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Quantum Break – Gamescom 2015 Gameplay Trailer, Launches April 5th, 2016


Microsoft kicked off their Gamescom 2015 briefing with a brand new trailer for Quantum Break. The game will launch on April 5th with a live-action TV show that will drop alongside the game.

Scalebound Drops on Xbox One in Holiday 2016, 4-player Co-op Announced, Debut Gameplay


The world premiere gameplay demo for Platinum Games developed Scalebound dropped today at Gamescom 2015….and it looks freaking cool. You can check out the trailer below. The title features 4-player co-op and will launch in holiday of 2016.

Gears of War Ultimate Edition Includes all 4 Gears Titles via Backwards Compatibility


Anyone who picks up a retail or digital copy of Gears of War Ultimate Edition will receive all 4 Xbox 360 Gears games via Xbox One software emulation.

“Gears of War: Ultimate Editionmay be a remake of the firstGears of War game, but Microsoft didn’t want to ignore the rest of the series. As a result, all four of the Xbox 360 Gears of War games have been officially confirmed for the Xbox One via the Xbox 360 Backward Compatibility feature.

Even better, anyone who purchases a copy of Gears of War: Ultimate Edition (digital or physical) and plays it before December 31, 2015, will be granted free digital copies ofGears of WarGears of War 2,Gears of War 3 and Gears of War: Judgment.

All four of the games will unlock once BC officially launches on the Xbox One. This means you shouldn’t expect to play them on August 25, but once BC rolls out to the general public, the four titles will automatically appear in your library, assuming you’ve played Gears of War: Ultimate Edition at least once.”

Via: Worthyplaying

Rare Co-founder Doesn’t Know why Nintendo Didnt Purchase the Company


At one point, Nintendo held a 49% stake in Rare, but in 2002, the whole company was purchased by Microsoft.  Rare co-founder Chris Stamper, has said he has no clue why Nintendo didn’t purchase the company.

I’ve no idea why they didn’t do that,” he recently said to Develop. “I thought we were a good fit.”

Stamper felt that the company needed the aid to keep up with the rising costs of development.  

“The price of software development was going up and up with the platforms, and Rare works really well with a partner. We were looking for someone to help broaden our horizons.”

Nintendo could have really used Rare with Wii U. What do you guys think? I think if Nintendo purchased Rare, a lot of the talent wouldn’t have left.

Via: Nintendo Everything

Kudo Tsunoda Thinks Sea of Thieves is “Gonna be the best game that Rare has ever made”


Microsoft Corporate VP Kudo Tsunoda, has stated that Sea of Thieves will be the “best game that Rare has ever made”

“I think what you’re gonna see in Sea of Thieves as we go forward and start talking more about the game is how Rare is enabling that kind of player-generated emotional and memory-driven stories that can happen within a game to happen within Sea of Thieves. And I think that’s what Rare does well. That’s what we’re going to keep having them doing in the future. And Sea of Thieves is gonna be the best game that Rare has ever made.”

Via: GameSpresso

Hideki Kamiya is Pissed off at Microsoft over Scalebound, “Are they F**king with Me?”


Hideki Kamiya is currently hard at work on the Xbox One exclusive Scalebound, but it seems there are some issues with his involvement at Gamescom 2015, and the advertising of his game. More details past the link.

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes free with Xbox Gold in August


Microsoft has announced the free games users can get with Xbox Live Gold this August. The headliner is Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes on Xbox One. The game will be free for the entire month. From August 16th to September 15th, How to Survive: Storm Warning Edition will be a free download.

“Xbox 360 owners can download Metro 2033 August 1 -15, and Metro: Last Light August 16-31, each for free as well.

More information on August Games with Gold, head over to Major Nelson’s blog.”

Via: VG247

Square Enix CEO on Rise of the Tomb Raider’s Exclusivity


Square Enix America CEO Phil Rodgers discussed the decision to have Rise of the Tomb Raider a one year console exclusive to Microsoft.

“I hope fans know that it wasn’t an easy decision. I think any sort of partnership at this level is a decision that took a longtime for us to get to. The decision at a studio level, we took very, very seriously. We knew it would, in the short-term, disappoint fans,” Rogers said.

“Having been working with us on previous games in a lesser sense, they’ve been supportive. [However], for Rise of the Tomb Raider, they’ve just brought this passion and belief that has really enabled us to blow people away. People should feel that about Microsoft. Their commitment to Tomb Raider is just amazing for us,” Rogers said.

Read the full article here.

This Week on Xbox: July 24th, 2015


This episode of This Week on Xbox highlights headlines for Halo eSports, Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, a new Madden NFL Xbox One bundle, and much more.

Source: Xbox

Rare Replay Pre-Order Trailer tugs on the Nostalgia w/ a Catchy Tune


Check out the pre-order trailer for Rare Replay on Xbox One. You get 30 classic RAREware games from $30.

Source: Xbox

Rise of the Tomb Raider Coming to PC Early 2016, PS4 Holiday 2016

Rise of the Tomb Raider

Square Enix has announced the launch windows for Rise of the Tomb Raider on PC and PS4. Via Steam, PC owners can purchase the game in early 2016, while PS4 owners have to wait till holiday 2016. Rise of the Tomb Raider launches on Xbox One and Xbox 360 holiday 2015. Via: VGChartz

Phil Spencer Teases Mouse & Keyboard Support for Xbox One


Xbox boss Phil Spencer has teased mouse and keyboard support for Xbox One.

The Xbox One already has keyboard support, so with the introduction of Windows 10 streaming, things could get really interesting.

Snoop Dog Wants YOU to Vote for NCAA 14 (Xbox 360) on Xbox One


Snoop Dog…..or Lion…. wants to be able to play NCAA 14 on Xbox One via backwards compatibility. Check out his tweet and pic here discussing it!

Rise of the Tomb Raider is Confirmed Native 1080p on Xbox One

Rise of the Tomb Raider

NC Gamer uploaded a great analysis on Rise of the Tomb Raider’s graphics. They came to the conclusion that the game is in native 1080p, and the developers of the game have confirmed it is just that.

Xbox Live Deals with Gold – Forza, The Elder Scrolls Online & more

Red Dead Redemption

This week’s Deals with Gold for Xbox Live members. The deals run through July 27th, 2015. Get the full rundown of games and discounts here

Madden NFL 16 1TB Xbox One Bundle Announced


Microsoft has announced a brand new Xbox One bundle that comes with Madden NFL 16 and 1TB of hard drive space. The bundle will hit store shelves on August 18th and will be priced at $399.99. It also comes with 1 year of EA Access. Via: VGChartz

Game Streaming is live for all Xbox One Owners with a Windows 10 PC


With Windows 10 launching on July 29th, game streaming has been enabled for all Xbox One owners with a Windows 10 PC or tablet. This also comes with new features to the Xbox One App. Over the next few days, the Xbox One app for Windows 10 will be updated with the new features listed below.

This Week on Xbox: July 17th, 2015 – Halo 5, Plans vs Zombies & more


“This week’s episode includes highlights from the brand new Garden Warfare 2 trailer, a look at the MEGA BLOKS reveal for a new Halo 5: Guardians Warzone map, details on a big update coming for Witcher 3, and much, much more.”

Source: Xbox

Fable Legends Comes to Xbox One and PC on October 13th


Microsoft has announced that Fable Legends will release on PC and Xbox One on October 13th. The game will be free-to-play with cross play/streaming support between both versions. Via: DSOG

The Halo Series Moves over 65 Milion Units Worldwide


Microsoft has revealed the Halo series has moved over 65 million units lifetime to date. This dates back to Halo: Combat Evolved on the original Xbox. Halo 5 launches this year on Xbox One. Via: VGChartz, Source: Microsoft 

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition will be free with Xbox One Consoles


Microsoft has announced that Gears of War: Ultimate Edition will be bundled with Xbox One consoles as a free download. Select retailers will have the bundle from August 25th and on. Via: VG247

This Week on Xbox: July 10th, 2015


“This week’s episode includes the Zombies mode reveal for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, the Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Xbox One bundle, a first look at Minecraft Story Mode from Telltale Games and much, much more.”

Source: Xbox