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Dragon Age Inquisition Official Trailer – Jaws of Hakkon (DLC)

Dragon Age Inquisition

“In this story, you will uncover a lost chapter in the history of the Inquisition. Discover the final fate of the last Inquisitor, and the powerful dragon he hunted. Dragon Age Inquisition Jaws of Hakkon is available now on Xbox One and PC! EA Access members save 10%.”

Battlefield Hardline – Angry Joe Review


“Want an in-depth detailed explanation for why Battlefield Hardline Sucks? With extensive opinion on multiplayer? Look no further than this 40 minute Angry Review detailing why BFH is one of the worst BF games to date!”

Star Wars Battlefront will Launch this Holiday for PS4, Xbox One and PC

Star Wars Battlefront Logo

The official EA Star Wars Twitter account has confirmed Star Wars Battlefront will launch in holiday 2015 on PS4, Xbox One and PC. This means there will not be a PS3 or Xbox 360 version of the game. Considering the mass appeal of the Star Wars brand, and the huge install base of the 7th generation systems, It’s a little surprising Disney isn’t making EA develop a last generation version of the game.

Battlefield Hardline – PS4 vs. Xbox One Analysis


Digital Foundry has went hands on with all the versions of Battlefield Hardline. Check out a frame-rate comparison and tech analysis below.

Battlefield Hardline Review Roundup – Looking OK (76.91%)


Battlefield Hardline reviews have begun to hit the web. Get the first batch of scores past the link.

NBA Live 14 is $2.99 on Xbox One


The Microsoft store is selling NBA Live 14 on Xbox One for $2.99……so pick it up if you want….. grab your copy here.

Battlefield Hardline: Official Launch Gameplay Trailer


The official launch trailer for Battlefield Hardline. Get a piece of the action in the all-new, high-speed Battlefield Hardline that brings you speed, strategy, and story.

Unicronic Arts (The Jimquisition)


“So Electronic Arts has shut down Maxis and, really, should we be surprised? Given EA’s track record, it’s never truly shocking (though it IS always sad) to see it kill off one of its acquisitions.”

Battlefield Hardline is 900p on PS4, 720p on Xbox One


Visceral Games has confirmed on Twitter that Battlefield Hardline will run at native 900p on PS4. The Xbox One version will run at native 720p. Both games are targeting 60fps, but we’ll have to wait till the final build to see how stable the frame-rate is.

Rumor – Mass Effect 4 E3 Trailer will lay down the Overall Plot and game Direction

Mass Effect Tali

Mass Effect 4 has been in development for nearly two years now. It seems a given that at E3 2015, we’ll see more of the game. Industry Insider Shinobi says we shouldn’t expect gameplay, but a E3 2015 trailer that details the story and game direction. More details and the direct quotes can be found here.

The Xbox “Hut”: Battlefield Hardline Beta (First Impressions) – ZyroXZ2


“Since, like, 2 people said they’d be interested in seeing my opinions on the new Battlefield Hardline beta, I went ahead and did it all for them! :P”

Source: ZyroXZ2

Battlefield hardline beta gameplay XB1/1080p/60FPS


219garyind plays the Battlefield Hardline beta on Xbox One, of course in silky smooth 1080p 60fps. 

Battlefield Hardline – Karma Gameplay Trailer


EA has released a new trailer for Battlefield Hardline. Check out this new gameplay trailer for the title below.

Bruce Lee will be a free Download for EA Sports UFC Starting Tomorrow


EA has revealed that EA Sports UFC players will be able to download Bruce Lee for free. The deal will go from 12/23/14 – 1/5/15. More details past the link.

EA says Anita Sarkeesian is not Working on Mirror’s Edge 2


A petition on Change.org looked to convince EA to remove controversal feminist Anita Sarkeesian from the development of Mirror’s Edge 2. With the petition nearing its goal of 50,000 signatures, EA has responded to it saying that Sarkeesian is not working on the Mirror’s Edge.

This petition is based on inaccurate information. EA is not working with Anita Sarkeesian on the development of Mirror’s Edge.” Source: Change.org

Dragon Age Inquisition (Xbox One) for $39.99 at Walmart

Dragon Age Inquisition

Gamers can save $20 on Dragon Age Inquisition for the Xbox One. The title can be picked up for $39.99 online or in-store. Grab your copy here.

Dragon Age: Inquisition Patch & Features

Dragon Age Inquisition

Bioware released a brand new patch for Dragon Age Inquistion. Get the full details past the link.

Petition to Remove Anita Sarkeesian from Mirror’s Edge 2 Development


I’ve been meaning to make a proper Anita Sarkeesian rant for quite some time and with this sorta news hell why not? Anita Sarkeesian should not be anywhere near game development let alone making the insane types of choices that she is currently is with Mirror’s Edge 2. Warning, Strong language.

Remember TO BE RESPECTFUL in the comments section. People breaking the rules of PE and being disrespectful will be subject to temp bans.

Dragon Age Inquisition Review – ProJared

Dragon Age Inquisition

ProJared reviews Dragon Age Inquisition for the PS4. See what he has to say on the game below.

Dragon Age: Inquisition Angry Review


Demon Joe returns along with the Dragon Age Franchise! Can the third game bring honor and glory back to Thedas? Find out!

Dragon Age Inquisition – Followers Gameplay Series: Solas & Cole

Dragon Age Inquisition

Solas is an elven mage who has spent his life studying the spirits that live in the Fade. Cole is a spirit given human form. Meet them both in our latest Followers Gameplay Series video. Dragon Age: Inquisition available now on PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 3.

Titanfall: New Gameplay Updates and Features


There has never been a better time to drop into Titanfall on Xbox One, PC and Xbox 360! Check out the full list of content updates and features that have been added to Titanfall and join over 7 million Pilots on the Frontier.