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14-Year Mexican Prodigy Takes out Mr. R, then Calls out ZeRo!


A 14-year old Meta Knight player from Mexico named Leo beat the best Sheik main in the world and then called out the best player in Smash 4, ZeRo!

Source: Most Valuable Gaming

Splatoon – Private Battles Enables Custom Tournaments, 8 Consoles/Games on one Connection


Yo! Some additional details have been revealed about Splatoon’s August update.

 “Private Battle, two to eight friends will be able to battle together in customizable matches. Nintendo’s page also says that it “allows players to hold small-scale custom tournaments using up to 8 Wii U consoles and games on a single Internet connection.”

NOW, it’s time for me to get back into Splatoon. Couldn’t stand playing with random idiots online.

Via: Nintendo Everything,  Source:  Nintendo

Devil’s Third – Itagaki on Development Process, Wii U & more


Devil’s Third creator Tomonobu Itagaki spoke with Famitsu about his unique 3rd person action game.

King K. Rool in Smash 4 via Fan Voting? Nintendo Trademarks his name in VC Release


King K. Rool’s name has apparently been trademarked by Nintendo. Some are speculating that he might have won the Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS ballot.You can watch Etika’s video on the matter here.

Splatoon – New Rainmaker Mode Video


Splatoon will be getting a brand new Rainmaker game mode. Check out the promo video below showing it off!

Source: VGChartz

Splatoon – August 5th Update adds Ranked Squad Battles, Private Lobbies and more!


Splatoon will be getting a huge update on August 6th that adds new modes, weapons and gear. Get the full tun down below. 

Splatoon – Inkling Girl Design, Squid Sisters, Sound Effects & more

Splatoon Wii U

Famitsu has put up a new feature with Splatoon producer Hiashi Nogami and other devs on the game. They discussed a wide range of topics from the sound effects to the squid girl design. Get all the information below. 

Super Mario Maker – NWC 1 | Watch GameXplain get Bodied


The guys over at GameXplain took the first level from the Nintendo World Championships on Super Mario Maker for a spin…. and yeah, they get bodied. You can see the 1080p 60fps footage below. The level is a bit tricky.

Source: GameXplain

PE X Nintendo #86 | Skylanders Graphics, Devil’s Third, Summer Droughts & more!

PE X Nintendo 86 MS

This post will be stuck for the top for a bit, new articles will be posted below. 

Francis from PlayerEssence breaks down the week’s best Nintendo news and gives his take on the Wii U’s summer drought in the main topic. Subscribe to PlayerEssence for more awesome content!

Splatoon – New Japanese Commercials


Check out some new Japanese commercials for Splatoon on Wii U.

Nintendo is Shutting down Nintendo TVii


After three years of mass non-activity and who knows how much wasted resources, Nintendo will be shutting down Nintendo TVii. The service never came to Europe and was marketed as a “fun” way to Watch shows with your Nintendo Wii U. However, the Nintendo TVii app was not used by many users, which is proved by Nintendo shuttering the service only after three years.


Skylanders SuperChargers Graphics are Looking Pretty good (DK Gameplay)


GameXplain has uploaded 8-minutes of gameplay from Skylanders SuperChargers on Wii U with Donkey Kong. And I’ll give the game this, it looks great graphically. Check out 60fps HD footage below.

Source: GameXplain

Palutena amiibo on sale Exclusively on Amazon Today at 5 PM ET/ 2 PM PT


Amazon will be exclusively selling the Palutena amiibo today at 5 PM ET/ 2 PM PT. Amazon has stated there will be “ample quantities.” There will be a limit of 1-per customer and 1-click ordering will be disabled. You can follow the listing right here.

Super Mario Maker – Coming Soon Trailer


Check out this great new “coming soon” trailer for Super Mario Maker for Wii U!

Crunchyroll Wii U app can now be used by all!


The anime streaming app Crunchyroll, use to require a premium membership to be viewed on Wii U. However, that is not the case anymore. Now members with free memberships can watch anime on their Wii U through the app, you just have to watch some ads in-between. Pretty cool huh!? Source: Crunchroll

Devil’s Third – Single & Multiplayer Screenshots

d-third-2 (1)

Check out these new screenshots for Devil’s Third on Wii U. They show off single and multiplayer from the mature title.

Via: Nintendo Everything 

Super Mario Maker ISN’T Racist, Look in the Mirror | PE RantZ

Super MM R MS

Business Insider claims that Super Mario Maker is racist. But I think they need to look in the damn mirror before they start making silly claims. Subscribe to PlayerEssence for more awesome content!

Devil’s Third – Itagaki Gameplay Preview w/ English Subs


Check out the Japanese Gameplay preview of Devil’s Third now with English subtitles. You can watch the video here. 

Devil’s Third – Details on Game Modes, Microtransactions, File Size & more


More information on Devil’s Third has been revealed on the game’s multiplayer, microtransactions and features. Get the full roundup below.

– Two main components are Solo Play and Multiplayer. The latter has several modes, such as the main mode where clans fight for the control of the United States, as well as Team Deathmatch, Carnival, and Cross Fight

– Customization options let you wear different kinds of gear in order to change stats

– 16.4 GB free space required on Wii U

– Gamepad and Wii U Pro controller enabled

– Off TV play available

– USB keyboards will also be enabled for text chat

– Microtransactions are in the game. You can use real life money to buy Golden Eggs which can be traded for weapons or in game currency

Via: GoNintendo, Source: Perfectly Nintendo 

Devil’s Third – More Japanese Gameplay Footage

devils-third-1 (1)

Check out more gameplay footage from Devil’s Third on Wii U.

Wii U eShop Charts (7/22/15) – Zelda Ocarina of Time & Splatoon lead

The Legend of Zelda

This week’s Wii U eShop sales charts are in. The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time and Splatoon lead. Get the full software listings below. 

Pokken Tournament Confirmed for the United States, Possible Wii U or NX Release? | PlayerEssence

pokken- header

Dave & Busters has confirmed that Pokken Tournament will be heading to the United States in their arcades. But that leaves the question if the game will eventually make its way to a Nintendo console? Francis discusses the news below. Subscribe to PlayerEssence for more awesome content!