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I’m NOT Happy About Shenmue 3 + Nintendo and Other E3 Thoughts - Butterworthy


“You heard me. The Sega fanboy feels insulted by the Shenmue Kickstarter. Plus, the Nintendo community needs to get a freakin’ grip.”

Source: Butterworthy

  • Wonder Dean

    I am also a big fan of Animal Crossing (starting with New Leaf) and I’m just fine with Amiibo Festival. Do you want to know why?

    For years, people have been complaining about the Animal Crossing and it’s lack of variety. People have said that AC has been getting stagnent, especially before New Leaf. So Nintendo has made an effort to make Animal Crossing branch out and try something new, do something that is completely out of it’s comfort zone, moreso than Happy Home Designer. This is actually quite the risk, and one that could either create a stain for the AC brand, or be the beginnings for even greater success for the franchise.

    Also, I’m absolutely positive that we’re getting a more traditional Animal Crossing game farther down the line (for the Wii U, which I have to stress now for some reason) so I don’t see much of a reason to be upset. People have also been asking for an amiibo centric game for a while now, and now they have one, and complain about it. Although I suppose that is the way of the Nintendo fan.

    • Brandon

      well the board game IS just one part of Animal crossing amiibo festival confirmed by the tree house. (see my link below)

      • Wonder Dean

        I saw that, and it just makes the discontent in this game more pointless. People have been judging games much too early at this E3. It’s like they haven’t learned anything from the last 3 years of these shows.

    • 7thlevel JR

      no, nintendo is just whoring out animal crossing for the sole purpose to sell the damn amiibos they had no intention to innovate the series

  • Brandon

    I’m not a animal crossing fan by any means but I can see why people hate amiibo festival. And that’s coming from a mario party regular since the N64 original, BUT people also need to get a grip on animal crossing amiibo festival because the treehouse confirmed the board game is JUST ONE PART OF THE GAME!


    I know people will just ignore this but animal crossing fans: read this I know it’s from LOL reddit but yeah it was from the treehouse event at e3 when they were showing animal crossing amiibo festival.

  • JaxonH

    I don’t have a problem with Federation Force either. Actually looks fun.

    However, the director of Metroid has come out to state they have nothing in the works. Not even in the beginning stages of development. Nothing.

    That’s the punch in the stomach. Not Federation Force. It’s too late to see a Metroid NX launch title. It’s just too late for that to happen. Three years he said. That puts us at E3 2018 as the SOONEST possible release date. And we all know NX Will be out by holiday 2017 at the latest. And we also know you’re not going to start developing MP4 tomorrow. Heck it might even be another couple years before they start.

    That’s what’s disappointing. There’s no two ways about it

  • CilverKid520_Youtube_Twitch

    Dude I am feeling the same way he is at the moment.

    • http://playeressence.com/ PlayerEssence

      Its been crazy dude. LOL, but also funny at the same time. People get so worked up over video games.

      • TimG57867

        Worked up is an understatement…

        • CapableTie

          Seems to have calmed down by now.

      • Ryuken13

        I think it is a limited POV and sense of entitlement prevalent among gamers now.

        Sony and Yu Suzuki had great business reasons for the Shenmue 3 Kickstarter and there is quite a bit more to gaming than simply making the game. There is marketing, budgeting, and forecasts to make. The Kickstarter helped Sony gauge market interest in an old IP. Simple due diligence the disgruntled gamer is not taking into consideration as they think of themselves and their wants exclusively.