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Rise of the Tomb Raider Goes Gold

Rise of the Tomb Raider

Rise of the Tomb Raider on Xbox One and Xbox 360 is GOLD, Crystal Dynamics has announced today.

“We are pleased to confirm that gamers will be able to get their hands on Rise of the Tomb Raider very soon, when the game launches on November 10th,” said Darrell Gallagher, Head of Product Development and Western Studios.

“The entire team challenged themselves to improve on the last game that millions of fans enjoyed so much, and we believe we have created a worthy sequel to Tomb Raider 2013. With the game development now complete we are excited to share this incredible next chapter in Lara’s journey as she continues her growth into the ultimate action adventure icon, and accepts her destiny to become the Tomb Raider.”

Via: VGChartz

Halo 5 Goes Gold, Amazing Info graph


Halo 5 is complete and has been set to the factory or printing. Check out this amazing infograph for the game’s features. Via: HaloWaypoint

HoloLens Dev Kit Priced at $3,000, Shipping in Q1 2016


The price developers will have to pay for the HoloLens development kits is set at $3,000. The units should be shipping in Q1 of 2016. Microsoft discussed the matter more below.

“Whether it’s for productivity, health care, design, or entertainment, HoloLens creates experiences that aren’t possible on any other device, or any other platform,” Terry Myerson, executive vice president of Microsoft’s Windows and Devices group said on Tuesday.

More details can be found on CNET.  

Xbox One: Greatest Games TV Commercial


“Xbox One has the most award-winning exclusives and all of the biggest blockbusters this year. And with an expanding library of Xbox 360 titles available now on Xbox One, this is the greatest games lineup in Xbox history.”

Halo DS (Unreleased ) | NintendoBox


Halo 5: Guardians is soon to be released so I thought it was about the right time to do a Nintendo Know on the Bungie developed Halo game that was… on a Nintendo platform. That’s right, this week on Nintendo Know it’s Halo DS! Enjoy!

Titanfall has Sold 10 Million Copies Worldwide **Update **

Titanfall cover

Update: 10 Million players worldwide, not 10 million sold. 

Original Article:

Respawn Entertainment boss Vince Zampella, has announced that Titanfall has sold 10 million units worldwide since it launched last year. Zampella put up a picture of the team celebrating the good news at their office.

Rise of the Tomb Raider Season Pass Listed on Amazon


It looks like Rise of the Tomb Raider will be getting a season pass on Xbox One. The listing comes from Amazon and it will cost $29.99. Unlike Tomb Raider Definitive Edition, Rise of the Tomb Raider doesn’t have multiplayer, so this content should be single-player story missions, guns, skins and the such. Rise of the Tomb Raider drops on November 10th on Xbox One and Xbox 360, early 2016 on PC and holiday 2016 for PS4. Via: Gematsu

Microsoft has Aquired Havok From Intel


Microsoft has officially announced they have acquired Havok from Intel. The Havoc engine is very popular,  being used in a lot of AAA games such as Star Wars Battlefront and Destiny. Microsoft still plans to license out the engine to developers who make games on all systems, which includes Sony and Nintendo.  Get Microsoft’s full statement below. 

Xbox One Fallout 4 Bundle Announced by Microsoft


Microsoft has announced another Xbox One bundle for the holidays. The Fallout 4 Xbox One bundle will come with the following:

  • 1TB Xbox One & controller
  • Fallout 4
  • Fallout 3 game download

The bundle will probably launch with Fallout 4 on November 10th for $399.99

Via: VGChartz

Halo 6 is Already in Development


343 Industries has confirmed they are already working on ideas for Halo 6. This news comes via IGN. You can check out the video discussing the matter below.

Gears of War, Rare Replay & Ori Xbox One Revealed


Yo! Check out this bundle for the holiday season Microsoft is rolling out. They unveiled the Tomb Raider bundle yesterday.

 This one includes:
•1TB Xbox One console & controller
•Rare Replay
•Gears of War: Ultimate Edition
•Xbox 360 Gears of War collection digital download
•Ori and the Blind Forest digital download

The bundle will launch on October 28th for $399.99.

Rise of the Tomb Raider – 40 Minutes of Xbox One Gameplay Footage Looks Sweet


Check out 40 minutes of gameplay footage from Rise of the Tomb Raider on Xbox One. The gameplay shows off the full Syria level and multiple collectibles you’ll be acquiring on Lara’s adventure.

New Xbox One Bundles Will be Revealed on Monday


Microsoft is gearing up to unveil new Xbox One bundles on Monday September 28th. With big titles such as Halo 5, and Rise of the Tomb Raider, I’m sure there will be some good bundles. Via: VGChartz

Forza Motorsport 6 (Review) | ZyroXZ2


ZyroXZ2 from the PE Network reviews Forza Motorsport 6 for the Xbox One. See the full review below.

Xbox Live October Games with Gold Revealed


Microsoft has revealed what games players can get with Xbox Live games with gold. Check out the full list below.

  • Valiant Hearts: The Great War  ($14.99 ERP) – Available all month on Xbox One
  • The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season ($24.99 ERP) – Available from October 16 -November 15 on Xbox One
  • Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes ($19.99 ERP) – Available from October 1-15 on Xbox 360
  • The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season ($24.99 ERP) – Available from October 16-30 on Xbox 360

Source: Microsoft

Microsoft says Xbox One’s Backwards Compatibility Shows they Listen to Gamers


Microsoft’s Kudo Tsunoda discussed the Xbox One’s upcoming backwards compatibility as evidence that Microsoft is listening to what gamers want most.

“I think you can see that we listen, and that it has a huge influence on the big features that we deliver. for example, our announcement at E3 that Xbox One would support backward compatibility with Xbox 360 games. I mean, that was the most highly requested fan feature and something that people were asking us about at the launch of Xbox One. I didn’t even think it would be possible that we could enable that technically, and yet it was such a fan-requested feature among our community that we went and dedicated a big part of the super-talented people we have working on the tech on just going and figuring that problem out,” Tsunoda told OXM.

Out of Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo this generation,  I feel Microsoft has done the best job of listening to the gamers. Just how I was treated at E3 proves they listen to the little guys and fans. They often comment back on social media, Phil Spencer regularly answers questions and I was granted interviews at E3 with Microsoft’s developers. Sony and Nintendo refused to talk to me cause I wasn’t IGN or something.  Either way what do you guys think? 

Rare Replay is $19.99 at Best Buy Right now


If you’ve held off on Rare Replay till now you might want to check out Best Buy. The American retailer currently has the 30 game collection for $19.99. That’s $20 off the regular price. You can order it online and pick it up in store here. And while you’re at it, check out my interview with Rare’s Chris Davies from E3 2015 if you missed it.

Rumor – 3DS Sells 77K, Until Dawn & Rare Replay Sales Numbers in August 2015 NPD


Creamsugar, a popular NPD leaker, has provided us some sales numbers for the Nintendo 3DS, Until Dawn and Rare Replay. This is for the August 2015 NPD charts, which only tracks the United States. According to Creamsugar, the 3DS sold around 77,000 units for the month. Until Dawn the PS4 horror exclusive, sold around 90K, while Rare Replay sold around 109K. Source: NeoGAF

Major Xbox One Dashboard Update Detailed, goes live in November


Microsoft will be bringing a major dashboard update to the Xbox One this November. It brings a ton of new features and overall sleekness to the system. Get all the details below.

Xbox One Turns one Year old in Japan, has Only sold 54,813 Units in 12 Months


While the Xbox 360 ended up failing in Japan, the Xbox One has set a new low for Microsoft in the land of the rising sun. The Xbox One launched on September 4th, 2015 and it one’s year time on the market, the system has only sold 54,813 units. Xbox Japan posted a happy birthday tweet celebrating a year on the market. More details analyzing the numbers can be found on Dualshockers.

Forza Motorsport 6 Review Roundup – Looking Really Good (89%)


Forza Motorsport 6 reviews have begun to pop up and it is doing really well. Get the review round up below.

Xbox Deals with Gold (9/8/15) – Battlefield Hardline and Evolve


Microsoft has revealed this week’s deals with Xbox Live Gold. Battlefield Hardline and Evolve have steep discounts through September 14th, 2015. You can check out all the deals here.