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Rumor – Xbox One Game Streaming Might be Coming in May


The highly anticipated Xbox One game streaming announced back in January, might be ready for a May release. Reddit users on the preview program have found a brand new option which allows for game streaming to other devices. More proof that this could be coming in May can be found on VGChartz.

April Update for Xbox One Out Now


“Larry Hryb, Xbox Live’s Major Nelson highlights the April Update for Xbox One, including updates to Party Chat, the Achievement notification and What’s On.”

Quantum Break will Launch in 2016


Microsoft and Remedy Games have announced that Quantum Break will launch in 2016 for the Xbox One. Get the full statement from Microsoft and Remedy below.

Sunset Overdrive gets a Permanet Price Drop


Good news for Xbox One owners who haven’t picked up Sunset Overdrive yet. Microsoft and Insomniac Games have permanently reduced the price of the title to $40. The new DLC launched today as well.

Sunset Overdrive Dawn of the Rise of the Fallen Machines Trailer

Sunset Overdrive

Check out the final piece of DLC for Sunset Overdrive on Xbox One. You can download it today for $9.99 or it comes free if you purchased the Season Pass.

Halo 5 Guardians Release date Announced, Live-Action Trailers Revealed

Halo Xbox One

343 Industries has announced that Halo 5 Guardians will launch on Xbox One on October 27th, 2015. You can also check out two new live-action trailers past the link.

Killer Instinct – Hisako Gameplay (Maximilian Dood)

Killer Instinct

Maximilian Dood check out Hisako in Killer Instinct for the Xbox One!

Games with Gold April Game lineup – Child of Light, Gears of War Judgment & more


“In April Xbox Live Gold members get double the free games with 6 amazing titles across Xbox One and Xbox 360. Gold members get access to Child of Light, Pool Nation FX, Gears of War: Judgment, Terraria, Assassins Creed IV Black Flag and Army of TWO The Devil’s Cartel.”

Killer Instinct Ranked Match Gameplay – LogiK Gaming

Killer Instinct OR

“Watch the Zen Gamer fight a promotion match in the Ranked Leagues in Killer Instinct (2013). Can he get to the Gold ranked tier and become a Master?”

Xbox One Slim Rumors Surface


Bidness ETC is reporting that Microsoft might be unveiling a new redesigned Xbox One “soon”. The console is a bit on the bulky side, the current model can’t be place vertically without the fear of tipping over. More details on this supposed redesign can be viewed here.

April Update Preview for Xbox One


“Larry Hryb, Xbox Live’s Major Nelson and Richard Irving from the Xbox engineering team walk through the updates in April for Xbox One. New features include voice messages, new achievement notifications, new Party Chat updates and more.”

Killer Instinct – Hisako Trailer Teases Cinder

Killer Instinct

Microsoft has revealed a new trailer for Hisako in Killer Instinct on Xbox One. In the same trailer, we get a short tease of Cinder! (My Favorite KI character)

Playtonic Knows what RARE is Working on, says Fans will be Pleased


Playtonic Games, a new studio composed of former RARE developers says they know what RARE is working on, and fans will be pleased with it. Playtonic even said they might collaborate with RARE in the future.

Twitch CEO Calls for the end of Traditional Gaming Consoles


Twitch CEO Emmett Shear feels that the traditional console business’ days are numbered. Sheer has stated that the long life of consoles falls behind other consumer electronics like cell phones. Sheer feels that Sony and Microsoft need to make set-top boxes than can increase RAM or memory every couple of years. Get his full comments below.

Gears of War: The Macus Fenix Collection Might be a real Thing


Microsoft could be working on a collection of Gears of War games spanning Gears of War 1 -3. There is currently a campaign going on by Gears of War fans to bring the original trilogy to the Xbox One on one disc. While Xbox Lead Phil Spencer did not confirm the existence of such a collection, he did strongly hint the firm might be working on it. Via: PlaybackGaming

gears phil

Project Cars – First Xbox One Gameplay Footage


Check out the first footage of Project Cars running on the Xbox One.

White Night dev says the Xbox One is Easier to Program for but PS4 ‘Seems’ more Powerful


OSome Studio’s Mathieu Fremont has shared his “OPINION” on the PS4 and Xbox One from a development standpoint. He feels the PS4 is more powerful while the Xbox One is easier to program for.

NPD February 2015 – Microsoft’s Response Details Hours Spent on Xbox Live

xbox-one Microsoft has issued their response to the latest NPD charts for February. The firm went into how a lot of people are spending time playing the Xbox One, and how it stacks up to social networks.

The Best Games of 2015 live on Xbox One

Halo Xbox One

The best exclusives and biggest blockbusters of 2015 live on Xbox One.

Source: Xbox

Xbox App on Windows 10 Update

Microsoft game studios

“Larry Hryb, Xbox Live’s Major Nelson walks through a number of updates to the Xbox app on Windows 10, including remote control of your Xbox One, downloading your Game DVR clips locally and more.”

Xbox One March Update Out Now


“Larry Hryb, Xbox Live’s Major Nelson showcases some of the new features available in the Xbox One March Update, which is rolling out now. New additions include screenshots, custom tile transparency, suggested friends and more.”

Rumor – Xbox One Exclusive Quantum Break “Likely Delayed” to Early 2016


Dae Jim has revealed on Twitter that Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break is “likely delayed” to early 2016. And while this might seem like a bad thing at first, extra time to polish the game and fix issues will be appreciated by gamers. Plus it moves it out of the busy fall lineup, into the less crowded Q1 period. This has not been confirmed by Microsoft, but it’s looking like a done deal.