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Rumor: Nintendo Planning to Launch Super Smash Bros Wii U and Mario Kart 8 in Spring 2014 – Update


This is 100% rumor right now, so please take it as just that. According to Nintendo’s German general manager, the firm is looking to release two of their biggest games in the Spring: Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros for Wii U. 

Original Story 

“For next spring two more big license games are also announced for our TV console with Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros.” 

The post is in German, you can read that here. 


Thanks Ricard for the tip!


PE’s Take: 

That would huge for the Wii U if both games came out in the Spring. Nintendo did this back in 2008 with Super Smash Bros Brawl and Mark Kart Wii. So this is definitely possible. 



Nintendo of Germany has stated what the German GM said was a mistake. Both games are listed for 2014. 

Dear media, we would like to point out that in an interview with the West-Press is an error with Dr. Bernd Fakesch. specified with the “spring of 2014″ time frame for the release date of Super Smash Bros. is not correct. Super Smash Bros . of Wii U and Nintendo 3DS will be released in 2014, a more accurate indication of the start date is not yet possible at the present time. We apologize for this misunderstanding. Sincerely your Nintendo PR team. 


Thanks Gintoki for the tip!

PE’s Take: 

We’ll see what happens! 

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38 Responses to Rumor: Nintendo Planning to Launch Super Smash Bros Wii U and Mario Kart 8 in Spring 2014 – Update

  1. RicardJulianti says:

    You know what I just realized?

    PlayerEssence was THE site to report on a rumor that caused enough fervor to get Nintendo to respond. Not IGN, VG24/7, CVG, N4G……..us. Right here.

    Movin' on up…

  2. onlyUnextgen says:


    FACT donky kong —smash—dat kart8 are all first half games to release by summer THATS NOT A RUMOR THATS A WELL KNOWN FACT

    • RicardJulianti says:

      I'm not usually one to act like this…but..


      Donkey Kong is literally the ONLY game with a confirmed release date. Mario Kart will probably launch before summer….but saying it is a fact is just fucking stupid.

  3. Mythosa says:

    The way it’s worded it sounds like 2 big games plus SB and MK.

  4. Trilink says:

    Personally i'd prefer it if Smash Bros is released winter 2014 or early-mid 2015. WE have Project M now, so theres no rush atm. I'd rather them delay the game and Sakurai be fit to work on another game in the future, rather than potentially rush/finish the game early and then Sakurai announcing he can no longer develop games anymore.

    That is my biggest fear, and i really hope Sakurai takes a break for himself. The guy is a workaholic especially with his injury, he needs to take some time off to look after his health.

  5. janezk7 says:

    ummm .. spring ? .. this soon ? .. i say no waay

  6. Gedden says:

    If this was true! This would be very interesting seeing how Reggie stated that they're will be no software drought in 2014. To me that means at least a game around a month Besides Bay2, MK8, Smash, X, DK TF, what other games do we have coming our way from Nintendo?

  7. kidking17 says:

    I read somewhere that smash bros U would release separately from the 3ds version.

    Idk if releasing them together is good for wiiu cause I would assume since more people all ready own a 3ds they would buy it for the 3ds as opposed to the Wiiu.

    • RicardJulianti says:

      I think Sakurai had said that they MIGHT not release at the same time. Honestly, I think the 3DS version would be the one that would come later (if either) since figuring out how to actually make Smash Bros on the 3DS work could be a bit of a challenge. 4 players on the small screen could cause the camera to be a bitch to program. It could possibly be pushing the 3DS further than anything released by Nintendo so far (Ironfall probably will push it further, but that's what tech wizards do)

      Disclaimer: I have no idea how to code a game so the above is complete guessing.

      • Link says:

        I think releasing the Wii U version first (and therefore making it a priority) would actually be very beneficial for the system. I know I couldn't play the 3DS version instead of the Wii U one but I'm sure there are a fair number of people out there who already own a 3DS but not a Wii U and will simply buy the 3DS version and be content with it. Having it come out on the Wii U earlier could push some towards buying a Wii U because let's be honest, people nowadays tend to be quite impatient.

    • revolution5268 says:

      If they release it seperately it would make it look like the 3DS ver is inferior.

  8. retrogaminglord says:

    its possible, sakurai is working his ass off in that game. The reason brawl was delay was sakurai had to fix data that team started before he was informed of the project, and the story mode. Classic mode, all star and adventure mode will likely will be in the game, with additional games like homerun contest, and mission mode. so far 18 characters have been completed in game. Wario, game and watch, zerosuit samus, zelda/sheik, captain falcon, yoshi, ness, (possible falco), Diddy(maybe unless they change it to cranky…or dixie) king dedede, metaknight, jiggly puff, maybe ice climbers(technaical issues), and ganondorf(unless replaced by demise) will make returnso fifthteen characters returning so we should have over 30 character. pokemon trainer(techical charizard, squrital, and Iveysaur), lucario, ROB, Wolf, Ike, and snake will not return. We're going to get a character reveal some time this month who it is…I don't know. Were are getting getting new characters at some point. Little Mac, Mewtwo, and ect have had a huge demand lately so its possible they might make in the game. I think we will get 40 character so maybe the characters getting kicked out will be replaced with new. Megaman replaced snake, wii fit trainer replaced rob(maybe) and villager is something that was added. I don't think the 3ds version will hold back the wii u version all that much. Sakurai added so much to kid icarus, idols, big multiplayer, large story data, weapon data, music, missions, and ect. I think sakurai can make 40 character in the game it just takes time and management. The 3ds stages aren't as complex as the wii u stages so thats helping with data saving.

  9. Asdrendeluxe says:

    He say it in german begin of the Year not spring but i believe he means the same.

    I am from Austria we speak german.

    • DePapier says:

      That's a better translation. Thanks!!

    • Gintoki says:

      Asdrendeluxe's translation is correct (I am a German). However, that's the exact reason why I wouldn't take the statement as a fact. This interview was published on the website of a small regional newspaper I never heard of and contains several spelling mistakes. It is likely that Fakesch's statement or the published version by the newspaper is a little inaccurate or misleading and "Frühjahr 2014" only refers to Mario Kart 8. As Asdrendeluxe wrote Frühjahr usually means at begin of the year (January, Februray, March) and I don't think that we will get SSB that early. I am certain that is just a wording issue and no hint.

  10. Link says:

    I HIGHLY doubt Smash Bros. is far enough in development to be released in Spring. I really want them to take as much time as they need to bring us the best game they possibly can.

    • triforcelightning says:

      Smash Bros. 4 has been i development for nearly 2 years! This leak like the DKCTF UK boxart leak was planned. Nintendo does not do LEAKS!!! They plan them.

    • bottled123 says:

      what causes you to doubt that much?
      i mean, do you know when they started development or something? cause i realy don't know

      • Link says:

        There were reports that development hasn't truly started until Kid Icarus: Uprising (Sakurai's previous project) was finished and that was in March last year. So right it it should have roughly 1.5 years of development under its belt and next Spring that'll be around two years. For a game as massive as Smash Bros, I'm expecting a little more than that. Q3-Q4 2014 seems a lot more reasonable.

        Another thing, if they really are on track for a Q1-Q2 2014 release, why would Sakurai be working his ass off like he said he currently is? Nintendo certainly didn't set a deadline (to us) other than 2014.

        • JL4578 says:

          With Namco Bandai developing it, It seems possible.

        • Furious Francis says:

          Link, they are working with Namco Bandai, these guys already know the Wii U architecture. They developed Tekken on Wii U. Its completely possible that they can finish the game by Spring next year

          • Link says:

            I'll gladly eat my words if it does. Even then, I'm not sure if Nintendo firing both of their biggest shots around the same time (in the first half of the year, no less) is a good idea.

          • Sky Grounder says:

            It will build a lot of sudden momentum / hype, which should reach many. I'm thinking this is a good idea.

    • WiiUExposed says:

      Remember, they're working in conjunction with Namco-Bandai. It won't take too long.

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