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Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference will be 90 Minutes long


Xbox boss Phil Spencer has revealed that their E3 press conference will be 90 minutes long. This pretty much falls in line with previous years. Although, Microsoft has stated that they will be focusing on exclusive games this year instead of multiplats. Via: VGChartz

This Week on Xbox: 5/22/2015 w/ Major Nelson


This Week on Xbox, Episode 3: Major Nelson highlights the biggest news of the week, including tips for the Witcher 3, a new Xbox One bundle announcement, updates to the Xbox app for Windows 10, the release of the Xbox One Digital TV Tuner in the United States and Canada, and much more.

Killer Instinct – More Cinder Footage (Maximilian Dood)

Killer Instinct Cinder

Maximilian Dood is back with more gameplay on Cinder in Killer Instinct. Check out all the footage past the link.

Former Mass Effect Producer Joins Microsoft’s HoloLens team

Microsoft game studios

Casey Hudson has joined Microsoft in the role of Creative Director at Microsoft Studios. The former Bioware lead will be working on HoloLens and “other awesome projects.” Hudson will be reporting directly to Kudo Tsunoda. More details on Microsoft’s new hire can be found here.

Xbox One Leads Console Sales for April NPD 2015


The Xbox One was the top-selling console in April according to the NPD. Microsoft provided a statement to VentureBeat on the matter below.

Gears of War Ultimate Edition Listing Spotted


It looks like Microsoft is planning a remaster of the first Gears of War game on Xbox One. A Brazil Advisory Rating Board has “Gears of War: Ultimate Edition” listed on their site. More details on the potential remaster can be found here and here

1 Terabyte Xbox One Might be Revealed at E3 2015


A listing on a Spanish retailer page suggests a 1 terabyte Xbox One model might be launching this year. The rumored release date is June 23rd with a price of €449.99. Via: VGChartz

May Update for Xbox One out now – Video Walkthrough


“Larry Hryb, Xbox Live’s Major Nelson, details the May Update for Xbox One, including voice messages, new SmartGlass updates and more.”

Halo The Master Chief Collection’s Director says the Title is “a Black Eye for Us”


While many users have not had issues with Halo The Master Chief Collection on Xbox One, there have been a host of of other people who have. Connection issues even caused 343 Industries to cancel their own official tournament of the game recently. The Halo Franchise Director Frank O’Connor considers the game a ‘black eye’ for devs 343 Industries.

Killer Instinct Season 2 Gameplay – 35 Minutes of Cinder! (Maximilian Dood)

Killer Instinct Cinder

Maximilian Dood is back with more Killer Instinct Season 2 gameplay with MY favorite Killer Instinct character of all-time! Cinder!

Killer Instinct – Season 2 Gameplay with Cinder | 1080p 60fps

Killer Instinct Cinder

Maximilian Dood is back with that crispy 1080p 60fps footage of CINDER in Killer Instinct Season 2! Check out the footage below, even if you don’t like fighting games or Killer Instinct, Maximilian is awesome to watch.

Rumor: Microsoft’s HoloLens will cost more than Xbox One


Microsoft has revealed that their new Holographic technology, HoloLens, will cost more than the Xbox One. This is according to a report on BusinessInsider. The Xbox One currently retails for $349.99 in North America. However, it seems it will be cheaper than the Google Glass dev kits, which run for $1,500. What do you guys think about this HoloLens technology, put your thoughts in the comments section below.

Windows 10 Trailers show off Xbox One Streaming – Halo 5, Minecraft & Fable Legends


Check out these new Windows 10 trailers that show off the sleek UI, streaming app, games, and more.

Killer Instinct – Cinder Gameplay Breakdown and 218 Hit Triple Ultra Combo

Killer Instinct Cinder

Maximilian Dood is back with two new videos on Cinder in Killer Instinct Season 2!

DirectX-12 Tech Demo by Square Enix


Square Enix has just unveiled a new tech demo with DirectX 12 technology. Check it out below, if you like looking at tech demos.

Zen Gamer Plays – The Master Chief Collection (Halo 3) Online


“Some more Halo: MCC game play with my local friends/clan. Wrecking some fools in Halo 3 Swat Mode! Yet another good game with some hilarious but epic moments along the way.” Subscribe to LogiK Gaming for more awesome videos!

Games with Gold for May 2015 Announced – CastleStorm & Mafia 2 lead


Microsoft has announced the Xbox Live Games with Gold for May 2015. There are two Xbox One games and two Xbox 360 games to choose from. Get the full list below.

Xbox – Did You Know Gaming? Feat. Rated S Games


Did You Know Gaming has uploaded a new segment on the original Xbox! Check it out below.

Source: DidYouKnowGaming?

Official Halo Tournament Cancelled due to Connection Problems, 343 Issues Statement


343 Industries has cancelled one of their official Halo tournaments after running into a host of connectivity issues with Halo The Master Chief Collection. Players were not able to join game sessions in time, so the HCS Cup #1 had to be cancelled. 343 Industries issued a short statement on Twitter.

Microsoft Plans to Focus on First-Party IP at E3 2015

Phil Spencer

Xbox boss Phil Spencer says they plan to focus on first-party IP at E3 2015. On Twitter, Spencer said “we should have new exclusive IP at E3. I’m trying to make this E3 more about 1st party than past E3s.” I think this is a good call from Spencer. Xbox is losing the 3rd party war to Sony, as Sony has secured exclusive deals for big games such as Watch Dogs, Destiny, and Batman Arkham Knight. Via: VG247

Ex-Microsoft Engineer Working on Next-Gen Nintendo Consoles


Nintendo has hired Lu Yang as their new Principal Test Engineer. According to Mr. Yang’s Linkedln, he is currently working on software tools for the Wii U and “next generation (unannounced) consoles.” Yang worked on The Windows Phone 8.1 at Microsoft where he held positions as a Software Development Engineer and Senior Software Development Engineer.

Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony Response to the March 2015 NPD

Wii U PS4 Xbox One

Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo have all responded to the March 2015 NPD. Get their statements below.