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The Nintendo “NX” - ZyroXZ2


ZyroXZ2 from the PE Network finally discusses the Nintendo NX! Here what he has to say on the matter below.


  • SilverNight

    My guess is its two systems that can work together. A handheld with a arm processor made with AMD Radeon SPUs and a home system with “Skybridge” and with a lot more Radeon SPUs clocked higher. Since Skybridge has an arm processor they can run the same game engines on either system. That would make game development a lot easier and faster. The inclusion of x86 cores in “Skybridge” would be there to make it easy to port 3rd party games to the home console. They may include the Wii U processor for backwards compatibility. Gamepad will be optional as you can use your handheld as one. The controller is harder to predict. They will probably support everything, including Gamecube Wii and Wii U controllers as well as whatever they have next. We could see that controller they patented with the removable parts. I think they will have some form of VR for the system as well.

  • Justin Finnegan

    I also think that it will likely be a hybrid system of some kind. However unless I misinterpreted him, he seems to be suggesting that Nintendo will use the gamepad as the handheld and I don’t think that at all. They may have a bundle where the handheld and home console can be bought together at a discounted price, but they will also be sold separately for those who only want one of them. If Nintendo keeps the gamepad next gen, they will mainly do it so it matches the structure of the dual screen handhelds they’ve been making. Instead of supporting off tv play, the gamepad would always be used in the same way the bottom screen is used on the 3DS. It would show additional info such as maps, and gameplay that utilizes touch screen functionality would be played on it. Although, it is entirely possible that Nintendo will make a single screen handheld next time so that it matches the structure of a home console that uses a single screen. In any case, the gamepad will not act as their main handheld. The NX would be so unpopular if they did that, Nintendo would have to go third party after that. Even if they have enough money to flop next gen, they would never be taken seriously after that by anyone. The gamepad can’t be played far away from the home console, and the battery life on it is very short so it’s totally unfeasible. Also, the gamepad does not fit in your pocket so it severely limits its portability.

    Furthermore, he also seems to be suggesting that you’ll only get the full experience when playing on the console and only be playing minigames when playing on the handheld. I can understand adding certain additional features when playing on the home console, like better graphics etc., but having the handheld only playing minigames would kill their handheld market completely and it goes against Nintendo’s policy. Nintendo isn’t about to provide half assed handheld experiences. Even though I haven’t had the chance to play it yet, I know that Xenoblade Chronicles 3D shows that they are aiming to provide full console experiences on their handhelds.

    Maybe I somehow misunderstood the points he was making, I don’t know.

  • FalconLawnch

    It’s kind of amusing to see people speculate about this hybrid when Iwata himself has already stated multiple times that it isn’t what they have in mind.

  • Guidosaur

    I like this dude’s content, how long has he been under the PE name? Does anyone still keep up with that acriticalhit64 guy lol?

  • getagrip

    do away with discs and bloat sell a handheld controller and console base unit for 300 and the handheld alone for 150

  • getagrip

    he is way of with the power thing lets say it is one system it would SCALE THE HORSE POWER to allow both modes

    example a new DS type system runs at 800mhz cpu 400mhz gpu and 2gb ram its a wiiu in your hands in terms of power

    then at home dock it in a cradle then under mains power its 2ghz cpu and 1ghz gpu and 8gb ram

    whilst allowing you to use a mini refined gamepad or a 9 axis pro pad or a wii remote and nunchuck

    chipsets can scale in core count and clockspeed and memory it wouldnt be hard to do this

    in handheld its a nvidea x1 power level in tv mode docked its 3x a nvidea x1 in power NOT FAR FETCHED AT ALL…

    another idea is a 2ds STYLE HANDHELD with one huge screen then a small box and refined gamepad as the console tv option two systems supporting the same games

    another thing i was thinking is power share a base unit could borrow performance from a handheld controller to do extra things in game using both sets of chips

    this isnt far fetched ether stream backgrounds and pre rendered stuff to the main base unit as added power

    a tablet with detachable 9axis nunchuck pads is another great idea a handheld that docks you pull away the sides to have a left and right hand super nunchuck type deal each side is gamepads face with buttons sticks and underside triggers

    each pod(mouse) has 9 axis this controller would combine wii remote 9 axis and pro pad into one thing PRESTO AMAZING CONTROLS

  • Jet Hammer

    I think it’s pointless to even talk about NX at this point in time. All it does is attract trolls and supposed hardware experts. All I will say is that I want Nintendo’s logo back to red and black.

    • http://playeressence.com/ PlayerEssence

      Strongly disagree, it’s not pointless because Nintendo has mentioned it a few times now, in addition to them making a number of moves that point toward the future of their business. Iwata has referenced some of the ideas for there next hardware at investor meetings a year ago. So Iwata can give us info but we can’t talk about it, or its pointless? Lol wat?

      • gaugheyad

        You’re inferring information where there is none. Nintendo has NEVER stated or even hinted that they were working on a hybrid system or anything else of the like. That’s little more than wild speculation based off of quotes taken out of context or completely misunderstood.

        People are going to be upset with Nintendo when the NX doesn’t turn out to be what they, and you, are hyping it up to be.

      • Jet Hammer

        Feel free to talk about it, I am interested in what other people think about it, it’s just that I won’t join in. Apart from it sharing an account system, there’s basically no objective info yet to what it will be. So, to me, there is no info to be gathered.

        Hardware specs do not interest me, I have my reasons for that. What interests me is software features. Alas, I don’t know what Nintendo is planning. However, I am interested in other people’s ideas to what software features they would want.

        Come to think of it, I should have clarified myself more in my first post.

  • person

    Simple solution to the high cost of a hybrid system: Simply sell the console part with an upgraded Wii U Pro controller (added analog triggers) and sell the gamepad/controller/portable system aspect separately. Say $350/£270 for the home console part and $250/£190 for the portable part. Give them identical operating systems and sell them both for just $500/£380 if bought at the same time. Since you’re technically getting two consoles (sort of), that’s a good deal and the price would allow Nintendo to give each part PS4/PS Vita level hardware and still make a profit if they come out in 2017.