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Titanfall Dev Doesn’t know or care if it’s Making a Profit, Just Loves Developing Games


Titanfall producer Drew McCoy doesn’t know if his game is making profit, nor does he care if it is or not. He’s making games because he loves to do so.

Titanfall: Expedition DLC Princed & Dated


Titanfall’s first DLC expansion Expedition has been officially priced at $9.99 as a standalone product, or $24.99 as part of the season pass. More details on the contents of the DLC below.

Battlefield 4 “Death Shield” Bug Discovered Online


Jackfrags on YouTube has discovered a nasty bug online with Battlefield 4 that lets players use a teammate as an invisible shield to block incoming bullets and projectiles. Check out the video below on the matter.

Titanfall – Expedition DLC set for May + 2v2 play mode

Titanfall cover

Titanfall will be receiving new content next month in both free and premium forms next month.

Digital Foundry Face-Off: Titanfall on Xbox 360, Xbox One, & PC

Titanfall cover

Digital Foundry has hooked up their machines, annualized the data, and broke down Titanfall on the Xbox One, PC, and Xbox 360. Get the results of their analysis below.

Dragon Age Inquisition won’t Feature DLC Characters


Bioware has revealed to OXM that Dragon Age Inquisition will not feature any DLC characters in order to avoid on-disc DLC problems.

Dragon Age Inquisition will Feature Kinect Voice Commands


Just like Mass Effect 3 on Xbox 360, Dragon Age Inquisition will feature Kinect voice commands to add a little extra to the game. Dragon Age Inquisition producer Mike Laidlaw discussed the matter in a new interview.

E3 2014 – EA Press Conference Dated


EA will be the first of the ‘big five’ to host their E3 2014 Press Conference. Get the date and time below.

13 Reasons We HATE Titanfall, 18 Reasons We LOVE Titanfall – ScrewAttack


ScrewAttack goes over the 13 reasons why they hate Titanfall and the 18 reasons they love Titanfall. See both videos past the link.

Titanfall Patch Update (4/10/14)


Respawn has released a brand new patch update for all versions of Titanfall. Get the full details past the link.

Titanfall – Xbox 360 Frame-Rate Tests


Digital Foundry has tested the frame-rates for Titanfall on the Xbox 360. While the game runs above 30FPS most of the time, the frame-rate is jumping all over place.

Dragon Age Inquisition – The Exalted Plains Screenshot

The Exalted Plains

Bioware has uploaded and detailed a new area in Dragon Age: Inquisition. It’s called “The Exalted Plains,” get all the details below on this new area.

Titanfall – Xbox 360 Opening Sequence & Gameplay

Titanfall cover

Now that Titanfall has officially launched on the Xbox 360, more videos have begun to pop up online. Check out two new videos showing off the opening sequence and training missions.

Titanfall on Xbox 360 runs Above 30FPS, says Bluepoint Games

Titanfall cover

Bluepoint Games has claimed that Titanfall on the Xbox 360 is running above 30 FPS and features all the content the PC and Xbox One versions have. Get the full update from the Official Titanfall site below.

Titanfall and the Power of the Cloud


Microsoft has released a brand new video detailing Titanfall’s cloud usage on the Xbox One.

Peter Moore Apologizes for DICE Mishap, Calls Nintendo “Partners”


A DICE employee razzed Nintendo and Wii U fans on Twitter today with a slew of mildly funny, but mostly annoying jokes today. While DICE has already apologized, EA boss Peter More felt the need to apologized on Twitter as well directly to Nintendo.

A DICE Employee Shows the Company’s Class by Harassing Wii U fans on April Fools Day


EA..EA..EA.. I really don’t know what to say about this company anymore. A programmer who runs the Frostbite Engine Twitter account decided he was going to rouse up Nintendo fans on April Fools Day with some untrue tweets. Check them out below.

PSN Flash Sale Discounts EA Titles up to 75% off


Sony and EA have teamed up for a PSN flash sale on a host of different EA games. Some of the highlights are NBA Jam: On Fire Edition for $3.99, NFL Blitz for $7.49, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning for $9.99, and Battlefield 4 for $24.99. The deals last til Monday, March 31st at 12:00PM PST. See the full list of titles below.

Respawn Details The Recent Titanfall Matchmaking Update


Respawn has made a number of improvements to the matchmaking process in Titanfall. Get the full details below.

Titanfall Video Review – ScrewAttack

Titanfall cover
ScrewAttack has uploaded their review of Titanfall on the Xbox One. Check it out below.

“I’d Rather not make Games than go F**king be a Slave for Public Companies,” says Oddworld Creator


Oddworld Creator Lorne Lanning won’t be joining any big third-party publishers anytime soon. Lanning says he rather not make games than “be a f**king slave for public companies.” He also added a nice “f**k” the business model while he was at it. Lanning specifically targeted Battlefield and EA has a publisher that put shareholders ahead of customers.

Dragon Age: Inquisition – Brand new Combat & Dragon Screenshots

dragon_age_inquisition_4 (1)

EA has released a host of new screenshots for Dragon Age: Inquisition showing off some new combat moves, dragons, and locals. 

Rumor – Titanfall Coming to Wii U, to Release Alongside the Xbox 360 Version – Update (Early April Fools Joke)

Titanfall cover

This is one massive rumor. And I usually don’t post stuff like this, but it comes from a forum member I trust. Either way, the rumor is Titanfall will be releasing on the Wii U alongside the Xbox 360 version this April. The rumor says the Nintendo paid “a substantially large fee to EA” in order to make this happen. More details below. *Updated* this was a early April Fools joke

Titanfall on Xbox 360 Delayed to April

Respawn has announced that the Xbox 360 version of Titanfall has been delayed to April 8th in North America and April 11th in the UK. The delay was to give the development team Bluepoint Games more time to polish things up. The Xbox 360 version will feature the same 6v6 gameplay, maps, modes, weapons, and Burn Cards as the PC and Xbox One versions. Source: Titanfall, Thanks Anti!

Titanfall – UK Launch Event, Let’s Play with Respawn, and More


The Upload team has released tons of new footage on Titanfall on the Xbox One. Check out all the shooting, Titanfall smashing, and parkour action past the link.

Let’s Play Titanfall Multiplayer with Sting316 & Mantrousse

Titanfall cover

The Upload team dropped a new video showing off more footage of Titanfall on Xbox One.

Titanfall – More Xbox One Frame-rate Tests


Digital Foundry has produced even more frame-rate video tests for Titanfall on Xbox One. The frame-rate dips seem to occur when multiple players have titans on-screen.

‘Next-Gen Face-Off: Titanfall – Digital Foundry


The tech wizards at Digital Foundry have compared and contrasted the Xbox One version of Titanfall, to the PC version. And while the Xbox One version is fun, it seems there are some issues regarding the frame-rate and smoothness when compared to the PC version. Get a snippet of the article below.

Titanfall on Xbox One – Launch Version Last Titan Standing Frame-rate Tests


Digital Foundry has hooked up their machines and tested Titanfall’s frame-rates in Last Titan standing mode. In this mode, the game rarely hits a consistent 60FPS and dips as low as 36FPS. Watch for yourself below.

Titanfall Could be Released on Mac, says Vince Zampella

Titanfall cover

Titanfall is a Microsoft exclusive right now, but that doesn’t mean the game won’t come to the Mac platform. On Twitter, Respawn founder Vince Zampella hinted the title could come to the Mac platform. 

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare Developer Struck with Layoffs

Plants Vs Zombies pressdemo_screens_01.0_cinema_960.0

Popcap, the developers behind Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, has confirmed to Polygon the studio has been hit with “painful” layoffs. 

Titanfall – Xbox One Questions Answered


Respawn designer Drew McCoy has taken to Twitter to answer a bunch of questions regarding Titanfall on Xbox One. Will there be a resolution bump, how are updates handled, will there be a player count bump? Answers to questions like that have been answered by Respawn.

Titanfall – Xbox One vs. PC Graphics Comparison


IGN has uploaded a 1080p graphics comparison for Titanfall on the Xbox One vs the PC. From what I can tell, the PC version looks better….shocker huh?