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Reggie Fils-Aime on New IPs, Online Multiplayer & more


Reggie Fils-Aime has discussed a host of topics with the Washington Post. The big man covered online multiplayer, new IPs and more. 

Splatoon is the Highest Selling Wii U eShop game of All-time

Splatoon Wii U

Splatoon has become the highest selling Wii U eShop game of all-time. While there is no hard-numbers at this point, we do know its higher than 57,000 units. Via: Nintendo Everything, Source: Nintendo JP

ActiveGamerLife Podcast #39 - Nintendo like solution for NX

Active Gamer Life

The Red Knight, Terminator Juice and Mizzah Tee discuss a host of topics in the world of Nintendo.

Source: ActiveGamerLife

Microsoft “Completely Discounted Nintendo” When Planning and Releasing the Xbox 360


Current EA CFO Peter Moore and Xbox boss Phil Spencer, were recently on a podcast with IGN. In the show, Moore said Microsoft “completely discounted Nintendo” when releasing the Xbox 360, due to how poorly the GameCube sold.

“I also then remember the E3 when, God bless, Kaz Hirai and Jack Tretton announced $599, and we were all back stage like ‘Woohoo!’ We knew then we had an opportunity to get ahead, drive ahead, get our games out quickly and get that lead. And I always said that the first to 10 million wins.” – Moore

“It was one of the greatest times of my career. You had to build a team, because we were growing then. We had prematurely put the Xbox to sleep, we needed to get ready for this and we knew what we needed to do. We had a three-day meeting at the Sheraton in Bellevue where we wargamed the scenario, and I actually played Ken Kutaragi. And we brought in a consultancy, it was a lot of fun. And the one thing we’d forgotten about, I don’t know if you remember this Phil [Spencer], we completely discounted Nintendo. Because they came off the GameCube and it was a disaster.” – Moore

“…and they destroyed both of us!” – Spencer

“Yes, with the Wii. But we wargamed for three days, what are you going to do, what do the launch titles look like, what are the marketing budgets, what is the positioning? And it was a fascinating experience which I’ll never forget. And this is a decade ago. And I actually played Ken, and my job was to destroy the launch of the Xbox 360.” – Moore

Via: Nintendo Everything, Souce: IGN

Dragon Quest VII and VIII Might be Getting a Western Release


While not confirmed by Square Enix, it seems like Dragon Quest VII and VIII will be coming to the West. According to multiple people at the Japan Expo this past weekend, Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii said the games will be localized in “French”.

Unseen64 says the Nintendo NX is not Aiming to Compete Against PS4 on a Power Level


Unseen64’s Liam Robertson, has stated that Nintendo’s upcoming gaming device codenamed “NX”, will not be looking to compete with the PS4 on a “power level”.

When pressed about whether the NX is console or handheld, Tamaki would not reveal.

Project H.A.M.M.E.R. - What went Wrong with the Wii Title


Unseen64’s Liam Roberston has uploaded a new video into what went wrong with Project HAMMER for the Wii. This video explains what happened within Nintendo Software technology as a whole, including some apparent racism.

Here is a summary of the video provided by Nintendo Everything
– After 1080, NST went on to start a new project (a small team that outsourced concept art, CGI opening, etc)
– The internal name for the project was MachineX
– In 2005 it had reached 75% completion and was nearing completion
– Japanese staff were overseeing the development at the studio which posed cultural challenges
– There were continued arguments and debate between the Japanese management and the NST developers
– At late 2007, it was 4 years in development
– Towards the end, changes were demanded to the environments and then the entire visuals
– This complete change despite mechanics eventually culminated in a more ‘lighter, casual’ visual style that was codenamed Wii Crush
– 2008 onwards, staff left
– Nintendo of America had to carry out a review of staff conditions which recorded a low morale
– Midway into 2009, a small number of staff still continued to work onto it until it ended
– NCL finally withdrew funding
– ‘Nintendo have made some great games, but with NST it came with a price': Former NST developer

Happy 4th of July from PlayerEssence!


Hey PE faithful! Just wanted to say happy 4th of July and to be safe out there when lighting fireworks. There might be some posts today, but not much is going on. Make sure to check out some of my latest videos on E3 if you haven’t already done so. 

Nintendo Minute with the Regginator (E3 2015)


The Nintendo Minute team catch up with NOA president and COO Reggie Fils-Aime about E3 2015.

Source: Nintendo

Zelda Triforce Heroes and Star Fox Zero - M. Productions


M. Productions and crew discuss The Legend of Zelda Triforce Heroes and Star Fox Zero.

Source: M. Productions

Super Smash Bros. Wii U - For Glory! (Samus) - shofu

Super Smash Bros for Wii U Samus

Shofu is back with another For Glory episode of Smash Bros. for Wii U. This time, he is using the Legendary bounty Hunter, Samus Aran!

This Week on Xbox: July 3rd, 2015 (The Division, Battlefield & more)


“Your source for all the week’s Xbox news. This week’s news includes the Criminal Activity Pack for Battlefield Hardline, signups for the exclusive Xbox One Division beta, pre-order Fallout 4 and much more.”

Source: Xbox One

Say Hello to the Nintendo PlayStation - Video


User dizzle521 has uploaded the only know “Nintendo PlayStation” out in the wild. Check out the video below.

Source: dizzle521

OH SNAP! Bill Trinen will be Competing in Smash Bros. Wii U at EVO 2015


Nintendo of America’s Bill Trinen has announced that he will be competing in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U at EVO 2015! Trinen’s starting pool is D46, you can check it out here. EVO 2015 takes place between July 17th and July 19th. Over 2000 participates are set to enter EVO this year in Smash Bros. Wii U.

Batman Arkham Knight - Batgirl: A Matter of Family DLC Launches on July 14th


Batman Arkham Knight players will be able to play as Batgirl for the first time in the Arkham series on July 14th. Batgirl A Matter of Family will cost $6.99 for non-season pass holders.

“Batgirl: A Matter of Family will allow players to take on the role of Batgirl for the first time in the Batman: Arkham franchise. This exciting story add-on features an all-new location with multiple missions, side quests and secrets; a new hacking feature to progress through the world and solve puzzles; and Dual Play functionality with Robin for dynamic take-down maneuvers.

The Batgirl: A Matter of Family add-on content was developed by WB Games Montréal and was created using the Batman: Arkham Knight engine built by Rocksteady Studios. The remaining Batman: Arkham Knight Season Pass add-on content is under development by Rocksteady Studios.”

Source: Gematsu

Pokken Tournament Launches in Japanese Arcades on July 16th, Weavile & Charizard Added


The Bandai Namco developed fighting game Pokken Tournament will launch on July 16th in Japan on Arcades. The launch build will add Charizard and Weavile just in time for release. Check out the full Pokken Tournament livestream and trailers for the new characters.

Top 10 Wii U/3DS Games | PlayerEssence

Top 10 Wii U+ 3DS MS

Francis runs down his top 10 Wii U/3DS games released so far! Which games made the cut? Find out in the video below. Subscribe to PlayerEssence for more awesome top 10s, gameplay videos and more!

Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth Confirmed for PS4 and PS Vita for the West


“Set in the near future, the line between the real and digital worlds is blurred. Logging into cyberspace is part of everyday life. For one teenager, a harmless on-line chat spawns a chance encounter with a mysterious hacker. Little did this teen know, this brief meeting would lead to a digi-monumental adventure. Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth is localized and coming in 2016 on PlayStation 4 and digitally on the PlayStation Vita!”

Source: Bandai Namco Entertainment America

Nintendo Downloads NA (7/2/15) - LOZ Ocarina of Time & Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 lead


This week’s North American Nintendo downloads are in. The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time headlines this week’s list for $9.99. Get the full lineup of titles below.

Batman: Arkham Knight PC Version Pulled Due to Major Issues - #CUPodcast

Batman Arkham Knight

“Batman: Arkham Knight PC version has been pulled from Steam and other stores due to numerous bugs and glitches. The CUPodcast guys discuss the matter below.”

Source: Pat the NES Punk

Xbox 360’s $1.15 Billion Mistake with the Red Ring of Death


Current EA COO Peter Moore has recounted the Xbox 360’s Red Ring of Death saga, that stuck the company for a tune of $1,150,000,000 in repair costs/warranties.

“We were seeing failure rates and starting to get reports through customer service,” Moore said.

“This was a thing where we couldn’t actually figure out what was going on.

“We knew we had a problem. I remember going to Robbie Bach, my boss, and saying, I think we could have a billion dollar problem here. As we started to do the analysis of what was going on, we were getting the defectors in, it was a challenging problem for our engineers, and we couldn’t quite figure out what it was. We knew it was heat related. There were all kinds of fixes. I remember people putting wet towels around the box.”

I suggest reading the full article over at Eurogamer. It is very interesting.

No More Heroes 3 by 2030 at the Earliest, says Suda 51


I always knew Suda 51 was a visionary, but this is taking it a bit far! In a new interview with GameReactor, Suda 51 says joked that No More Heroes probably won’t happen within the next “15 to 25 years”.

“Yeah, No More Heroes 3, I get a lot of requests from fans and I’m very grateful for that, but I’m thinking it may happen within 15 years or so? (laughs). Maybe not through Kickstarter, but GungHo would of course be supportive if that were to happen.

I think I have the vision that Travis forgot something, so I really have to have him to go back and get back what he has forgotten. But yeah, I definitely want to make it possible, but I also want to create something new, so maybe within 15 to 25 years (laughs)!”

Via: Nintendo Everything, Source: Gamereactor