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MAYA TRAILER (Mummy Teaser)- Killer Instinct Season 2 (ULTRA HD 4k)


Killer Instinct Season 2 is upon us, check out this new trailer for Maya in the game.

Final Fantasty XV – TGS 2014 Trailer is Quite Awesome

Final Fantasy 15

Square Enix just released a brand new trailer for Final Fantasy XV at TGS 2014. And I have to say, it looks freaking amazing.

Battleborn – First Gameplay of Gearbox’s new IP


Battleborn is a new IP by Borderlands’ creator Gearbox Software. Check out 6 minutes of gameplay below.

Chinese Xbox One Games Contain A One-Time Activation Code, can’t be Resold

Xbox One

Xbox One games around the world can be bought and resold like any other previous console on the market. However, things are a bit different in China, as news has broke that Xbox One games will come with a single, one-time activation code. This means games cannot be resold in any fashion once that code is used. More details and information can be found on GamerSyndrome.

Assassin’s Creed Unity – Co-op Gameplay Trailer

Assassins Creed Unity

Ubisoft has released a brand new trailer for Assassin’s Creed Unity on PS4 and Xbox One. It shows off some set pieces with co-op.

GTA 5 on PC will Launch in Early 2015, Rockstar Explains the Delay

GTA 5 poster
GTA 5 will launch on the PS4 and Xbox One this November. However, the PC version will not come out till early 2015. Rockstar has explained that the PC build was delayed for optimization reasons. More details can be found on GamingWorm.  

Microsoft Buys Minecraft ($2.5 Billion) Announcement Trailer


Microsoft has officially purchased Mojang, the developer of Minecraft for $2.5 billion. Microsoft has put out an official video discussing the acquisition.

Save $10 on Destiny for Xbox One


Newegg has Destiny on sale for $49.99. That is a savings of $10 and is the best deal so far on Bungie’s latest epic. If you’re unsure, check out the review round-up on Destiny here.

XBOX ONE Has One of the Worst Japanese Console Launches in History – AlphaOmegaSin


For a bit now sites have been reporting on how basically there was nobody at all lining up for the XBOX ONE. Talking the biggest electronic stores that usually have lines wrapping around the building are completely barren with the launch of the XBOX ONE in Japan.

Sunset Overdrive – No Rules Trailer (Xbox One)

Microsoft has released a brand new trailer for Sunset Overdrive on the Xbox One. Check it out below.

Destiny Xbox One: 1080p Retail vs 900p Beta Frame-Rate Tests


Digital Foundry has compared the 900p beta of Destiny, to the 1080p final retail build. Does the frame-rates hold up? Find out below.

Microsoft’s Potential Acquisition of Mojang Sparks Xbox Spin-off Debate by CNBC

Xbox One Revealed

The dude from Mad Money on CNBC feels that the potential acquisition of Minecraft developer Mojang will result in Microsoft spinning off the Xbox Division. Check out the video right here. Remember, Microsoft analyst Rick Sherlund has been saying this for quite some time.

Media Create Sales: (9/1/14 – 9/7/14) – 3DS Tops the Xbox One’s Debut


The Xbox One launched in Japan last week and it didn’t start so hot (as expected). The Media Create charts show the Xbox One sold 25,674 units in its opening week. That is more than 50% less than the Xbox 360, and well below the Wii U and PS4’s debuts. The Nintendo 3DS was the top device sold with around 30,000 units sold. Yokai Watch 2 reclaimed its top spot after losing it last week. Get the full hardware and software charts below. 

Rumor – Microsoft in the Talks to Purchase Minecraft Developer Mojang for $2 Billion


According to the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft is nearing a deal to purchase Minecraft creators Mojang for $2 Billion. The story seems to be developing so nothing is set in stone at the moment. However, WSJ says a deal could happen as early as this week. Via: NeoGAF, Source: WSJ

Sunset Overdrive – Season Pass gets Detailed, $19.99


Sunset Overdrive will be getting a season pass. Get all the details below.

Xbox One, $50 Gift Card and Additional game for $399.99

Xbox One

When you purchase the Xbox One for $399.99 from the official Microsoft store, you’ll receive a $50 gift card and free game. More details can be found at the official store here

The Launch of the Xbox One in Japan isn’t Going well

Xbox One

I don’t think anybody expected the Xbox One to do well in Japan. But pictures, and news is starting to come out that major retail outlets had customers in the single digits to purchase the Xbox One. At one major retail outlet in Japan, there was only one customer in line to purchase the Xbox One, his name is Kazuyuki Wakai.

Xbox One Launch – Japanese Gamers don’t seem to be Standing in line


The Xbox One is launching today in Japan, and it doesn’t “SEEM” like to many gamers are interested. Some Twitter users have snapped picks of the big stores for console launches, and they seem to be pretty empty. Check out some of the photos below.

Famitsu Review Scores (9/2/14) – Xbox One Edition


Famitsu has reviewed a slew of Xbox One games in preparation for the launch in Japan soon. See all the scores below, in addition to Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3.

Halo 3 – Xbox One Gameplay (Halo Master Chief Collection)


GamesHQMedia has uploaded 2 minutes of footage from Halo 3 in The Master Chief Collection.

Saints Row 4 Gat Out of Hell Trailer (PS4/Xbox One)


Saints Row 4 is coming to the PS4 and Xbox One. Check out the reveal trailer below.

Xbox Live Games with Gold (September 2014) – Halo Reach & Crimson Dragon lead


Microsoft has announced September’s Games with Gold titles. Halo Reach leads the Xbox 360 downloads, while Crimson Dragon and Super Time Force are available for Xbox One. Monaco is also on the Xbox 360 for users to download. Source: Major Nelson

Assassin’s Creed Unity Delayed till November 11th

Assassins Creed Unity

Ubisoft has delayed Assassin’s Creed Unity by two weeks in North America and Europe. North American players can get their hands on the game on November 11th, while Europe will have to wait two days later. Ubisoft gave a reason for the delay below.

Gamers@Large Spotlight – Shadow Fox Infinite


Shadow Fox Infinite is probably the best journalist who isn’t a real journalist ever. I wanted to spotlight Shadow Fox’s channel as he really knows his stuff. Make sure you subscribe to his channel here. And PLEASE watch this video of Shadow Fox Infinite completely destroying every troll argument against the Wii U below.

Trolling = Spreading Ignorance. Period – TwilighBytes


TwilightBytes has a fresh new capture card, a smooth voice, and plenty of knowledge. Check out this video on putting a troll in his place.

Metro Redux Developer says the PS4 is a bit more Powerful than Xbox One, But the XB1 is Improving


I usually don’t post articles like this, but I figured some might be interested in what 4A Games has to say about the PS4 and Xbox One’s graphical abilities.

Standalone Kinect for Xbox One will run you $149.99, Launches in October


Microsoft has announced the pricing and tentative release date for the standalone Xbox One Kinect camera. The device will cost $149.99 and will go on sale in early October. Via: MPR 

Tee’s UnXBOXing FOOS! – PE Network

Xbox One

Mizzah Tee unboxes a brand new Xbox One console.

Wii U vs XBONE/PS4 Comparison 3 – Shadow Fox Infinite

Wii U PS4 Xbox One

Shadow Fox Infinite completely destroys a certain Wii U skeptic in the video below. You want to get schooled in tech….watch this video below.

Assassin’s Creed Unity — A Return to Form | PS4

Assassins Creed Unity

Explore the open world of revolution-era Paris in the latest chapter of the iconic Assassin’s Creed series. Vincent Pontbriand from Ubisoft Montreal discusses how the team returned to the pillars of Assassin’s Creed when designing Unity, from navigation to stealth. Assassin’s Creed Unity launches October 28th for PS4.