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Bloodborne – Online Co-op, PvP and Asynchronous Elements Detailed


The official Bloodborne page has detailed the game’s online multiplayer and features. Get the full rundown past the link.

PS4 Update 2.5 adds a ton of Great Features, Including Suspend/Resume


Leaked screenshots from Sony’s MVP beta program show off a host of new features coming to the PS4 in update 2.50. The main feature of this update adds the long-awaited suspend/resume mode. Get the full breakdown of updates past the break.

Bloodborne will eat up at Least 41GB of Space on your PS4 HDD


PS4 exclusive Bloodborne has a beastly size requirement on your HDD. Players will need at least 41GB to run the game. This is according to the back of the boxart. More details and info can be found here. 

Wasteland 2 Announced for PS4, Coming in Summer 2015


InXile Entertainment has announced that Wasteland 2 will be released on the PS4 this Summer. It will be called Wasteland 2: Game of the Year Edition. PS4 owners can get their hands on the title this Summer. Via: VGChartz

Introducing the new Project Morpheus Prototype

Project Morpehus _large

“At the 2015 Game Developers Conference held in San Francisco, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. unveiled the new prototype of Project Morpheus – a virtual reality system that takes PlayStation 4 to the next level of immersion and demonstrates the future of gaming.”

The Order: 1886 – London Morning | PS4


Sony has released a brand new promotional video for The Order 1886 on PS4. See the London morning action below.

The PS4 Sells Over 20.2 Million Units Worldwide


Sony has announced that the PS4 has sold over 20.2 million consoles globally. The PS4 is Sony’s fastest selling system ever and is available in 123 countries. Sony just released The Order 1886 and has a number of exclusives launching including Bloodborne on March 24th. Source: IGN

PS Plus: Free Games for March 2015 (Official)


Sony has officially announced the free games for PS Plus members in March. Get the full roundup of games below.

Bloodborne – Awesome TV Commercial


Check out this awesome TV spot for Bloodborne on PS4. The game launches on March 24th.

Source: PlayStation

Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin (PS4) – DF Comparison

Dark Souls 2 Cropped

Digital Foundry has compared Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin edition on PS4 to PS3, in additional to giving a full technical breakdown of the enhanced, 1080p/60fps version of the game. Get a few snippets of the article below, along with a new comparison video to the PS3 version.

The Order 1886 Angry Review


Angry Joe has posted his review of The Order 1886 for the PS4! And trust me, the opening sequence is some really funny stuff. See for yourself below.

The Order 1886 Sales Success Shows Reviews don’t Matter? Umm No…

The Order 1886 jp

Since when does a chart with no raw numbers in one region prove that reviews don’t matter? Some of these ‘journalists’ really need to stop with the clickbait and do some real freaking research.

Source: PlayerEssence

Minutes – PlayerEssence Review (1080p 60fps)

Minutes cc

Looking for an enjoyable indie action game that test your reflexes? Well then Red Phantom Games has you covered with Minutes! Make sure you watch the review in 1080p 60fps

Source: PlayerEssence

The Order 1886 runs at a Solid 30fps


Check out this frame-rate test for PS4 exclusive The Order 1886, the game runs at a solid 30fps. However, there are never too many enemies on screen at one point.

Yakuza Zero Looks very Similar Across the PS4 and PS3


Sega’s Yakuza Zero is coming to the PS4 in 1080p and PS3 in 720p. However, both version look VERY similar to each other. Dualshockers has rounded up high quality screenshots of both versions side by side, and it seems Sega isn’t doing much to enhance the PS4 version. Check them out here.

Where is the Suspend/Resume Feature for PS4 ?


When Sony first showed off the PS4 in 2013, they boasted this cool feature called Suspend/Resume. It would allow gamers to power down their system at any point mid-game, then resume that game RIGHT at the point they left off. HardcoreGamer has written an interesting piece discussing this feature and when it could be added to the vast feature list of the PS4. I’m guessing it’s coming around the big rumored PS4 firmware update this March. Anyways, read the full article over at Hardcore gamer.

Update: Dragon Quest Heroes Confirmed for the West on PS4, Physical and Digital

Dragon Quest Heroes

Square Enix has confirmed that Dragon Quest Heroes will launch on the PS4 this year. However, it seems the PS3 version will not be localized. The game will be available both physical and digital. Thanks to all the users that pointed out my mistake. 

Rumor – Big PS4 Firmware Update Coming Around March 29th


PS4 owners should expect the next big firmware update to come around March 29th according to Tidux on Twitter. Apparently, this person has successfully leaked information on past PS4 system updates. It looks like he might be the Emily Rodgers for Sony. This update will add features fans have been clamoring for since launch.

Street Fighter V Nash Trailer

Street Fighter 5

Charlie Nash has been a fan favorite character in the Street Fighter series for years and finally makes his comeback in Street Fighter V, although noticeably a little… different.

STREET FIGHTER 5: Should We Be Worried?! (Gameplay Breakdown)

Street Fighter 5

Maximilian Dood breaks down the latest gameplay video for Street Fighter 5.

Ready at Dawn dev Thinks 8/10 is the Right Score for The Order 1886

The Order 1886 jp

Andrea Pessino, a developer at Ready at Dawn, has given his opinion on what score he feels The Order 1886 should get.

What If: The Order 1886 was 60fps? [1080p]

The Order 1886

The Order 1886 runs @ 30fps, but what if the game was actually 60fps? Here is what the game could have run/looked like if that was the case. NOTE: This is in no way 100% accurate, but just a look at what could have been.