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Splatoon: Battle Dojo | Urchin Underpass Gameplay Footage – TheBitBlock

Splatoon Battle Dojo

Josh from TheBitBlock is back with some gameplay footage from Splatoon’s local multiplayer, Battle Dojo.

Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric: Where Did It All Go Wrong?

Sonic BOOM Rise of Lyric

“A few details on what went wrong during the development of Sonic Boom Wii U.”

Source: Unseen64 Liam

Forbes says Splatoon’s Single-player is the best part, Agrees with Nintendo to Leave out Voice Chat


Forbes writer Jordan Shapiro has penned an interesting article discussing Splatoon. In his story, he applauded Nintendo for leaving voice chat out, in addition to saying the best part about Splatoon is the single-player campaign. You can read a few snippets of the preview below. You can get my take past the link.

Wii U Gamepad vs Wii U Pro Controller with MY Favorite Games! | PlayerEssence

Vs Pro vs GamePad MS

The Wii U Gamepad is awesome, but I find myself using the Wii U Pro Controller more for my favorite games on Wii U.

Source: PlayerEssence

Minecraft Inspired game STONE SHIRE gets 15 Minutes of Gameplay on Wii U – Nintendomination


Check out the first 15 minutes of Stone Shire on Wii U. This is a Minecraft inspired game that’s coming to the eShop this Thursday.

Splatoon – Japanese Global Tesfire Trailer

Splatoon GTF

Check out the Japanese trailer for the upcoming Splatoon Global Testfire.

Why the next Legend of Zelda game Should Come to Wii U & NX

The Legend of Zelda Wii U

PlayerEssence discusses why The Legend of Zelda should come to the Wii U & Nintendo NX.

Source: PlayerEssence

Check out These Splatoon Advertisements and Billboards in Japan

Splatoon GTF

Splatoon is getting a lot of advertising love from Nintendo! Check out these Japanese advertisements and billboards pushing the game. Via: GoNintendo

Nintendo World Championships 2015 – Best Buy Locations Announced & Game Details


Nintendo has just announced the Best Buy locations for the Nintendo World Championships 2015. The event will take place on May 30th between 10AM through 7PM local time. Get all the locations and details past the link.

Nintendo Slaps down Patent Troll case Involving Ithaca Ventures with Wii Balance Board


Another day, another patent troll slapped down by Nintendo’s legal team. Nintendo has just announced they defeated patent troll company “Ithaca Ventures and Ithaca Development” in a lawsuit pertaining to the Wii Balance Board. Ithaca Ventures said Nintendo infringed on their patent, but they could not prove in court Nintendo did so. With this defeat, Ithaca Ventures must pay Nintendo’s attorney fees.  Here is what NOA’s Vice President and Deputy General Counsel Richard Medway said:

“Nintendo will vigorously defend its innovations against patent lawsuits, and will not pay to resolve meritless accusations, no matter whether the case is filed in the United States or elsewhere.”

Source: Nintendo

Splatoon – GameXplain RAMPAGES in Turf War on Blackbelly Skatepark (1080p60fps – Gameplay)

Splatoon Edge Cover

“Want to see Andre do more WRECKING in Splatoon against his fellow video game journalists in Turf War? Then this video’s for you, featuring 60fps gameplay!”

S@X (5/5/15) Grand Finals – Boss vs Seagull


If you’re looking to main Luigi or Sonic in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS, make sure to check out this Grand Finals matchup! Boss and Seagull are two of the best Smash 4 Players in the world with Luigi and Sonic respectively.

Super Smash Bros for Wii U/3DS – Marth Character Guide (ZeRo)

Smash Bros for Wii U Marth

The best Smash 4 player in the world has a brand new character guide for Marth. Get all the tipper action past the link.

UCraft has Become a Wii U Exclusive game now


Nexis Games has revealed that UCraft will now be an exclusive title to the Wii U, and not release on other platforms. Get their full statement on the matter below.

Nintendo Targeting the Smash Bros & Mario Kart Audience with Splatoon


Nintendo UK’s market manger Chandra Nair sat down with MCV to talk all things Splatoon. They went over amiibo support, target audience, single-player and more. Get a few snippets of the interview below.

Splatoon – New Weapons Trailer


We’ve got another Splatoon weapons trailer from Japan. See all the action past the link.

Get a Splatoon Squirt Gun when you by Splatoon at Target

Splatoon Squirt gun

Target is offering users who by Splatoon at their store a free Splatoon branded squirt gun while supplies last. Best thing about this is it’s not a pre-order bonus. Just buy Splatoon at Target to get the squirt gun. Although I would go on the launch day just to make sure you get the squirt gun. Via: Nintendo Everything

Splatoon FAQ – Your Questions Answered! – WiR 5/17/15

Splatoon items

Shawn Long from Nintendo Enthusiast answers a host of user questions on Splatoon. Check it out below. 

Game Theory: Why Star Fox has NO LEGS, The REAL Reason!


The Game Theorists have a new episode on Star Fox. Check it out below.

Source: The Game Theorists

Could Platinum Games be Hinting at Another Collaboration with Nintendo?


Platinum Games and Nintendo have worked together to released 3 Wii U titles so far (Bayonetta, Bayonetta 2 and The Wonderful 101). Could there be another game in the works for the Wii U from Platinum Games? Check out this Tweet Platinum Games posted on their page.

Thanks to uPadWatcher for the tip!

Pre-E3 2015 Show Teases a ‘World Premiere’ by Nintendo and Special Guest Shigeru Miyamoto


It “LOOKS” like Shigeru Miyamoto and Nintendo are ready to show off Star Fox for the Wii U! This pre-E3 show teaser has popped up on Vimeo teasing big studio names such as Infinity Ward, Naughty Dog, Nintendo and more. Guests like Olivia Munn and Shigeru Miyamoto are outed in the video as well. You can watch the short video here. Thanks GameNChick for the tip!

Unannounced Wii U Titles set to Launch Before April 2016, says Iwata


Sorry for being a little late on this news guys. Nintendo president and CEO Satoru Iwata has revealed that Nintendo has a number of “unannounced titles” that will launch on Wii U before April 2016. This was said at a recent investor meeting and follows in line with Nintendo’s plan to ramp up the production of Wii U games in its third year.