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CTB: Broken Game? Just Fix It In Post! (Halo:MCC) – Zen Gamer


Stumbling and fumbling their way through a disaster of a launch 343i have finally worn through my patience. Enough of this shit! There is no excuse for this to STILL be occurring – at least to this degree. I have no hope whatsoever for a smooth Halo 5 launch Beta and all. Subscribe to PE Nintendo here! 

Halo 3 (Xbox 360) to (Xbox One) Graphics Comparison


Check out another graphics comparison between Halo 3 on the Xbox 360 to Halo 3 on the Xbox One.

Titanfall: New Gameplay Updates and Features


There has never been a better time to drop into Titanfall on Xbox One, PC and Xbox 360! Check out the full list of content updates and features that have been added to Titanfall and join over 7 million Pilots on the Frontier.

Titanfall (Xbox 360) is $4.99 on the Microsoft Store

Titanfall cover

The Microsoft Store is selling Titanfall on the Xbox 360 for $4.99. This is by far the best price on the multiplayer title. Grab your copy here.

Halo 5 Guardians – 7 Minutes of Footage from the Beta


Check out seven minutes of footage from the Halo 5 Guardians beta on Xbox One.

Microsoft says they have ‘Sold More than 10 Million Xbox One Consoles to Retailers’


Xbox’s CVP of Marketing and Strategy Yusuf Mehdi has announced that Microsoft has sold more than 10 million Xbox One consoles to retailers. So essentially that have “shipped” a total of 10 million Xbox One systems worldwide. Microsoft also stated that Xbox One led generation 8 console sales in the US for the past two weeks.” You can get Mehdi’s full statement through the hyperlink.


Killer Instinct OR

Maximilian Dood breaks down the cancelled Xbox 360 version of Killer Instinct.

Even Microsoft is Hyped for Super Smash Bros Wii U

Super Smash Bros for Wii U Mario

Microsoft’s Official YouTube Channel was showing off Halo 2 anniversary, when I noticed that one of the employees was wearing a Smash Bros T-Shirt. You can see it at 0.25 into the video.

The Xbox “Hut”: Sunset Overdrive (Review) – ZyroXZ2

Sunset Overdrive

Sunset Overdrive was NOT a game on my radar. However, being an Xbox One owner, I felt it would have been an absolute misstep to not buy the game even if just for review purposes… Boy was I in for a surprise!

Halo Master Chief Collection What’s New?


Check out what’s new in Halo Master Chief Collection with Upload.

Making the Halo 5: Guardians Multiplayer Beta


The Halo 5: Guardians Multiplayer Beta is nearly upon us, running from December 29, 2014 through January 18, 2015. Take a closer look at what went into making the Beta, as well as what you can expect when it launches in a few weeks.

November Update for Xbox One Out Now


The November Update for Xbox One is rolling out now to fans across the world. Updates include custom backgrounds, sharing gameplay videos through Twitter, a new Showcase for your Profile, live TV trending, and much more.

Sunset Overdrive – First Impressions – Kuuppon Strives

Sunset Overdrive

Hey folks finally got up on that Sunset Overdrive and so far I’m lovin’ it. This is just a quick first impressions video, a bit of tutorial, character creation and so on. Not to mention Walter White makes a cameo!

Halo The Master Chief Collection Launch Trailer


Halo The Master Chief Collection is launching on Xbox One next week. Check out the launch trailer for the epic four game remaster below.

Xbox One with Three Games for $379 at Walmart

Xbox One

Walmart has a nice deal on the Xbox One. You can get the Assassin’s Creed bundle that comes with AC 4 Black Flag and AC Unity with an EA Sports game for $379.99. If you want, you can ditch the EA game and get a game of your choice for $389.99. Either way, it’s a good deal for those in the market for a Xbox One. Via: Kotaku

Happy Haul #12 – Sunset Overdrive!! No Port Beggin! – Kuuppon Strives

Sunset Overdrive

Hey all you fabulous gamers, the diva is back and ready for another unboxing. This time the Sunset Overdrive Xbox Once Bundle! I couldn’t resist and decided I’d go ahead and get my Xbox so I can experience a fun new IP from Microsoft. Rather than spend my time on forums and videos, Yo girl dropped some cheese to get her bread!

Stuff To Know About SUNSET OVERDRIVE Xbox One – 9to5Gamers

Sunset Overdrive
9to5 discusses what you need to know going into playing Sunset Overdrive on Xbox One. And, how does the game compare to Infamous Second Son.

Microsoft is Planning a Smaller, Cheaper and More Efficent Xbox One Processor


It looks like Microsoft might be working on a Xbox One slim. AMD has successfully developed a more cost-effective 20nm version of the processor found in the Xbox One. More details can be found past the link.

Halo 5 Guardians – First Look at Armor Unlocks


Get the first look at armor unlocks in Halo 5: Guardians for the Xbox One.

Halo 2 Anniversary Cinematic Launch Trailer


Watch the Halo cinematic launch trailer for “Halo 2 Anniversary”, included in “Halo The Master Chief Collection” November 11, 2014. A legend re-mastered, Halo 2 cinematic launch trailer features completely new cut-scenes created by Blur Studios.

Halo 2 Anniversary: Halo The Master Chief Collection – See the Forge in Action


Did you know that Bungie originally wanted to include Forge in Halo 2? Fast-forward ten years and it’s finally happened…sort of. While you still can’t Forge the classic Halo 2 maps, you can Forge the six Halo 2 Anniversary maps, or just build your own map in the Xbox One Anniversary engine.

Sunset Overdrive runs at 30fps Locked


Sunset Overdrive runs at a stable 30fps, check out some frame rate tests below showing if off.