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Jamie Butterworth Gives his Thoughts on Microsoft’s and Sony’s E3 2014 Press Conferences


Jamie Butterworth goes over his explosive thoughts on Microsoft and Sony’s E3 2014 press conferences.

Source: Butterworthy

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  • AaronB

    The exclusive that most appealed to me out of that day was Scale Bound, but it's still only a small possibility that I'll buy either a PS4 or Xb1. There are some intriguing indies and multiplats, but I can get most of them on PC. It could be that Project Morpheus is blowing people away on the show floor, but the presentation was lackluster.

    There's definitely room for Nintendo to make a big impression today.

  • Wiiu4life

    Sony's show was garbage and every sane person knows it. Technical issues, Guys in suites trying to hype up the system by using super huge words. I think I dozed off multiple times I mean what's up with all the corporate talk. IMO opinion Microsoft's was barely any better, But at least they kept the talking to a minimum. I think Microsoft went in there desperate because they have been getting it from all sides. Sony went in there like they were Floyd Mayweather as if they cant be beat. Every one talks of how Nintendo wasted a year with no games but has anyone realized if you take away the Multi plats The other two systems are or would be doing worse?

    I hope Nintendo comes out and just catches everyone off guard at least with the invitational it will be entertaining.

    • Last_gamer

      I don't agree at all. Sony's E3 conference was good, but it was too long. The one thing I learned is the PS4 has the best and more varied games available anywhere. I think Butterworthy is high on drugs, there wasn't a lot of zombie games.

      • Sony's conference was not good

        They showed comics and movies….. a ton of multiplats

        No Last Guardian
        No God of War
        No Legend of Dragoon
        No Sly Cooper
        No NEW Rachet and Clank
        No True Gameplay for Uncharted
        No True Vita Support

        Sequels to mediocre games like Dead Island ——which was CG no gameplay

        Sony's conference was a hot mess, or your standards are really low if you actually accept multiplats and timed DLC content as a good show.

        • Last_gamer

          I kinda wish Sony addressed those bullet points you listed, but I think the fact of the matter is that you weren't interested in what they did show so you have taken this position.

          Take the infamous company responsible for the Demon/dark Souls franchise. Bloodborne looks really damn good. Abzu was really cool too. Little Planet 3 was awesome. Free to play games like Deep Down. C'mon don' t tell me Entwined wasn't a game you didn't like? Arkam Knight is a multiplat, but they showed real footage of the game so they got a pass. Most of those multiplats as you call them aren't on any other console besides the PS4. I don't count PC games as multiplats. PC plays 90% of all software(including Nintendo games..Ie emulation) ever created.

          As for Uncharted, you know the reason for this. ND has changed direction and the previous writer and actor have left the project. I don't care for timed DLC, but I don't count this as a negative against Sony because MS did the same thing.

          It's one thing to see that the games didn't appeal to you, it's quite another to make ad homemim attacks on Sony's show when the other guys do it too. I doubt Nintendo will show any real footage of Zelda either.

  • ColressX

    both conference were godawful and a total snoozefest both feature the same old tired shit im sick of seing in games ultra realistic souless shooter or souless games in general thats why i will only play on wii wii u 3ds and PC im sorry sony but i can oficially say youre dead to me

  • titangamecube

    Here is my Rating:
    Microsoft: B -
    Ubisoft: C-
    EA: D+
    Sony: D-

    • Last_gamer

      Here's my rating…

      MS C
      Ubisoft C
      EA D
      Sony B-

      Nintendo impressed me so far. The new Zelda was epic.

    • ImperiusNovus

      Optime! Your rating is very similar to that within my mind (though I believe Sony was somewhat better than D-… possibly D+ or C- ).

  • super_majstor

    Both are disappointing. I actually really like Nintendo's Digital Event/Direct format for these things, these live press conferences are just too long and full of s*** for just 20 or something like that minutes of game trailers. E2 press conferences used to be cheap but fun, this is just getting ridiculous, showing off who has bigger stage and more screens. Don't get me wrong, Nintendo was also guilty of this…

  • King_Sparkticle

    I…kind of agree.

    Mostly, of course, even the Microsoft press conference was boring, but bias aside, Microsoft did a BETTER job than Sony at their press conference. All of the conferences so far were lame and boring, really, with nothing remotely unique put into each one.

    I hope that this means that Nintendo has a perfect opening to strike with a MUCH better presentation.

  • mitchelo9

    Microsoft won, total tko.

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