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Do Amiibo Dream? | ZyroXZ2

Smash Bros Amiibo

It’s a strange question to be sure: do amiibo dream? I know, there’s no way that’s possible… right?

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Follow ZyroXZ2 on Twitch!


Just an awesome Sparrow bow shot moment I thought I’d share to get you to follow me on Twitch! 😀 Check out ZyroXZ2’s Twitch channel here.

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The Wii U “Five” Smash Bros Tournament! | ZyroXZ2

Super Smash Bros Lucina

ZyroXZ2 is hosting his first tournament in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. Check out the details in this video below!

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Killzone: Shadow Fall | ZyroXZ2 Review


ZyroXZ2 from the PE Network reviews one of the best looking games on the PS4, Killzone Shadow Fall.

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Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest Review | ZyroXZ2


ZyroXZ2 from the PE Network reviews Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest via Wii U Virtual Console.

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Submerged (PC Indie Review) | ZyroXZ2


ZyroXZ2 from the PlayerEssence Network reviews Submerged, a new indie game on PC.

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Rare Replay | ZyroXZ2 Review


ZyroXZ2 from the PlayerEssence Network reviews Rare Replay for the Xbox One! Check it out below.

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Legend of Kay Anniversary (Wii U Review) | PlayerEssence


The most important thing to preface this entire review with is the fact that this is a Playstation 2 game that’s been remastered.  It comes from an older time.  So, does Nordic Games’ remaster come as a pleasant surprise or is it really still just an old, aged game with a shinier coat of paint on it?

Never Alone (Wii U) | ZyroXZ2 Review


ZyroXZ2 reviews Never Alone on the Wii U!

inFamous Second Son - ZyroXZ2 Review

InFamous Second Son

Another of the PS4’s early exclusives reviewed! But does it do the open-world genre justice? Welp, let’s find out! Subscribe to ZyroXZ2 for more awesome content.

How Real is Power to Gamers? | ZyroXZ2


“Power doesn’t necessarily equate to graphics. Graphics may be the buzzword in the current generation, but let’s talk about what power offers gamers… if anything at all anymore besides more shiny stuff.”

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Batman Arkham Knight Review - ZyroXZ2 (PE Network)


ZyroXZ2 from the PE Network has uploaded his official review for Batman Arkham Knight. Check out it out below.

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How Mad Should You Get Over Videogames? - ZyroXZ2


“There’s been a lot of discussion on my channel and not a lot of games, but don’t worry, reviews galore are coming!… Until then, maybe a little talk on this whole “angry gamer” thing might be in order!”

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Killer Instinct - Season 2 (Xbox One DLC Review) - ZyroXZ2 - PE Network

Killer Instinct Cinder

ZyroXZ2 from the PE Network reviews Killer Instinct Season 2 on Xbox One.

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Yooka-Laylee’s Kickstarter Success: A Double-Edged Sword - ZyroXZ2


“There’s no denying that Yooka-Laylee’s Kickstarter funding has been a success. It’s record-breaking, even! But this generates a lot of hype, and hype leads to often monumental expectations. Do people need to take it down a notch?”

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Why, Why, Why?! Dat Japanese Technology, Tho. - ZyroXZ2

Splatoon Wii U

“We will be taking a sarcastic look at the things that just don’t quite make sense in the Nintendo world! On today’s episode: Splatoon (again)”

Splatoon Review - ZyroXZ2


ZyroXZ2 from the PE Network reviews Splatoon for the Wii U. You can also check out The Red Knight’s review from the ActiveGamerLife network below too.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (PC Review) - ZyroXZ2

The Witcher 3

ZyroXZ2 from the PE Network reviews The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt on PC.

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Splatoon demo (Testfire Impressions) - ZyroXZ2


“Luckily, I was around for the first global testfire. Was it inking good? Was there something oddly satisfying about splattering my ink on walls and other players? Oh, and was Splatoon’s demo fun?”

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The Nintendo “NX” - ZyroXZ2


ZyroXZ2 from the PE Network finally discusses the Nintendo NX! Here what he has to say on the matter below.


Grand Theft Auto V (PC)- ZyroXZ2 Review

GTA 5 poster

“Even though the last generation version released a couple of years ago, the game has finally come to PC. Naturally, it’s a demanding game due to its massive scope, but is it still a worthy PC port.

Mario Kart 8 - Season Pass Review - ZyroXZ2

Mario Kart

With the second DLC pack released, I know have the entirety of the season pass on my hands. Was my return to Mario Kart 8 and its new 200cc mode worth every penny? Has Nintendo single-handedly curbed the believe that all DLC is simply a money-grab?

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