trust. Although it is not surprising that Nintendo is already working on their next platform(s).

    I don't know why some people are still expecting Nintendo to merge their home and portable console when Iwata himself already said that they won't do this. It would be far to risky to rely on one single platform, because Nintendo will be in serious trouble if it doesn't sell. Furthermore, as the Vita proves people want different experiences on their handheld platform, not a portable version of their home console. So I agree with users saying that Nintendo next handheld should provide new gameplay methods instead of home console like power.

    And I agree with Aiddon, the Pokemon rumours are bullshit. In general, Francis needs to treat rumours especially these about Nintendo) with less naivity. Looking through the Playeressence archive, hardly any of them turned out be true (and Nintendo rumours never did). Rumours can cause damage and it is frustating to see that many users are still waiting for made up games that don't exist or blame Nintendo for not showing games they never announced in the first place.

    • gameflow

      An argument for creating a hybrid console by merging those 2 platforms would be, that I am not so sure that Nintendo can continue supporting 2 platforms with the same high quaity level. Development costs and times are increasing year by year. And the current consoles also show that Nintendo can't relay on third party developers. If they want to be successful its because of their own games. Of course it is risky, but developing and supporting 2 platforms is also a lot of effort (and financial "pressure").
      Your vita argument might be correct, but even there I would ask: What is the big difference regarding the experience for handhelds and consoles? If I look at the 3ds games I play, they are quite similar to what I experience with my home console. The level of complexity is most of the time at the same. The session length can be also the same. The offered game genres are also quite similar. As long Nintendo would stick to their super fast play/resume feature I dont see a big problem. Maybe in Japan this is totally different. I really dont know.

      • RicardJulianti

        I wouldn't be surprised to see Nintendo try and support 3 platforms in the future. They earn the most money from their hardware, and having 2 separate ones is what has kept the going for so long. If one area struggles, the other picks up the slack and sustains the company. If they add a third platform into the mix with the same OS and very similar dev environment, with high profit margins they could have another source of income to help sustain profits and fund larger projects.

  • lonelyplayer

    Wii U redesign

    • Agent75

      I would say hands down that at some point, there will be a Wii U redesign with a hard drive to name a few things.

    • Furious Francis

      I doubt its a redesign.

      • lonelyplayer

        I don't know but I think a redesign is very likely, that's what is holding me from buying a wii u right now

  • Anti

    Nintendo has mentioned in the past they always begin R&D on a new console or handheld immediately after the launching their latest model, so this is not surprising news to me. I'm guessing the fanboys are attempting to hype up this information as some sort of a rumour in order to claim Nintendo's abandoning the Wii U.

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  • Aiddon

    uh, isn't that just common sense? Nintendo has admitted they start working on their new systems after their current ones have shipped. Furthermore, let's face it, most Nintendo are complete bullshit. Nintendo keeps EVERYTHING on lock down and reveal when the time is right (which is why those Pokemon rumors are bullshit). We're not going to see their next handheld or console for a LOOOOOONG time

  • titangamecube

    Guys, anyone with a half a brain knows that a new console is coming but this time, it might be a little ways off because this gen might last longer. So instead of demanding new features already, enjoy the consoles you have already.

  • _V_

    Maybe they're going to scrap the Wii U and release this new machine soon, perhaps? I don't know.

    • _V_


      • Furious Francis

        There not going to scrap the Wii U…. soon, it takes multiple years to develop a new system

        • Alex Wolfheart

          Exactly. Plus it would make consumers lose faith if they flip flopped like that.

  • insaner

    This makes perfect sense for a few reasons:

    1. Nintendo lost a major lawsuit for the camera patents on the 3DS, so they have to pay $1.42 per unit, which means millions of dollars in losses (this is significant for a company like Nintendo).

    2. The 3D gimmick didn't succeed

    3. 3DS sales have slowed down in comparison with DS (same period of time, though one can argue about holiday seasons between the two).

    4. 3DS has reached its peak, most of the major titles are already out, and yes one has to admit about Kirby coming out…Kirby is usually a sign of a near end of a generation (eg. NES, GBA, GCN-though it wasn't released, Wii etc)

    5. 3 year or more cycles is part of Nintendo's history (GC to GBA, GBA to DS)

    • nooblet68

      Millions of dollars of losses is nothing when they make billions of dollars of gains from the same product. The 3DS is at 40 million sales, so 2, 3 and 4 are irrelevant. Nintendo typically has a life-cycle of 5 or 6 years. Not 3.

  • jtz

    No surprise. They worked on Wii a year after GameCube debuted.

  • ZainreFang

    Already sold on it, cause i'm a freakin Nintendo fanboy.

    • Furious Francis

      LOL! Honest and to the point.

  • DePapier

    Nintendo started developing the Wii U one year after the release of the Wii. Iirc the 2DS and the 3DS XL took them about two years. They have a department dedicated to new hardware and new accessories. These people are obviously paid to work on what’s coming next.

  • unlimitedpower1

    This is 100% true. It doesn’t mean we will see it anytime soon. It may not be revealed for years. The wii began development just months after the gamecube launch. And the wii u began development I think they said in 2008. Plus we already know they have combined the handheld and console division to begin work on a new machine. I’m not sure why everyone is so shocked about this. A console, whether it’s portable or a home console takes years to develop.

  • tjb

    i think Nintendo will make a gamepad hybrid that works with wii u and 3ds.

    • Whybee

      Holy hell. That actually sounds cool.

      Imagine, a machine that combines the convenient portability of a handheld with the graphical power and large scale of a console. You can choose to hook it up to the TV while you're home (complete with Off-TV play), and take it with you when you have to go outside!

    • Alex Wolfheart

      That would cannabalize sells. Bad idea.

      • tjb

        Please elaborate?

  • UncannyOmninaut

    This should not come as a surprise to anybody.The 3DS was released over 2 years ago so it is pretty much a no brainer that they are working on its successor. The real question is when we will see it? Will it have a short lifespan like the GBA or will it be around as long as the DS which was 6-7 years. I would hope that they would keep the 3DS for as long as the DS.

    /edit posted in the wrong comment section

    • UncannyOmninaut

      I'm referring to the 3DS when it comes to lifespan since that is going to determine when they will transition to whatever the new thing is.

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  • migwelito

    What's SoC?

    • siu leung

      SoC = system on chip…basically an integrated circuit (IC) that integrates all the parts of a computer on a single chip.

  • Syrek

    Like several others who have commented on this subject, I too believe the earliest we will hear or see anything in regards to this next generation handheld is most likely E3 2016, possibly earlier but I highly doubt in considering how well the 3DS is doing. The 3DS is essentially the next DS in terms of popularity, a crap ton of quality titles, and sales rivalling the DS and Wii, so if this is true, which it most likely is, then 2016/2017 is when we will see more of this next gen handheld. I loving my 3DS so much, a lot more than I did with the DS and I feel many others are the same way, so once again this rumour won't come into fruititon until much, much later.

  • Shulk3150

    They began development of the wii u a year after the wii came out, and now its been a year after the wii u was released so maybe its a new console.

  • jandkas

    You people know that console development takes a really long time, I remember in a Nintendo Direct saying that they started working on the Wii U right after the launch of wii. This means nothing folks, it doesn't even mean they are going to release one soon.

  • ghettojourno

    This year is the time for solidifying next-gen handheld concepts. Next year will be the time to solidify next-gen home console concepts. These years are the best in console generations, the greatness of what current hardware can do with great software with the promise and excitement of what’s to come.

  • King_Sparkticle

    1. This is a rumor.
    2. Even if it's true, there's no way they'll even announce it until late 2016-2018. At best, this "next-gen console" will come out around 2019.
    3. If this is true, they'll still be making games on the Wii U better than they have been before. It's not like they will stop making anything for the Wii U. No, there will be heaps of games coming. Don't doubt it.
    4. This probably is the next DS, but NOT the next home console.

    And again, it IS a rumor. Nothing to get all worked up about.

  • snorz

    its wiiu xl with beefier gpu so it can stream to a 720p gamepad instead of the normal wii u witch streams 480p

  • Kage

    No surprises here.

    Nintendo always start new console development as soon as the current product is out the door.

  • TheToasterNinja

    It will be a super duper powerful next gen console with 5000GB of RAM. They'll shall name it the Wii sorry. 🙂

    • revolution5268

      5TB OF RAM?!?!? man you have high hopes n_n
      I bet ya they will called it Super Wii U…. or Wii Z (because it sounds cool to me).

      • TheToasterNinja

        Wii Z makes it sound like the console is a chain smoker. Also I live in Canada. So we would pronounce the letter as zed. Wii zed sounds like "we dead".

      • nooblet68

        Or, following the naming conventions Nintendo have used before, it'll be something completely different.

      • Ridgerunner

        Wii-z? Its bad enough that after 8 hours of game play I gotta take a Wii-z , that will just make me have to goto the bathroom more! Lol! Bad enough they took Bayonneta 2 from the big league consoles, If they make another console that will take away more "exclusive only" titles away I will be soon pissed off!

  • Espeonic

    I'm not saying that it is absolutely a new console, but from what I've seen, Nintendo has worked on next-gen consoles pretty early on in a current generation. According to Wikipedia, they conceived the Wii back in 2001 when the GameCube launched. So I don't think it's impossible for them to be already working on their 9th gen console. If it was a console, I don't think it's going to be the "cutting-edge, for reals, next-gen console" that would "really compete with the PS4/Xbox One" that will immediately replace the"failing" Wii U by the end of the year because people keep suggesting they should do that for idiotic reasons. Seriously, Nintendo has quite a few games coming out for the Wii U this year alone, why would they waste all of money and time spent on them just to make a "real" next gen console that will "actually sell"? Heck, I bet any Nintendo haters who see this are thinking it is going to be that.

    It could be a handheld for 9th generation. It could even be what Francis suggested, though I personally think an HD 3DS would be saved as their 9th generation handheld, but that's me. And it totally would be called the HDS, too. lol

    • Zodd

      4KS would be the next handhelds name if they were going to go that route. HD TV's are near dead in Japan. It's all about 4K now. But with that said game companies love to milk up gamers for all we got & Nintendo is king at that.

      • alex9234

        Only a Sony fanboy would say that.

  • siu leung

    seeing as how Nintendo has integrated both the console and handheld divisions together and also the eshop of the 2 systems can share funds, I'm hoping it would be something that can play both 3DS and Wii U games (eshop games at the least). It's very possible it's just a 2DS XL.

  • Mocking Bird

    Doesn't development for a new console start a few years after the previous console is released? I'm guessing this is Nintendo's next handheld; and I don't mean a 3DS redesign, I mean their 9th generation handheld.

    • revolution5268

      Usually Nintendo is been know to work on their next gen platform after they release the hardware. They usually take their time making it in secrets. Nintendo themselves confirm this during the 7th gen.

  • koopzilla

    This can pretty much be assumed, and is nothing to get worked up about. Designing a new console takes a lot of time, and the process is usually started not long after the release of a new system. I would say it's been in development for a good 6 months or more already. I would be surprised if Sony and Microsoft aren't already thinking about their next consoles. This shouldn't be taken as they are abandoning the Wii U, as I'm sure some will probably claim. In fact people saying they should abandon the Wii U aren't taking into account how long it takes to develop a new console, they don't just start thinking about it a year before they are released.

    • ChoSe

      The Problem about your statement is: There is no next Xbox – as Microsoft told in a document years ago that Xbox One is the last console of their trilogy! And yes – there are 3 consoles of them- so -Microsoft is out then! Meaining: Microsoft will make STREAMING-Games then. Windows 9/10 Counts there too. Windows 9 = last normal Windows (well if you Count a Tablett-shit as Windows 😉 with doesn`t annoy you with "Stop- your Internet is not connected, your PC cannot boot!) And yes- that it fact too! It has been confirmed, that Windows 10 is a internet-connected Windows, that means no more control for the user. No more PC-usage, when the Internet is down!

      And sony already said (not themselves but important People of their developers) – that they plan to go there too! Meaning: 1080p/4K Streaming-Games in future only. No more console, no more Hacking, no more Cheating, no more Games, which you buy, no more gaming without internet- and yes – no gaming of 18+ Gaming without check of your Age! And you cannot copy any more games, too! You got that?

  • Travis Touchdown

    It's just a Wii U with more memory.


    • Anon


  • Nathan

    I just got my 3ds and Wii U, I don't want to see any new hardware for a while.

    • RicardJulianti

      Earliest this would show up is 2015….more likely revealed at E3 2015 and sent out in 2016. It's way too early to reveal anything at this year's E3, but they could possibly reveal and launch in the same year if they have the software to back it up.

      I too just got my 3DS…..not even 5 months ago. I need to play it more though….I have barely started Pokemon and I feel like I have to play Link to the Past before I play LBW. I also need to finish SMT IV, Fire Emblem and start M&L Dream Team. Ugh.

      • revolution5268

        Expect Nintendo talking about it in 2016-2018. The 3DS is about 3 years old and they do not want to loose that momentum.

        • CaptainDestruction93

          Exactly this wont be talked about officially until at the least 2016/2017. 2015 is still way to early to mention a new handheld and Nintendo knows this and wants the focus on 3DS for alot longer especially at the rate its going. And really them working on a new console doesn't suprise me as all the console devs have said once one system is finalized/done/ready for market they immediately start work on there next console/handheld.

  • *NormalGamer*

    Knowing Nintendo, this next machine will pretty much be something new, something different, and something never done before in video games that ‘surprises’ us; I very much doubt it will be just another souped up console with more power and better graphics since Nintendo is all about efficiency.

    To put it another way: After second screen gaming is established as standard, what new ‘game experiences’ will Nintendo will come up with next?

    • RicardJulianti

      They'll take the Google Glass concept to a whole new level…

    • eaglebob345

      I believe they are going to do what Sony perfected with remote play and what Nintendo perfected with off tv play to create a console that combines handheld and home consoles. I also hoping for the Pokemon rumors to be true. Fimally, I hope it is a combined machine for the 9th generation or a third hybrid machine for tbis generation tht plays Wii U and 3DS games.

      • *NormalGamer*

        “I hope it is a combined machine for the 9th generation or a third hybrid machine for tbis generation tht plays Wii U and 3DS games.”

        I had the same thoughts about this, but in the meantime we will have to make the best of what the eighth generation is offering right now before we migrate into the ninth generation in the next few years.

  • Gnatagator

    It’s the HDS. Called it!

    • ei8bit

      I hope they will not ditch out the 3D. And it's the HDS 3DDDD!!!! lol

    • teufel

      M ore likely it will accomplish what Apple could not with their iPad with their iTV, a true portable gaming device that streams the console experience to the tv without the problems that Apple has had because it wont be streaming from the net to the device to the tv.

      It likely will have the ability to do the 3D affect, but it will be the perfect hybrid of console and portable that Sony tried to deliver but fell short on.

      Imagine having a device around the same size as the gamepad, likely bigger, with the ability to play game cards and discs with the ability to expand its memory through SD cards or even hook it up to a back up drive to swap out games.

      Heck, Nintendo might take away the need of that and allow you to have cloud service that lets you erase what games you have on the device and upload what you want to play when on the go or play when you dont want lag/load times while playing.

      Or, then again, that new VR tech is lighting a few fires which might have Nintendo looking into what they could pull off eliminating the need for a tv and blurring the lines on the portable and console experience.

  • Golden_Owl

    Perhaps a new addition to the 3DS family? I have no idea what it could be. The eighth generation has only started just recently…

    • revolution5268

      I think you are thinking about the 2DS XL but I may be wrong.

    • Dinga

      Well if you remember they started working on the Wii U in 2008 so if it is a new home console this is quite normal.