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Sony Turned down EA Access Subscription Service Because it isn’t “Good Value” for PlayStation Gamers


Sony has commented why EA’s new Access subscription program is not coming to PS4. They feel it doesn’t present ‘good value for PlayStation gamers’. 

Microsoft Claims they have “the best Exclusives,” new Games Montage Trailer

Xbox One controller

“With the best exclusives, spectacular new franchises and the best multiplayer community, it’s more fun on Xbox One.”

EA Announces Subscription Service on Xbox One – EA Access


Microsoft and EA have teamed up to bring users another subscription service to the Xbox One called: EA Access. This service has users paying $4.99 a month to get full game downloads of select EA games, in addition to netting discounts on DLC and full games. More details past the link.

August Games with Gold for Xbox One and Xbox 360 Revealed


Microsoft has revealed August’s ‘Games with Gold’ offers and it includes some pretty good games, especially on the Xbox 360 front. Uses on the Xbox One can pick up Crimson Dragon and Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut. While Xbox 360 owners can pick up Motocross Madness and Dishonored. Via: Gematsu

Titanfall (PC) is $25.49 on Amazon


Titanfall is on sale at Amazon. You can download the game on PC for $25.49. You will need a EA Origin account to play the game. Get the deal at the hyperlinks above.

Sunset Overdrive Video Shows off Customization and Gameplay Details


Insomniac goes over all the crazy customization options players will find in Sunset Overdrive.

Microsoft Attempts to Sell the Xbox One in Japan with new Video


Microsoft has released a brand new video showing off the Kinect recognizing Japanese language. Then the video shows off  various apps and games, starting with the perfect game for the Japanese audience, Titanfall.

Destiny Beta Gameplay – Characters and Classes (Xbox One)


The Xbox Upload team shows off the character and classes from the Destiny beta on Xbox One. Check out the gameplay below.

Destiny Beta Gameplay – The Destiny World (Xbox One)

The Xbox Upload team checks out the Destiny beta on the Xbox One.

Xbox One and Xbox 360 “Ship” 1.1 Million Combined in Q4


Microsoft has released its fourth quarter Fiscal Year 2014 results (April 1st to June 30th). Get the highlights of the report below.

Jimquisiton – The Xbox One: A Lying Machine

Xbox One

Piece by piece, everything that Microsoft intended the Xbox One to be has eroded away, revealing nothing but dishonesty and shortcomings beneath.

Xbox Europe hit with huge Layoffs – Report


Microsoft is going through a massive change under new President and CEO Satya Nedella. News broke that Microsoft will be laying-off 18,000 employees. This comes after closing down the Xbox Entertainment Studio. The Xbox EMEA team will also be hit with layoffs as well. 

The Thursday After SGC Halo 2 Stream!

ScrewAttack goes oldschool with a little Halo 2 multiplayer. Check it out below, it brings back memories.

August Update Preview for Xbox One


Larry Hryb, Xbox Live’s Major Nelson, chats with Richard Irving from the Xbox Engineering team to discuss the updates coming in August. New updates include the ability to Like, Share and Comment on your Activity Feed. Also coming in August is Mobile Purchase, where you can use Xbox One SmartGlass and the web to purchase Games and Add Ons with the option to have them download immediately to your Home console.

Microsoft will Shut down Xbox Entertainment Studios, Phil Spencer Issues Statement


Microsoft has announced that Xbox Entertainment Studios will be shut down in the next couple months. Around 200 employees will lose their job. This move comes after Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella stated that Xbox is not a ‘core part’ of Microsoft’s business, but insisted that Xbox is important to the company. More details can be found on Redcode, get Phil Spencer’s official statement below.

C’MON! LET’S GET NUTS – Killer Instinct (Classic Costumes) Part 6


Maximilian Dood is a little rusty in Killer Instinct, but he still better than all of us!

Sunset TV – 07/10/2014 ‘Makes a nice Joke About Port-Begging’


The Official SunsetOverdriveGame YouTube Channel discusses the Cinematics for Sunset Overdrive. There is also a little blurp in there about port-begging.

Rumor – Microsoft Hiring “Super Creator” for the next Xbox Machine


It looks like Microsoft is ready to start working on the next-generation Xbox machine. According to a listing on Microsoft career page, the firm is looking for an ‘Industrial Designer’. Check out the job description below. 

BREAKDOWN! T.J. Combo & Cinder Teaser (Killer Instinct Season 2)


Maximilian Dood goes over the new characters for Killer Instinct Season Two, with a nice Cinder tease.

Microsoft Handing out $75 to Select Customers to Purchase an Xbox One


Microsoft is offering select customers $75 promotional codes with the purchase of a Xbox One from Microsoft’s store or local retailers. Microsoft is apparently filtering these messages on Xbox 360 when users boot up the console. Have any of you guys seen this message on your Xbox 360′s? Let us know in the comments section below.

Xbox One’s July Update Coming Soon

Xbox Wire has announced the upcoming July update for Xbox One consoles will be releasing in a few more days. The latest update will offer snap mode for achievements, double-tapping the Xbox button to open the Snap Centre, and more. Check below for full details.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection – Terminal Trailer and Gameplay Walkthrough


343 Industries has just released a brand new trailer for Halo: The Master Chief Collection, as well as a gameplay walkthrough for the revamped Halo 2.