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PE X Nintendo Ep. 69 - The Status of METROID


Francis from PE discusses the Bayonetta 2 demo, Captain Toad Treasure Tracker, GameCube Controllers for Wii U, and the status of Metroid for the Wii U. Subscribe to PE Nintendo here for more awesome content!

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  • Wiiu4life

    To be honest I think Nintendo needs to produce Metroid the same way Capcom did MH3.
    You have two different Metroid games that are totally independent of each other but due to Amiibo's you can now bring certain game data from one version to the other even extra levels can be shared between both.

    Now moving onto game play I would like to see a fully 3d game that allows you different viewing angles. This in essence will satisfy everyone's appetite. They need work with a movie story writer who has handled big projects.
    Now they can kill it by developing an art style like the new Zelda game. Plus don't go cheap on this game and have it out in the next two years .

  • BillNM.

    Anyways, perhaps they should look at getting the rights to Turok, or even GoldenEye, those are generally considered classic franchises, I think that would work better for both pushing units, and pleasing fans…
    Then again, things like Conduit were unfortunately ignored by a lot of haters, while they grabbed any random shooter on the ps3, 360 and xb1 and ps4….
    Unless Nintendo goes out of there way to highlight 3d shooters again on their console, those games won't push units the same way… I think Nintendo should focus on games that will please fans and the mass audience, rather then go for niche stuff only…

    • Mythosa

      Yup. I agree with your sentiment.
      To get Goldeneye would be very hard. Would have to get it from MS/Rare and MGM plus the rights to use pierce brosnan's likeness for any new or expanded scenes. Would be easier to try to do a new bond by use from MGM and create a new game.
      I'm not sure who owns Turok now, but was Turok actually that big? I don't think it really was.
      They might be best to try to create a new IP and just try to push the hype train for it. It's a hard scenario. Maybe splatoon will help with that.

      • BillNM.

        Turok was big-ish, not the biggest admittedly compared to modern standards, it had 4 or so exclusive to Nintendo's home consoles, and they did well within quite a short period of time…

        In terms of interesting/unique third person shooters, it has potential given its unique qualities and given the popularity of the genre in the modern era. It has alot of pull with early Nintendo fans and admittedly some that left Nintendo would see it as a cool thing to return…

        When people think 1st person shooters on Nintendo Platforms, generally the 3 that get mentioned from the 90s/early 2000s are: GoldenEye, Perfect Dark and Turok….

        Splatoon is quite clever and makes sense for the platform. It could bridge the gap.
        In terms of revivals, something like GoldenEye and Turok has potential in this era, in comparison with some other IPs… In some ways, they were ahead of their time…

        • Mythosa

          I do think they could have their part if the pie. Out of the two I would lean towards GE, but Turok was a fun game as well.
          I really dug the idea of a 3D run and gun Contra. It's so hard to say what would be successful.

          I think that the industry might be ready for new IP's. Destiny has done really well so far, and Watchdogs also did. There is still the place for the COD's and Smash and the like, but it seems like a shift might be happening. Or maybe I would just like to see a shift happening lol. There's some what looks to be really high quality games coming to the Wii U so if this doesn't get them a bigger piece of the pie, I'm not sure anything will this gen unless there continues to be a severe lack of games for the other systems as there seems to have been. Loads announced but it doesn't seem much is coming to fruition and the stuff that does isn't the highest if quality. The highest quality games on either system have been remakes so far except for Second Son and probably KI.

  • BillNM.

    Other M seemed decent to me, the Metroid niche hated on it…. Anyways, like i said, Metroid is cool, but its a low tier IP to Nintendo. It hasn't set the world on Nintendo consoles, its not on the Halo level of success.

    People that act like its going to push units are kidding though, it was always an in between game for Nintendo …

    I get the variety thing, but the Wii U already has it, had Donkey Kong been promoted properly like Mario Kart, and had the console been promoted properly it would have shifted way more units then it did… I would like to see more 2d stuff with Metroid, like 2.5d games, a continued mix maybe.

    I think they could do another sequel, or rather a 2D Game… Maybe a 3d….

  • BarizonKiller

    I didn't watched the IGN video, but here's my opinion: the biggest challenge evolving Metroid is creating new power-ups and creative level designs around these power ups. There's only so much you can do with metroidvania games: higher jumps, elemental weapons, speed boosters, etc. It's getting harder and harder to come with new ideas. Other M used almost every single power up from Super Metroid, without adding nothing new to the table. And that's the core element of Metroid gameplay.

  • SoccerStar9001

    I hope for a Other M style gameplay (not story).
    Other M's gameplay was extremely smooth, even on the Wii mote. If Other M go on the Wii U; it would still have a bad story, but it would have a seriously solid gameplay.
    The order of games I want:
    Although if we are talking about combos…. I prefer this combo:

    Online? Don't really care.

    • TLH14

      Other M's core mechanics could make an interesting game with a few tweaks, but even in gameplay, Other M still wasn't very good.

      • SoccerStar9001

        A little more exploration and mobility in first person shall do the trick right?

        • TLH14

          Either that or none at all would be an improvement, and perhaps an easier way to transition between the two. A neat idea would be having the side view and first-person view displayed simultaneously between two screens.

          Or just have no first-person at all, and give the levels more depth. This method would work particularly well on the 3DS; think like Triple Deluxe, but with more layers, and the same idea as with Other M's levels where the linear path Samus is taking is wrapped around a 3D environment.

  • J0E

    What? You didn't like Metroid Gaiden.. I mean Other M lol

    • SoccerStar9001

      Metroid Gaiden….?

      • Nintendo + Team Ninja worked on Metroid Other M

        Team Ninja is famous for Ninja Gaiden…..

        So….. Metroid Gaiden.