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Horizon Zero Dawn – E3 Trailer Breakdown with Guerrilla Games


Words can not express how excited I am for Horizon Zero Dawn. This is like my wildest childhood dreams…. all wrapped together for me to play. The Flintstones, robots, dinosaurs, mechanical bows and a beautiful heroine all in ONE game. Anyways, check out the E3 2015 trailer for Horizon Zero Dawn with Guerrilla Games senior producer Mark Norris.

Source: SonyPlayStation

The Last Guardian Would have been Cancelled if it Weren’t for fan Support, says Yoshida


SCE Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida, has stated that fans helped keep The Last Guardian alive.

“If everyone stopped asking about it, probably we would have [cancelled it],” Yoshida told Edge magazine.

“Tech issues aside, the game was still early in development, so we had to have a really strong desire to continue the project and rebuild on PS4. And of course we believed in the vision of Ueda-san, and Ueda-san and the core teams really wanted to see this realised, and so did I. Having so many people asking us about the game was great encouragement for us to continue the development,” he added.

The Last Guardian is set for a 2016 release on PS4.

Via: VGChartz

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End – Incredible full 16 Minute E3 2015 Demo


“Our E3 press conference demo literally left Drake hanging, and with good cause. We wanted to give attendees of E3 a treat and show them if Sully and Drake ever caught up to Nathan’s brother, Sam, in time.”

Source: PlayStation Blog

PS4 Update 2.55 is now Available to Download


PS4 users can now download system update 2.55. The update adds extra stability to the system.

PlayStation Plus Games for July – Rocket League, Entwined lead


PlayStation Plus members will have access to six different titles across the PS Vita, PS4 and PS3. Get the roundup of games below, the downloads will be available starting July 7th. Via: VGChartz

The free games are:
•Rocket League (PS4)
•Styx: Master of Shadows (PS4)
•Rain (PS3)
•Geometry Wars 3 (PS Vita)
•MouseCraft (PS4 | PS3 | PS Vita)
•Entwined (PS4 | PS3 | PS Vita)

Corey Marshall Returns to Voice Ryo for Shenmue III


Corey Marshall, the original voice actor for Ryo in the Shenmue franchise, will return in Shenmue III. The PC and PlayStation 4 title has hit $3.8 million on Kickstarter with 16 days left. Via: Gematsu

J-Stars Victory Vs+ – Launch Trailer


Bandai Namco has uploaded the launch trailer for J-Stars Victory Vs+ on PS4. Check out all the anime action past the link.

Source: Bandai Namco

Horizon Zero Dawn – Guerrilla Games Happy with PS4’s Performance, Assures 30fps with no Dips


Horizon Zero Dawn was one of the best looking games, and biggest surprises at E3 2015. The game’s producer Mathijs de Jonge, has assured fans that the open world RPG will not dip below 30fps, and hold down the 1080p resolution. Via: Paradiger

Star Ocean 5 isn’t Coming to the West on PS3, Last-gen Market has “Diminished to Nothing”, says Square Enix


Star Ocean 5 will be hitting the PS3 and PS4 in Japan this fall. However, the west will only get the PS4 version due to the diminishing business of last-gen consoles outside of Japan. Star Ocean 5 producer Shuichi Kobayashi explained this decision in a new interview with Destructoid.

“It’s simple. The PS3 still has a fairly large market in Japan, but in the West, particularly the United States, people have just moved on to PS4. The PS3 market has almost diminished to nothing.”

I have to agree with Kobayashi-san. PS3 console and game sales are almost non-existent in the US. The PS4 is still selling like crazy here. While in Japan, the PS3 still has new games and a dedicated base of users who primarily game on PS3. The PS4 has yet to take off in Japan. So this makes complete sense. What do you guys think?

Via: PlayStation LifeStyle

The Last Guardian Needs to sell Better than Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, says Sony


Despite the critical success of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. The games did not sell well. Sony says that The Last Guardian can’t follow the same commercial let downs of those games. Sony’s Jim Ryan commented on the matter below.

“My organisation [Sony] did not perform particularly well with either Ico or Shadow Of The Colossus. I have berated them [the team] for this, and said, ‘We have to do better with this game’”.

He added that big games like The Last Guardian have to be profitable, because “The sums are just too big, the amounts of money are just too great”.

Source: PS4 Daily , Metro

Rise of the Tomb Raider for PS4 Launching in Q4 2016 for $40 – Rumor

Rise of the Tomb Raider

The guys over at the popular YouTube channel The Know, have a source that claims the PS4 version of Rise of the Tomb will launch in Q4 2016 with a price point of $40. This is not confirmed by Square Enix, so take it with a grain of salt. But I will say they accurately leaked info on Dark Souls 3 and various other topics. You can watch the video on the rumor past the link. Via: NeoGAF

Persona 5 – Trailer #2 Looks Quite Amazing


Check out the special Persona 5 trailer that came with the Special Blue-ray movie included with first-print copies of Persona 4: Dancing All Night, which is out in Japan. This trailer shows off a good chunk of gameplay and the slick visuals of the PS4.

Source: Gematsu

J-Stars Victory Vs+ (PS4) – Vegeta vs Sasuke Gameplay [1080p]


Check out this battle between two of the most iconic second fiddles in anime history! Dragon Ball Z’s Vegeta takes on Naruto Shippuden’s Sasuke!

Dragon Quest Heroes (PS4) | E3 2015 Hands-on Preview – PlayerEssence

Dragon Quest Heroes MS

Francis gives his full impressions for Dragon Quest: Heroes on the PS4! Subscribe to PlayerEssence for more E3 2015 coverage!

Street Fighter 5: Gameplay & Breakdown – Maximilian Dood


Maximilian Dood breaks down Nash in Street Fighter 5.

Sony Discusses What Went Wrong With Driveclub


Sony has detailed what went wrong with Driveclub on PS4. Sony’s Yoshida discussed it below.

“We are very embarrassed,” said Yoshida, “and we are sorry for that.”

“It’s just the number of people the server couldn’t handle,” he said. “The stress-testing was not designed correctly. So it was the oversight. So the team had to go back to the drawing board in terms of server code. And they have been re-factoring and re-engineering server-side to be able to have more people play the game at the same time.”

Read the full story over at Kotaku.

God of War 3: Remastered (PS4) | E3 2015 Gameplay Footage

maxresdefault (1)

Check out the E3 2015 showfloor demo for God of War 3 Remastered on PS4. Subscribe to PlayerEssence for more amazing E3 2015 content!

Ratchet & Clank (PS4) | E3 2015 Hands-on Preview

Rachet and Clank

Francis check out the awesome E3 2015 demo for Ratchet & Clank on the PS4! Subscribe to PlayerEssence for more awesome content.

Tales of Berseria – 60fps PS4 Debut Trailer Looks Great


Check out this 60fps debut trailer for Tales of Berseria on PS4. The game looks so smooth at the framerate. Watch the full trailer below.

Source: Bandai Namco

Ratchet & Clank (PS4) | E3 2015 Gameplay Demo

Rachet and Clank

I got a chance to play Ratchet & Clank on PS4 at this year’s E3. Check out some play footage on the title here. My actual hands-on impressions of Ratchet & Clank for PS4 goes live on Monday, so stayed tuned!

Horizon Zero Dawn will run at 1080p/30fps, Uses Modified Killzone Shadow Fall Engine

Horizon Zero Dawn

The impressive looking new IP Horizon: Zero Dawn will run on a modified Killzone engine, in addition to running at 1080p 30fps on PS4. Guerrilla Games’ art director, Jan-Bart van Beek discussed the matter with VideoGamer.

“It is actually still the same engine but then [there is] an enormous leap from Shadow Fall to this. The Shadow Fall engine isn’t an open-world streaming world engine so for the last two years a lot of technological effort has gone into actually being able to make it work like this.”

Source: VideoGamer

Horizon Zero Dawn – RPG System Mechanics Detailed


Horizon Zero Dawn is a true open world RPG from Guerrilla Games on PS4. The title mixes a prehistoric setting, with futuristic robots and an awesome Bow for players to wield. Get the first details of this surprising RPG below.