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PE X Nintendo Ep. 67 - Fall’s Biggest Games

Bayonetta 2 HD Wallpaper

Hyrule Warriors gets some amazing DLC, free and paid. Bayonetta 1 + 2 goodness, and I discuss the biggest titles coming this holiday! Support the show! Subscribe to PE Nintendo.

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Author: Francis@PE (18807 Posts)

  • mitchelo_09

    I'd say Bayonetta is kind of Platinum's "hit" game. So if Bayo 2 is anything like that, it should be amazing…

  • mitchelo_09

    Smash will be awesome!!!. A ton of real Nintendo fans will be buying Smash. Majority of people buying it are getting it for the real game. Not the "everything off, lets add glitches back" people. They're a tiny group who don't represent the real fans. People buy Smash for the crazy over the top brawling elements, with items, hazards and crazy stages (with platforming elements)… The comp is a tiny scene, a minority of people… The people buying the game are getting it for the real thing.

  • mitchelo_09

    Hyrule Warriors is awesome. I recommend it. Its cool fun. It has a heightened level of greatness, and alot more character then a lot of the other similar types of games. It has that Nintendo charm, and that action that Musou games have.

  • android138

    great podcast francis!